The Beautiful Puzzle: Do SOMETHING!

From Steve: At the moment of 101010 there was a wave of energy that hit us all. It had been traveling around the world on its way west. It was bringing in a new wave of energy that we were expecting and anticipating.  We were not disappointed.  
Big hugs

(You can watch the video of this channeling here)

Greetings from Home

Beauty An Anchor of Light

Home is now changing because of what you are doing here on this planet. Each and every one of you has brought a very special segment of Home to planet Earth to carry with you. This part of Home is not only your message, internal guidance, and spark of light, but it is something that you refer to on your planet as beauty. There is much that will be coming as humans evolve to carry more of their spirit in the physical being. Many of your changes have been emotional and energetic, yet they are starting to occur on a physical level as well. It is easy to see where this is going. We will share with you what will be helpful to know as you experience these changes and this transformation. We wish to tell you about the one anchor, the piece that will hold your energy in all situations during all these growth experiences. We know this is difficult for most of you to hear or understand and especially to feel. But we will ask you to take this information into your mental body first then simply filter it down, for you are carrying the beauty of Home within your being right now.

Many of you have come in with a strong heart connection. As a child you had to learn how to tone that down and pull in your energy to try and fit into a world you did not seem to fit in. That became very problematic, yet you learned how to hold your energy field in to give you the illusion of being separate. Now you are starting to understand that you are connected, and you always have been. You are starting to let go of that restriction, of that energy field that you have compacted so tightly around you. Now that you are starting to return to who you truly are, and there is something that will happen to almost each and every one of you.

You will feel a loss of your own grounding process, and when this happens the first thing you begin to do is to doubt yourself. It is very common on this planet right now that as you look at things you have been doing for a very long time, you start to wonder if you are doing them right. You are beginning to doubt yourself in many ways, but we do not even think that is such a negative. Instead, it is simply an opportunity for you to re-evaluate everything.  So, as we start to lose this restriction, we begin to connect to different energy fields and feel other people like you have before. You are starting to feel your own connection with everyone else around you. Because that is unusual, it makes you lose your autonomy and your separateness, the illusion of who you think you are.

Inner Beauty

That is why you are starting to work with harmonizing techniques and learning how you can send your energy safely out into the universe. If we told you that you could send a stream of your beauty and energy out into the universe and it could be felt by everyone, very few of you would do it because you think that your energy is not perfect. You would doubt yourself so much that you would block and restrict your own beauty. Because you are on the planet of Free Choice, it has become a continual cycle for all humans to do that.  It is part of the process you have of bringing in your energy field and pretending to be separate from the whole.

Now it is changing, as you start to release these boundaries which you have worked so hard on during your incarnations on Earth. The first thing you see is that you are part of the whole. What we are telling you is that you are part of a puzzle that cannot exist without you. You hold a unique beauty, a part of Home that can only be seen through your smile, your words and your vibration. Your first and most important responsibility is to find your own inner beauty, for that part of the puzzle is needed now. This will be scary for most of you. It is easy to find beauty in someone or something else, and yet it is difficult for you to see your own. It is part of the veil which you have described, that you actually created at the beginning of the game of planet Earth. It is a part of the veil that you designed that keeps one from seeing who they truly are. Now that veil is starting to disintegrate. A slow but steady degradation of the veil is well underway. The veil is starting to diminish and you are starting to feel things that you have never felt before.

Do Something!

You are beginning to become aware that you hold a responsibility in the universe to play a role in the process. Deep inside you are aware of a feeling that you are supposed to do something big in your life. We concur and predict that soon you will have a chance to bring your own part of beauty from Home to create Heaven on Earth. Every one of you has been working on this, for it is a grand puzzle piece that cannot exist until all the parts are in place. You hold one of those pieces. Your passion, your excitement, those things that light up your spirit will take you to your beauty. They will take you to the most incredible ideas, and please understand the way you have defined beauty on this planet is very strange.

It is interesting to see how each one defines beauty, because it is a part of Home seen from many views. It is a remembrance of a part that you know. When you find yourself watching a sunrise over a pristine pasture and you see that energy coming in and say, “Oh, this is beautiful!” you are remembering Home. You are remembering that same feeling you have every single moment at Home. At this time it will be very helpful to spend time each day renewing your idea of beauty, to appreciate and  practice expressing this beauty. It is time to dare to let people see you and to let them in to release this restricting boundary that you have worked so hard to hold on to. It is time to start letting go. 

These are the pieces that each and every one of you is starting to walk through. It is not easy, and we know that. Although we have never incarnated on Earth and played the game of pretending to be human, we are here to help you re-member your true nature for we are part of you on a much larger level. We are here to help you re-member that you are a spirit first, and a human second. We are here to help you re-member that you are a grand family, that you are sons and daughters of the king. You are special beyond your belief and you have a light from Home that is needed on this planet now more than ever before. We know that it is scary for you. We know that you doubt yourself, it is part of the human condition and yet we applaud you.

