The Act of Faith

From Steve: This month the group gave us a view of ourselves from their perspective on the issue of faith. They say we have used faith and belief in general in many ways in our past, including control, deception and avoidance. But no matter how it has been used, Faith has always been a mirror for our own power. It’s the reason we have so many religions on Earth. A person can search for an answer all their life and then one day someone convinces them that they hold the answer if they will just have faith. Frustrated to the point of breaking, they give in and say “OK I give up. . . I’ll have faith. I Believe!” Then they have choices: They can either really let go of it or try to have ‘selective faith’ where they let go of it. . . sort of. In all of these states faith is a direct reflection of that person’s personal powers of creation. The creations come from the person creating the space for it to happen by having faith. 

Here is an interesting pattern that is often seen. Let’s say that a person really does let go and finds serenity and ease by placing their faith in something. Later they often spend much of their lives attempting to repeat that same success by seeking out other things to put their faith into. Sometimes it was a good reflection and led to a better ‘steady’ life style. Other times it was in disharmony and may have been difficult. Either way it is a direct mirror for you to use as you wish.

As human beings, we have a veil that effectively keeps us from remembering who we really are. It’s the only way such a game could be played. Because of that blind spot we are always looking for something to reflect our power. Now the question becomes: What is the best place where we can use faith in a positive way?

Inside this channel the group told a very quick story to answer that question. They said to imagine that you were there in the studio of the VirtualLight Broadcast the day of this channel, all talking and having fun. Just then god walked down the stairs and into the room. Everyone fell silent as he casually announced he was there to check in at this important time in the history of humanity just to see if we needed anything for this next leg of our journey. See what he has to say in the message below.

Big hugs

(You can watch the video of this channeling here)

Greetings from Home

Free Choice Planet Emerges

This day marks a very important day throughout the history of planet Earth, for this particular day is the beginning of the rest of the new game. You have completed an entire game of free choice. You have been the only ones throughout the universe that have had no interference, no definitive guidance on your shoulders as others have. There are many places throughout the universe that have anchors to keep the evolution of its inhabitants on track, yet humanity has none of those anchors in place. Y You have now reached levels of the game never before thought possible.  it is starting in earnest as all humans everywhere now take a step into the next level.

Your bodies have changed and already begun this evolutionary process to make room for the power and energy that you can hold in your physical bodies. You are seeing changes in your economic structures, your societies, social structures and collectives to make room for your evolution, and now you will start seeing changes in the cycle of the Earth herself. You are living on a new, vibrant planet and the many layers which had been hidden from you for years are beginning to move aside.

Stronger Connections

You will begin to understand that Earth is a part of you. It is the same as if you your two hands did not know that they are part of the same body. We see this condition as two people pretending to be separate, not re-membering they are part of one another.  The Earth is a physical body itself and the connecting point. Now you will feel it as your own connection to Earth has grown stronger as a direct result of the physical evolution humans are now experiencing.  As the collective of humanity continues to rise, you will become more conscious of this connection to the Earth as a source of strength, harmony and balance. Now you will start to become aware of your connection and there are many elements of this that we would like to share with you.

There are many times that we would like to give you a bit of guidance, or a push in this direction or that direction, similar to the guidance structure that exists on planets other than Earth. The concern here was that with no built-in direction that could be relied upon, the human race would fall into an endless cycle existing but not evolving. This has happened before, yet this time it is different.

T-Square Alignment Brings New Light

Dear ones, there is very little that you will ever need from the outside if you learn to access within. Now the Earth is going to start a new pattern that begins this day, and in what has been called the T-Square Alignment. (There was in fact a T-Square alignment of Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus on the day of this channel. As noted by Jim Self earlier in the Virtual Light broadcast, the T-Square alignment has traditionally been followed by a time of socio-economic and political destabilization, tension, and often precipitates huge waves of change.)  This day represents a portal in time and you have choice: You can usher this in with your own energy and make it something positive, instead of the negativity that has been brought by it previously.   It is a time for humans to take their power, to hold it firmly, to play with it, and to use it.

