The Dark Side of Light - Fifth Dimensional Vision

From Steve:

One of the most confusing topics that the group has presented is that of Darkness and Dark Energy. They wrote a lot about it in the first book "Re-member", but have little since then.

Now there is a new relevance and urgency for us to understand other points of view, especially when it comes to Darkness. They say we are at a point in our evolution when we no longer need to be afraid of the dark.

Enjoy the ride.

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

We tell you this day Home is not the same as it once was. We have been watching and helping the little birds trying to find their way back home where they came from. We have been watching with great love and compassion as you pretend that you are human when in fact, you are spirits pretending to be humans.

Putting on the Human-Suit

You are doing a marvelous job, but it is so difficult at times. Everything you see in front of you is within the vibrational range that tells you that this is all there is. It was very important for you to live within a field of duality so you could see contrast. It has given you a view that you could not have experienced any other way. If you could imagine that your greatest intention in playing the game was to put on this human-suit that you love to wear. Living in this contrast will give you the only possibility for you to see and define god. That is what the game is all about. You are here in the search of god.

We tell you, when you look into another person’s eyes and you smile, you see god. You start gathering data from that moment forward. From the higher purpose of a soul, it was your intent to do that and it was only possible through a field of duality that gave you the contrast you needed.

Humans have a problem with reality—you think it is real. It is not. What you think of as your reality is the grand illusion. The field of duality itself is an illusion. You live your lives by counting time. The most important job of your left hemisphere of your brain is to mark time. Everything you experience is placed in a time line by that part of your brain. We tell you that time itself is only an illusion. We also tell you that it can only be experienced within a field of duality.

So it was possible, because of this illusion of duality, for you to come down and pretend to have a beginning and an end, when in fact, you are infinite beings with no beginning and no end. You simply have a little bubble of biology which houses your spirit long enough for you to see things in a field of duality. What you do not see is that humans are now struggling with the field of duality. Collectively, humans are at the point where the illusion of duality is becoming more of a hindrance than a help. You are now making a much stronger connection to your own higher self and that is changing the game drastically. Dear ones, in fact you have already won the game.

Releasing “Right and Wrong”

Along with these advances in empowerment also come levels of responsibility that must be accepted in order to activate the power. We will speak of that this day. We will also speak of the fact that you are moving out of a field of duality. You no longer need, as humans, the same motivation that you have needed before. That is going to change everything in your view. The moment you stop seeing in duality you may find that you tend to lose your balance in the beginning. You have been so accustomed to seeing things in that way that this change will strike at the very heart of your comfort as a human. In a field of duality you only see the opposites. You do not see the middle ground. You define everything in your reality as opposites, by the outside ends. We tell you, that as you move forward this must now change.

As Lightworkers you are attracted to the light. That is what you are all about. We tell you, it is not possible for you to move to the next level until you embrace your dark side as well. You have always run from it, thinking that the light holds all of the answers. Light this—light that. We put the Keeper in a room at one point and we gave him a white canvas on which to paint his greatest expression. All of the masters of art were there to guide his brush strokes. The room we placed him in was white and we gave him white paint. He was very frustrated, for, try as he might, it was not possible for him to define anything on that canvas, for there was no contrast…so the contrast itself is the blessing. The challenge has been that you have labeled one as right and one as wrong. So this is where your ideas of right and wrong start going into all other areas of your life. We tell you now that you are about to take a quantum leap in evolution even beyond that which you have been up to this point. For you to take this next step it is critical for you to release the limiting belief systems that you have always had. There is no right and wrong. There never was. It was an illusion of polarity on the Gameboard that gave you the opportunity to play the game in such a manner. Now, you no longer need that same illusion.

The idea of discarding the concepts of right and wrong will frighten many. They will think that without the “RULES” all will be chaos. We tell you now that the rules you have set for yourself will hold you back as you take this next step forward. We did not tell you there is not responsibility. We do remind you that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, yet that is quite different from right or wrong. Labeling something as bad attaches a string between it and you and try as you might you cannot free your self. You have been carrying these attachments with you for a very long time in your history as humans. In the lower vibrations from which you are evolving this served you well; yet as you move into the next level of empowerment these attachments will stop your growth.

