Vibrational Integrity

We are in the midst of the Grand Game of Hide and Seek. God, hiding from himself, searching for herself. The name of the Game is to Re-member. Once we re-member that we are in fact the God we search for, we then can begin to tap into the power of all that is. The idea here is to begin to use the "power" to create our heart's desires. By creating our own reality and our heart's desires we are actually creating Home on this side of the veil. This is what the Game was all about in the first place. So…how do we create our heart's desire? What is this magical power that we all have access to, and how do we tap into it?

The Group has spoken often about the art of Co-creation and here they offer another view of easy, simple ways to tap into the power that is our birthright. It is our birthright to create. When we create together with our higher selves and Universe around us, we call it Co-creation. Each of us walking the Earth have this power available to us if we learn to access it and re-member that it exists. Does this mean that we can have anything we want? Does this mean that we can create our own reality? Does this mean that if we do not like our circumstances that we can change them? YES. The continuing message from the Group is always based on one central focus:

We have the power to create.

We dabble with this power, but rarely make the connection that it is our creation we are seeing as it manifests before us. The idea here is learn how to use this power responsibly and effectively. The Group encourages us to learn about this power and to use it often. Why? Because as we begin to use the power of creation we create our heart's desires. This is important because it is in our hearts that we hold the blueprints of Home. Every time we pick up the brush and begin to paint our surroundings, we create a little more of the masterpiece of Home here on Earth.

Here the Group offers us another look at applying the power of creation:

Greetings from Home:

Home is where our collective heart is centered and we are truly honored to bring you these gentle re-minders of Home. This is a time for you to refresh. Feeling these vibrations for even a short time will help your spirit to balance and rejuvenate. As your spirit rejuvenates so does your physical being.

The energy of Earth has shifted. We see this clearly from your energy fields. The veil has thinned recently and the effects are seen from both sides of the veil. We tell you that it is you that have accomplished this change. The collective vibration of Earth has now reached an increment high enough to support each one of you holding your full power while still in the bubble of biology. The veils between our realities are thinning at an astounding rate. Even with this thinning, it is not possible for you to see the truth of who you really are. It is our true honor now to reflect for you a view of yourselves.

Traveling in the Fourth Dimension

As you move even further through the fourth dimension, you will find much of your world losing relevance. Things that were once important may no longer be so. The once stable cornerstones, around which you built your world, will now begin to move and as they do a new light will shine on everything around you. This will cause your normally stable world to shift to higher realities. Adjusting to this shift and learning to take your power to create your own reality responsibly is the action that will lead you into the next level of existence. The fourth dimensional state can be easily characterized as lackluster. This is a semi-dull state of transition from one exciting expression to the next. With the lack of luster also comes a comfortable time to try on your power in a safe environment.

From a Perspective of Pure Energy

We wish to share with you our perspective for we see you as pure energy. To us, you are the most exquisite combination of vibrational patterns and colors. What you call your aura is actually the energy escaping from your being. As the energy leaves, you see the vibrational patterns as colors from the way they interact with the environment around you. From these patterns it is possible to see conditions existing within all the many vibrational levels of your being. These levels include the emotional, the physical and all the ethereal bodies that house your true being during your time on the Gameboard. When matter vibrates it becomes a conduit for energy. Therefore, the words 'vibration' and 'energy' are synonymous.

Your Energy Matrix

You exist in physical form only because the atoms in your body are vibrating. The wonderful complex patterns and vibrant colors that we see when we look at you are beyond description in terms you would understand. If you were to imagine the most beautiful, colorful sight you have ever seen and then multiply that 1000 times you would still not have the beauty that we behold when we look upon the energy field of a single hair on your head. As your own senses develop you will see the beauty of who you really are. In that time there will be no more war.

These energy patterns are determined first by the energy matrix you chose for this incarnation. During the Game you have received energy stamps that have altered the energy tube of this matrix. These alterations are a direct result of your choices and experiences during the Game. These are the most wonderful patterns to perceive for they hold the entire records of all your experiences displayed simultaneously. We will disclose more on the Energy Matrix and its place in the Human experience in the near future. For now, see it simply as the energy prototype that you have taken for this phase of the Game. For now, see your Energy Matrix as simply the way you are wired to first receive energy.

