Did You Know that Your Every Thought and Act are Vibrationally "Recorded"?

Various Levels of Akash Dictate Your Experience Here

The human perception of akash and Source Consciousness awareness of Akash are very different perceptions... as there is an entire ego-matrix program that was created around this (and all).

Are you aware that your every experience here is dictated by all of your Akashes, which pertain not only to this human experience, yet all of your existences all rolled up into ONE? 

Are you aware that there are many akashes holding every "record" (a recording) of everything ever affiliated with your Soul... and that your entire reality is based upon "records" that are stored on a cellular level in your body, in your entire body template, organs, flesh, blood, body parts (all) as well as in your field, which work independently until you MERGE these as ONE and function from a Quantum State instead of a limited/linear one? 

Are you aware that everything is Quantum/Multi-Dimensional and that ALL OF THESE dictate all of your realities here? Are you truly, fully aware (comprehend) that the only way to CLEAR each one of these is to REVERSE EVERYTHING and do the opposite of what your human ego aspect wants? Are you aware that we are in Cosmic Akash clearing, accelerating everything on this planet, which affects the Earth/Gaia herself, the weather, your life.... everything and in every way?

Are you truly aware (comprehend) that the only way to clear what I will refer to as "Karmic Debt" is to shift your entire reality from separation to Unity Love/Purity Consciousness and "reverse" how you do everything from this NOW? 

Are you aware that pre-ascension, everything you "appear" to be living/creating/building/clearing is a "human reality" that's relative to the 3D/4D templates in your physical body, that hold all records relative to 3D, which are completely karmic timelines/realites that "come back around vibrationally" to have to then clear? Did you know that 4D is where you do this for your own Ascension Process to begin? 

Are you aware that you have a multitude of akashes.... one that's relative to your 3D experience, which I refer to as the human experience (experiment is the Galactic word) and that to "leave" 3D realities every unconscious act/program must be cleared from within you and through your experience here? Are you aware that 3D is not only the visible human experience, yet all existences that operated at a 3D (Unconscious) vibrational frequency bandwidth? 

Are you aware that you are on a multi-dimensional earth and that all times/timelines/existences have been merged into ONE? Are you aware that the ONLY WAY TO CLEAR every akash is to "counter-balance" vibrationally and on a Quantum Level, not a linear one?

Are you aware that you cannot "go to someone else" to clear your akash for you? that you are the ONLY ONE that can clear your akashes, because Consciousness is the only thing that will clear this? Are you aware that if you give your power away and expect someone else to do this for you, this is an unconscious act and actually creates another "debt" to clear? (You can ask for assistance, guidance or to "see" what you can't yet see, yet understand this is still relative to the "level of purity consciousness" that "the other" operates from as well). Giving your power away negates any clearing your ego "thinks" is being accomplished, because vibrationally the "act" is unconscious within itself. 

Are you fully aware that only you can take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your ENERGY and SHIFT all to a vibrational frequency of Love/Purity/Unity Consciousness and that no one else can do this for you... and that you'll remain in that karmic timeline until you do? 

Are you aware that these Askashes are only available on a Quantum Level and that the ego can't read/see these, because of where it functions from? Are you aware that the first "level" of Akash is relative to your human experience, yet still a compilation of all of your existences that can only be cleared by you? Yes you can have energy work done, yes you can consult assistance, yet if you are unconscious, you just turn around and re-create more to have to then turn around and again clear. 

Are you aware that once you clear the "human experience", you will see "not to create" any more karma.... and that at that point, you will function in a 5D reality/timeline that's free from "Karma" for awhile, yet then you will go deeper within yourself and start clearing deeper levels of akashes that were not visible before and can only be accessed once you've cleared the "human one"?

Are you aware you have akashes that hold RECORDS that will correlate to "realities" and vibrational/energetic "timelines" and all of these are cleared both through your actual experiences, as well as your energetic access too? Are you aware that every relationship, your physical reality "abundance" and whole experience are a vibrational transmission that are RETURNED TO YOU, based upon everything your ego aspect cannot "see" or "understand"? 

Are you truly aware that until you ascend your consciousness (then physical body) BACK that you are living in an entire karmic cycle within itself? 

Are you aware that returning to full consciousness is the only way to "exit" those karmic timelines/realities/experiences? Are you aware that IF you exit your physical body and return through a "later incarnation" that you will pick right back up where you left off and pick up the uncleared cycles again to then turn around still have to clear? 

Are you aware that all KARMIC DEBT can be cleared on a Quantum Level through your Unified Heart Connection (Source Consciousness) and living from purity in every breath, thought, act? Are you aware that until you release everyone from their karmic debt that you cannot clear your own? 

Are you aware that everything now is relative to your level of consciousness in every nano-second here? Does this assist you with looking at things any differently and vibrationally shifting your own everything yourself? 

Are you aware that the earth is in an advanced/accelerated karmic clearing process that accelerated when we reached the Cosmic Akash (in 2018), which is where every matrix program was/is housed.... and that everything became visible, so that it's easier to clear all through full consciousness now? 