Triality and Being Afraid of the Dark

Then there are the things that you have labeled as evil. Dear ones, when you label anything as evil it holds you in the lowest vibration that it is possible for you to have as a human. The entire concept of evil gets humans into serious problems and always has. You are now growing beyond the need to be afraid of the dark. We are going to offer you a different view because you are moving very rapidly out of a field of duality into a field which we call triality. Triality is very simple. You are moving to the next vibrational level where you still have the light, you still have the dark, but you also have a balanced view from the higher self that you have not had before. You have new connections to your own higher self that you are experiencing every day. This is why many of you are awakening to your passion. This is why many of you are starting to awaken from the dream while you are still in the physical bubble of biology. What an exciting thing for us to watch. You are starting to take your power as creators even where you are this day. That is changing everything in your field. You are not the same people you were 2 days ago. You are evolving so fast, it is almost as if we are working with a moving target. It used to be easy to give you ideas to move to the next step. Now we have to expand the range even more to give you possibilities to do that because you are moving so fast.

The beauty that each of you hold is the beauty of Home yet many of you are afraid of it. Many of you do not know how to look in someone’s eyes or admire their true beauty. Many of you are afraid of saying to someone, “You are an incredibly beautiful person. Do you know that? I really enjoyed your smile today.” What a gift to be able to honestly say that from one human being to another without being afraid of what they think, without care of them thinking that it was wrong or an unwanted sexual advance. Just to simply understand and to be a seeker of beauty for it is within each and every one of you. You all have a unique beauty that you came here to shine, that you came here to use, and now you can use it, especially since you are no longer seeing things in black and white. So there is a light side to the darkness. There is a dark side to light, for one does not exist without the other, and now that you are beginning to have a balance of the higher self to be able to see in all directions, you will no longer be afraid of the dark.

Reflectors of the Light

Many of you get so wrapped up in your own personal dramas of your life. Please understand we do not use the word drama as a negative word. You are all playing a game. You have to have a drama on stage in order to tell your story, so you will go through your personal dramas like everyone else does. Every so often, you get caught in the personal, thinking it is only about you. It is not. When you start seeing things from the higher self, you will start seeing that you are a reflection of everything and everyone you have brought around you. Many times you are not there to shine your own beauty. Many times you are there to reflect the beauty of others. Those are the Reflectors of the Light of which we have spoken—people who have taken this on as a duty, to be there, to be the mirror, to be the reflection of other people’s light. You will find many paths that you have chosen to take, but when you are in this drama and you do not like where it is going or you are not satisfied, or you are finding difficulties, it is because you are too invested in your own drama. Step outside of it. Take the side step to light. Step out of yourself long enough to try and focus on someone else that you may be able to give a vision to. Then, as you step back into your own drama, self and personality, you will have a new vision from the outside that you carry with you. So if you will simply take that side step to light when you feel alone, when you feel like nobody understands you. Side step that deep seeded feeling that you have been on this planet trying to carry an energy that nobody really understands, you are not alone. That was part of the veil that was necessary for you to play the game that you have because now you are starting to awaken from the dream. You are starting to look in the mirror and actually see god in your own reflection. Can you imagine thousands of angels jumping up and down when something like that happens? Imagine it, because that is exactly what happens.

144 Primary Colors and the Full Spectrum of Light

We are here not to tell you which way to turn; we are here not to tell you that you are doing good or doing bad or you need to do this for that is a disempowering message in the long run of evolution. We are here to encourage you to be the most beautiful human that you can be and to enjoy every step of the ride, to enjoy being physical, to enjoy being emotional, to enjoy all the parts of the polarity knowing it is a beautiful game and that things do exist outside of this range of light or darkness. We tell you, human sight can only process color in a limited range of vibration. You have 4 primary colors that make up everything you see but we tell you that there are no less than 144 primary colors throughout All That Is. We have shown this before to the Keeper. He was actually taken on a journey where he was seeing many of these colors. His mouth dropped open and he said, “Oh! This is wonderful.” Then he realized that he would not ever be able to share it with anyone and it turned into a bit of a frustration but he will get over it.

The truth is that you are about to see beauty in areas where you have not seen it before. We tell you that you are in such an incredible space. We know that you get wrapped up in your daily “stuff”. We know that you feel alone and are not fulfilled. We tell you also that most of the time all you need is a little push of the boundaries that you thought was the edge of the light or the edge of darkness. Push those boundaries because there is so much more you are about to discover. There is so much more that we cannot even begin to describe what lies in front of you.

