2020 Mid-Year Quantum Energy Update: Part 2 of 3

Being on the Other Side:

Here, all is Simple, beautiful and filled with Pure JOY through continually expanding Service to HUmanity as Love. It's a matter of realizing that each's Soul/Cosmos/Universe/LightBody dictates all and the importance of full ego-surrender for our inner-fight and struggle to dissolve. This alone opens portals within for each one of us to begin to LIVE OUR MOST BEAUTIFUL REALITIES without playing out the old anymore. Yes, each is literally "exchanging their whole life" for a "whole new one". This part, the human ego aspect has an issue with, as it doesn't want to "let go" or "believe", forgo immense inner resistance, inner suffering, inner struggle, inner challenges and discomfort, because where each is "not ready to fully open up and commit" this re-creates an old earth experience again.

5D is within. 6D - 12D is too (as is 3D/4D). To be able to see, observe and understand means that each must go completely deep within and sit with this.... and re-learn everything all over again. It's only through each's DEEP SACRED CONNECTION AND FULL REMEMBRANCE through full Consciousness where all becomes possible and visible again. Every ACT is energetic, vibrational and "sends out" into the perceived "Ethers" (Each's SUPER CONSCIOUS/QUANTUM FIELD).... therefore "creating" a vibrational return for each to experience. (Mirror effect).

3D Consciousness has no ability to see, as vision (Pineal Access) has not been fully restored through Pure-Heart-Consciousness and physical body de-calcification processes, therefore functioning and operating is from/under illusions of fear, separation, manipulation, hidden agendas and control. The intricacies of the web (matrix) is deep and so inner-woven, so inner-connected.... the only way to see it, clear it and transcend it is by going DEEP inward to start to break all of this programming down, break through/out of the old illusions and open up to all new ones and start to pay attention when each's fear/protection mechanisms/ego/body goes into "resistance" mode and starts "locking down" out of old beliefs/fears/illusions/programs again and implement ways of consciously releasing this. This is an immense inner to outer process each must do themselves in order to transcend THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION from deep within. In 3D/4D perceptions, Oneness is a concept, a word, not felt/understood/lived. This only becomes “reality” 5D and above.

Let's Talk New Earth for a Moment

NEW Earth is not a specific place, it’s an Ascended version of reality that’s highest aligned with Purity, Vibrational Frequencies and Universal/Cosmic Light Codes that change/shift all from a linear perception to a full-blown Multi-Dimensional / Quantum one. It’s each’s ACTual ENERGETIC EXPERIENCE through Super Consciousness where the physical reality/experience changes constantly and is relative to different Geometric Light Codes and Quantum Equations available in every nano-second..... And where all is ENERGY FIRST … and the physical is a “result”.

These Quantum Light Codes, when activated, have a multitude of different "focuses and outcomes”, yet in 3D they translate to one thing, in 4D another, 5D another, 6D, 7D, 8D and all the way up to 12D and BEyond... another..... and another and another...

In observing the Quantum Dynamics of each moving intricate Code, they are multi-faceted with inner-dimensional, inner-connected, constantly expanding, changing shapes, sides, sizes, numerics, metrics and more.

NEW Earth has infinite aspects and versions of realities, where none are linear or fixed. These versions represent many things and will all be different, depending on each’s Level of Consciousness, current access, Visions/Dreams and Service Roles, as well as focuses and that which each came here to fulfill as Light.

Activation Exercises to Open up to Further See:
Living Geometric Light Codes:

Imagine a Living Breathing Sacred Geometry that keeps spinning, morphing and "shape-shifting" into different images, shapes, directions expanding, contracting and changing the codes intermittently, constantly, re-coding everything with every sacred breath... Every breath expands this geometric and causes the codes to "move"... every breath, thought and act "cause" it to move apart and come back together in different ways each time.... and every different "sequence" creates a completely different reality...... This is a small example of "how these Quantum Codes for Quantum Realities work"....

Each's ability to fully and completely TUNE THEIR ENERGY AND FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to all new realities and HOLD THIS FULLY... is a pat of how these "codes" are able come together to "create". Every act further solidifies (or disintegrates), every breath breathes LIFE into the REALITY EXPERIENCE... Each is literally creating with every (Sacred) Breath…

Your ability to consciously “instruct Light codes” with your Consciousness/Energy to come together in specific ways is just one of your Creator-Source-Consciousness abilities here.

