The Story of the Circle and the Light

From Steve:
The room was filled as I entered. There was not an empty seat and some were even sitting on the floor on the sides of the isle. As I walked into the room I saw all the people all watching the stage in anticipation. It was obvious that a miracle was about to happen. I knew I was to be a part of this miracle but I was also very much aware that it was their wonderful anticipation that was actually creating the miracle that was about to unfold. I felt the most wonderful unconditional love as I walked up the side isle to where Barbara was already waiting for me on the stage. As I put on my microphone I looked into the audience and was amazed at how many faces I recognized. In that moment I knew we had crossed the boundaries of the veil. We were Home.

The Group:

Greetings from Home:

Can you feel the energy? Can you feel the essence of who you are as you look into each others eyes? Can you feel that you are here for a reason? Yes, of course you do. That, dear ones, are the memories of Home. You understand from your own heart that you have been placed here at exactly at this moment and time to do what you came here to do. You have looked to us and you have asked "What is this about? What is the meaning of life? What am I here to do?" If only it were possible for us to answer you. If only it were possible for us to tell you that if you would simply turn right instead of turning left you would find your passion. That is not for us to do as it would take your power from you. It is the search for this passion that allows each and every one of you to experience being the creators that you truly are.

You wonder why you can not see where you are going. You ask "Why does it have to be so confusing?" Ah, we love the fact that you ask but we tell you, you are the ones that have decided for it to be so confusing. You are the ones who have scripted the Game and you have done that well for you truly do not even re-member who you are. You are the ones who choose you would come down here to this wonderful little Gameboard where you would wake up in your bubbles of biology and you would be confused. It was even your intent to be completely confused. Oh we tell you, you have done better than you expected. Have you not? But you are starting to see through the veil now. The time is getting quicker. The lag of time in which you create is becoming shorter all the time. Choose your thought well, dear ones for they hold the reality of your future and now you will experience it faster than before. You have no choice over what comes into your head for you are part of the Universal Subconscious Mind and there is a steady stream of thoughts going through your head at all times. Ah, but you do have complete choice over what stays in your head. Choose those thoughts well and choose only those vibrations that blend with your heart and there will be no more war on Planet Earth. There are some new times ahead. There are some challenges that you now face.

We tell you that you have greater opportunities for each and every one of you than you are aware of. Yet to try and tell you exactly where that will be and exactly how that will look would be to take your power from you. So instead, we will tell you a story.

The Story of the Circle and the Light

In the beginning there was the word. The word was "om" and this vibration was the origin of all that is. As the sacred sound of the word vibrated against the fabric of Universal Energy, it created a Circle and that Circle was energy in motion. Since the Circle was a creation of the fabric of the Universal Energy, it was a Circle of creation. The formation of this Circle was the beginning of everything. Ah, this was a marvelous creator Circle.

Soon the Circle got up from its fabric of the Universal Energy and it started moving around. It bounded, bounced and rolled as it moved everywhere. Soon it began creating and it created the most wonderful wonders that you can imagine. The Circle loved to create and did so all of the time. The Universal Energy had a way of blending everything together so it was as if it were a great canvas upon which to create anything and everything. The Circle experienced the wonders of creation for it was able to create and do anything. As the Circle rolled around creating, it saw the most majestic sights and became aware of the creations it was creating. The Circle loved to play. There were times the Circle turned on its side and started spinning much like a helicopter and flew all over the place. The Circle learned to bounce, and it began to roll. It learned to spin like a coin spinning on edge. The Circle found that there were really no boundaries that it could not cross. The Circle was free and easy and the Circle was happy.

At one point the Circle got comfortable with creating and began creating very large creations that showed the vastness of the Universal Energy. It took it upon itself to attempt to create something that would exceed the boundaries of the Universal Energy. Try as it did, the Circle was never able to define the boundaries it was seeking. The more that it created, the more that it realized it could never find the beginning or the end of the Universal Energy. Much like the Universal Energy the Circle became aware that the Circle could see everything but itself. The only thing that the Circle could not create was an understanding of itself. It could roll anywhere it wanted to roll. It could fly anywhere it wanted to fly. It could bounce all over the place, shrink and expand and still it could see only small parts of itself at one time. The Circle began to question its perfect existence because it understood that it could never understand its own existence. The Circle was unable to say "I AM".