5th Dimensional Living
Living Without the Time Lag

The ascension process that you seek is not about leaving this Earth to go live on another vibrational level and start another game, it is to bring Home, here, right now. You have already ascended into the 5th dimension. It happened years ago. The challenge is that the 5th dimension is a heightened state of creation. Every thought you have has created your reality. Have you noticed the time lag has gone away? It was getting shorter but now it is gone. Every thought you have starts manifestation immediately. That is because you no longer need the safeguards of the time lag. You are starting to become masters of your thoughts. You are starting to learn how to bring in and magnetize things to you in the Universal Energy because you always attract what you focus on. This is part of the reason we ask you to let go of some of the negatives. If you fear the dark side you will create the illusion of evil in your own lives by your own thoughts.

Humans fear the dark side because it is unknown. We tell you that the dark side can be beautiful for it will truly let you see the entire spectrum of light. The darkness is not something of its own nature; it is simply a lack of light. By being a lack of light, it creates a vacuum for light. If you look at darkness as simply an opportunity for light, you will see things a bit differently, for your whole perception of darkness and evil will shift into higher thought. We tell you, there will come a time when you will go dancing through the darkness and enjoy every moment of it because it is a part of the circle of light. The light could not exist without the darkness. Start embracing some of your own dark side and you will start embracing some of the true beauty of your humanness, of your ability to see light and dark. That will balance you enough to step up into the next level of Triality and the vision seen from the higher self’s perspective. You are about to balance the Light of humanity.

There are many of you that have walked in what you call Metaphysics; you have tried to walk the path of the masters to be ascended. We tell you, if you reach it, it will be incredibly boring. Instead, we ask you to be humans. Do not try to do everything you can to be in perfect shape so that you will live to be 165 years old. Instead, we would rather see you turn that body in when you are done with it completely used and bruised with a collection of scars from where you were having fun. That is really what you came to do. When you start to understand this whole idea of light and dark and the balance of it, that is where the beauty is because that lets all the belief systems fall away and allows you to see each other’s true unique beauty—that part which you carried from Home to give to the rest of the humans. Each of you is carrying a key to Home which is totally unique. When you get enough of you together, you can create Home. So here you are, living in the 5th dimension. Every thought is becoming a reality the moment you have it. You have new abilities that we have talked about for eons of time yet you still do not believe because your experience has not been that. Your experience is quite simple. You wake up every morning in the 5th dimension. You take a shower, you fix your hair, you get in your car and drive to work expecting a 3rd dimensional reality so therefore you end up creating the 3rd dimensional reality inside the 5th dimension. That is a magnificent creation. We did not think of that when the game first began. We are still not quite sure how you do it, but you have managed so well. What we are suggesting is for you to prepare for the next quantum leap that is already started testing the boundaries you have set for yourself. Push a little bit, to start seeing what is outside of what you call light and dark; to start seeing from the 5th dimensional position of the higher self, to start understanding that you are part of the whole.

Enjoy the Ride

You came here with a purpose. You came here with a vibrational tone which is unique within you and that you carried from Home with the greatest possibility of sharing it with others. Find that tone. Do not worry about how you make a living at it. Do not worry about how your friends are going to accept it. Do not worry about whether or not people are going to call you “woo-woo”, which is one of the Keeper’s favorite words. Look at a way that you can express it for you will then be the mirror of god. You will then start to see well beyond the limitations of the field of duality and the field of polarity. You will begin seeing things as they really are, to start embracing every aspect of life. If you had one phrase to describe the meaning of life on Earth it would be “Enjoy the Ride”. What if we told you that you were here to have fun, laugh and play? What if we told you that you were here to enjoy the ride every step of the way? Well, we are telling you that again now. That is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. When you smile, when you laugh, you become the same vibration as the angels. Laughter is the language of the angels. That is how we communicate. That is how we communicate with you and when you notice that all of your belief systems temporarily go away when you laugh and you come down to what is real. That reality is beautiful.

See that in each other. Find ways of sharing that with each other. Find ways of expressing that through your stories, through your music, through your artwork through every piece of your vibration. Dare to push yourselves beyond the limitations of light and dark to see the absolute incredible beauty in the truth of the color of god.

It is with the deepest of honor that we touch you these days. We see you, you see us. You have written letters of thanks for helping to change your lives. You have told us how much we mean to you but what you do not see is that you affect us the same way for it is a mutual gift of light and when you reflect our light, we shimmer with joy as well. It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with 3 simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest of respect for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Re-member it is a beautiful game and play well together.


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