12:12 to 12:21 Passageway

Remember... WE are all in a Massive Passageway that is focused on bring all into much higher timelines, which in turn shows us all that is unable to fully align, any old programs WE had running still, but maybe were not fully visible and providing the opportUNITY for each one of us to CHOOSE what we are going to continue to believe, allow or try to keep out of some old limited/distorted perception/story/illusion that we had going on. This is a passageway that continues to SHOW US WHAT WE COULD NOT FULLY SEE where WE have to hold the highest everything and let go of all all that is not able to fully align, so that a HIGHER TIMELINE can come forth to "take it's place". Remember, whatever BELIEF or STORY (Programming) we have going, this is what created that to start with. It was in our Cells and as we shift our perceptions, as we KNOW from deep inside, as we choose LOVE and what SUPPORTS the highest timeline over one that REPEATS OLD PROGRAMS again. Current ones can be loving, yet not able to fully align, because there is a vibrational mis-match. It's up to us to RECOGNIZE this. Unconscious Loop Cycles are only necessary as long as we keep creating/allowing them to occur. 

This huge passageway is for each to OBSERVE and FEEL what's aligned and what is not, then decide how is most appropriate to deal/honor all as love. To our human aspect, it won't always/usually look as we "thought". This is because there are "teachings" in our experiences, where we "learn" something, which assists us with Mastering and Unifying inside even more. 

Dropping the old duality words of "right/wrong" or "good enough" or the old ways of "trying" to make things work or accepting less or letting lack rule our beliefs is the way of the old. Yes, it will be challenging at times to choose a higher timeline, yet this is only for our human ego aspect that holds on or allows due to old programming still. As each open up fully and are ready for NEW, ready to embrace and resolve all from inside, ready to OBSERVE REALITY and the ENERGIES PRESENT that came into the CREATING of that REALITY, all is so much energy. For realities not yet Divinely aligned, then something will be OFF. You do not always have to know what it is. Trust the feeling, the knowing and honor what NEEDS TO OCCUR to move old realities out so that new ones can MATERIALIZE EASIER.... 

This passageway is an EMPTYING OUT for many, a releasing process, a recognition process and a DECISION process of CHOOSING, shifting vibrationally and CREATING MORE SPACE for more new to come forth. 

When culmination points occur, then anything not able to align, takes up space, literally and there must be SPACE for NEW TO COME THROUGH..... 

This passageway leads up to a CRESCENDO, a tipping point, where "in that moment" everything will shift. Holding the highest timelines in place from inside is HOW EACH EASIER ACCOMPLISHES THIS. Those "stubborn" or old "fixed" realities are "tougher ones" because it's the "mind" that kept them in place. Focusing on the physical or not wanting to feel an emotion or not listening to our higher-heart-soul creates discomfort, struggle and "emotional suffering" that is not necessary unless it's necessary... 

That ENERGY is what must be resolved, through peace, love, honor, integrity, kindness and respect. An external focus first will return a result that feeds/supports the old. An inner focus first, will return a result that can be higher aligned, yet not always to those "out there" having their own experience, creating their own perceptions, playing out their own stories/programs still. 

We can always resolve all through love if each is ready for this. We can always come from respect, kindness and SEE all of the amazing opportunities and possibilities IF this is how we function and our hearts are truly fully open.... and ready for "the next".

There is only so much SPACE in each's reality. We have to CHOOSE TO FILL all with love, fill all with that which supports the HIGHEST, as there's no compromising anymore. That's an old program we all ran before. 

This is a MASSIVE EXPANSION AND ALIGNMENT PROCESS, where our HEARTS ARE OPENING SUBSTANTIALLY constantly now. Every time our hearts open more, our DNA and electromagnetic energy body activate to send/transmit new data/programs to every particle and cell. High amounts of SUPERCHARGED ENERGY activate our Plasma Crystalline LightBodies in a multitude of ways. Where the frequencies are higher than our human aspect/physical bodies are, then we have to shut down/rest/pull away/allow for integration for our physical body's vibration to re-code, re-calibrate and raise. 

Right now, we have FLOODS of WAVES of Light again. Cosmic and SOULar winds, lifting all higher again. Charging and re-coding, as this continual process accelerates as we continue through this passageway, that doesn't "end" with this Gateway, it's an ANCHORING PROCESS of immense HIGHER LIGHT, an acclimation process and a CONTINUAL PROCESS where we keep going higher and higher in frequency and we have to "learn" new ways, build new realities, replace the old with new.... where the physical (Matter that takes form) in response to all that we HOLD (Embodiment) as we do. 

Our bodies and fields have to constantly be activated, charged, cleared, cleansed and re-synchronized. These immense StarGates are constantly re-synchronizing all and the more resistant we are, the more we hold on, the more we do not allow these very natural and organic processes to occur, the "harder" and more challenging our physical realities are. 

Today, we have more codes activating, more light flowing through, more WAVES and more synchronization occurring, moving "old" out faster.... as our bodies raise in frequency substantially and our fields re-tune too. Honor your process however it presents. We've got the rest of this linear month, with a tipping point, a "lock in" phase for new with the Solstice Week, where so very much shall shift as each stays fully aligned from within and allows the outside to re-align as well.

I love you all! I'll share more supporting information where my schedule allows. Some days or even weeks are so packed that all I can do is maintain and stabilize as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper myself. Always in integration mode, always in creation mode, always in accomplishing mode, always in receiving mode and shifting between these all AS COSMIC ALIGNMENTS occur takes all of our PRESENCE and FOCUS where we align all ourselves. Happy Magical Everything!

Be ready, explore, be excited for the adventure every day/moment holds, see the opportunities, observe your own energy, where you are still holding anything unconscious within you and bring it into consciousness (love/unity) yourself. ♥

Substantially increasing energies daily accelerating all is our "normal". Embrace all or it will be more challenging. Divine Timing. Remember.... :)

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Barbs2 19th December 2017 7:09 pm

Thank you, I am ready and excited to proceed....with much love B


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