Timeless Space ~ TImeless Love

40 Days and 40 Nights of Humanity  

The group continues the Empowerment series. This message speaks of timeless space. Just prior to walking into mastery every master has had a special activating experience. Moses went up to the mountain and returned with the 12 commandments. Mohamed went to Mecca and Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights alone in the desert. These activations were a journey into timeless space and it prepared them to step into the role they came to play. Now all of humanity has the opportunity to be activated in a similar way.
The easiest way to activate timeless space is to remove our experience from the timeline. Once you understand the principles of timeless space you can then start to experience timeless love.

On a personal note when we were presenting this message a strange thing happened to me. The moment we began to talk about Timeless Love the group lowered the veil for me and showed me past life connections to some people at the broadcast. I was speaking the words of the channel I was simultaneously pulled away to a place where they allowed me to re-member and feel past life connections to these people. I was amazed to suddenly look at a person and remember the entire life connection to them and how close we were. Then it hit me, what they were showing me was relationships when I had achieved a timeless love with these people. When the energy of love reaches higher levels of purity it gets incredibility strong. Timeless Love is love on the soul level and is so strong there are no attachments to it. You could easily love a person enough to let them go if you thought it would help them. There It was a very powerful experience for me and the excitement of it stayed with me for days.

Big hugs and gentle nudges. .

Steve Rother   

Greetings from Home

Global Spiral

We come to you this day representing a part of Home and a part of your connection to that place where you began. That piece that started out as a spark of God is something that was housed deep within your physical being. You are spirits pretending to be humans, going through the daily life, running into each other, bumping into walls while you try to figure out what you’re doing wrong.  Dear ones, what if we told you that you came down here so that you could bump into walls?  What if we told you that you came down here so that you could feel pain and so that you could feel sadness?  You will re-member these experiences only as beautiful human emotions when you come Home.  That is part of what the human journey has been about. No matter where you are at any point in your life or your evolution as a soul, know that you have options that will take you Home and to the highest possible remodel any time that you want. (Should remodel be “re-model”?) This will help you to change your surroundings so that you are able to remodel your house and your spirit.  That is what you are here to do, for you are the creators.

You have begun a global process.  All of humanity is in an evolutionary spiral which is quickening pace every day. It is getting very exciting.  It used to be that you would add 1 to 2, to 3, to 4, but now it is becoming exponential; you add 1 to 10, to 100, to 1,000 and so forth. It is growing at such an incredible pace that you cannot always keep up with it, and that alone is causing stress on the physical body.  Your human brains want to wrap themselves all the way around these concepts, yet the hardest thing for humans to understand is that they cannot understand it all.  So what we will do this day is to complicate things just enough for you to grasp for the truth. It is so beautifully simple, that many times it eludes you. It is so simple that it is hard for you to understand how all the pieces fit together unless you add complexity to it; we will try to give you that gift this day.

There is a concept that we wish to give you today so that you will understand what is directly ahead of you.  From the higher perspective, we have spoken about the re-wire; the two halves of your brain are starting to communicate with one another in totally different ways than before. We have spoken of this many times, but this time we change the words slightly to help reach other people. 

Brain Circuitry Changes

You have one part of your brain —the right hemisphere — that quite simply is your connection to Home.  It is your grounding of your spirit in the physical body; it is the part that holds your connection to all creativity, inspiration and  channeling.  All of these elements of Home go directly through that side of the brain.  Then there is another part of the brain that has been completely segregated from the other, with the exception of a very few energy wires that go back and forth. These are called synaptic pathways. This part of the brain, which you call the left brain, simply does one thing.  It marks time.  It gives you the illusion of living in a field of duality, in a field of time. It gives you the illusion of time inside of a physical vessel that has a beginning and an end.  That is why so many humans believe they are their physical bodies.  They believe that when they die, that is the end. However, no energy ever dies; energy only transforms from one form to another. Even the electricity you use and the temperature you feel when you step outside is about transformation from one form of energy to another.  You are learning to do that — to transform. Your brain is being re-wired over a period of approximately between two and five years, along with all of humanity.  That is causing challenges in the human race at this moment, but the real effects of the re-wire will not be fully realized for 20 years or more.

Activation to Remove the Timeline from Experience

You have devices in front of you — clocks. These particular ones the Keeper likes so much because they are atomic clocks and they keep what he thinks is perfect time.  We tell you that nothing keeps perfect time, because time is an illusion. That is one point you will begin to understand as this re-wire continues.  There are other parts of this of which we have already spoken.  There is a whole series of events as the human animal portion of you evolves.  Your spirit is well-evolved already, but as this vessel that you carry to experience the illusion of being separate from each other evolves, you re-model everything around you. You are starting to see things differently. This will happen in many areas of your lives.  You will have new belief systems and new ideals; some of the belief systems that you have built to help define your world will begin changing.  New possibilities are there that have never been there before.  You will find many of your own boundaries of your own belief systems stretching.  Some of this will show up in the area of relationships.  Some of this will show up in the physical as well.  Some of this will show up in the physical connection to the spirit, which is what we call sexual energy. Much of this will happen to give you a new basis for possibilities.  That is the message: possibilities.

