Leaving The Shadow World

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Greetings everyone,

I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service! I am here with you for just a moment, to smile upon you. There is magic in the air today and I hope you can carry a little piece of it with you wherever you go, because it is enough for everybody. You have created something magical here—there is hope everywhere. Hope is one of the pieces you have all been dealing without for the last few months as you were trying to find your anchors again. You passed through this incredible portal which took place between the 12th and 21st of December and emerged into this whole new world, but it was not easy for you.

You had a resistance to it because humans do not like change (in case you have not figured that one out yet).  There are all kinds of resistance to it so your nature is to just stay the same as you are - you think of that as normal; you call that successful. But that will change now, because you have gone through this portal and emerged into a new world. You had kind of a running start, since we really had to get you moving to make it through that portal the way you did. We started working on it almost 11 years ago, building this big wave of energy which took you through the portal.

However, it pushed you through with a natural motion of its own and it felt very comfortable for most of you. Just like waking up the next day, you simply opened your eyes and everything looks the same but it is not. It has changed pretty drastically for all of you, but we could not even tell you about this until after March 2013 for the very simple reason that you were all still wandering around trying to find your anchors in the new world. What if we tell you, “Guess what? You are all lost!” Well, dear ones, you would be even more lost than you were in the first place. We try not to even tell you those things because you take us too seriously sometimes. We know you like to give your power away, but that is okay. We are just going to play with you a little bit.

August 19th: An Opportunity to Ground in the New World

Here is where you are. The end of March allowed all humans to start feeling where you are, to start anchoring in the new world. For those of you who are coming along, just sort of emerging and awakening from the dream, it was perfect timing because your whole world was changing anyway. But what about all of you who were on the path or had things going in a direction, then all of a sudden found that they were not working the same way. A lot of you experienced that, which is what was truly happening as you pushed through this portal and created this shadow world on the other side.

The shadow world worked well because it enabled you to step right into it; it allowed you not to think too much and kind of move into your heart. However, those of you who are leading the way vibrationally can see through the smoke screen a little too easily. A lot of you saw the emptiness that was on the other side of the shadow world that you created for yourself, and right away you started getting depressed because you felt the emptiness and lack of your grounding. It caused quite a ripple effect and concern on our side of the veil because you see, you are the greatest angels that have ever walked anywhere.

You are our hope for all of humanity because you are still awakening from the dream and daring to carry your light in a new way. Well, there has been this whole period of panic happening on planet Earth. Some of you started to ground and feel more comfortable, but much of what you built for yourself as a platform and base is gone. Many of you feel lost, and we understand that, but it does not have to be another dark night of the soul.

You do not have to go through a complete clearing in that way again because it is happening to all of you. Now here is the magic, because somebody asked us a while back—I think it was actually at the 12-12-12— “When is the next magical date coming up that we can all watch for? What can we do now that we are past the 12-12-12?” And we told you August 19th. So, what took place on August 19th? You were given a chance to ground again. The shadow world started to blow away and you began to see the true Earth, the way that you are building it right now. You are going to see all kinds of new movements and change all around the world. 

You Are Never Alone: Choosing Your Place on the New Earth.

Now if you turn on your television today and you turn to a news channel, you are going to see four basic events. One of the biggest events that we told you about is the redistribution of water, which will continue to cause some challenges for most of you as the Earth rebalances herself. She is in a new spin, you know, which means that there is a new vibration being sent out from planet Earth to the entire universe. Well, it is perfect because this is a place for you to find empowerment.

Planet Earth has changed because humans are now carrying more of their own spirit; they do not need the same shadow world that you needed before. You have the ability to step into it completely on your own to make it work, and we are so proud of you. That is what you do not always understand. We see you. You are never alone. Oh, we know you think you are. We know you think you say things to yourself all the time but when you are talking to yourself we say, “Yeah, we hear you.” We know and understand what is going on, so please understand that we are always on your shoulder. We are always a part of you in some way so we are never here to tell you that you are doing something wrong because that is a polarity judgment, is it not? All we want to do is to help you on your path and to put a little bit of wind at your back and see what you can make of it, to see what you can do if we turn the creators loose on planet Earth.

We give you a beautiful place of empowerment to take your responsibility and use it. It has just started so choose your place on the new Earth because this one is a conscious choice. It is the only way to get there. You cannot reach it by default; you have to choose it consciously, so it is time for creators to awaken from the dream to take your route. Know that you are placed on planet Earth with a very specific purpose and now is the time. Welcome Home everybody. Now I am going to bring in my brother for just a moment.

Greetings, I am the Keeper of Time.

