2017 Energy Reports: Releasing These in a Segmented Series

Aloha love family,

I am working on the 2017 Energy Report(s) in many different segments, because of how much information there is, the different dimensions and collectives there are, and how each dimension will experience is vastly different. Those who have been doing this process intentionally will understand this....

I will be typing these up in segments and am not sure if it will be 2 segments or 10... we will find out... They will all be titled: 2017 Energy Report: (Then followed by the primary focus of each report.) I hope to voice record them as well at some point, yet vibrationally all has to align for me to accomplish everything here.

What is coming, like in the previous linear years, when we "see", we have to take great care in how we share the information, because each perceives this information differently. When I gained "prophetic abilities" a years ago, a whole new level of responsibility also came forth. There is much that we do not share, because it is so vastly mis-understood and for many, we choose not to project such things "creating a belief, fear or conceptualized reality". We present in a way that this information can be utilized as a tool to work with in order to experience this huge process much easier.  We do realize that experience is necessary to give one a "reference point to understand all of this", until experience is no longer required in order to "get it" fully from within. Those who are totally open and ready, it's a very different experience than those who are not. Other times, it's totally appropriate to say certain things to stir all up, to challenge fixed/limited human mindsets, to create confusion so that clarity can be achieved. Confusion is the human stretching/challenging the "boxes" of realities created and believed as "real". Challenging realities is what often opens the door for others realities not previously perceived to become visible. One's heart has to open FULLY for this to occur. Fear becomes a motivator instead of being "frozen" in time. We "work" to move those ready beyond the space of "needing" fear (perceived as loss or threats) as a tool to open up/step-up/do what it takes to shift realities intentionally and as love here. Fear creates one experience, love creates another. Each are always available. The parallel created/timeline activated is determined by either unconscious or conscious actions...

What's coming is all-over-the place if we lump it all into one box. We have to separate it out by dimensions to explain it, so that each vibrating in and out of different dimensional experiences can identify with which dimension they are currently creating/experiencing, so as to choose to shift intentionally, therefore changing dimensions. It is that easy. The "hard part" is the achieving of the physical body's OVERALL vibrating at that highest frequency all of the time, to actually physically gain the ability to not vibrate physically back into (old) unconscious one again and the ability to ACHIEVE YOUR HIGHEST ONE in the physical here.

Because absolutely everything is a part of this, every reality, every occurrence, every part of your body, your mental constructs, your emotions, your physical body density (physical matter/space/mass), the Light Quotient integrated into your physical body (LightBody), the amount of evolved/formed crystals (Crystalline/Christed Consciousness) formed within your physical body structure, the amount of embedded higher light codes, the amount of density that has been released, the amount of SPACE held in your body (yes, as a Galactic), the evolution of your physical body occurs as you open your heart fully, bring the walls down, open/stretch your mind continually (Higher/Universal Mind), the more your entire neural network has been re-wired, your organs/glands (systems) have been re-worked, the less your human controls the process out of fear and you honor the process as a multi-dimensional here.

The 12/20/16 showings of "The Extreme of Extremes" now begins as we have CROSSED THE THRESHOLD into the next phase that continaully begins, today being a marker point for our "new year". Nothing is linear and all occurs vibrationally. We have now reached that vibration. This is occurring "faster" and "faster", as the cycling process has been increased substantially now.

Over the last two days, we began a HUGE TEMPLATE WIPING and Operating System Upgrade process, with new light encodements/filaments being embedded into our's & Earth Gaia's Physical Bodies to bring our Crystalline LightBody Structures further online here. Deep cellular cleansings and deep core SOUL "work" is occurring on a multi-dimensionally/on an energetic level. Every cell in our body going through deep CORE re-sequencing right now.  

These intricate re-coding & re-calibration processes are as complicated or as simple as we require/allow them to be. Honoring the process and being totally present and aware, as it can be quite uncomfortable for our human, yet very easy for us as Galactics here. This discomfort is also cellular cleansing that needs to occur. Discomfort is often the energy that presents as we transcend our own human'ness and deep cellular programming held within. Breaking points are necessary for the really super big shifts. These can be extremely physical, emotional or just energetic. How physically dense (matter) or light (energy) we are will dictate HOW we experience this.  

Today we continue deep cellular cleansings and template re-writes, so be kind to yourself and honor what your body speaks to you. If you feel to sleep, sleep. The integration process will occur easier, yet your human will have issues. Early years, "Deal with it", were my higher selve's words along the way.... Our human minds don't work when huge operating system upgrades are occurring (which are continual now). Linear work is a great struggle for those of us that have this as a part of how we provide here. It takes every moment of "forward movement" for us to accomplish all vibrationally to adhere to linear parameters, yet not being bound by these. Once the process is complete, all will "speed up" for you to re-align/to re-align for you, with all functioning at a "higher processing rate" than ever before. Be patient, for when this occurs, portals/gateways open huge "releasing" everything that was "on the other side" to arrive/materialize that was not physically available/accessable before.  

StarGate alignments now increase beyond anything before. These BRING ALL INTO ALIGNMENT FOR US and create the "convergence" of a multitude of dimensions in this "space" here. It's also when Inner Earth "vibrations" amp up/increase and Galactic Portals open in order to vibrationally converge multiple dimensions/galaxies/timelines in our physical one here.

I will write more on this in other segments and post links back to my website to read these soon. So very much love to you! ?


Barbs2 29th December 2016 4:11 pm

And so it is...I am enjoying the anticipation. Thank you.


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