Activation Exercise:

♦ Diamond Light Code Quantum Consciousness VISUAL EXPERIENCE ♦

From inside, see a Moving Geometric Prism with INFINITE inner-connected sides of varying refracted light. Every side has different codes, numbers, colors, sounds/tones/hues and energetics to make up different equations and converges different frequency bandwidths based upon "how they come together"... Depending on your own Vibrational Frequency/Energy/Consciousness, your ability to breathe Light Codes into LIFE, breathe Light Codes as Consciousness, breathe Light Codes into CREATION/Reality/Your Experience is through your/each's ability to stay fully connected, completely in-tune and ability to maintain/sustain a fully expanded state.... which comes with every density clearing, every act of full Consciousness (kindness/respect/love), every reality created to support humanity to returning back to 12D/Source Consciousness/Living NEW Earth fully with great joy, simplicity and ease..... SEE the Prism Fractals and Geometrics expanding and the codes changing, see it re-merging various fractals and coming together to create a much bigger picture than ever before. See how it fits together and when it cannot, see when something is "in the way" of these pieces/parts/geometrics/fractals being able to CONVERGE into ONE working, breathing, living Consciousness...so that all can fully vibrationally align and come together with great ease... SEE what creates a disruption, causing a new fractalization to occur, see a cohesive kaleidoscope and feel the peace when vibrational harmony is achieved. See and feel how chaos energies work with these, see and feel how simple all is when the ego mind is still and you are fully connected with the actual experience.... Realize that every facet is a fractal and in order to see the much bigger picture, these fractals all have to be visible at the same time. As like a mirror, they reflect back what each believes which creates the optical illusion that most perceive as “real”.

Now see the Kaleidoscope of Colors of the rainbow, see 12 shades of blue, 12 shades of red/pink, 12 shades of yellow/gold, 12 shades of purple, green…. Varying tones of white, black, silver and grays… and realize that the Rainbow/Diamond/Plasma Spectrum of NEW Earth is vast and offers more color, vibrancy, frequencies (tones), hues and depth to our actual experiences as our bodies hold more Light.


Bringing Fractals Together to Become One:

While we "see" in a multitude of ways, this is just one example that might assist those who are still in the phases of gaining inner-to-outer vision capabilities and learning to decipher all through Open-Heart-Connected-Higher-Mind Consciousness....

Your FEELING is how you start. Each learn to discern, disconnect and reconnect through Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, instead of believing Unconscious Programmed Distortions like before. Work through the emotions/feelings in Conscious Ways, honoring the important clearing/resolving/dissolving/unification/purification processes, so that clarity can come as veils blocking your 3rd Eye/Pineal access dissolve. This is a massive process, so be kind to yourself, each other and as your inner/overall/body frequency rises, new information/knowledge/wisdom will come forth. Vision will enhance, clarity will too. SEEing all from inside, replaces "out there", other than to observe/learn/teach the ENERGY of all so that all can ACTIVATE/UTILIZE SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS (Quantum) and move beyond the linear limits that 3D/4D held.

See this screen above..... now see each as a different version of the same reality and each one experiencing completely different too. The same scenario, different outcomes. The same options, different experiences .... and see each frame as a fractal, just ONE FRAME of a much bigger picture... and without every piece and part, without being able to SEE/OBSERVE every frame, one only has a very small portion of the bigger/whole picture... THIS IS HOW QUANTUM REALITIES WORK. The more expanded, the more frames/aspects/versions/realities/timelines/possibilities/options we see. The more in-tune, the more choice each has to "pick an experience" instead of experiencing without choice. The more expanded and consciously aware we are of the WHOLE PICTURE, the less judgement, the less personal, the more abilities everyone has.... YET SEEING is through our HEARTS.... so if our hearts are closed, our minds are closed and we are binding ourself to just one frame, instead of infinite ones that we can just "hop" (Quantum Jump) over to.... with the blink of an eye.... ♥


I use these images to assist with a visual of what's not linear or "possible" according to the old human realities, yet beyond occurring constantly and within each fully in this experience now. Early phases and different phases along the way, there's no understanding, recognition, awareness until much later (many many years often) until one/each reaches a certain vibrational frequency with their body, as well as a new level of Consciousness through various types of Expansion States. Even once one becomes aware, there must be multiple/a multitude of experiences in order to comprehend the complexity of all, as EXPERIENCE is actually required for each to ACTually gain access to the "how to" and all the pieces/parts that make up various infinite wholes.