Science Embracing Spirituality

This day has moved in time more than you know, for time has now congealed into a new reality. This is beautiful from our perspective, because we have watched all humans struggle as you have moved from one world into the next. You all knew it was coming. You were all predicting it yourselves, telling others to watch for this and that so why would it surprise anybody that it is here? Well, it is.

You are still waiting to see it on the news while others are waiting for scientific validation, although none of this will happen in the way you expect. You are in a quandary with your sciences right at this moment, for all your sciences have prided themselves on structure, on building and labeling things; all of the heart energy and emotions however could be analyzed, which is very appropriate. It is part of your normal scientific way of doing business. But then you arrive at problems you cannot solve and you cannot go any further.

Suddenly there is a new energy, a heart energy which starts explaining all the missing pieces in your sciences. This is what you call quantum science, which has opened doors that explain spirituality; they explain what you all know in your heart in a scientific realm. Now the quandary comes and it is a big challenge for all of you, for you are studying something. What are you studying? That is a big question, because it changes the moment you focus consciousness on it. That is true with everything.

If we took the veil off to show you what was truly happening in all dimensions of time and space, you would see that each atom in each person is always in motion. You are not defined by what you see in the mirror when you look at yourself. You are in constant motion and are not confined by the physical bubble of biology that you inhabit. Now you are starting to realize that you exist in different locations at the same time. This has never been a part of your understanding, for even though you have danced with this concept before you have never fully grasped or grounded it. It has been an interesting thought that many of you and your science fiction writers have played with, but no one has ever grounded it in reality and so you have that opportunity now.

Walking in Grace

You have the opportunity to begin to see your own reflection in the universe. Why is that so difficult for you to see? It is for the simple reason that you must balance egos. You must have that sense of self in order for you to pretend to be a human, for that is the only way it works. Now that entire sense of self must re-define itself in a new way, so that it will empower both the spirit and the human. It is a way of walking in grace. This is a word that we have avoided for many years, dear ones.

We wrote a book with the Keeper called Spiritual Psychology quite some time ago which mentions a final life lesson of grace. However, we included practically nothing about it except that very few humans were working with grace because it meant that you had to harmonize all areas of your life. In the book we described a person with the life lesson of grace as someone who could walk across a pristine meadow of grass and instead of trampling it, the grass would grow stronger because that person walked upon it. You have called those people masters; you have deified them and worshiped them in many areas of your life and we have no judgment about that, for that is a beautiful reflection of you.

Now you must understand that those are reflections of your energy and that you hold this power within each of you. What would happen on planet Earth if everyone would awaken tomorrow and find out that they were god? Well, you would have some labeling problems, obviously. That is what we are telling you. You are all awakening from the dream right now. It has already been happening for several months in a way that has affected all of Earth. There is a wave of energy which has been encircling and recircling the Earth. You are the ones who created it; you are the ones who pushed it every time it came by to make sure it had the momentum to go another round and now it has completed. The Earth is ready for the empowered humans.

Releasing Polarity

You will feel a change of energy. You will still find resistance and challenges; you will still find that not everything is perfectly harmonized for there are things that you wanted to teach yourself when you came to Earth. There are certainly ideas and concepts that you wanted to grasp when you were here, so many of you set up what you would call negative situations or challenges in your lives so that you could have those things drawn to you. We have no problem with any of that, but you judge it sometimes.

Do you know what happens when god judges himself-herself? There is a big challenge, dear ones; there is emptiness in that creation that causes a ripple effect that creates challenges throughout all humanity. You are the ones who have the angel wings, and you can spread your wings and settle all energy on Earth. We ask you to take responsibility for that and start working in that way. It is your responsibility to make sure everything turns out well. Daily on the news you are seeing people who become scared at the soul level and overreact to their world. Yes, sometimes you call those bad people. We hate to tell you this, dear ones, but there has never been a bad person.

There is no such thing as evil. It never has existed; it is a human compilation, dear ones, and it is also time that you start releasing that idea. Polarity does not work on your Earth the same way it did in the lower vibrations before the portal, so it is time to start losing some of those negative concepts which have driven you toward the light. You no longer need them. This can cause you great challenges in your own efforts as you move forward, for they will undermine your truth. We ask you to find positive endeavors that bring passion into your heart. Try to blend more of your heart thinking into your thoughts, because that is the magic which has opened up.

There is a new connection between the heart and brain, and humans only have to ask the heart once. The brain will ask, “Now, what did you say? Can I say that differently? Can I ask it again? How did you say that exactly?” The brain will pick it all apart, but the heart will simply feel it and say yes or no. Use both of them. Combine them together in a new way for this is the new Earth and these are the new possibilities that you have created. You have looked forward to this beautiful time of the re-birth of planet Earth. It is here. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. It is a beautiful game you are playing. Play well together. 


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You can watch the video version of this message here.



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