The Circle was the first dimension for it was the first Circle. It was here that the Circle decided to venture into another form. The Circle thought that if it took another form it might be able to see itself and say "I AM". Here the Circle stepped into the second dimension. At that moment the Circle decided to create something that it had never created before and it created another Circle. "Ah, this will be easy. Now I will simply be able to look at the other Circle and I will be able to see who I am." said the Circle. Once again the Circle was disappointed for as it looked it could not see the entire Circle it had created. It could only see small pieces of it. Like its own Circle, the second Circle was constantly moving in energy with no beginning and no end. Therefore it could not be contained to actualize or realize itself. The words "I AM" eluded the Circle once again.

Ah, so what happened next? you ask. Here the second Circle entered into the second dimension inside the first Circle where it twisted upon itself and formed the figure eight. The figure eight took a place inside the first circle in a horizontal position. As the energy in the second Circle continued to move around the Circle, it now crossed itself in the center of the eight. So now the second Circle is rotating in a figure eight inside of the first Circle. Now, with the first Circle, there are three circles, since the second Circle is twisted into two. In this fashion the expression of the Universal Energy now finds itself in the third dimension.

The energy moving through the second Circle now crosses the magical spot in the center in the third dimension. Here the energy crosses itself and sparks fly off. The first Circle speaks with the voice of creation: "Let there be Light" and there was Light. The sparks that flew off were made of the same Universal Energy as the first Circle. Therefore it had the same abilities of creation as the first Circle but they could not re-member their abilities for they saw themselves as separate in the third dimension. So now the Circle within the Circle is still moving and these little sparks are starting to fly all over the place and create Light. Oh such wondrous times they are starting to have. They can not see themselves and they think that their existence in the third dimension is all that is. The original Circle can now look at the Light and see it as separate for it has passed through the polarity of the second dimension. Now the Light begins to feel totally separate as it speaks the magic words "I AM'. The Circle laughs joyfully as the Light speaks these words. The Light can only speak the words because it thinks it is separate from the Circle. . . and the Circle is happy.

Over time the Light begins to create as the Circle watched with joy. Such fun to watch as the Light creates everything yet can not even see that it is creating its own reality. Such fun it is for the Circle to see itself in this fashion.

The Light creates even more as it continues to become aware. It is not long before the Light begins to become aware of the large Circle surrounding it. Even as the Light feels the Circle in their hearts, they can not see it. The Light begins to accept the reality of the Circle even though it can not be seen or touched and it begins to speak to the Circle. The Light says "Dear Circle tell us why we are here. Tell us the meaning of life". The Circle is amused yet remains silent for the Circle knows that it can never tell the Light the meaning of life for the Light has yet to create that meaning and that life. Only if the Light fully accepts its own powers of creation will it truly be the finite expression of the Circle. The Circle remains silent as the Game continues. . . and the Circle is happy.

On it goes, and as the little sparks of Light start taking responsibility for their own Light, they start creating for themselves. They too are housed in the fabric of the Universal Energy which makes them the same creators as the first Circle. The Light begins to play and finds ways of rolling and spinning and flying much the way the first Circle did in the beginning. The Circle looks upon them with joy and the Circle is happy. As the little sparks of Light start shining and using their Light they start having fun. They start blinking and playing with their Light. They start getting very imaginative and create colors with their Light. They find that they can either be the Light or reflect the Light and they get good at doing both. Soon they are even signaling each other with their own Light as they begin to see that the Light is their own. They start having all sorts of fun as they created everything with their Light . . . and the Circle was happy.

There comes a time when the Lights find they can not reach any further into the Universal Energy and they start their own circles for as creators they start creating their greatest desires. They do not even know they are doing it because the veil of forgetfulness that they wear is so thick they can not see that they are a part of the larger Circle. But here they are in the third dimension and they create a wonderful galaxy of planets in the fabric of the Universal Energy in which to play their games. The Lights create this wonderful Gameboard over here and this game over there and they start creating all sorts of wonderful games to blink their lights at each other and to use their Lights. The Circle stands back and watches in amazement. . and the Circle is happy.

