In the private sessions, the Group often shows me people who have recently had the Phantom Death experience. They say this is the time they originally scripted to leave. Now that we have changed the paradigm, we have the opportunity to stay and script new contracts for ourselves. Still, when our originally scripted time to leave, comes we generally experience some opportunity to leave and return Home. It is an opportunity to make a choice. It may be an unexplained illness or a close call in traffic. It often is a dream where our greeters come for us and we have the choice to stay if we wish. The Group has showed me many times when this has happened to people and we often tell them about this. Often they never really put it together that this is what they experienced until we mention it. After telling this to hundreds of people in sessions, I have never had anything like this ever happen to me. This is not unusual. I find that often when people are experiencing things on a Global scale and the Group speaks about it, I am somehow removed from the experience. I never really gave it much thought until I was in session the other day and the person asked me if I ever had the Phantom Death experience myself. I started to say no, but then the Group showed me that I had this experience during the recent channel in the Scepter of Self Love in Attleboro Massachusetts.

At the lunch break on the second day of the seminar, the Group wanted to talk. I sat off by myself in a comfortable chair thinking they were going to give me some information about the channel that was right after lunch. They used to tell me right before the channel what we were going to talk about so that I could start gathering the words. This wasn't what they had in mind, and I found myself in a very comfortable state between sleep and wakefulness. I thought nothing more about it. We then gathered all the chairs around in a comfortable setting. I really like the channels to be very informal and intimate. There were about 50 people and some were sitting on the floor or had pulled their chairs close. I sat down to begin the introduction and the Group stopped me. There was a Master Healer by the name of Raymond sitting to the left and just behind me. The Group wanted me to move him forward so that he was not sitting behind me. I didn't understand why, but Raymond was gracious and moved forward at my request.

We then began the channel. This is a very timely channel and I have taken the transcript and offered it here. The Questions and Answers as well as the discussion that followed about what people experienced during this channel, are given in an article at PlanetLightworker. At the end of our discussion I stopped the recorder, pulled out the tape, and labeled it.

Greetings from Home.

We love saying those words for we love sharing the vibrations from Home with you who have made your temporary home here on Earth. You have done well in your choices and now the Game goes to the next level. We thank you for playing the parts that you play so well. When you scripted these parts you had no idea that they would entail the ending that you are seeing as played out in front of you. For there was a time limit on the Gameboard, and now that time limit has passed and you are still here. You have made it so, through your choices, through opening your hearts, through holding the energy of this family within your own hearts. You have done well and we tell you that it is us that are honored to sit at your feet.

Every time you hear a Bell

We wish to tell you this day a little more of the Angelic realm of which you are so curious. One point in particular we wish to speak of, is what you call our wings. You have many wonderful tales that speak of earning your wings. We particularly love the one about every time you hear a bell, an angel gets their wings. It is closer than you may imagine. There are many such representations in your Game that link your world directly to ours. We tell you that they are there for a reason, and even if you look at the bell one can easily see that it is a representation of vibrational healing. Once the vibrational level is attained, the wings are added. One thing we wish to clarify to you is that we do not need the wings to fly. As you know, we fly quite well without them. But they are in fact wings, and they are a representation of part of your world that represents the freedom to fly. But more than anything else, these wings have a specific purpose, a purpose that actually has uses within your field of three dimensions. Our highest purpose in the Angelic realm is to reflect your magnificence. Our wings are used for the singular purpose of reflecting the energy of humans. The veils you have agreed to wear are thick and very effective. Therefore it takes a concentrated reflection to see even a small part of your own magnificent energy through the veil. If you were to closely observe our wings you would see that they are slightly convex in shape. This allows us to focus your energy as we reflect it back to you, and enables us to let you feel and see who you really are. Before we can reflect your energy you must be open to receiving that energy. Up to this point in the Game, very few opportunities have been given to us to spread our wings for you. Now, through your choices you have purposely raised your own vibration and the collective vibration of all of humanity. We are so very proud of the work you have done. For that reason, we are so terribly honored to be able to spread our wings in front of you. You have called us here to reflect your magnificence and we are honored to do so. As you get comfortable with this energy, we tell you this is the energy of Home.