When you feel the wind at your back, it is our wings brushing against each other as we applaud each and every one of you as you step out of that little comfort zone that you have nurtured for so long to be your safety zone. Now you will find that it will restrict you. It will frustrate you, it will make you doubt yourself and that is why each and every one of you can start releasing and become the energy field that you always were. For the first time it is possible to hold that energy in one of your physical bodies. It is new and there are new forms of communication that are coming as a result. Humans currently spend hours talking to each other using words to communicate with little success. Then when the vibrations are in sync it only takes a split second to make your point. You will be able to very quickly go through and hit those levels of what we have called Deep Contact. It is part of your natural form as you start releasing much of what you have built to protect you.

The Backwash of Doubt

This is a time to let you know that it is okay to feel as if you do not have it all. It is okay to feel frail, because everybody else on the planet is feeling the same way even if they are not saying so. It is part of the human condition that humans are going through right now in preparation for what is coming. We have mentioned the waves that have come through Earth and have talked about them for many years. The energy waves began on 01-01-01 and 02-02-02.

It is very simple to say that if you catch the crest of this wave, it can simply push you forward very easily. Your own energy field has changed, as you have done and are doing your work. You are changing yourself consciously; the outside world is changing. It is more acceptable for you to be who you are. With all your beautiful attributes and frailties, you must understand our view of you. You are the perfect imperfection of god, for everything on this side of the veil must have a bit of imperfection within it in order to exist. Therefore, god became imperfect and played a game to pretend to be imperfect. That is you. Now you are awakening from the dream.

Now you are starting to find that you have powers beyond your understanding. You are finding that you are not separate from each other and, in fact, you have connections even if you are not ready for them. So the one piece we will ask you to start looking at is to dare to see your own beauty. It is very difficult, for you are trained otherwise. When each and every one of you looks in the mirror, you immediately see your imperfections that you have been striving constantly to be perfect. Now we are going to ask you to stop striving and own who you are. Own all of it…what you call imperfections are the pieces that fit in perfectly.

It was a while ago, dear ones, that mankind learned to make a substance very similar to diamonds. In fact, this caused diamond manufacturers to inscribe their diamonds because they cannot tell the difference between manmade and natural diamonds. Most of the diamonds being made today are for industrial use, but we find it interesting and the reason is very simple. There are no imperfections in the manmade diamonds, therefore, they are not valuable. Is that not interesting? They are too perfect. It is actually the inclusions inside—the way the diamond reflects the light and sparkles that makes it beautiful. That is you. We are now looking at the overall part of the diamond—the overall part of you. Instead of looking at the imperfections, we are going to focus on the imperfections and find a way to use them positively. The imperfections are part of the inclusions in your diamond that make your diamond a unique beauty from Home. It is not easy, for it means owning your mastery and owning who you are. The difficult part is your egos, because your egos always have to be in balance. You are aware of this.

Making Space for the Other Gods: The Art of Empowerment

Many of you watch too closely and are so concerned about being in the ego that you never stand up and speak your peace. You never share the part of beauty that you brought from Home. So, it is about balancing all of that, yet you want the check and the way to check your ego and expressing your own true beauty, is very simple. Are you making space for the other gods in the universe? We tell you right now that the grandest secret that we could ever tell you is that you are god. You are that which you have been searching for. Searching on the outside has led you inward. You are that one piece that holds it all, and yet the veil keeps you from re-membering it. The veil keeps you from your connection to Home. So once you start removing the veil, you start feeling this power and connection, then the first thing you do is run against the brick wall because you forgot that you are not the only god. We are going to help you re-member and experience the changes that all humans are beginning to right now. 

The way we will work with you on this, dear ones, is to hold you up to the highest light that we can. We are here to empower you in any way we can. We hope you take that message and empower somebody else, because true empowerment is only activated when you are surrounded by empowered people. You have created an empowered society in a moment’s notice and it will happen. You can now hold that energy in your energy field.  You can now hold more of your connection to Home in your physical body because of the changes and evolution every one of you are experiencing. Fear, loneliness and feeling unworthy are the human emotions that each and every one of you will have going through these levels of evolution. The challenge is when you truly doubt yourself, when you truly believe that you are not worthy or you have nothing to give. We tell you that if that were the case, you would not be on planet Earth.

This is not an easy planet to be on; it is not a vacation spot. Although it is the garden of the universe, it is a very difficult energy to be in as far as planetary energies go. We are here to help you re-member your true nature, your strengths, and your own energy. We are not here to tell you that you must go this way or that way, for that is entirely up to you. These are your choices, because you are on the planet of free choice. Do not judge yourself for the choices, simply make them even if they are what you consider to be wrong. If you make the choice, you can go back and change it. If you do not make the choice, you fall into a rut of default.  This is where many challenges come in, for you are no longer in control of your life. These are the times you are starting to take charge.

Even though you may not know exactly the direction or what that feels or looks like, you may know that where you are does not hold the energy for you. So moving in any direction will put you on the path of making choices and creating your own environment, even if it is not the perfect environment you want. It will lead you to make those choices and to openly find that piece.

The Field Used as a Resonance Chamber

Dear ones, the energy field has been expanding around your body. For a very long time it was only about two inches away from your body, and now for many of you it has extended 6 to8 feet, and for others  10 feet. This has taken a lot of work. It has also taken a lot of restrictions and effort on your part. However, it has paid off quite well because now as each and every one of you evolve, you will use this energy field that you had around your body as your resonant chamber.

