The Twelfth Dimension

From Steve:

The group repeatedly says that our reality is created by the point of perception from which we view it.  Change your point of perception and you change your reality. That may sound simple but in this message the group shows how useful that can really be.  This message also addresses the connection of metaphysics and science as two separate entities never meant to fully agree.  They show them as two separate vibrations overlapping to form a harmonic pattern they call "The Third Vibration."  Feel the third vibration as you read this message.

Big hugs and gentle nudges 

Greetings from Home

The Divine 'Human' Experience

The energy that you have made in this sacred space is beyond your understanding.  When we look through the veil to see you, the space that you have created is so incredibly magical.  Dear ones, you are the magicians of the Gameboard.  You are the ones that are taking your right to hold your own creativity, to hold every part of your own divine right to create.  We tell you that when you use it, we applaud on this side of the veil.  We do not sit here and try and direct you and say “You must do this and you must do that. ”That was very old energy—sometimes thousands of years old—but you hung onto it so long.  You kept clinging to that energy for so long, saying, “Tell us which way to go.”  We tell you to walk in circles just to see what you will create from that.  You are so hilarious when you do that.  But then—to our amazement—you reach a destination within the circle!  You are so magical.  Then you look up to us and ask, “What is the meaning of life?” and we echo down to you, “What is the meaning of life?”  because it is you who hold those answers, not us.  The game you play is not to search for the answers of life, but to define life through the human experience of your soul. Such is the divine human experience you seek.  You are the ones that have chosen to put the veil on. And sometimes you have chosen to walk in circles so that you could find out that you are the ones that create the path—the path is not created by us telling you which way to turn.  It is such a joy to now see you creating, because for the longest time our messages fell on deaf ears.  You were not able as a collective to understand what true power in humanity meant, but now here you are, taking and holding your power in ways that have not happened before.  It is very exciting for those of us on this side of the veil. 

Multidimensionality – Humanity’s Next Step

This day we wish to help you blend some of concepts together that we have been talking about for a very long time.  The Keeper knows where we are going with this and is very excited about it. So, we will ask him to just take a breath and calm down—he gets a little worked up sometimes.  What we have been mentioning repeatedly in our messages is about multidimensionality—working in multiple dimensions of time and space to show you how they can work together to raise the collective vibration of humanity. This is now making it possible for you to be in multiple dimensions and to utilize multiple dimensions in your daily lives here.  We cannot tell you how exciting that is going to be, as you start uncovering what the possibilities are. We cannot wait to see how you react to it, and how you take this beyond even our highest dreams of what you are going to do with it.  Here you go.  Today, let us start by showing you one of the ideas that you can use to open up multiple dimensions within the time and space of who you are today. 

Science and Metaphysics Meet in the Third Vibration

We have tried to show you that many times science and what you call metaphysics will not go together completely.  These two concepts exist in separate vibrational realms.  The places where they come together are what we call harmonic overtones. This means that science and the study of the soul exist for two separate purposes, to accomplish two paths of thought.  They will never meet and completely agree, but the harmonic overtones will.  When a wave is moving at one speed and another wave is traveling at a faster rate.  Ever so often, those waves meet and cross each other and actually create a third wave, which is the third vibration.  Those harmonics are where truth is carried to all humans.  That is why it is not possible to have a primer that holds all truths, that holds everything about human life because nobody would be able to decipher just the third wave.  The wave reaches you on many, multiple dimensions at one time.  There are many times the Keeper has discovered this.  People have written him and said, “We loved it when the group said this.” And the Keeper said, “Wait a minute. The group did not say that.”  And then he looks it up and realizes that maybe it was there only he did not hear it when it came through him.  We tell you that we speak to you on multiple dimensions at one time.  That is why you give most of the messages through your heart and not your head.  We send out a vibration of love energy that resonates with you if you so choose it.  If it resonates with your heart, then it enters your being and creates a third vibration within you that carries the truth.  That is multidimensional and that is something that is starting to amplify.  You will soon learn how to do that with each other.

Although it may seem elementary, it is very important to understand the basics.  One of the places where science and metaphysics meet is in the understanding of theString Theory multidimensional.  Yes, everyone thinks there’s a difference and in order to explain String Theory, it has been said that String Theory had to be complete in eleven dimensions of time and space.  We have told you for eons of time that there are actually twelve dimensions of time and space, so it would seem as though we disagree. But we are going to speak today about that twelfth dimension; we are going to show you what it is and how to use it in your daily lives.  If you so choose, you may use some of these exercises and ideas and apply them in your daily life to begin expanding your own multidimensional capabilities. Although some of this will seem very simple for you, it is laying the foundation for understanding who you really are.  So let us speak of this for a moment.

