Collective Vibrations Are Raising

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Greetings, dear ones.

I am Em. I am overjoyed to be joining you to look upon planet earth and all the incredible changes that are taking place. The Earth retains its own balance.  As you move in one direction, the opposite direction automatically increases to find a natural balance. You are starting to make major advances in areas that we had been watching very carefully. We see humanity’s base vibration rising more than you could possibly know. Now we tell you, if you’ve watched the news lately, know that you’re going to get only one side of anything. It doesn’t mean that the news is tainted or inaccurate. What we see is the actual vibratory rate, not the reaction of that vibratory rate. What is happening is that the vibrations are starting to rise again, which is the result of many things.

Humans have taken collective steps backwards even in your own evolution, and that is starting to build speed for a catapult forward in the energy. That’s the way humans move. One step forward, two steps forward, three steps forward, and then one step backwards. Now, we don’t mean that humans are doing anything wrong. From this side of the veil, we have a totally different concept of your ideas of right and wrong. We don’t have all the belief systems that sometimes humans must wrestle with. So, what we tell you about this is that you are starting to make some major advances forward. Let us make clear what we’re talking about here: separation versus unity.  Yes, we’re talking about love versus fear, so in those areas humanity has been moving towards separation on quite a large scale. The majority of the processes throughout the globe such as rules made within governments and elections have been about separating.  We absolutely love that theory of taking care of you first. However, when you only take care of you and that’s all you think about it becomes selfish rather than self-first. That has been the movement happening globally and there many reasons for it. Yes, you can point fingers or say,  “Well, that’s because this happened or that’s because that happened.” Although some of those did add to this greatly, overall the vibratory rate and advancement of humanity is up to those of you who are here right now.

What is taking place is much of the maneuvering once hidden, is being uncovered on a daily basis. All you need to do is pay attention. As that happens, you will start moving forward again and coming back together because the separation was only there to motivate the game. It was necessary to put this veil in front of your face that allowed you to think that you were separate from everything. You’re not, dear ones, quite the opposite. You are connected intrinsically to everything now. Yes, we mean that you are connected to other humans. Many of you are empathetic to the degree that you can feel pain from other people more than you can feel your own pain. Some lightworkers are empathetic to such an extent that you’ve had to hide from large crowds and being vulnerable, even standing in front of other people to speak your truth has caused great difficulties.

No More Secrets

For those of you who are extremely empathetic, it has been even more challenging as there is also a pullback that has to do with privacy. In this area you will find two things happening here. Number one, you’re going to find out that privacy is not quite possible in the ways that it once was. The second part is that you’ll find that you don’t really need privacy in the same way that you thought you did. However, there has been much of this privacy that has been maneuvered in order to manipulate humans one way or the other. It has thrown fear into humanity, manipulating it so that it would move apart rather than together. In recent years this has been very successful.  However, with no more secrets, it’s only a matter of time before everyone can see who and what is behind the manipulation. Humanity is poised to catapult forward, and although it will take some time it is now underway. We don’t see this happening in the immediate future. What we see from this side of the veil is a vibratory rate of humanity has risen to the point at which the movement of separation can no longer be supported. It is really the beginning of a unity process of coming back together in different ways, not only in the government, but even in your thinking processes. Follow the money and watch what happens.

It’s time to start to acting locally and thinking globally. That’s going to make a huge difference in the way that you connect with each other.  You’ll also find many opportunities to connect with the feminine energy, which is the reason I came in today as a balanced entity carrying equal amounts of masculine and feminine energy. I create a blend where I literally can go in both directions; I can bring what parts of me are needed in any situation. This gives me a lot of fluidity and many opportunities to reach different levels. You’re seeing the rise of feminine energy in a very big way. On your planet, continue to make space for that and for those hearts that had been kept quiet for so long. That will also bring a new forward movement of unity. 

We told you quite some time ago that from this point forward in the life on planet earth, everything that separates in some way will find resistance and everything that is uniting will be supported. Now, what does that mean exactly? Well, there are times, dear ones where you will separate in order to gain your identity. At times humans will separate to form a selective group to do this or that. Humanity has been in a large wave of separation for two years. But in the big scheme of things, it is time for unity and that is what we see. The possibilities of the base vibratory rate have now reached that level and we get to see what you do with it. Many of you have come in to be here at exactly this moment. You’re part of the family of E which was incarnated in many places throughout the universe at critical times during the advancement of beings to help them reach a critical mass so they could change the outcome very quickly.

Emergence of the Third Vibration

You are to be honored and, we tell you, it is also time for you to speak your truth. Now, dear ones, there are many pros and cons as humans still look at things through duality. We ask you also to start looking for the third vibration, because it is the vibration that can harmonize everything. We’ve mentioned before that the universe is actually built on the number three, which is the base energy of everything throughout the universe. You’ve been playing in the third dimension, but you’ve also been very cleanly stamped with a second dimensional perspective. The second dimension provided duality, that opportunity to see things as right or wrong, black or white, up or , love or fear. The third part of the wave has been hidden from your view. Humans have a limited range of senses.