Your Personal Energy Field

We often refer to things or people in your field. Your personal energy field is your interface with the Universe around you. Learn to utilize this energy field and you will quickly master your surroundings. Each person has an energy field that precedes him or her in all interactions on the Gameboard. Your energy field is in the room at the meeting before you enter the building. It is communicating to another across many miles before you pick up the telephone to call them. Those who are practiced at reading these energy fields are the ones you call intuitive and psychic. Reading these energy fields will be the precursor to the form of communication that will soon make your telephones obsolete. Your energy field has no physical boundaries. It is, in effect, your field of consciousness and knows only the boundaries, which you believe to be true. The speed of 186,000 miles per second, which you once thought to be a constant, does not apply to this energy. This energy is instantaneous.

Up to this point in human development you have only been able to visually perceive the energy field as energy escapes from the biology in the form of auras. Your human perceptions of what was a 'strong' or 'weak' aura and what the colors mean, has amused us greatly. Please understand that the aura is only a small part of your personal energy field. See beyond the aura and learn to trust the gentle nudges as people enter your field. These are the senses that will lead you into the next stage of human evolution.

Altering your Energy Field ~ Creation 101

Since your true essence is energy, your energy field makes up the essence of who you are. Therefore all things that alter your energy field become very important to identify for they can help create your reality. Energy is the way you interface with the Universe around you and therefore it is the way in which you create.

All things that enter your field alter you in some way. Your field is altered with every thought that enters your head and every person you encounter. In some way every experience you have had alters who you are. In fact you are really the sum of all your experiences and that is what you refer to as your personality. We also tell you that your personality, or energy field, is carried with you from one lifetime to the next. In communicating with those who have graduated, does it surprise you to find that even though they have left their lessons and energy stamps on the Gameboard, they still carry their core personality?

Finding ways to alter your own energy field is the key to the power of creation.

There are four points to purposefully altering your energy field:

1. Discernment

2. Choosing Alternate Realities

3. Intentional External influence

4. Carry Passion and Joy

1. Discernment is the first of the tools for living comfortably in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. Discernment is the art of making life choices without judgment. As each of you center your own energy you begin to be more aware of what and who alter your energy fields. Purposely choosing what remains in your field is the first way to alter you own field. You are connected to the whole of God and therefore tapped into the flow of Universal energy. As such, you do not have control over what thoughts enter your field of consciousness. You do, however, have full control over what thoughts stay in your field. Similarly there will always be many people who cross your path. It is yours to choose those who will remain in your field. Love yourself first and know that no one can take charge of your energy if you do not allow them to. Your reality is a direct result of your choices. If you are not happy with your reality, please have the courage to choose again.

2. The key to shifting dimensional realities is the art of shifting perception. If there are things in your field that detract from you that can not be moved, then shifting your own perception is the best way to stop the energy drain. We love you so much and are around you in every moment that you allow us to be. If we were only able to tell you one thing in our time together it would be that you are playing the Grand Game. When you are being drained by the thoughts, events and people in your field, it is because you are taking yourselves too seriously.

To illustrate this point, take a moment and place yourself in this setting:

"There is bustle all around you with flashing lights. You feel a strange warmth overtaking your body as a calm settles over you. You now are aware that you have just been in an automobile accident. There is a hand stretched out before you. As you reach to take this hand you come to understand that it is not a human hand. You accept the reality that you may be dying. In that instant you are transported to the highest point on Earth to view the grandeur that now lies elegantly before you. In that moment you understand the beauty of it all. To play the Game in all its splendor is a gift you have been given. For this moment you realize that even the 'hard times' were beautiful and you would not take back even a moment of the experience. Looking over the valley below as the Game of daily life plays on, you give thanks for the chance to have been a part of this wonderful place called Earth."

