As Gaia Increases Releasing Frequency Bandwidths of Distorted Codes

Our Earthly Physical Body forms link us up to Gaias LightBody-Grids/DNA/Templates and Nodes, our DNA Multi-Dimensional and holding all levels of Consciousnesses within... through an immense "purging/purification/reconfiguration" process, our cellular structures go through a continual re-writing process of "all new codes".

As Gaia returns/reclaims her "rights" again, as a part of a Multi-Galaxy family, she naturally and organically undergoes a "Lightening" process of clearing immense density/distortions held. As we REMEMBER different versions of how all "came to be", we remember our agreements on many levels and our immense service roles too.

Part of this is our Remembrance of how Gaia became a "prison planet" for the Galaxies, at one point in ancient times.... yet not bound to this "forever", only millenniums at a time, this planet had an "opening" in place where each could "leave" those conditions/circumstances upon the completion of the "sentence", which I will refer to as 3D. It's a part of the immense awakening processes out of the REALMS OF AMNESIA, a deep sleep/slumber that we were only partly (or not at all) aware of, like a coma (fog) or a drug that kept us oblivious as long as we were still bound....

I have written and shared for years on parts of this, yet there's still so very much that I have not shared, as it's just way too much information and takes immense energy to put it all into context (words). While this is just "one version" of many/all, it's still a detailed REMEMBRANCE that didn't come from anyone telling me anything, not influenced by anything "outside"... it was one/several of a bazillion Cosmic Remembrances that come through once certain programs/distortions have been cleared on a cellular/physical body/energetic level, so that clarity is simple and offers Multi-Dimensional explanations/understandings that go way beyond old perceptions and don't fit into the old boxes/narrative of 3D/Old Earth societal restrictive limitations held/imposed. 

We each have a Soul Template, as well as a Universal, a Galactic and OverSoul/Cosmic one too. One template is actually many templates, so one is not actually one. One is many, all merged/converged into one... many pieces and parts that make up a new whole. We also had a human ego template, which is what many/we often refer to as 3D or "the matrix", as we often need words to explain... We often break things down into dimensions, so as to see/explain, as this is a Galactic Soul way of seeing and explaining Quantum Dynamics and that which is not often visible to the human aspect inside....

I have written/shared NEW EARTH CODES for years... to support/assist with each's own LightBody DNA Consciousness Expansion and Evolution, as even when we understand it, times can get intense as we accomplish/complete the immense phases necessary for each next Full Embodiment. We have to integrate the full codes, which rewrite our entire genetic make-up and restructure our entire body's chemistry, cells and how we process/hold Light. We do this as LOVE, through our own Remembered State, so there is no fighting, resistance or victim mentality going on. It's something we fully embrace, honor, respect and support with every ounce of our whole being, as it's an integral part of why we are here and our ability to fulfill our highest levels of service as Light BEings here.

Every time Gaia releases, we release.... as we are linked up to her on an Energetic, Crystalline, Plasma level, beyond just the "physical" one. Our bodies density are what determine the "dimensional coordinates" for the dimension/frequency bandwidth that we occupy/experience/live from/exist in, which offer completely different experiences that any of us ever realized before....

To live Plasma Crystalline REALities, where all is completely Pure.... our physical LightBodies go through immense LIGHT'ening processes, alchemical processes so that we can actually BREATHE THE LIQUID/CRYSTALLINE/PLASMA AIR of NEW EARTH.... which is a much Lighter/Higher Dimension/Frequency Bandwidth.... and our BODIES have to achieve this...for EMBODIMENT, which is "how" we accomplish/receive/experience all. The 'breathe-able air' is very different realm to realm and the physical body form has much to go through in order to accomplish this "Light Density" process each time. I remember in the beginning, when I went through Physical body ascension, how profound the difference in the air quality (inside) was. Our bodies become self-sustaining, self-producing and self-replicating and our DNA/LightBodies "adaptive" to new environments with every shift. The Plasma Atmosphere inside and outside are very different as well. We actually breathe crystalline air, so in essence our "body suit" has to be "adapted" prior to each "new dimension", as our bodies cannot sustain until. This is where our LightBodies take over and reconfigure all, so that NEW EARTH can be the actual dimension we occupy/live from.

We are STABALIZERS and Frequency Holders, Code Holders, Template Holders and the Light BEings of NEW EARTH.... we do not "Leave" NEW EARTH and disconnect from where we are holding these Crystalline/Plasma Grids in place as ANCHORS/Gatekeepers/Gridkeepers and Coordinate Holders... We do not Leave/Disconnect from NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS to go back and play with/play out/play in the old, as the moment one disconnects, their body's "dial" a lower frequency and literally change dimensions... WE do not LEAVE OUR POST, if you will, as ours is to HOLD NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS/REALITIES in place, to continue to accomplish/fulfill... as these are the Templates/Realities that support all of HUmanity as a GREATER WHOLE... and if we did "abandon" our "posts", we'd in essence be "derelict in our duties" (Service Role Fulfillment)..... and we agreed, long before ever incarnating into these bodies to bring these codes through ourselves, integrate them, hold them and disseminate them, as is highest aligned for all.... and RESPECT all's individual journey/choices for how they experience reality for themselves too. The "tricky" part is that humans were unaware they were holding the old in place, through their conditioned/programmed mentalities/beliefs... and so we had to reach a certain "place" (Light Quotient Wise), where enough of us held enough Light to participate in shifting the entire planet in various different ways...