As each "approaches" 5D, then a "squeezing effect" occurs, which can be on again/off again over many years. This correlates to everything within our experience, both outside and inside as well. Breathing and that which "weighted us down", that which we are to release/let go of and that which no longer serves our highest existences comes up for review. Financial realities are a part of this, as is all of our relationships. Our "jobs"/careers/life path undergo immense shifts/changes as a part of this too. Our "status" changes, as does our physical body "health" as we prepare to undergo the most immense Multi-Dimensional journey there is. This is each moving into "the birth canal", moving through "Dark Night" of Ego Separation preparing to transition through death/rebirth cycles that increase until full Zero Point has been achieved. This is a part of vibrational alignment and a deep cellular purging/cleansing process as well.

The severity of this process lessens as each fully releases their own inner resistance to Ascension processes and shifts to a "conscious participation" and ego-surrendered states. This is also where the Rainbow Bridge activates for each to transition over to NEW EARTH REALITIES through full Consciousness.


Our ability to read multi-dimensionally, decipher, decode, translate, focus/direct and recode REALITIES through our own SUPER CONSCIOUSNESSES is just one of our infinite abilities here. Each must tune completely in and FEEL everything... and stop trying to "think" realities like before. This is a PROCESSING OF LIGHT INFORMATION with our whole body, Living DIVINE INTELLIGENCE and our ability to remain open in every way. It's also our ability to SEE though our PURE HEARTS, which activates and opens up our pineal gland vision for seeing and experiencing NEW Earth and Holographic Realities to become visible in a multitude of ways. We do this by not getting caught up in the ego drama games and expanding BEYOND ALL OF THAT to see a much bigger picture from within. It’s not that we don’t see all dimensions, it’s that we understand the purposes of all and respect “how” all is vibrationally aligned, how each’s Soul Embodiment processes work and the journey of awakening and ascension that each must experience for themselves.

NEW EARTH is accessible to all through Deepening Source Consciousness Connections to live Purity, Love, Kindness, Compassion and Sacred Care. It's what we all came here to LIVE FULLY, yet the Keys are located within. As are the Codes.... and we each "learn" how to unlock all through filling our entire reality with all that's highest aligned, surrounding ourselves with that which vibrationally and energetically supports and dedicating ourselves to LIVING A WHOLE NEW EARTH LIFE.

NEW EARTH IS OUR WHOLE EXPERIENCE when we LIVE from our absolute Purest Place from deep inside. It's everywhere we go and ARE, because WE ARE NEW EARTH LIGHT BEINGS, LIVING this Consciousness fully... and we create NEW Earth Experiences with our every Sacred Breath and Act.

Flipping and Merging (Geometric Inversions - Constant)

Waking State/Sleep State/Dreamstate/DreamSpace/Daydream State/Lucid Dream State, fully Surrendered States, Altered States, Expanded States ... These are all ways to open up access to higher dimensional realities from within. Part imagination, ingenuity/creativity/inspiration, heart listening, connecting with nature/Gaia, complete openness and deepening our own inner-connection are a must. Heart openings and feeling more starts first. Inner vision is by way of using your imagination and getting out of your head in every way. It’s also by feeling and seeing what does not appear to be visible, which provides each one of us with new information to interpret in all new ways.

Living Breathing Inner-Active Moving Inner-Vision Board Inside:

Inner Vision access occurs as our heart opens along the way. It starts as “blips” to guide us, show us what our human aspect could not yet see and assist us with learning to trust our deep inner-knowing, so that we can maneuver Multi-Dimensional Earth. As we deepen our Pure Heart Consciousness Connections, open up to explore all new, these “vibrational holograms” start as "puzzle pieces" to assist our human aspect more. Every time we listen, every time we open up, every time we “act” according to our own Higher Self/Future Self/Universal Guidance, we activate a higher dimensional vibrational reality to start to come forth. Every pure act to honor what we see and know deep within, that which we are guided/shown, further activates “new realities'' and the more we live this way, the more continues to come forth. We do have to “check our ego at the door” and put our separation aside, resolving the separation within us and choose to live much higher aligned.