You can only see between certain ranges of light; you can only hear certain ranges of vibration. Yet, you’re very much aware that there are sounds you cannot hear and things you cannot see. Now that’s changing, and as it begins to happen the third position will start to show. There are always three. We’ve mentioned regarding relationships. There are two people trying to harmonize in some way, but in order to really do that they must have the third leg of their relationship. That is usually something that both of them love together or some commonality that they both like to work on, which is actually the third leg of a relationship. Now that humanity is moving out of the third dimensional thinking and starting to anchor well into the fifth dimension, that third leg of everything will start showing up.

The Morphogenic Body of Light

So that’s what we ask you to start watching for. What is the common denominator?  And you start to see it in so many different ways. Once you become accustomed to looking for it, it’s almost as if you will be tuning your eyes to see in a new range of light.  Humanity will start to see things in a much larger perspective. Now, does that mean your eyes are actually physically changing? Well, yes, dear ones we tell you they are. That is exactly what’s happening here. As humanity evolves you will be moving into a Morphogenic body and this is the first stage of the luminous body you are evolving into.  The Morphogenic body will allow you to carry more light within your being. It is the first step that will allow humanity to move a little further out of this density. As you do, you’re going to start seeing things that you couldn’t possibly imagine before.

Dear ones, you will start to see things that were there all along but you simply couldn’t perceive before. Now is the time to start looking for them. When you see an opposite here and an opposite here, look in the middle. The eyes of a Morphogenic body will allow you to start seeing the third wave of existence in everything. I am Em and I carry just as much feminine energy as I do masculine energy, although I need neither. I walk down the middle and it’s very beautiful to be able to do that in a third-dimensional reality.  You may wonder what about my expression of sexuality, but actually I am considered to be sexy to both sexes because of the balance I carry. They are the opposite ends of everything. To be able to walk in the middle means that you are balanced and can see in three aspects. Start stretching your eyes and blink to reset your vision. Soon you will perceive things that you could not previously.

We also tell you the walls between your dimensions are thinning rapidly. We’ve mentioned before that you have emotions that travel through those walls. Recently we even said that you have thoughts now starting to emerge through those walls. Keep in mind all 11 dimensions are on the same exact evolutionary path at the same time. However, if you start combining those dimensions you start learning to channel them. Learn to listen to them, learning to connect to your higher self which connects you to each and every one of them.  Do that intentionally now and it will open doors to a new world. You start remembering back your perfection.

Reuniting the Perfect Imperfection

On planet earth, dear ones, there’s nothing that is perfect. It’s important to keep that in mind, but you intrinsically know that you are a perfect being as a spirit. So, how is it that you can incarnate into a physical body and have all these incredible imperfections?  It is because you hid part of your perfections in those other 10 dimensions of time and space and each one is a perfect imperfection. Previously it has only been when one dies and returned Home that they would come back together in their perfection, yet that is now changing.  Many times people will lose a parent, a friend, a neighbor, or even someone that they had a difficult time with. Perhaps it was even someone who played the catalyst or the bad guy in their life lessons. Then they die and they go home and you are able to listen to them. They’re not that way anymore. They’re in their perfection because that’s what happens when you die. What if you could gain that perfection without having to die? 

The first step of that is the Morphogenic body. It is possible to start reuniting the spirit into a morphogenic body into a higher state of luminosity to be able to carry more light within your being. The density does take time and practice. There will be some setbacks and fear. Just like what is happening today, there will be times when people will go into fear and take steps back in their advancement.

A Call to the Light

At this time humanity is still clearly moving backwards. However, the base energy has now changed with action and movement on your part. Standing clearly in your own truth, being able to speak it when called upon at the right moments. It can start making a huge difference on your planet right now.

The separation that you see now is the precursor to change. In time you will step up into a higher vibratory level and you won’t need the density of the physical body. You are in the beginning stages of that right now. This is why we’re working with you with some of the Spirit Seed imprints, making you accustomed to what this is going to look and feel like. It is getting you accustomed to the energies of the new body and learning how to work with that. The morphogenic body holds the capabilities of shifting and changing into that, while still being on Earth. Then as the Earth begins to wind down in this particular cycle, you can be there to help and even assist others make these steps up.

Many are tired or simply don’t believe it is happening. Others will turn their back on it until the last moment. Some simply are exhausted and don’t want to change, so please do not judge them. Allow them to choose their own path for that is absolutely critical on this planet. Have free choice. You’ve won the game already and now you’re starting an incredibly magical on. We can’t wait to see what you do next.  I am overjoyed to bring you a message of hope and love, to share with you that the energy has started to change. You haven’t seen it react yet, but it is coming very soon because of you, because your hearts are connecting to each other. Know that you’re on a wonderful path, you’ve earned your seat here and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

It is with the greatest honor that we greet you this way and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together.


I am Em.



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