NEW EARTH is the GIFT we all gave ourselves, it's our "Reward" if you will. It's where we get to live while we fulfill various service roles as Light. It's our individual Heaven, that we each consciously align our own lives to, that allow us to continue to fulfill/support all in accomplishing/living this fully too.

Yes, it's an immense process, one that will "blow your mind" and challenge everything each once "thought or believed". Yes it will dismantle everything in order to reconstruct all in all new ways. Yes it will dissolve our entire 3D life and ways... as it's supposed to and what we are pre-agreed to.... so now, what plays out is relative to a MUCH BIGGER PICTURE... and this is what we work from as we accomplish/work/live/create/unite each and every now moment day. 

There is no "past" like in 3D, no stories per se' and technically there is no "future" as human aspects would perceive. The past and the future all roll up into this ONE VIBRATIONAL NOW ... and "the future" is always a "new one" that replaces the old ones, one that we "write" (encode) with our every conscious act/breath, according to what already exists "in a higher dimension" (frequency bandwidth), if you will. The future is but a different/higher vibrational frequency, so all we have to do is constantly vibrationally/energetically shift with our CONSCIOUSNESS and whole body too. We must integrate the codes, expand our conscious awareness and SEE through our own holographic access (and pure Hearts) and by way of FEELING FULLY... everything, and decipher what's an old program just clearing and what represents purity/new. The "higher" the frequency bandwidth/dimension, the more this is all ENERGETIC and not as "physical" as before. Yes, there are huge pivotal points where we go through more, yet "it's not a big deal" like before, and because we understand how important this is, we re-prioritize our lives and shift our focus to honor/support/allow this very important process to naturally and organically occur. 

What we each RECEIVE for our DEDICATED SERVICE... are the most exquisite realities that are PURE. WE Experience Heaven through simplicity and a Deep Sacred Connection with ALL AS ONE again, from deep within us and this emanates/transmits out to become our entire reality/world. This is not some "froo-frooey" thing, this is ACTUAL REALITY, because we have dedicated our whole lives to this and reconstructed our entire reality according to the QUANTUM LIGHT CODES available to every one of us... as we each are ready, fully embrace and honor/hold this fully.... and choose to no longer "go back" to the "old ways" (inside) anymore.... WE stop playing in 3D/4D and we shift our entire focus to 5D+/NEW Earth. Our ACTS are of Love, our ACTS are of kindness and sharing, supporting, guiding and offering simplified ways too. Our ACTS are PURE POWER, whether silent or with words, it doesn't matter, as we speak with our ENERGY... and emit love with our every act. ♫♦☼♥

NEW EARTH: WE are Light BEings... fully REMEMBERED and Living Light Fully.... no longer accepting anything less.... and it's up to each one to do this for it's the only way to establish the "coordinates" that "map out"/lay the foundation and hold the new in place for each. ♥

Yes we have a form, we all do... yet that is only what human aspects see. WE are LIGHT, WE ARE ENERGY... and Light BEings, Souls, Star BEings... this is what we connect with/recognize/feel-see. ♥

Learn to connect ENERGETICALLY, close your eyes to tune/see, tune your Energy/Consciousness to hear with your whole body/BEing... and hear/feel/see that which is not visible to your human-ego-aspect.... Open Your Heart/Mind/Energy FULLY and connect with all of you from deep within. Sit, BE and ALLOW and see from way beyond the "physical", for new awareness, new understandings and "new" to come forth for making a "new determination" that will shift your entire inner reality (which affects your outer reality) for you! ♥ Gaia and Cosmic Frequencies offer liberation through LightBody DNA Integration Processes available through each's wide open and fully connected pure heart-soul and full remembrance. ♥

NEW EARTH HOLDS THE FREQUENCIES OF HOME.... You can FEEL this when you are existing in Pure Divine Harmony and completely in-tune. ♫ Everyone is returning Home again... yet not as perceived by the human aspect.... It's by way of Full Embodiment of each's own Pure Light. Source Consciousness. Higher Consciousness. Whatever words you want to use to understand/get it/comprehend. This is the BEAUTY of Multi-Dimensionality, it's not about the words... it's the FEELING, the PRESENCE, CONNECTION and full Remembrance through Pure Love again. ♥

The ego/separation/deep programming/sub-conscious/shadow/dark side... whatever words you want to use, will be each's to dissolve/dissipate and each do this through BEing y/our OWN Light, through Surrendering to y/our own Light and allowing y/our Lightbody to do the CELLULAR WORK necessary/pre-agreed to, in order to accelerate/facilitate/support y/our full return too. ♥

Here, everything is simple. Nothing is complicated as we live from our Pure Hearts/Minds/Energy. We each are the ONES that must be completely open to this, otherwise "old earth" is what we all experience/get. Your Pure Heart will choose simple, pure and Light every time. ☼

p.s. I will share in the next writing/article on recent codes released from Lower Frequency Bandwidths of Gaia recently, that will affect all in their own way.... as this correlates to our entire planet and Evolutionary Processes out of the Dark Ages as all awaken through/return to/through Light. ♥

With love, kindness and deep sacred respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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