You are not the first to go through this.  Although it is the first time that all of humanity has gone through this evolution, some people who have been here having a human experience have already gone through this transition. As you go through this process, there is one unique part that will help you more than anything else. It is an activation that you do yourself.  However, it does not have any steps to it; we cannot write a book and tell you exactly how it is done. Nor will there be seminars to tell you what to do, because it is so uniquely individual. But we can tell you how some of the other Masters have done it in the past.

The key is removing your experience from the timeline, for the timeline is the grand illusion.  When you are Home, you have past, present and future all together as one.  It is possible for you to go anywhere within the illusion of time. It is possible for your grandmother to come in and reincarnate as your daughter, and the opposite as well.  It is possible to go forward and backward in the timeline as the limitations of time are part of the left-brain creation. Humanity is starting to change as the new connection between the right- and left-brain increases and grows.  Due to this change you have a new relationship to time and space.  When you start removing your experiences from the timeline, you start seeing things the way they really are. 

Learning to Use ‘Now Time’

We ask first that when you go through trauma, difficulty, or challenges, you try and focus on becoming aware of the one piece of the timeline that is real.  You have divided it into three equal parts; you  call it past, present and future. However, your past is only a memory.  For instance, there are two sisters sitting here that grew up only nine months apart with the same set of parents. They were always together. Although they experienced everything together, they will each have totally different memories of the same experiences.  Which one is right?  They both are because it is their own perception that creates their individual reality; they each have two different perceptions of the same event.  

With the past being a memory and the future being only a potential, please understand that you will have a tendency to store negative energy in the past and positive in the future.  Your greatest dreams, your hopes, and your excitement about possibilities are held in the future. Even though you have good memories of the past, they are also stored in the future. The positives have a tendency to be stored in the future; the negatives are stored in the past.  In a field of duality, the positive and negative thing has an incredible effect on you.  As you start moving out of field of duality into a field of triality where you now have more of the whole picture, you start losing the need for the past and the future.  Then you will come down to the piece that is real—the present. If you are able at any point to remove yourself from the timeline and put yourself in the now, all of it will change.  We will give you an idea of how to do that in just a moment.

Inside Out Creation

All of it becomes manageable. All of it becomes exciting, even if you are having a difficult experience as a human if you put yourself in the now. All of your challenges and all fears are based in the future.  If you wish to release fear, pull yourself away from the timeline.  If you are to be executed in the morning, that could be considered to be a great fear.  Imagine that you are on death row to be executed.  There is great fear in you to be sure, but are you okay right now?  Do you have everything you need?  Ask yourself, “Is everything in my world okay right at this moment?” Yes.  When you do that, you bring that energy into your physical being; you start creating a new reality around yourself by the vibrations which you exude. This is a way of doing inside out creation.  It is done with vibrations that emanate from you, because as you remove yourself from the timeline you then start bringing yourself into a new reality.  There are Masters that have done this in the past. They have all worked in mysterious ways, and we will share some of this with you to help you better understand.

Timeless Space

We will share two phrases of this special, unique opportunity that we wish you to walk away with this day. One of them is timeless space.  That is the activation point.  When you can put yourself completely in the now, you are in timeless space. You are Home. This has been your goal as meditators. This has been your goal in prayer—to find timeless space. It is an activation point. Even though humanity was not quite ready to be activated at this point, you are now.  (This is a little confusing … we weren’t ready at what point?) Even if you have tried similar things in the past, you will find that they work differently now. You will not find the resistance you experienced before.  We are not telling you that you need to pray; we are not telling you that you need to meditate.  The Keeper has a brain that never stops so he has never been able to meditate, but he has always wondered what that is like.  The truth of the matter is that meditation puts you in timeless space.  Let us share how other Masters have used this very tool as they stepped into their Mastery.

A Three-Hour Tour

Jesus, the Master that walked this Earth as a teacher, spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert.  To him, it was the equivalent of three hours.  He stepped into a space of timeless space.  Yes, there were many stories of the conversations he had with the devil, how he was tempted, and how he decided to go to the good side instead of the bad side.  We love those stories because they are so wonderfully human, but very few of them are actually true.  The reality is that he had an activation which he did himself which placed him into timeless space. To the people around him, he was gone for 40 days and 40 nights. From his perspective, he had a three-hour tour in timeless space.  That happens and you are evolving into a space where you can now do this on your own.  You will find these opportunities presenting themselves to you like they never have before. Watch for them.  Look for the opportunities to remove yourself from the timeline. Jesus was not the only one who did it.  It happened to Buddha. It happened to Mohammed as he went to Mecca; he was in a space of timeless space and he created that for other people to experience.  It happened to Moses when he went to the mountain.  He was in a space of timeless space and no matter what was happening in the world, he was not part of it.  When you are in timeless space, your spirit is cleansed and you go Home during that time.  You go Home as you remove yourself from the timeline.  That is where humanity is moving. You are moving out of the need for the illusion of the timeline. The more that you can adjust yourself to those concepts, ideas and practices now, the easier this evolution process will be for you.

