Touch of an Angel - - - Hugs from Home

The Group presented this live channel at the Quill of Re-membrance in Attleboro, Ma. on May 6th 2000. Attleboro was the home of the Wings channel that moved me so much. Barbara and I were really looking forward to seeing this part of the family again. This was a special gathering of souls. For two days about 45 of us played in the energy of love. The second day I presented the live channel from the Group not knowing what to expect. They surprised even me as they once again spoke of the angels' wings and how we can start to use our own. Here they even give us an illustration of a way to touch those around us with a special "HUG" similar to the one they use to touch us.

At first I was not going to present this live channel as a Beacons of Light Message. I did not think that the visual of the touch would come across in written word. I was going to present another work they have been showing me but when I sat to write this they insisted that we put this out now. They said use the technology, so I have attempted to illustrate this in picture form at the website here:

An interesting note here is that last night I was awakened abruptly from a deep sleep when someone "touched" my leg. I looked all through the house finding nothing unusual. Then I re-membered this message that I was working on a few hours before. As I returned to sleep I heard the laughter that is so much a trademark of the Group. I knew they had been at work again.

It seems as if the old man with the beard has just lowered his finger signifying that we are ready for our next step.

Greetings from Home.

And we are Home. Those of you who view each other in the true beauty of the Earth, are blessed indeed for you have found God. Do not dismiss the pure beauty around you. Look deeply into the eyes of each other and before you leave this place, find three special people to connect with. Carry them with you and contact them often for they are your inner circles of Light. We have gone to very much trouble to bring specific inner circles of light together at this time and place. The gentle vibrations Spirit has sent has pulled you together. You have felt these vibrations and you have listened well. It is our greatest honor to be re-turning to the Home of which you call wings. The family that gathers here is very special and you know who you are, for you had your seats reserved long before we started this message. We honor the messages that you give each other. We tell you we are honored to sit at your feet, for our greatest work and our greatest purpose is to spread our wings to re-flect your energy. Such a magnificent energy it is.

The Masters Among Us

You are the masters. You are the ones that have chosen to hold the vibration of the Earth and take it to the next level. You see yourselves in times of difficulty. You see yourselves in times of depression. You see yourselves in the dichotomies that face you daily. We tell you the global shift, which you have already initiated, was only possible by facing those difficulties. It was only possible to create the greatest of ventures by keeping you from seeing who you truly are. But now it is time to re-member. Now it is time to take your power. Now it is time to begin to utilize that power. For in the expression of that power lays the creation of Home on your side of the veil. As each one of you takes your power and becomes accustomed to it, you express the essence of who you truly are. You are the masters. Find that passion within your heart and follow it for yourself first. Then find that passion and create a space for others. This will allow you to spread your wings for you are the human angels that we love so much. Find your passion for that is the vibration of Home. The vibration of joy and passion is what we live in all the time and yet we have such a difficult time re-flecting that for you. So often you act as if you are not worthy of holding a high vibration. Your biology and emotions swing from positive to negative as you step forward. Hold the vibration of passion firm for that is really who you are. You are the passionate beings that re-flect the God energy within each one of you. This is the Lightwork that you do. You are not a part of God. You are the whole of God. You are the masters and we ask you to treat yourself accordingly.

Looking Within instead of Without

So often you look outside of yourself for the answers and we tell you they are within. You are the whole of God. Treat yourself accordingly. If the Crystal Child, Jesus, were to appear at your door and say, "I would like to visit you for dinner", would you not lay out the best china? Would you not find the finest cuts of meat to serve? Would you not fetch the finest of herbs from your garden? And yet we tell you, you are the same. Treat yourselves as you would that which you have been taught to worship, for you are the whole of God. You cannot see yourselves because of the veils that you wear. We tell you that our purpose is to reflect that part of yourselves that you cannot see. We are here to re-flect your magnificence in those times when you cannot re-member who you are. In those times you look at yourself and say, why is this happening to me? We tell you we are standing directly in front of you and we wrap you in our wings as only we can. We are doing that now. Breathe in the energy of our wings for we hold each one of you tight to our hearts, but also know that our energy is only in support of your magnificence. The true power you hold is within you and we are here to help you re-member that.

Re-member Your Wings

We wish to speak this day of the angel wings for these are vibrational tools that we use to touch you. You have similar wings that can be used to touch others. We wish to share with you a vibrational technique used to blend your vibrations with each other. We wish to teach you a way in which to use your own wings to be the human angels that you are. We wish to give you illustrations and show you practical applications. We ask you to take this information and find uses for it in your own life. This will create the energy of Home on the Gameboard of Free Choice. We wish you to have all that you desire. We wish you to be all that you wish to be for that is the creation of Home.