We each must learn to trust our inner knowings and inner visions that present, as well as those images, words, feelings, songs and weird things that make no logical sense. These are “Quantum Codes” popping in, if you will. You’ve hit a vibration to open them up, now you have to apply this new knowledge and honor what you hear/see/feel/know before you get “more”. Your higher self aspect/guidance becomes your “new best friend”. You talk to yourself like a crazy person (and you answer yourself back). You see what others often cannot see yet (the invisible realms) and you hear that which is only audible to you, yet when you connect with others of like vibration, it’s soooooooooooooooooooo awesome, because they can hear/see/feel too! That’s when the Soul/Spirit/Star/Light Party begins!

The Key is to achieve a new higher vibrational frequency with your whole body/being and to hold this as long as you can. This will “trigger”/activate a cellular detox/cleanse of “lower vibrational frequencies”/programs held within. This will correlate to things changing in your life. With every higher vibrational shift, you are able to shift/move your Consciousness into a new reality/timeline and after any emotional/physical/cellular cleansing and tuning processes, your body will get to come along too.

First, there will be an array of spontaneous expansions and “blips” that will occur sporadically over many many years. You might not even notice, because it’s so subtle and intermittent for awhile. The more Universal-Heart connected you become, the more this will occur. As you learn to integrate and hold higher frequency light with your whole body/being/field fully, "out there" will become a vibrational match when you stop going back to the old. Because your physical body and field have an energetic template/blueprint, your whole body-field template must undergo an immense deconstructing/reconstructing/re-building process through an intricacy of upgrades/rewrites/re-calibrations that occur as your Lightbody activates new codes and redesigns/re-configures your human body/reality for you. Your NEW Earth LightBody is your access to living Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth ACTual REALities with ease. This constant re-coding process takes all of your love, care, respect, patience, support and conscious participation. With each full re-write, your body will accomplish a new Quantum Cellular Atomic Spin Rate in order to vibrate into a different frequency bandwidth delivering to you a whole new Multi-Dimensional experience.

Quantum Lightbody Codes

Every Code has different sequences all within the same code. One sequence will "apply" to 3D, another to 4D, others to 5D -12D+. When you take these codes and reconfigure/re-interpret them, they create a different reality than the previous/other one(s). When you are "comparing" 3D to 5D to explain/see/understand, they will often be polar opposites. Another reconfiguration creates a new reality and another and another and another, forgo vast differences in "reality", as expansion creates infinite alternates that "rival" the old in every way.

The codes I'm sharing below, are multi-faceted and do not apply linearly as I've written here. They work on a Multi-Dimensional (Quantum Level), relative to physical body density and how Light filters through density/realms. At any time one can open their heart ALL OF THE WAY to surrender every ounce of resistance/thought and allow their entire Energy/Body/Consciousness to shift to a whole new/different timeline/reality/dimension/dream/illusion/experience....

As each's Heart Consciousness expands through complete openness, deepening inner-sacred-connection, listening and observation, new awareness comes forth which facilitates a shift in awareness, a shift in perceptions, a shift Energetically, a shift in Gravity and in Consciousness. This surrendered expansion creates a vibrational space to open up completely different/new understandings, mentalities, perspectives, realizations and viewpoints which then support the ability to shift the "reality" to a completely different one inside.

Everyone has this capability, yet not all will utilize their own Higher States of Consciousness, as being a victim/holding onto 3D ways still holds something each still thinks they desire/seek/need and illusory "control/safe". As each starts to comprehend that 3D is an ego mindset of separation that plays out realities that can be energetically recognized by representing a virtual prison/nightmare/hell, then each will gain the ability to also understand that an entire "mentality/energy/perception shift" through Consciousness can open up a whole new reality/perception/understanding that the only way "that can exist" is if each still keeps "playing in it". What each is actually experiencing is "E-motions" and the discomfort of new awarenesses and the result of fear-based realities, which is very different than love-based ones.