Twelve Dimensions of the Soul

It is easy to understand that if you had eleven rows of beings in eleven rows of chairs here, then you have a row of chairs here, you have a row of chairs  here, there and so on. (Steve stood up here and pointed the a row of chairs in the audience.) In effect, this first row is one human experience of a soul. This second row is another experience of that same soul. Ahh, but you are not the only one having a soul life experience, for there is another one next to you, another row that does not even know about this row.  It is your soul having a different experience in time and space. It exists within a harmonic vibration of the first one.  You have a harmony to your vibration which is over here having a slightly different experience, so you may be making slightly different choices than this soul over here. In fact, we tell you that there are eleven experiences of the soul making eleven different experiences for one soul, for one energy.  When you go Home, you all leave at a similar time and space on this dimension and you acclimate in the seventh stage of life. You bring each of the experiences from all eleven dimensions of time and space and you acclimate them into your core personality.  The core personality is the very essence of your soul.  That is the piece that you carry with you lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.  That is the magic of who you truly are.  So, with that understanding come the knowledge there are eleven different experiences of the same soul that we call “you”—a soul pretending to be a human in eleven different dimensions of time and space. So, what is the twelfth dimension, you ask?

The Third Vibration of the Higher Self

The twelfth dimension is your point of perception from which you view everything. If you are viewing your soul’s experience from this set of chairs here, and this row of life, then that is where your point of perception is for this soul.  What happens when you magically start understanding that there are eleven other possibilities for you to perceive?  What you think about creates in your reality.  You know that has always been so—what you hold in your mind, what you hold in the essence of you are, becomes your reality just that quickly. We ask you to hold this concept of the eleven dimensions of time and space, for it is the twelfth dimension of the point of perception of which you have total control. Part of it begins in the simplicity of learning to look at something from a different point of perception. As humans you have grown up in an area of duality where you define everything that happens in your life as good/bad, right/wrong, love/fear, good/evil—all the other fun terminologies that you use.  You never call something gray, but it is always black and white—is that not interesting?  You see things within a polarized perception.  Now that you are moving out of a field of duality and into a field of triality, you will balance that connection of opposites with a new third point of perception which represents the third vibration of harmonics.  This you will learn to know as your higher self.  So now you will begin to see things from a triangular view of triality, rather than only the opposites of black/white, up/down, love/fear and all the rest of them.  As you start grasping that concept, understand that you have done nothing more than moved your point of perception. You are already beginning to be multidimensional, so transitioning from a field of duality into a field of triality is nothing more than shifting to the twelfth dimension.  You have moved into purposely using this new dimension, for the twelfth dimension is actually your point of perception.  That is where our message differs from science, because science has agreed that there are eleven dimensions of time and space and we do not disagree with that. What we say is that the twelfth dimension is the point of perception.  That is the magic that you have.  That is the piece that you have been missing that you are starting to use and that, as the collective vibration of humanity reaches a level where you can start using this in your daily lives, watch what happens on planet Earth next. 

Will it be scary?  Yes.  Humans love to get scared, so you will assuredly scare yourselves..  Will it be fun?  Oh yes, for that is one of the criteria you are making of your own advancements.  “It must be fun or I am not going to do it!”  We love that attitude.  We support you in that choice.  You will hear a lot of laughter as you move forward, for as you start seeing things from multiple dimensions you will begin understanding that the point of perception is movable.  You have never fully grasped that before, as the collective vibration of humanity. This is not in any of your books.  You have not grasped that you can simply move the point of perception and change your entire life.  What you are really doing when you move the point of perception is moving from one row to another.  Now, is it possible to live in this row every day, move three rows over, grasp an idea, a connection, a point of perception and come back?  Yes it is, and that is what will happen as you learn to begin moving the twelfth dimension.  As you begin understanding and using the twelfth dimension as a purposeful tool in your daily life, you will understand.

Accessing the Twelfth Dimension

There are many ways that you can access the twelfth dimension.  The most important element to re-member is that the moment anything happens in your life, understand that first of all that you have a choice of where your point of perception will be. For example, if you receive bad news in the mail and because you know it is bad news, you do not want to open the letter yet you slide the letter opener into it anyway, reach in and grab the letter anyway. Instead, before you actually pull the letter out, open it up and absorb it into your brain, you do have a split second to choose your point of perception.  That is one of the easiest ways of moving the twelfth dimension.  Take a deep breath before you do and say, “I am going to find the highest point of perception to from which to view this, no matter what it is.”  Allow your spirit, your higher self, to lead your twelfth dimension, to put you in the highest point of perception that it can, and to allow you to experience that.  If you have difficulties with that, one of the easiest ways to clear the energy so that that can happen is a laugh—because laughter is an energy cleanse.  That is what you do when you laugh.  That is the laughter and the language of angels, dear ones.  We laugh all the time and it is so joyous at Home for that very reason.  Understand that you have a split second to make that choice.

