Constant Increases in Photonic Activity

Aloha beaYOUtiFUL Love family!

We are again in "high reality dissolving" frequencies, where Diamond Light Codes and Cosmic RAYnbow Codes work through and "up-heave" anything that each might not have resolved fully from within......

This will mean many things.... as these Light Codes "apply" differently, dependent on the Dimensions one occupies/lives in... from within.

These bring magic, amazing, pristine.... and in order for "these energies" to be each's full experience, anything "not this" will surface/emerge to be felt/seen/observed and how each "chooses" to handle/deal/experience, will be relative to each's own level of consciousness (Mastery), awareness, realizations and readiness to "deal", process, move through... dissolve, resolve and shift.

These are PROCESSES.... that we each must "learn" along the way. The AMOUNT OF MAGIC IS REAL/relative to who's flying your ship/driving your bus/steering your boat/vessel..... your higher self/selves or your ego/fractaled/dis-empowered aspects....

We are in heightened PHOTONIC ACTIVITY that continually increases powerfully as we go... This makes distortions INSTANTLY, blatantly, loudly and easily visible (mind blowing too), while also creating great ease for Quantum Existence... which is how we all function as NEW Earther's.... (all linear goes, AS ALL IS VIBRATIONAL and about ENERGY here).

We are in increased AKASHIC CLEARINGS... where emotions and memories are exacerbated for cleansing from each's template and cellular body for transitioning out of lower frequency bandwidths, with our bodies... to literally walk, live and exist on NEW EARTH.... because NEW EARTH emanates from within and materializes in our physical reality as a RESPONSE to us....

We are in... many things... as there are infinite dimensions/timelines currently running and each has their own reality..... because REALity is based upon perception and each's own transmission through "codes" that "activate" those holographic geometrics to take form and the physical to reshape according to each's vibratory oscillation...

PHOTONIC REALITIES.... these allow our consciousness to travel easier... for us to collapse/dissolve and clear old timelines, see what we could not see before, open up portals and transverse gateways.... with much greater ease than ever before....

Photonic activity... weakens the human body ... for cellular/template re-writing to occur. These work through the body and deconstruct/reconstruct cellularly... from linear to Quantum.... and it's a huge process, so the more we honor it, the more we become Quantum too.

Increased Cosmic Rays.... these have many purposes and are quite POWERFUL when working through the body too. Nausea, weakness and disorientation are just a small part of what they do.

SOULar/Galactic/Cosmic Activity: Re-writing our DNA on an atomic level requires much down-time until the process is complete. Learning to function "around" all of this, through it, during it, while honoring it.... it's an immense process within itself.

Days upon days upon days of increasing activity.... and it's not going to "let up".... we just shift between activations constantly and continually acclimate to be able to function in all new ways.....

Your POWER comes through your connection.... your purity, your kindness, your respect, your embracing what's available and your ability to appropriately see/deal with any unconsciousness that presents. There is such beauty in innocence, in caring, in that softness... without one ounce of lack encoded anymore... That "lack" was your ego.... and is what these frequencies activate to dissolve... and every "real"ity that was a part of that... you'll have to decide how all of that "fits" into your "new picture" of what you desire to experience here.

For the "Ego"... be prepared to not be "welcomed" or "tolerated" anymore. Full Consciousness won't play with you, won't "entertain you" and won't let you keep playing victim or projecting your narcissistic BS out as OKAY anymore.... Why? Because it's all a PROGRAM... held together by unconscious mentalities and beliefs. (and great dis-respect, which is no longer acceptable in any way). Those mentalities (and Energy) are what you/we/each have to shift. The way we "treat" each other matters.... and attempting to manipulate feelings through projecting, bullying, fear or "I'm a victim" and "stories to convince", those things don't work here.

Now, I write the above paragraph, to empower those who choose to utilize it to easier recognize, resolve and shift. Seeing your own EGO is the first part of the process.... the next is the "challenge" for awhile, because it means taking your own power back, as your Higher Self Aspect, standing in your power and learning to fully love and respect yourself, to where you won't compromise, go small and play in those Ego games anymore. As you do, you'll stop calling forth those realities to reflect this back as your own Experiences.... So that kindness, respect, consideration and beautiful magical harmonizing frequencies/energies that you want to RECEIVE, this is what you transmit out instead.

It all starts at "HOME". Home is THE SPACE body occupies and what goes on in THAT SPACE (INSIDE). Home is what you manage and your "yard" is your field... all around you. Your RESPONSIBILITY... you and what you transmit out and allow. It is this SIMPLE. 

In observing different timelines of collective energies and clearings, in the UNCONSCIOUS TIMELINES, there's a lot of defensiveness lately, a lot of excuses, a lot of pointing the finger and extremely heightened emotions where there is any ego stuff still going on. This is a part of the Akashic Clearing that each is going through.... if you are aware of this, you will be aware of "how" to move through these experiences with greater ease. All of the judgment.... let that stuff go. All of the "taking it personal"... let that go too... as it keeps you in a loop-cycle of EGO UNCONSCIOUSNESS.....

In the conscious timelines, there is magic, bliss, beauty and kindness.... the Experiences are just as blissful and magical too. None of that "unconscious stuff", because we don't allow it... yes, it is that simple too. 

I love you.... grab your reality by the "horns" and deal with yourself.... then deal with each other and lets all come together to live in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS --- where the/our/your Ego is unable to exist/live... as that's an entirely different reality/timeline/dimension..... it's up to you to PICK! ♥

It's time for MAGIC, amazingness, and UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS to be EVERYONE'S reality.... at least for all who are truly ready for this.... and for those who are not... that's okay too. That's the BEAUTY of MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY... YOU GET TO LIVE OUT WHATEVER REALITY/TIMELINE YOU CREATE AND ALLOW..... pretty rockin' awesome, ain't it?

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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