Even after several games are in place for the Light to see itself, the Lights begin to think they are all that is and the memories of the Circle fade. Seeing this, the Circle now understands that the real test of the Light would be if it were able to see itself and re-member that it is actually a part of the Circle. Then the Light would have all of its abilities of creation restored and the Circle would fully see itself as the Light. It was this re-union that caused the united creation of one special Game. Here the Lights' higher aspects combined with the Circle to create a very special Game. The Circle, in all its grand wisdom, knew that the only way that the Light could take its full power was for it to take full responsibility for creation. Therefore a grand Game was created with only one guideline: In all matters there will be free choice.

So the Lights start playing on the Gameboard of free choice. They start as before, blinking and enjoying each other. Only this time they made the Game very difficult with the use of a veil of forgetfulness. Not only did the Lights not know that they were part of the Circle but they also choose to wake up and be very confused. At first the Circle thought that the Game would not work as hoped for the free choice idea led the Lights to make some very poor choices. Still the Circle looked on as the Game unfolded and it was there with Love to rekindle the Lights with Love whenever the Light faded. The Light draws energy from the Circle every time uses its own powers of creation. The hardest part for the Light is to know that the power of creation it holds is its own for the veil keeps that secret well. It is not long before the Light finds a great hidden secret. It finds that when the Light becomes dim and fades, it can be quickly rejuvenate by connecting to the Circle through any expression of Love. The Light gets very excited by this discovery. The Circle also gets very excited at this development for it means that the Light is beginning to re-member.

The Lights got so into the Game that they fell into a comfortable place as their power slipped away from them. After long periods of time the Lights begin to create a fascination for darkness and shadows. For it is only possible to really see Light with a contrast of darkness they reasoned. There are times where they really forget about the Circle and got fully wrapped in the darkness. The Circle watched in amazement as the Lights played their Game. The Lights fell into believing that the reality of what they had created was all there was. They believed that if they can not see it, nor feel it, or touch it, then it did not exist. They even printed in their newspapers that the "Circle was Dead". The Circle looked on with joy that the Lights creation of their veils was so very complete. Here the Circle was in joy for it allowed the Circle to see a part of itself that it never dreamed of. . . and the Circle was happy.

Every so often two or more of the Lights would look into each others eyes and they would somehow re-member that they are part of a great Circle. They asked the Circle to protect them from the darkness and they reached into the darkness of fear and shined the most exquisite Light. The Circle beamed with pride as it looked on and saw the Lights take responsibility. The Circle offered to help the Light to understand that the darkness was just an illusion of polarity and a lack of Light. The darkness is only there as part of the Game so that they can see their own Light and provide them with a space to use it. It is so difficult, for with the veils of forgetfulness firmly in place, the sparks of Light can see their Light only as a reflection.

It is very difficult for the Lights to see outside and grasp the larger picture. Their hope was to wake up totally confused and they were very successful at that creation. They were so confused that many of them gave their power to the darkness thinking the answer must be there. Since their powers of creation held no limits, the darkness appeared to have power. The Circle laughed wildly at this creation for their powers were so great and the veil was so thick that here they created something from nothing. Since they create with Light but can not see that it is they who are creating, they give their power to the darkness which of course is only a lack of Light. The Circle thought how wonderful this was that the Game was so very complete. "These Lights are so amusing!" thought the Circle.

So it goes for they start creating everywhere they look. They even began creating games within games that have absolutely no meaning. The Circle thought to itself "Aren't they imaginative? Isn't it wonderful to see how they create everything that they touch, everything that they think of, and everything that they feel?" The Circle began to see itself in the beauty of the Light. . . and the Circle was happy.

The Light continues to play the Game in a field of polarity for it has passed through the two inner circles twisted upon itself. The two inner circles represent the duality of the second dimension. For as it passed through the second dimension it was necessary to split off from itself or at least give that illusion. Everything that the light sees in this field of polarity while it visits the third dimension is an illusion for it sees itself as separate from the Circle and it is not. It sees itself as light and dark and it is not. It sees itself as up and down, as love and fear, as good and bad, as right or wrong. It is not. It is only an illusion needed for the expression of Light. The wondrous lights, every so often get a glimpse of their own light as reflected from another. When they do, they are rejuvenated for it touches their own hearts. It touches the essence of who they are. In that moment it sends back a ripple of energy to the Circle and the Circle is happy.