We have just shifted your reality. You can easily see that an experience of this nature would change the way you view everything in your field. Those of you who have glimpsed Home only to return to Earth and continue the Game, have a different perspective of life as a result of these re-minders. Play the Game each day with a perspective of your choosing and your energy field will be vibrant and full. It is a choice.

3. The Introduction of Intentional External Influence is one of the easiest ways to purposely alter your energy field. The application of external influences such as music, sights and sounds and external experiences can easily alter your field. A song that brings tears to your eyes or a movie that touches your very soul will effectively balance your energy field.

4. Passion and Joy are the vibrations of Home. Your success in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, are directly proportional to the amount of Joy and Passion you can experience on a daily basis. Find ways to experience Passion and joy and your field will attract more.

Squiggly Lines ~ Talking to the Universe

Your power of creation is simply a case of vibrational lines that you send out into the Universe. These lines emanate from your being and are sent out to the Universe. The Universe always sends back an exact match to the vibration you send out. Therefore, the answer to any request to the Universe is: "and so it is…." Since all requests are answered with the exact vibrational match, the key to effective creation is clarifying the vibration before sending it out.

Four Lines of Vibration in the Fourth Dimension

Within your energy field there are four lines of vibration that are used for creation. These lines are always sent out together as a package and represent your energy field as a whole.

The four lines are:

1. What you speak

2. How you act

3. What you think

4. What you believe

If one or more of these vibrational lines do not match the others, the vibration sent out is blurred and unclear. When one line of vibration crosses the others it cancels them and sends an overall signal quite different from that which was intended. The results received back from a blurred field are rarely what you first set out to create. This can be confusing and can cause you to doubt yourself. Then the self-doubt blurs the overall energy field even more.

Vibrational Integrity

Placing yourself in vibrational integrity is simply a matter of lining up the lines of vibration. If your reality and your co-creations are not to your liking it simply means that the vibrational lines of your energy field are fighting against each other and canceling each other out. All of these vibrational lines are movable and therefore adjusting your frequency into vibrational integrity is possible.

Energy is Truth ~ Follow the Energy

Humans are now stepping fully into the bridge of the fourth dimension. The flow of traffic on this bridge will continue for some time. You are the healers who have chosen to cross first and open the gates for all to come. In rising your dimensional levels your reality and your perceptions will change. Your energy field as well as those around you will become much more important in the days ahead. These energy fields have always been your personal interface and the way you interact with the Universe around you. In the lower vibrations where you have been living, only the first two of these lines were easily perceivable. These were:

1. What you speak, and,

2. How you act

Now humans are much more sensitive to energy fields and all of the lines in the energy field are easily perceived. You are stepping into a dimension where you will all have access to each other's energy fields. Here, there will be no secrets. Prepare for this now and the transition will be easier not only for you, but for all that follow you.

The Next Step ~ Dimension Hopping

The days ahead will provide you with ample opportunity to see and use your power. We implore you to take this time to practice with the tools for living in the higher vibration. Learn to create your reality now. Take responsibility for yourself, practice and then offer help to those around you. You are the master healers and have come to step into your roles of facilitation. Now is the time to apply these into your daily life.

The bridge of the fourth dimension is now open and accepting traffic. You are the healers that have waited patiently for this exciting time to come. You are the first on the bridge. Please re-member that your true work is to show others seeking answers, how to cross the bridge effortlessly. Be well versed in these tools, for as the first ones reach the other side these tools will be needed. The shift into higher dimensional levels is only possible to earn through your choices. Choose the highest and best expression of your own passion and it will lead you well.

This is a very special time on Planet Earth. A time of Joy, a time of Passion, and a time of Love. Exercise your powers often to purposefully create Home where you now stand. See that we are standing behind you always, touching your heart with our special touch. Expect the doors to open effortlessly and that will create the space for us to open those doors. Dare to create your highest reality and walk into it with your head held high. Your heritage is great indeed. You have earned the right to be the purveyors of the Light. The Light you now hold illuminates the bridge that leads into your next reality. Hold your light high and know that we are with you always with the greatest of love. It is with great reverence for you that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together. . .

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