Are you truly aware that there are 12D frequency bandwidths now running/available and that each frequency bandwidth has very different realities and up to the 12D template still holds karmic timelines that have to be cleared by each. Are you aware that 5D is the BEGINNING and that 3D has already collapsed (full occurred in 2015) on an energetic level, now each just lives the vibrational experience to complete those cycles within their own reality now? 

Are you aware that 5D is where we all work together, live/co-exist together, to create/build and contribute to NEW EARTH realities where karmic timelines no longer exist? Are you aware that 5D is available to everyone truly ready to live karmic debt free, yet each has to consciously choose this, otherwise it's an unconscious act to remain in 3D? 

HOW all works is Quantum.... it's not linear in any way. Exiting a fixed mentality reality is just the first part of the process. Living as Quantum Light BEings on a planet that we all support, care about, nourish and understand the importance of is how we live NEW Earth. NEW Earth to the human aspect is a higher state of consciousness existence, yet in essence is all RETURNED to ORIGINAL SOURCE CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS living from within our human body forms.... 

Photonic DNA Evolution is a part of "how" all of this occurs. Through the activation of 12D DNA Strands and a complete reworking of the body (LightBody), as well as each's reality too. Density clearing takes on many forms.... and will present important "challenges" to diminish the ego's hold on "how" life is lived here. Understanding how the strength of deeply embedded programming (separation) was so strong that photonic light is STRONGER (on purpose).. as a necessary part of humanity's collective transition over/out of the Unconscious Realms of Amnesia.

3D was a de-evolved species, no matter how intelligent all "thought" they were. 5D is heart intelligence and higher-heart-mind intelligence, which is very different than all "learned"/were taught/thought. Holding onto the old is what creates each's "suffering" and uncomfortable experiences now. Embracing "Higher Consciousness" means that one truly understands how all affects their own physical reality/experiences here. 4D is DNA repair, to repair the DNA degraded that held 3D in place. Cosmic Rays and Photonic Activity do this automatically. 5D there is no sickness, because these "repairs" have completed themselves, by way of each's LightBody (Inner Soul Union on every level).... Understanding that full integration of these Cosmic Light Codes can return each by way of Consciousness WITH THEIR BODIES to an existence that is pure, simple and without "dis-ease".... yet all of this requires fully conscious ACTS, re-prioritizing and CHOOSING with your WHOLE BEING what you will "accept" as "real"ity now. ♥

p.s. There are many tools that can support/assist with implementing/applying "new ways" to clear each's akash through Consciousness here. All will emanate from LOVE and require you take your power back. There will be no blame, fear or separation programming involved. All is through self love and deep inner connection as Light. ♥ 

InJOY living your most amazing realities as you release/let go of all old ways that kept you bound to limited/fixed and constraining realities that don't support your highest everything here. Everything you hold onto holds/binds you..... you have to choose to let go/dissolve/resolve and shift everything and START doing all that's highest aligned on a Soul Level... as we all do here. ♥

With love and respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.p.s. There is more, yet I'll have to share as we go. Way too much to include. Believe it or not, this is the short version of all that's entailed .... and the various akashes we clear along the way as we go deeper within ourselves. ♥ I've shared for years, so feel free to consult previous writings on this website to activate/assist. ♥ Here's a page with several.


Toni 6th June 2019 6:30 pm

Lol...yes I'm aware, thankyou...all except the human ego bits... Are you aware that a balanced human 5D ego centers between the vibration of love & be loved, creating a pulse between the frequencies of happiness & joy?...guess not. The human ego like every child only wants to be loved.

Fear is the unbalanced polarity, not ego. E go only needs to let go & feel to polarize the emotion before doing anything...To do opposite isn't in accord with our authentic self. I hated myself even more for being a schmuck when I did the opposite once upon a long time ago... Ok, thinkin about it now, it was probably a fast track to my oilfield of hate. Feeling the hate & taking it through the valley of death only ever gave me more power for love in polarity.

When karma is complete the hate can't ground into reality as there's no emotion within to give it the physical density. It's like a voice that doesn't belong.


Toni 6th June 2019 7:35 pm

Everyone has a crystal in the Akash (Library) that records ones journey. There are also many Akash's throughout the Cosmos that are all connected. The Akash for Earth is basically Arcturus. The light that shines after physical death magnetically draws one back to their Crystal where they process the life just lived & create choices for future lives. The choices are limited according to ones karma. Soul families rebirth in cycles for the purpose of completing karma. When one has completed their karma there is freedom of choice. Then itza matter of negotiating for a birthing place that aligns with when, where & what one is choosing to experience next


Meg 7th June 2019 12:01 pm

Toni, interesting comment, thanks for sharing.

Meg 7th June 2019 12:04 pm

PS What exactly is karma?

Meg 9th June 2019 12:14 pm

Thank you for answering :)

Toni 9th June 2019 11:00 pm

Ha its not so much the breathing & action however it is the emotional experience with the thoughts that connect. Thoughts be electric & emotions be magnetic together they create reality.