The Circle of the Universal Energy has no beginning and no end but within the second inner Circle, the energy must have a beginning and an end otherwise it could not be seen by the first Circle. All the Games created by the Light have a time limit. Such was also the case for the Game of Free Choice. Now even the greatest of hopes of the Circle may fade, for the planet of Free Choice is coming to an end of its time. The Light even saw it coming for it was foretold. The Lights looked at each other and said "What do we do? Where are we? Who is going to save us? They prayed to the Circle and the Circle smiled back lovingly. They asked the Circle to step in and to save them and direct them. "Just show us the way." the Light asked. The Circle smiled and did everything it could to hold the mirror in front of the Light for it to see itself. Yet the veil was so thick that the Light could not see that the Light was its own. The Circle saw that its greatest hope of seeing itself was about to end. Even so, the Circle was happy.

Then at the very last moments on the Gameboard the Circle saw that the Light was getting brighter. It was getting so bright and was about to pierce the veil. "Do you re-member who you are?" asked the Circle. There was no answer from the Light. "Do you know that you are in fact the Circle?" the Circle again spoke but there was still no answer. The Light was getting very bright but was still unable to comprehend that it was the Circle. The Circle was getting very excited now for the Light was getting so bright that it began to take Responsibility for holding its own Light. The Light began to awaken. Very slowly at first one awakened and then another. A higher truth began to appear on the Gameboard as Light got brighter. Fear of the darkness lessened and they began to understand that much like the first Circle, in order for them to have Light, it was necessary to have darkness. In fact the darkness gave them the ability to express their Light. It was all part of the larger Circle. The Circle now became overwhelmed at the possibility that the Light would truly see itself. . . and the Circle was happy.

Lights everywhere came to the realization that they held their own destiny. Even other Games looked on and saw what was happening. They began to plant seeds of Light and nurture them with Responsibility and Love. As these seeds began to sprout the final end of the Game drew near. At the very last moments of the Gameboard the Light got so bright that the smallest ray of Light pierced the veil. The Circle was elated as the Light began to hold its own power of creation.

The Light extended the Game by its own choice. It also learned to enhance its powers of creation through the use of Responsibility and Love. It claimed the Responsibility to use its own powers of creation and it learned to Love itself. That day a new Light shown on the Gameboard of Free Choice as even the fabric of the Universal Energy began to change. Every Light in every Game began to shift due to the awakening of the Light. Each one of the lights began to reach for a higher truth and in so doing the Gameboard of Free Choice reached a higher vibration.

It went through the color range of its own vibratory levels and began to create new ones. As it did it scripted new contracts for itself. Yes, there were setbacks. Yes, as the higher energy and higher truth started filtering in there was resistance. There were five steps forward and two back. Then five more steps forward and then only one back. The Circle was happy.

At this point the Circle itself stepped in and sent an idea to the Light and said "Light, you are the creator. You do not understand. You have always been asking for information and we tell you, you hold that within your powers for you are the Light of Home. You in fact, are Light that you seek. Do not reach for it outside of yourself. Go inside and you will find the answers on all the creation that you need to create your highest reality." At first the Light did not know what to think as it heard the words of the Circle. For so long it had asked to hear the words clearly and now that the words came they were heard within. "Ah, so this is the secret of the Circle!" said the Light. "It has talked to us all along yet we could not hear it as long as we looked outside of ourselves". It was then that the Light first grasped an important higher truth. It realized that for the Circle to talk within that it must be a part of themselves. And so the Light understood that they were actually a part of the Circle itself. In their excitement the Lights began to blink and flash their colors wildly.

There was great excitement that shot throughout the entire fabric of the Universal Energy, changing everything in its path. From this day forward the Lights began to plant seeds openly and freely. The Lights no longer feared the dark. They no longer feared the shadow as they understood that the shadows really are a place for the Light to shine. It was then that the Light even blessed the darkness as an integral part of itself. . and the Circle was happy.

On their own accord the Lights created a third Circle. They emulated the second Circle and they twisted it upon itself so it too made the same figure eight. This figure eight was also positioned within the first Circle, but in a vertical direction. In this act the second Planet of Free Choice was born. Now you have the two figure eights within the larger Circle and if you count all the circles you will see that there are now five which represent the fifth dimension where the next expression of Light will reside. The Circle spoke to the Light: "You have won the Game dear ones. You have dared to say 'I AM' and to hold your power. Now the next step is before you. You now take the role of overseers of the Light as a new Game begins. First you will help the other Lights make the transition ahead of them and then you will become the overseers of the Light for the New Game. You are taking your own Game to the next level. Fear it not and re-member that darkness is really an opportunity for the Light to shine." With that the Circle smiled. . . and the Circle was happy.