As your base energy from which you will now broadcast, your energy field will now expand and will no longer be restricted by the boundaries. There will be a lot of misuse of this energy in the beginning.  There will be a lot of people trying to use it for their own purposes, as more becomes known. There will be a lot of the typical things that humans do when they learn something new. Yet, it is one of the biggest keys that is going to help you take these steps.  We talked about being at the crest of the wave simply to give you a ride, to give you a little bit more of your energy instead of having to fight for every part of it.

What we have not told you is that before every wave that comes onto the shore, there is a backwash of energy that feels like it is going in the other direction. The water must come back out to build the wave to come back in. You are in that backwash right now. This is why some of you are panicking or feeling stuck, overreacting to your surrounding environment. This is why many have very raw emotions, and feel as if you are right on the edge of your world. Do not fear what we are telling you. It is helpful to know that you are not alone, but it is also helpful to know that this is an evolutionary process that all human beings are going through. To get from Point A to Point B where you can carry more of your own spirit in your physical body, it is necessary to go through some of these changes.  The same effect will be felt with 111111 and 121212.

So, this is the backwash. It is the time when you feel all of the energy being sucked from you instead of filling you up. But we will have you keep your eye on the bigger picture, because as strong as that backwash is and as lost as some of you may feel right now, you know what is coming. You know that this first wave of energy entering over the next three years is bringing a new form of humanity, a new empowered environment that you have never had the opportunity to exist in before. These are not easy transitions for humans resist change. It is one of your safety mechanisms to not change.

Now you will find you will release more freely. You will welcome it and even though you have been building this energy field and this safety zone for so long, as you start to feel it move, get excited. Look at all the possibilities. Look at what is happening to you, and look at what effect you have on people around you that you have never thought you had. Do this and you will start to feel your inner beauty. This is a time to take the next step consciously and to begin to work with this energy on a daily basis and to fear not. Play with it. Play, pretending to be the new human. Play putting the most beauty out there that you can dare to see.

We are not talking about physical beauty, but about passion and the things that make your spirit light up. It will almost always show in a physical form, but you must re-member that physical beauty is not defined on our planet because it means something different to each and every one of you. There is always someone who will see your beauty if you let it out. All that is necessary is to know that you are on the right path, to be able to see your effect and be able to take those steps. This backwash that you are in right now is in preparation.

This is the final clearing as the first wave settles in. Many people on this planet will be off center, because this first wave of energy you will be standing in all the murk and mire and all the confusion, you will be standing perfectly still as a beacon of light that others will come up to and say, “What is going on? What is happening? What are you feeling? What do you have to offer about this?” These are the times when you start to find your own true beauty and own it. It is time, dear ones, to start to own your mastery. Own who you are. Not just in this lifetime, but in all the incarnations that you have had here. Draw on that strength. Draw on that energy from your ancestors, bring it in. It is all there for you right now. Above all, enjoy this ride.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you these words and leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for that is the way of an empowered society. Nurture everyone at every chance you get and re-member it is a beautiful game and play well together.

The group

(You can watch the video of this channeling here)


Steve and Patrica Amarant 17th October 2010 12:15 pm

Big Ups Brother Steve and The Group! Thanks for your contributions to Us All. Much Love, Joy and Peace

Delanderius 20th October 2010 7:38 am

We are here to help you re-member that you are a spirit first, and a human second.

I had to come to the determination that I have to fully embrace my human experience first and foremost as my primary nature. To try and intergrate it with the spiritual dimensions and aspects of my Sef to just too much for my self to handle. I can't function. I can't get my head around it. But I can hold my Self as a mystery and live the life of my self, knowing that I am experiecing the life of a human being, though that's not the totality of my existence. Here's teh thing, though... I don't know what a Human Being REALLY is. It's quite exciting ths monumental stage of human development we're about to spring forth from into the Galaxy and beyond.
But I won't forget that I am part of a larger group of friends and family. How could I? I hear your spirits speaking to me all the time, in so many mediums... I just don't remember the names. But when we next meet, I hope tht we'll have so many surprises to share with each other - so much I've learned, so much I've had to "forget."

Delanderius 20th October 2010 7:46 am

A human being is a limited creature...with unknown potential. I have to live my limitations. I can draw on my past forms and lives, but only to remind me not to box my mind in. That's perhaps the greatest perspective I need at this time... to push back the confusion far enough so that I can get a clear perspsective, enough to get some sense of the matter. It's frightening in a way, but I know this is the greatest day ever. And I hope I'll really find that network of "invisible" support is there for me. Gods Above and Below know I need it now. Or maybe they don't? If you see them, plesae pass it on. ;)

In fact... point out to them that so much of the weakness, frailty, and needless sorrow in our lives these days is the product of sabotage. This is, sadly, something brought to my attention that at least merits investigation from those who are in a position to grasp the larger picture. ...and then we can set about the process of rectification, before this situtation slips out beyond the realm of hope or reason and into sheer madness and destruction. No joke.

One love!


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