You may be here on the Gameboard playing your Game, but you are carrying the vibration of Home in your own hands. To the crystals that you hold, you give much power. We tell you they are a representation. There is no magic within the crystal, much as there is no magic within our wings. Yet, both of them reflect your energy and your magnificence and help you to re-member who you are. This is the true source of the magic you seek. For such is your own great heritage and the magic is held within each of you. We tell you that you are not pieces of God, in fact, you are God. We love you so and we thank you for having the courage to play the Game.

We take a moment while we adjust the energy in the room. We tell you that it is very, very crowded in here. (Laughter) There are so many who wish to see what is happening in this room. It is not us they have come to see, for they see us all the time. It is you. It is the Grand Masters that have the courage to play the Game behind the veils. By placing the veil of forgetfulness on your own face, you are playing out the greatest scenarios on the Gameboard, as you re-member your true power. And in bringing the power of this side of the veil to your home, you are extending Heaven. You are winning the game. Welcome Home.

Carrying the Crystals

This day we ask you to take the crystals from this room. Not only the crystals that you carry within your hands, but the crystals that you carry within your hearts. For you have earned them so much through your toils and your struggles. You have earned more than you can possibly imagine. You have set your tone. You have taken away the veil for just a moment and said this is who I am to be. And in doing so, you align energy on many different levels that cannot help but bring you the reality you are choosing. And we thank you for those choices, for you are the representation of us. It is our greatest honor to reflect the love that we hold for you. That love is so far beyond your understanding that it can only be expressed as a feeling.

At the beginning of this year, you received a very special gift. You have had it all along and yet it was activated. You are powerful beyond your imagination and that power was greatly amplified as you stepped into the turning of the clock. You stepped into the year of crystal intent. And that year is a year for you to crystallize and focus and infuse your own intent into your lives. To purposely take the Quill and script your own life, to purposely set things into motion and create your own reality is the most honored task now before you. We tell you that your actions, your love, and your words, during this next year will set the energy and intent for the following twelve years. The next twelve years on the planet will determine the energy that will pervade the next millennium. You hold that future in your hands at this moment. Many of you have the "E" ticket, as the Keeper calls it, for you have stood in line to be here at exactly this moment. Many of you rushed in, not getting ample rest between incarnations only so that you could be here at this very second of time. For that reason, we honor you. You have chosen to be at the very cutting edge of the new paradigms. You have chosen to be at the cutting edge of the new energy. Of course, you at the cutting edge also receive most of the heat for you have not written the books about how to do it yet.

Energy Leaders

Many of you look at the higher vibrations through the eyes accustomed to the lower vibrations and feel you are not moving. Many of you feel stuck. We ask you to be patient and kind to yourselves. Had we asked you to take a seat a bit further back in the class, you would have said "No, I must be in the front row!" Now some of you sit and wait for the rest to catch up. Be patient and follow your hearts for you will be the ones to help the others who follow. We honor you for you have done well. You are leaders, you are energy leaders.

There are many spaces within this part of the country that are boiling at this moment. This is humorous to the Keeper for there is snow on the ground, yet we tell you that this is boiling. As the energy opens within the heart, you feel the warmth of the soul. And that has created many pockets of warmth that we see as pockets of boiling energy. We charge you in this area to go out and find those pockets and connect the Circles of Light that are forming. Those are the centers of light that you have searched for so long. They are now opening right here in your own back yard. They are opening in many, many parts of the globe, yet your work begins here in your own area. From there, you may take it to other areas for everywhere you travel you carry this energy. Everywhere you look, and with everyone you encounter, you will spread this energy to others. Use the Universal Energy and the fusion of the Michael energy and purposely set your tone to be heard by all. Carry it well for we trust you for you are the Guardians and Ambassadors of the Light. We honor you so for taking these roles. As Ambassadors of the Light, each and every one of you will have an opportunity to carry this wonderful vibration of Home. We thank you for that.

The Nine Month Cycle - - - Birth of the New Light

We tell you that there will be another infusion much like the one that you experienced on the first of this year. This infusion of energy will be very powerful. It is no coincidence that the Keeper will be returning to this area upon the infusion. We tell you that there will be an alignment on May fifth of this year, that will bring another high level of energy to this planet and to your Gameboard. Do not allow yourselves to be wrapped into fear. This is a gift you have earned. This is your right to accept this new higher level of power. This is a gift that will take you to the next level. And much like the infusion that you experienced last year in August, this will be the completion of a nine-month cycle of the Birth of the New Light. The power that this energy carries, can be intentionally directed for the highest good of the planet and the highest good of the players on the Gameboard. It is truly another step toward creating Heaven on Earth. Imagine yourself with wings similar to ours for that is truer than you may know. We ask you to spread your wings and focus this energy to create the highest potential for yourselves. This is your ascension. This is what you chose to do as the highest possible outcome of the Game and now it lies before you.