Many of you are so sensitive that you are afraid to use your power in different areas because of the effect it has on other people. We tell you that you are god and you have all the power that you perceive in this being called god. Although this has not seemed to fit into your world before, now it will. Much of what we told you about this before will soon become very apparent, for it is difficult for the human to understand the concept that you are the creator. The balancing point is simple: Each creator must understand that they are not the only one with power. In fact, the way that you make space in your lives for the other creators to be in their own power will have a tremendous amount to do with how fast you evolve.. Now is the time to not only hold your own power, but to help bring it out in every single person you touch. Every time you pass someone in the street, every time you say hello, shake a hand, give a hug, this is the time, dear ones. This is not a practice run. It is the real thing and it is happening just the way you predicted it.

God Visits the Virtual Light Broadcast

We are so excited to watch this highest outcome of a planet with no predetermination. Not only have you evolved past your highest potentials, but you are now opening the door for all to follow. There are billions and billions of beings out there watching your every move.  As proud parents, we look upon this saying, “Yes, they made it. Yes, it happened!” So imagine we are all walking around in a room, hugging one another and celebrating the wonderful Earth experience you were able to have. Just then the door opens and in walks god. A hush immediately comes over the room and god simply says, “How are you doing? You are looking good. It is good to see you guys. It’s been a while. You have not been able to see me, but I have been watching. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that you have done a great job. I want to share something with you because there has been a part reflected on your planet since the beginning of time called faith. Faith has been used throughout planet Earth many times. It has been used for control, avoidance, motivation, and fear. It has been used in many areas, so I’ll explain what that looks like to me.” Now god has everyone’s attention as he begins to tell the story of faith. "Each and every one of you gets to see your power when you have faith.  Faith is a mirror that has often been used to reflect power. Over the years humans found many things to put their faith into, and with each and every one they saw results. 

You may have been told over and again that ’You just need to have faith.’  So, what are they saying exactly? They are saying that when you have faith, you can see your own godself. You are looking at that part of me which exists in every single one of you. You all have a part of me in you. When you are quiet, calm, and when you can release yourself from the dramas of the day, you can feel that part of me and you can move into it. These are the greatest opportunities you will have with faith throughout your whole history. I tell you that all religions have begun as an attempt to reflect your own power.”

“Have you ever looked at each of the religions you have on planet Earth? They all have some very common elements. All of them are a reflection to help you re-member who you are. The reflection is to help you understand your nature of walking around in this physical bubble of biology, and realize why you feel alone so much of the time. These are the tools that you have used and created many times to allow yourself to see your own power. Now you enter into this time where the Earth is now starting to change. Her own elliptical patterns will even change, as the base of which empowered humans exist will now support more of your empowerment.  The times that you live in now are the times you tried your best to hit when you were coming into this lifetime. Many of you waited an entire generation to be here at the right time. You made it, so now what are you going to do with it? There is a reason you are here and you feel it deep inside. That is it and that is the best place to put your faith.”

So with that, god says goodbye to everybody and hugs each and every one of them. He walks to the door and everyone is in tears. They are asking, “God, are you going to come back? Are you going to help us when we step into this new world?” God turns around and says, “I do not need to come back, because I have faith in you.”

That is the reflection each and every one of you has been trying to see in yourselves. Let god have faith in you. Be that reflection. Show your power and your beauty here on planet Earth. It is time. And above all, enjoy this ride. It is meant for your amusement. It is a game you are playing. You have already won the game and now you are starting over. We are so in joy and we love you so much! You are reaching closer to Home, each and every one of you. We are here to smile and greet you, as you rub the sleep from your eyes as you awaken from this dream. We are here to help you re-member who you really are. Walk proudly in that energy. Carry it and know that god has faith in you.

It is the greatest honor that we greet you in this way. We leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play this new game well together.


The group


kamilla 17th July 2010 12:52 am

Thank you god and GODS for this information. Faith expressed as religions of the world brought more pain, misery wars and suffering than anything else, and is still main cause of conflict – and.... excuse for conflict and manipulation, and yet rightly understood and applied brings great comfort and REAL knowledge of WHO and WHY we are as it is an integral part of us and our origin, our faint memories, pain of lost, hope and search for return. So little understood for WHAT it is – but when it finally will emerge in its REAL and original form it will change the World.


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