Fully Soul-Aligned Realities: Spirit(ual) Maturation

As each comes to fill with higher consciousness love, as their higher heart opens to the purity and bliss of "all of this", the feelings forgotten are returned and we become that magical wide-eyed child full of wonder again. This is part of our re-birth process, where we realize that we no longer desire the human reality here. Yet this too is just part of the process, as from that point forward, our entire reality must be reviewed, scrutinized if you will, observed through "the Looking Glass" and re-aligned in accordance with a whole new existence here.

What comes "after" is the realization that things were not as they seemed. That what we "thought" was the opposite and so far from the truth and other than "just knowing", we didn't have a clue. As each truly experiences and sees, then the journey begins. Then Source activates inside and your Creator Aspect is also birthed from within. There is a maturation process for each "new" higher self aspect that occurs. First the activation, the feeling the energy inside and the "visions" that come with it to challenge your human in every capacity that there is... for this is part of the process as well.

This MATURATION PROCESS will occur over every moment from this point on. Your growing up as a higher self and learning to observe and deal with your human, in various appropriate ways, with you as the parent/governing body over your SELVES, for you have many and teeter-tottering between them is a balancing act within itself.

You will have to LEARN how to conduct yourselves, how to deal with all as your highest self aspect here, how to speak/communicate, how to interact all over again, how to function in a physical reality and how to align it yourself. This is a part of God Consciousness, where you become the Source/Creator of all, where your reality is your RESPONSIBILITY and everything that happens in it is too. Every inter/inner-action, every exchange, every everything... all yours and your MASTERY will determine which aspect you are/allow in your own physical reality world.

Physical realities are a CREATION and it too is a culmination of all that you ARE. If you are human, then you will experience a human reality to transcend this human'ness yourself. If you are standing fully in your own Power, AS PURE LOVE, then realities don't go sideways anymore. You see, you do/deal, all from inside of you. You will come to REQUIRE that all in your reality step up and hold themselves to higher standards (highest self over human) if you are to experience realities that are not one-sided, conflicted, out of balance and distorted like the old unconscious ones were. You will become the RESPONSIBLE ONE and stop pointing the finger at others to do this, you will stop waiting for others to dictate, yet you will be present to see which DIMENSION ASPECT IS PRESENT and you will act accordingly AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT YOU.....

Humans do not realize they are human, they do not realize they are unconscious and coming from that unconscious place (their head). Some are stubborn, resistant and have to work through a lot of energy within themselves before they are ready to shift into a timeline without the old unconscious programs still. Your job is to BE the FULLY CONSCIOUS ONE at ALL TIMES....

This is a MATURATION PROCESS where all EVOLVE AS LIGHT... when the Divine Masculine activates within you, then you must step into your own power from within and LEARN HOW TO MANAGE every reality from a very different place than before.

You do not WALK FULLY IN HEAVEN ON EARTH without being fully responsible here, without giving the GIFT OF RESPONSIBILITY BACK to all others so that they can learn/understand/remember and have to do this themselves too and taking full responsibility for what you think, say, transmit, do.

Your entire physical reality is yours. You created all of this. This is a process of un-creating and re-creating in alignment with your own highest expressions and MAINTAINING THIS at all times from within you and YOU not GOING BACK to your human'ness anymore. You will become your highest selves in physical form, all of them, yet there is a process of re-INTEGRATION, a process of activating them, communicating with them, listening to their guidance and your DOING what they show you how everything works. This will challenge every little particle of your human, especially the FULL SURRENDER for "them" to move into your body and take over, if you will... They ARE YOU... this is what EMBODIMENT IS. It's also YOU HOLDING THE ABSOLUTE HIGHEST EVERYTHING ALL OF THE TIME and not going back to what seems easy, giving in, re-acting from emotions, taking things personal, getting caught up in things.... you have to govern yourself, manage yourself and then you have to DO the whole PHYSICAL REALITY too.....

WE have moved into EXQUISITE SUPER HIGH VIBRATIONS that are beyond anything we had access to before. This is going to challenge human aspects/human physical bodies, as this is HOW THE PROCESS WORKS.

WE are here to BE NEW EARTH, to bring the physical reality into alignments through our highest existence by anchoring ALL OF THIS HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL LIGHT and encodements into our physical body structures, using our awesome REMEMBERED capabilities, gifts, knowledge TO FORM our HIGHEST Civilizations IN PHYSICAL FORM HERE.

Those of us who have access to all of this are sharing, are creating those spaces, holding them in place, uniting and making it happen through our own PURE existence here. We share for all of us, we open up the opportUNITY for all to do this too. The difference is that we don't wait for others to do this, WE HOLD REALITIES IN PLACE and as all are ready, they come forth, they step-up and they are ready on their own..... this is how all works. YOU BE the FOUNDATION, the WayShower, the ONE that IS LOVE, IS POWER, IS KNOWLEDGE and you figure out what your own roles are here. You start to step-up fully, you get on board, you contribute, play your part... and you will "arrive" in realities where this already exists too. Focus on your overall vibration first... then MOVE from there.

WE ARE ALREADY HERE..... This is a total re-creation from within. This is full alchemy, fully everything returned, by opening up, allowing, embracing and seeing your own limits, your own separation, your own everything and transcending all of this yourself from within.

The re-gridding we recently went through, the new access that has opened up for each, the "new assignments" have been released. I still have to write-up the information, as it's vast within itself, as is all. Each will experience reality exactly as they transmit out. We are jumping timelines huge now, daily and the magnificence and power that these bring is beyond. Yet no one gets access until they get over their own stuff, no one is granted access as long as the little self is still involved, no one receives fully until they fully step up and are fulfilling those roles as humans/purposes as souls and missions as Galactics..... yet, access has been granted to each who are DOING THE WORK inside and out simultaneously and fully stepping up and into their highest vibrational existence here.

Your inner world is for you to master, your outer world is too. Stepping into full POWER AGAIN, means you doing everything from inside first and observing the outside to see where you are not standing as your PURE YOU, FULLY EMPOWERED AS LOVE, SOURCE, CREATOR all of the time.

Sleep where called so that your physical body can upgrade in photonic light, so that you can become a GridKeeper/Gatekeeper here, so that you can anchor these higher realities now. When you awaken and your body/brain starts to come on-line again, when you have energy, then focus this intentionally, productively on what's truly important now. Let the little things go. What used to matter won't matter anymore. What truly matters will become visible as you start to SEE from the inside out and as you connect with the Gridwork of NEW Earth with your whole everything. Your existence is changing for you as you come to exist in much higher vibrational timelines now. ?

Love from me to you. More soon. I've got work-work to do (every day). It doesn't slow down, it just changes..... We raise our vibration to handle more, do more, be more, bring forth more, share more and are supported in every way as we do. ?



Gretchen 15th February 2017 9:56 am

Dear Lisa,

Your words resonate and stretch me. I so appreciate your information and it is has been very helpful for me these last couple of months. Please know that you are truly appreciated.


ShervinRafiie 15th February 2017 10:47 am

Thank you Lisa.

This truly resonated, i can feel the shifts taking place and the activation of latent memories and consciousness.

You are beautiful in every possible way.

So thankful for EVERYTHING.



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