You have chosen to re-script your contracts for many of you were to leave. Five of you in this room were to leave in the last three months. You have stayed. You have re-scripted your contracts. You have done so for a reason. Plant the seeds. Connect the Circles of Light. Let people see your heart. Let people see who you are. We have carried the sword for so long and now we pass it to you. Now you have an opportunity to use the sword to find your own truth so that it never will be used as a weapon again.

Personal Healing

Several in the room have asked for healing. We wish to tell you that you were healed the moment you asked for it. You have the power to do this yourselves. We are honored that you would ask us, and we tell you that you have already received it. It is yours for the asking. You have had the courage to ask. Now we ask you to have the courage to accept that which you have asked for. Now we ask you to have the courage to walk away from that familiar pain. Now we ask you to have the courage to step forth into your empowerment.

Experience the Wings

We are here to offer you the strength for all of you to walk forward into the next level of your existence. We are here to reflect your energy and help you re-member who you really are. We are here to help you re-member the feelings of Home. We take a moment to do something we have never done before. Through the Keeper, we will now spread our wings to reflect your magnificence - - -

[In that moment I felt myself spreading my arms out to both sides as if I were spreading my wings. The energy that began to run through me was indescribable. I felt the tears as they fell in a steady flow from my face to my chest. I became aware that everyone in the room was also feeling the effects of this energy from the sounds I heard. The energy was building and becoming more intense as the people in the room accepted it. This beautiful energy that I can only describe as the energy of Home was beginning to allow me to feel as if I were Home. The veil was getting very thin and I could feel the energy building very quickly. Barbara was sitting to my left and I became aware that she was concerned about me. It felt as though she were holding my feet to the ground. I also felt the wonderful energy of Raymond who was now sitting just to my right. I knew that the two of them were holding the energy for me to do this. The energy was still increasing and then, in that instant, the Group took me. I did not know where I was, but I was no longer in the room. Even though I could hear the tears fall as they felt this energy from Home, I was removed and insulated from what I would be feeling if I were still in my body. Then, I felt my arms pulling back in as I re-entered my body. Once again I was feeling the tears streaming down my face and my shirt being wet from them, and I once again felt the intense energy running through me. I knew that if they had not pulled me in at that moment that I would have simply crossed the line and stepped into Heaven. I was that close, and the pull was very strong indeed. As the flow of information resumed, I continued the channel. All of this happened in the space of about 30 seconds. That was perhaps the longest and most wonderful 30 seconds of my life thus far. In that moment I was Home and that feeling I will carry with me always.]

(Resuming the channel)

That explains why we have never done this before. (Laughter) You have received a charge. Carry the crystals that you received today for they are now charged with your own energy. Carry them in your heart always. Show them to others freely and if they are admired, then give them away. Share the energy of your love for in giving it away, you too spread your wings. Nurture each other and the planet in the way that only you can do with each other. We can sit here and tell you of your magnificence and it is nothing compared to when you tell each other. You share the same dimension, you share the same experience, and you share the veil. Remind each other often of who you really are. When you feel lost and alone and cannot remember who you are, allow yourself to be hugged for we are there hugging you often. You have set the new energy into motion. You have breathed life into the new Game. You have made it so, and you are honored beyond your imagination.

We will now take questions.

This closes the message portion of the channel. To read the Questions and Answers and the discussion that followed please go to: If you would like to experience a live channel for yourself we encourage you to check the schedule page at All of our seminars include a Live channel.

Note: reference to the "E" ticket goes back to the early days of Disneyland when they used to issues books of tickets with values from A to E. The "A" tickets were for the kiddy rides and an "E" Ticket meant that you were really in for a wild ride!

After I opened my eyes again I realized why the Group wanted me to ask Raymond to move closer. They wanted him to help hold the energy while they took me on this journey. Raymond and Barbara on either side of me were holding the energy for this experience and I thank them both.

In editing the transcripts of this channel I became aware for the first time that there are several places where the Group used three phrases in a row of similarity to make a point. It is evident throughout the channel above once you know to look for them. I'm not sure what that means, but I can tell you they did not do it by co-incidence!

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother



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