Hi Meg, thanks...:happyface: To expand on Nik...Everything within that has an emotional charge is karmic. Many of the Starseeds chose to take on the karma of the parents they birthed with to polarize it back to love. Controlling ones emotion creates the karma of someone that controls us. The karmic cycle depends on how centred we are within. When I first discovered karma I observed it coming back 2 months later. Ok so I'm not proud of it...I dobbed on someone & 2 months later someone dobbed on me. It had to be blatant for me to see it. First & last time I did that haha. Live & learn. Nowadays I see what I give come back within 24 hrs & am aware of what I create. Give love, receive love in balance. It took me more than 20yrs to clear all the parental karma & much of the journey was dropping anger to grief & clearing it to stop the cycles. Not fun but I'm so glad to be where I'm at


Meg 10th June 2019 1:29 pm

Thanks!, that's interesting. I have experienced abuse and lack of care with my parents...big time. I's like impossible to me to understand I could possibly have chosen this ....? I can not get my head around this.

Bob 10th June 2019 3:38 pm

This seems to me to be an unnecessarily complicated and lengthy delving into esoteria that people will find difficult to understand. Clarity and simplicity are to be valued when attempting to provide information to help others on their journey. I would just remind everyone that because Time is an illusion we only have to suffer while in the physical realm, we all actually have Infinity to clear and balance and re-join All That Is.

Toni 11th June 2019 1:49 am

Hehe hi Nik... I was thinking of adding the action into the equation but Spirit reminded me that physical reality is rare. Most Universal realities are not physical therefore no action is needed. I was also in the non physical Akash space at the time. This reality only requires the thoughts & emotions to recreate the experience to view within ones Akash crystal.

My equation for physical reality, as we are indeed living in one at present, is 20% thought, 30% emotion & 50% action. Actions are the most karmic & take a heck of a lot longer to undo than either thought or emotion. Be aware.

Yes the highest expression of life is love...I like that. I only know having been there done that love feels the best.

Lol...you having an ego trip of self righteousness there Nik... Have fun then. At least you packed light...Hehe. :roll:

Toni 11th June 2019 1:51 am

Hi Meg, yes its difficult to believe we have chosen our particular reality, especially when its abusive. The more you step into your power the more you will understand that we create our reality 100% & you chose your parents to assist Earth & many lost souls when the call was put out to the Universe. All that is necessary is for you to keep the door your mind open to remember.

I see you have a gentle heart of one most sensitive in frequency and as such you are not likely to recreate the patterns of your parents. What you have done is polarize them as you don't or won't be repeating them through further generations. This is how you have cleared this repeating karmic cycle by breaking the chain so to speak.

You are worthy of love beautiful one. There is much to be discovered of who you are. :smitten:

Toni 11th June 2019 1:55 am

Hahaha hi Bob. Long time no see but then it doesn't look like much has changed. You know the wonderful thing about Spirit Library?... it has all levels of consciousness present & I feel limiting information to lets say just your level would not be in the interests of everyone. Like they say in the trade, take what resonates & leave the rest behind.

Take care eh. :)

Meg 11th June 2019 1:55 pm

Wow this is beautiful... thank you. And yes wow... pretty much spot on Toni, you repeat what people say to me as well :) I am long in this "process" now, and recently I've been granted a vision, and it said/showed I have completed something, achieved a level, like really BIG ...the "message" was amazing, there are no words to describe. I know now, as you said - "as you don't or won't be repeating them through further generations" I have completed something, like a level that no one in this line, my family, have accomplished. I am ready to discover who I am ...:) Someone just said exactly this to me recently, "you need to discover your "real" self, I know now there is no other way then to step into my power...Lots of LOVE and light to you :smitten:

Toni 11th June 2019 6:33 pm

Ha, I love you too Nik...Hugs :smitten:


Wonderful confirmation for both of us Meg. I intuit a lot of information yet can't ground it into physical knowing without feedback. Thank you for the feedback. :)

The journey back to your powerful self shall apparently only take around 2 years. The first Starseed wave took around 20 years & energy is 10x faster now thanks to all the polarizing that has already been done to open galactic & universal portals

Enjoy your journey & may love, light & laughter be your companion. :smitten:

Meg 12th June 2019 3:17 pm

Its mind blowing. It feels like nothing gonna stop this anymore. I stay strong as much as I can ...on this path. And there, in this place, right here and now ...there is NO MORE abuse, suffering, and pain. There is flow and happiness, and laughter...and I go for this. I stay strong.

May your journey be beautiful great one too, full of love and light, friend .... :smitten:

Toni 12th June 2019 11:19 pm

Thank you & yes... nothing can stop this now. Be strong Beautiful yet remember the way to a strong heart is through vulnerability.
Much Love :smitten:

Meg 13th June 2019 12:39 pm

vulnerability, totally agree. A big one. Thanks for the reminder.


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