The Keeper is fond of the hugs he loves to give as he calls himself a collector of hugs. We tell you that when one human being touches another, you have a natural exchange of vibration. It is not possible for two vibrations to occupy the same time and space without altering each other. One of your customs is to shake hands. We tell you there is a higher purpose for this, for as two hands come together, they blend vibrations. From that point on, they are a small part of each other and they can no longer be in total opposition. Once you blend vibrations with another human being, to some degree you have altered both of your vibrations and become part of each other. This is the blending of Universal Energy. The flow of Universal Energy is the mixing and blending of vibrations. Everything that stands in opposition to the flow of Universal Energy will find resistance in all areas. Everything that is in accord with the Universal Energy will find itself naturally and effortlessly in the flow. Place yourself in the flow of the Universal Energy and blend vibrations with those around you. We will ask you to connect at the heart chakra with your hugs. For as you hug the person that is in your field, we ask you to reach around and touch their heart chakra with your wings.

[At this point they showed me a hand, thumb tucked under with the middle and ring fingers straight and the two outer fingers out like a small angel with spread wings. I held up both of my hands to illustrate what they were showing me.]

For those special beings that cannot re-member who they are, we ask you to spread your wings and touch them with your angelic touch. Touch their heart chakra as you hug them. For even that brief instant will plant the seeds of love and share the vibration of Home. We share this with you now for this is how we touch you, and now we ask you to be human angels and touch each other with the vibration of Michael.

Angel Hug

So often you feel us hugging you as only we can. We will share with you now our most used angelic hug. The angelic hug of support is when we wrap our wings around you from behind in support of you, while reaching around to your heart chakra with the gift of angelic touch. These are the wings that illustrate your wings, for you are the angels of Earth. You are the angels that are flexing your wings to draw the vibrations of Home into the human experience. Share your angelic vibration with another human being and recreate the feeling you experience as we hug you. Give the hug and touch of the angels freely. Hug your enemies in this fashion and you will have none.

Lucifer is HOME

You have created such joy on our side of the veil for as you re-unite, we too are in a state of re-union. As below, so above, and we have been separated for so long to help you hold the illusion of polarity. We tell you now, that which was called the Lucifer Experiment is now re-uniting. Lucifer is Home and like you, we are re-uniting with our original Spiritual family. You have created this opportunity through your choices on the Gameboard of Free Choice. Now you are reaching for higher truths in all areas as you carry higher vibrations. You are purposefully reaching to create your own reality and this has set about the intentional creation of Heaven on Earth. Now do you see why we say that you are doing well? You have earned the right to carry the title Lightworkers and now you are earning the right to carry the title of Angel.

How can I hear Spirit clearly?

Your guidance is strong and yet many of you ask, how can I strengthen my guidance? How can I hear my guides, and what are their names? We tell you it is so difficult when you ask those human questions, for applying human attributes on our side of the veil only limits the true magnificence of Home. We tell you that many of the names you seek do not translate into languages of Earth. Be patient. It will not be long before you hear very clearly. Feel the love that we have for you for that is how we now communicate best. Feel it when we come up behind you with the angelic hugs and accept the love we offer you. There are times when we wish to hug you and teach you and give you everything that you ask. There are times when we reach with both hands and touch your heart chakra. For us this exchange of vibration is overwhelming and yet all you feel is the raising of the hair on your arms. Know that we are there and we are touching you. Imagine if you will, finding a soul in despair and knowing that you can remove the illusion of hopelessness if only they will allow you to hug them. This is often our dilemma, for even though we hug you if it is not accepted there is no blending of vibration. Now we ask you to be the angels of Earth. At times this means giving angelic presence without acknowledgement. Spread this energy in the way that only you can, and quietly come up behind someone and touch them as the angels from Home touch you. Do this physically at every opportunity and if it is not appropriate in physical form then do it with your words or actions. Offer this angelic hug of support with your energy. As you do, you will feel the vibrations of Home course through your own being with such force that you will never be the same again. Become the human angels and your own illusion of despair will vanish. As you use these tools in your daily life, you bring yourself, and all of Humanity, to a higher level.

How to deal with the Difficulties

Your biology is in a state of change and this poses difficulties. It seems that humans are not well versed in the art of change. The Keeper has a wonderful joke that states that everything he has ever given up has deep scratch marks all over it. We understand your resistance to change for you have been motivated by a need for survival for so long. Now you are being motivated by a need for unity. In these times of difficulty and lost direction we tell you the key to finding your passion is in spreading your own wings. In times of difficulties find an opportunity to help those around you to see their wings. Find the angels around you and help them re-cognize their true nature. If they do not wish to use the word angels, then give them another word to use. Speak the language to which they feel most comfortable as we do with you.

Cashing in Karma

These are very special times on the Gameboard of Free Choice. The collective Karma of all your incarnations has earned you the right to be here at this time to play this part. We see that many of you feel as if you are in difficulty and struggle and finding resistance to every move. You have used all credits that you had to place you here at exactly this time. This is the opportunity you have asked for, this is the time for you to spread your human wings and become angels. Walk up to another and touch them with your own angelic presence, for we tell you that you are of the family of Michael and you carry your wings well. Use them often and when you see others in need, when you see others who cannot re-member who they are, quietly reach out and touch them with the Touch of Angels. And if they allow you, touch them again. And if it feels right, come up behind them and spread your own wings and touch their heart.