Timeless Love

There is one more phrase that we wish to share with you. There is one energy that is the base of every form of energy that you experience as humans—even electricity, light, and heat.  It is love. Love itself is a base energy from which you derive all other energies, so what happens when you remove love from the timeline?  You come into a place of timeless love. This is what you are going to start experiencing in your own relationships. It may confuse you at first, as it may not blend with current beliefs. This is what you are going to start experiencing when you look in the mirror. Ahh, you were not expecting that one, were you? You are so accustomed to seeing love reflected from other people, that you find it hard to find in a mirror.  Timeless love is within going outward only. The only need it has is to flow. It must always circulate to survive, but that is not difficult because once it is experienced it bonds with you very deeply. Once two or more people attain a level of timeless love they never lose it. Therefore, if it is always within you looking for an avenue to come out, then the more expressions of love that you can give in any form is what will strengthen each and every one of you. You start to move yourself into an expression of timeless love when you do that. When you experience timeless love it is the deepest love that humans can hold within the bubble of biology.  Timeless love is total unconditional love.  Total unconditional love has no relationship to time.  Thus, timeless love. 

Yes, you will see that you have experiences over many lifetimes. There are times when you look at somebody and you know them from a previous life. You know that there is a deep love that you have for them.  You would do anything for this person and it may not make any sense on a conscious level at all.  At times it may even be awkward to make those connections and difficult because of your belief systems that you have held for so long.  Timeless love is achievable now, and you will find that you do not have to go through 40 days and 40 nights to get there. It will happen in the blink of an eye.  Can you imagine what it would be like to love someone so much that you would walk out of their life if you thought it would help them? Your beginning experiences with timeless love will be short bursts so that you can get a feel for this energy and learn to adjust slowly. That is how it will first come to you, because it is almost as if your spirit wants to distract long enough to give you little shots of this to wake you up. Brace yourself — it is a wonderful ride! That is the concept of what is happening with you as humans.  So as you start experiencing more of the timeless love, and as you are able to express that timeless love, it becomes stronger.  It starts changing the physical vessel to house more of the timeless space, and more of the timeless love that we live in all the time.

There are many of you, dear ones, who work so hard to thin the veil. You want the veil to go away, you know it is an illusion, you know in your heart what Home is like and you just want to go back there. You just want to create it.  We honor you and we do our best to give you the tools to help you to do that.  We also tell you, you have already moved much farther than any of you expected to when you first came here. You have already grown past the end times of planet Earth.  You have already moved past the highest possibility of all of humanity and have even exceeded the days of Atlantis and Lemuria in your vibration today. You have more possibilities now than ever before on this planet. Do not think that you are here by accident?  You have come in with a sacred contract. You have come in with one thing that you do better than anybody else and the only time you mess up that concept is when you try to compare yourself to someone else.

Many of you have questions about how to reach a state of timelessness. There came a time for the Keeper when his oldest son moved out of the house and he took over the room and said it would be his meditation room. He brought in the big pillows and he bought tingsha bells, and he even brought in a magnet so that he could know where true north was. He laid it all out.  He went in there every morning and tried to experience timeless space. He allowed himself 20 minutes. [laughter] There is a problem with this entire concept, because he immediately put it in a timeline. He would sit there and try to meditate; he did it so he could improve his connection and his communication. We made a point to let him know it was wonderful that he was doing that and his physical body greatly appreciated what he was doing, yet it was not necessary for spiritual communication. We would knock on his door and ask “Are you ready?” He would say, “Wait a minute. I have to do my tingsha bells.” And he would ring his bells on the chakras and then he would breathe a certain pattern. Again  we would ask if he was ready. He would say, “No, I have to do this.” And he would do what someone had shown him and he would take another three deep breaths and he would finally say, “I am ready.” And like little children hiding from one another, we would quietly laugh and say nothing. Within minutes he would fall asleep and experience the timeless space he was after. The moment he got up 20 minutes later and took a shower, we would start our communication. He was very frustrated at the beginning thinking he was doing something wrong. Please understand, you will experience what you set out to experience but it will not be in a timeline.

We have planted many seeds this day and we have planted them in very fertile ground for you are the teachers, you are the healers, you are the ones that are walking first for humanity, opening doors and holding the door for this evolutionary process to happen. Some of you will be ridiculed for it. You know that. Some of you will be feared. Some of you will be embraced. None of those are success or failure. They are what you have asked to do and you are right on time. Welcome Home. Welcome to Heaven on Earth. We are so overjoyed that you have gotten rid of the game plan that you had. Now you are creating your reality every moment of every day and we are so honored to watch as the Masters of the Gameboard experience and share timeless love.

With three little reminders, we hold you in our hearts. Treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get.  And finally, the game you are playing is played best when you play well together.




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