Do you understand the nature of this story dear ones? Do you understand that you are stepping off the bridge of the forth dimension and into the fifth right now? Do you understand that you are the Light that you have been seeking outside of yourselves? Do you understand that you are the Circle and the Light? If you understand this, then you understand that you will script what is to happen next. There is no grand plan on the Gameboard of Free Choice as you have not written it yet.

This is what you have come here to do. We tell you, you are just to the point where you are beginning to reach into the fifth dimensional reality. You are the forerunners for you have gotten here first. You will be helping the others over. The step off the bridge of the fourth dimension to the fifth dimension takes trust. It takes courage. It takes a knowingness that all will be in order. You can help each other. Do not ask the Circle to help you for you are the Circle. You are the Light. Take responsibility for your own Light and for your own passion. Find a small piece of that passion and carry it proud always. Enhance your Light with Responsibility and Love. Reach out for when two or more come together and create their own Circles of Light the magic begins. We tell you that you are the Circle. You are the Light.

Each and every one of you are the sparks of Light. All that we ask for you to do is to see the light for what it is and take Responsibility for your own creations and your own Light. Find your passion and your Light will shine bright. Do not try to heal the world. Do not try to change everything that is. Allow those steps to go five forward and two back if they must. Hold your Light firm and high. Blink it and shine the colors you hold within. Express it and dare to be the Light in its entire splendor. For that is where your true power is dear ones. You are becoming the Human Angels. Your next role is to help the others cross over and take responsibility for their own empowerment and creations. Soon after you will become the Angels to the second planet of Free Choice for that is already in motion. The symbol we have shown you is not new. It has been on your Gameboard all along waiting for you to take your power. This is the sign of the Human Angel and it represents the Light in the fifth dimension.

The story of the Circle and the Light does not end here for you are just writing the next chapters. We tell you that we were with you in this place one year ago and we spoke the words to you that you are no longer the only planet of Free Choice. Now there is another one. There are many of you that ask us questions "What does that mean? What does that look like? Is it out in the stars? Are they in the embryo phase? Are they humans? Are they aliens?" We love your questions for you are so imaginative. Re-member that the Light you shine is the Light of Home. Share it with each other and all who ask to receive it. Share it with yourselves. Hold it high and proud and there will be no more shadows on planet Earth.

You have opened the door to the infiltration of the new Light and the blended energy of the male / female Crystal energy. That is done by your choosing. You are the ones that have created this. Does it surprise you that there will be some that resist that? Does it surprise you that there are some that are so far grounded in their reality that they cannot see this coming? Does it surprise you that they take drastic steps because they are in fear? Hold your Light, dear ones, each and every one of you. You do not need to fix that which is not broken. Re-member that darkness is an opportunity to shine Light. Hold the hands of the person next to you and share your Light. Create your own Circles of Light. Re-member that all the Light is within the first Circle and therefore is in Unity with all that is. Honor the Unity in each other and you will honor all of the Light.

You are the creators, dear ones. Hold the sign of the Human Angel within your own heart. Do not give your power to it but rather use it as a re-minder of who you are. We tell you this is only a warm up for what you have come to do. You will be the angels of the second Planet of Free Choice. Now the triggers will begin for now you know some of the base truth. Now you know how this works. You talk to the angels and you ask Archangel Michael to watch over you and for the angelic realm and all the divine family of Light to come and help you. We tell you we are always there for you. The same as you will always be there for those that you will watch over. Your greatest task as Angels will be to reflect the Light within without taking the power from those you reflect upon. As you learn to do that you will begin to reflect the Light of the magnificence of the second Planet of Free Choice.

Watch for the signal of eight zero eight. It is the signal of the Human Angel that will now start activating your own DNA. Take that signal if you so choose.

It is hard for you to understand that even in the darkness the Circle is happy. Emulate that happiness dear ones. Do not let the events of your planet on your Game of Free Choice dim your Light. Be the creators that you are. Know that you are loved beyond your wildest expectations as you are the Circle and the Light.

It is with the greatest honor that we, the angels in Heaven, sit before the Lights of the Gameboard of Free Choice. We ask you to nurture one another and treat each other with respect and play well together in the Light.
And so it is. . .

the Group



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Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.  Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life.

The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

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