Now, what if you do not choose to find the highest point of perception?  What if you fall into your old energy patterns and you pull the letter out and say, “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  How am I ever going to recover from this?”  Okay. You have chosen your point of perception, but what we tell you is that it is still movable.  It is now more movable than it ever has been because of the collective rise in vibration.  You have capabilities of moving that point of perception.  So you have lost everything. It is all gone: the house, the relationship, the home, the car, the status. Everything is gone now that you have pulled this paper out.  How could you possibly…? Now you do not have any attachments.  Now you have all possibilities, do you not? Yes, could this be nothing more than wishful thinking? Could it be nothing more than positive thinking?  Yes, absolutely.  There is a positive aspect of this, but it is also possible to move into that twelfth dimension in daily life more than ever before.  Now you have capabilities of doing this on a conscious level instead of training yourself to always think in the highest possible point. Now it is possible to even have the worst experience that a human can have in this piece of paper that sits before you and laugh. In that laughter, when you breathe in between laughs, you breathe in all the possibilities that sit before you because now you are not attached to the car.  You are not attached to the relationship; you are not attached to the status.  Now you have possibilities of starting a new life.  It is all perception, dear ones.  It always has been perception but now more than ever before, you have opportunities to use this on a daily basis and that is incredibly exciting. 

Make Lots of “Good” Mistakes
The Three Count to Access the Third Vibration

We will watch with the greatest of anticipation as you take this and play with it.  What you do with it is your bidding.  Some of you are so afraid to play with some of these new tools because you are afraid of making mistakes.  We hope you make lots of good mistakes.  Make tons of great mistakes.  Play with it.  Bounce against the wall with it. Do whatever it is you need to do with it so that you understand because whatever it is, all you need to do is switch your point of perception and it changes.  We have used a phrase with you over and over—please understand this is not just a metaphor.  This is reality.  You could not fall if you tried…and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard.  The reality is, you are on a Gameboard where you are playing a beautiful game.  At any moment you stop and say, “I do not want to play this game any more.”

You change your point of perception and the game changes. Everything shifts now so use this purposely, as a tool.  Use a magical three count to change your point of perception.  The whole world that you have known in your perception of what you call the third dimensionality is built on threes.  For you to move out of that energy into a higher vibration, we will give you a simple three count: one, two, three…shift your point of perception. It is that simple.  We are trying to complicate it just enough for you to understand because humans love to complicate things. In reality, it is much simpler than that, but we will give you this tool because that will complicate it just enough for you to be engaged.  We will try to make it more mystical next time if you prefer. Maybe we will make the Keeper wear a hat or a bandana or something. He is laughing now and saying “no way.”  We will see. We tell you that this is your time to do this.  The tools are here in front of you. This is a time of action. This is a time of the greatest possibilities that you have ever had—to find who you are to move into your passion is all done because of the twelfth dimension. The twelfth dimension is not a dream.  It is no longer merely a potential. It is real. It is here. You have been in it all along and now you are moving the veil aside to start understanding what it really is and what you have in front of you.

Magicians of the Gameboard

We hope you enjoy it. Play with it. Move the point of perception. Even if you find a good one, you may want to move it just to be moving it. Enjoy, because that is your gift to us. As you change these dimensions, as you collectively raise the vibration of Home, you are getting closer to Home. You get closer to us and likewise, you help us to move vibrations as well for you are not the only ones moving, dear ones. You are leading the way in a charge that is moving all the bandwidth of vibrations higher. All the other beings of mastery that you have worked with and all the vibrational levels in between in all dimensions of time and space are moving because of your advancement. Do you understand who you are? Do you know why all eyes are upon you? You truly are the magicians of the Gameboard and now you will play with the twelfth dimension.  You will understand it. You will use it. You will joke with it. You will bounce it up against the wall to see what happens. You will bring out a big hammer, crack it open just so you can see what is inside.  We hope you play with it because that twelfth dimension is what will allow you to move from this field to that field, to this field to that experience. Each one of those will bring you closer to Home while you are still on Earth. Dear ones, THAT is the ascension. THAT is what you have all been waiting for.  You thought the Mayans left.  They did not.  They ascended. They are part of the Lemurians that also ascended, that are waiting for you in the twelfth dimension.  They will be the ones that hold their hand out and bring you in—you, in those dimensions of time and space. Enjoy it.  Laugh a lot. Play and know that you are Home. You are the expression of Heaven on Earth and every day when you smile, you create it a little bit more.

Re-member only three things: treat each other with the greatest of respect.  Nurture one another at every opportunity you can. Re-member it is a game and play well together.


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