Each must do the deep inner-work of reconnecting to REMEMBER ALL AS LOVE. No one "outside" can tell each what to do... as this imposes on "free will" and requires each's acceptance, permission, compliancy and fear to keep those "realities of separation" in-tact. The result of REMEMBRANCE is kindness, caring, deep sacred respect ... emanating from a space of Unity within. Yes, deep emotions will surface, yes deep hurt. Yes there's anger and so very much more, yet "how" we handle this is up to us. Eventually the immensity of all of those emotions of separation dissolve and the "gift" in all becomes visible. While, the human ego aspect loves to impose it's opinions, judge, and yes, gossip/finger point/degrade others or themselves as a way to inflate/demoralize, here we boost each other, lift each other up, inspire and support each other as Light Family and respectfully discuss that which is not highest vibrationally aligned for the soul purpose of resolving it and shifting it to something completely different, alchemizing all through Pure Love.

This is not a competition or right/wrong/duality thing. We are here to usher in NEW EARTH AS A LIGHT FAMILY, each fulfilling our roles in our own ways, while honoring everyone else doing the same. We don't tear each other down. We Live Pure Hearts, kind, respectful and caring.... showing what kindness is, showing what unity is, showing what ONENESS IS, by leading the way AS THIS. ♥

EARTH CURRENTLY VIBRATES OUT THE FREQUENCIES FOR 12 DISTINCTIVELY DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS offering a multitude of completely different dimensional experiences for all aware of this. The more each whole-heartedly tunes to the beauty of all, the more experience reflects this back... The more in-tune, the more beautiful. Yes, there's unconscious realities, yet each one of us have the ability to bring all into full consciousness ourselves, without battling, fighting and show-boating.... The kind thing to do is to present opportunities and respect each's choices/decisions, while honoring ours fully too.

NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES are always available to all. Tune your energy/consciousness to the softness, the beauty and open up to allow this to be your full experience too.

There are a bazillion NEW EARTH REALITIES available and everything is inner-linked. When you tune into the Crystalline/Plasma gridding/networking systems of NEW EARTH and transmit out through these, you have the ability to experience "reality" from any level of consciousness you are able to access from deep within you. ♥

Through our own actual experiences and advanced inner-vision, we come to realize that our whole body/being can vibrate at a frequency bandwidth equal to NEW EARTH.... and as we hold this Ascended State of Consciousness fully, it becomes our entire reality/experience here. Living all as a gift enhances every experience even more. The awe in the realization that NEW Earth was always here and available to us all. We all just had to REMEMBER again. ♥

A M.A.S.S.I.V.E. part of this entire process is each constantly going DEEPER INSIDE to see, going deeper inside to open up, going deeper inside to observe, going deeper inside to figure all out through your own higher/highest states of Expanded Consciousness and shifting your entire inner-reality/perceptions to a whole new place, which becomes a new starting point, which is what we refer to as “Zero Point”. This is the point of Conscious Creation because you take your new realizations and you create from a new vibrational place.

There's no more "tell me what to do or how to think"or telling others what to do or how to think. You'll have to figure it all out yourself through your own Source Consciousness Connection/Guidance, as you must be the one that chooses to release your own resistance and resolve your own separation inside in order to REMEMBER again.

Now for a small amount of the Multi-Dimensional/Multi-Faceted/Quantum Light Codes that have activated the last few months. I will list different Dimensional aspects that a specific Code applies to, yet this is not limited, it's simply a vast tool/guideline/reference point. Each must figure this out for their own self.

I'm encapsulating many energies as I share. While non-linear, I intentionally list some dates that different codes "unlocked", showing a succession of that code evolving into the next and the next and the next, to show the progression of many different codes as Light Consciousness, as well as how all filters through various densities creating infinite possibilities/experiences relative to frequency bandwidths. Once a code is released/becomes available, anyone can unlock that code from deep within through full Expansion of Consciousness. It’s a natural organic process that occurs when each’s heart/mind/energy is completely open and ready for this.

Every code activated will present/show each where they do/don't FULLY live certain things inside … They will show you where you still hold out/hold back or function from a lack of trust still, or are waiting for something else to occur before you will “do what you know” inside.

Light Codes activate, unlock, unravel, solidify and re-code based upon each's current level of Consciousness held...



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