Touch others with your wings and with your passion. For as you do that, you bring your own passion Home. As you do this you become the greatest expression of God in human form. As you do that, you not only become the human angels, but you attract the other angels from Home. For you are not an angel standing alone. In Heaven, standing alone is not possible. As you look to your left and your right you do not see us and still we tell you there are hundreds of angels that visit you daily. You are the blessed ones that have earned the right to play this part. There are many onlookers that watch your every move, wishing it were their task to play your part. Walk in that knowledge and trust the inner guidance that placed you here now. You are the masters that have agreed to put on the veil of forgetfulness and forget who you are. Although the heritage of Home is not re-membered, you can never lose it. We are here to help you bring those vibrations of Home to the planet. For that is who you are. That is what you have come to do and we love you so much. We are so very proud of you for you have created the reality of Home. You have created the beginnings of Home on your side of the veil. From our side of the veil it is the most wondrous sight. You cannot imagine the joy and the cheers that go up every time you make a decision to step into your power. Those around you that are affected go many layers deep into overtone layers that you are not even aware of. The eyes that are upon you count beyond your numbers for you are changing the paradigm of All That Is.

Touch One Another as We Touch You.

What you call Earth is nothing more than a collective vibration of all Humanity. The Earth is changing because humans are raising their vibrations through their individual choices. Watch as crime rates continue to fall. Watch as humans in all walks of life begin reaching for higher truths and using these truths in all areas of human experience. Watch as the imaginary lines that keep you separate begin to fade away. These are a direct result of the collective vibration of humanity being raised by individual choice. Celebrate that choice as we do!

At your re-quest, you have brought us here to help you re-member your true heritage. We are with each and every one of you. We are there in the stillness between your breaths even though you cannot hear, and even though we may only be able to raise the hair on your arms. In those times become aware of your heart, for it is us that are reaching around you with our wings and touching you with our angelic presence. We are using the Touch of Angels. We ask you to do the same. Find ways to create the best of your environment by helping those around you see who they are. Find ways to create your joy and your passion in your life by empowering those around you. Here you will not only find joy for yourself but also you will create Heaven on Earth for all. Step into your passion for that is when you are playing the highest role you have scripted for yourself. That is when you are the most use to yourself, the Universe and to Spirit. Therein lies the greatest blending of Universal energies. Earth was once separate from Heaven. That illusion is now being re-moved. As you raise your vibrations we create and incarnate together as one. The Universal Energy is now blending the energy of Heaven and Earth.

If only you could see yourselves as we see you. If we could give you the gift of a sight to pull the veil aside for a split second, you would re-member Home and see your own magnificence. We do so often in your dreams and you wake up with such excitement for you see how simple it is. Yes, it is simple. Take the vibration of what you feel from those dreams and carry that with you and let others see that spark in your eyes. Touch others with this special angelic hug in re-membrance of the angel that you are. Touch them. ~ Touch them. ~ Touch them. ~ And we will touch you. For it is our greatest honor to be holding our wings out in front of you as you step into the role of human angel. It is our greatest honor to touch you and even though you cannot feel it, we tell you, you do get the message. You do know who we are and you do re-member Home. That is what has drawn you here and now share that with the others. As you do, you will become the human angels and spread your own wings as you touch those around you. We have so much we wish to say and yet we cannot tell you all in one sitting. This is enough for this day for you leave here with a tool of the Angels. Use it well and often for as you blend vibrations with each other, you carry the vibrations of the family of Michael. Accept the responsibility for creating your highest reality and when you have the opportunity, touch one another. Share the vibration with others around you as we touch you. We thank you for bringing us here. We thank you for coming together to look into each other's eyes and re-member who you are. You are the human angels and we are honored to sit in your presence.

It is with the greatest of honor that we once again ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and use the empowerment factor, and above all, play well together - - - the Group.

For those of you who may not have access to the pictures I will explain the angelic touch: Take your two middle fingers and hold them together. The two outer fingers are raised and separated slightly to illustrate the wings of an angel. Tuck your thumb under your palm. One hug they talk about is when you hug someone from the front, reach around and touch their heart chakra on their back with this touch. The angelic support hug they spoke of is when you hug a person from behind, reaching around touching them on the heart chakra in their front. As they said in the message: "Touch others with this special angelic hug in re-membrance of the angel that you are." Use it physically and energetically whenever you have a chance to send energy to others in need. I often visualize sending a hug to people when I do private sessions over the phone. Believe me it works! The magic is not in the way you hold your fingers - - - the magic is within you. You are the Human Angels. It is my greatest pleasure to help you Re-member. Big Angelic Hugs and gentle nudges



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