Happy Galactic NEW Year - Blood Moon Full Lunar Eclipse

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

Cosmic Akash ~ Deep Inner-Matrix Constructs & Programming - Cosmic Heart StarGates BLAST OPEN

These are the harmonic and symphonic frequencies, activations and energies accelerating hugely every day.

I've never observed/experienced sooooo many StarGate Openings back to back, continual (we are in more all day again today/now)... floods and floods and waves of LIGHT... barely a break in-between (maybe a day or so), then more StarGates open, go full-blown, wide open and synchronization/tuning begins again. It's an acceleration process that's always "just beginning"... no with "no end" (upward spirals swirling about)....

We all shall continue to move higher and higher and higher in frequency bandwidths, as the old ones dissolve. The purposes? For all to move completely out of the old 3D/4D Matrix Realities.... the unconscious ones that ran on ego constructs, systems and programs of "agendas" and impurities, that each became complacent to, believed, blindly supported and allowed to occur/continue out of fear... which continually become visible for each to SEE and CHOOSE TO TRANSCEND fully from within.

Those unconscious matrix realities were held in each's cellular make-up... the linear structures/constructs that held those realities in place.... as they "go" (breakdown/dissolve/deconstruct), NEW ONES TAKE THEIR PLACE.

The matrix system your body (and reality) runs on, is either Crystalline or Carbon Based... each has very different realities (physical ones)... as the dimensions of physical Earth that each actually experiences is relatively proportionate to this.

This period we are in right now, it's beyond powerful and important for us all. It's as magnificent as we each embrace and allow.

Great Central Sun & Cosmic HEART GATES OPEN WIDE (Your inner Stargates Activating)

These "busting wide open" heart-gates are beyond beautiful to feel, experience and embrace.... yet not if we have any ego stuff "in the way". These "busting all wide open" means all that unconscious programming flooding forth .... it can catch you "off guard" (the point) and challenge the very fabric of who (you think) you are... (the point).

Burning Through Old Programming At Warp Speed

It's all coming up, every ounce of lack and where each gave their power away, where manipulation and everything that each "used to get by" with, let play out in those things we all call "realities".... becomes visible with every moment of NEW REALIZATIONS that provide each freedom (through committed decisions) not to keep playing out the that programming anymore.

ALL OF THAT ENERGY and FIRE... was "displaced"... For the ego aspect, this often emerges with a vengeance... the INNER DRAGON that you will learn to "tame", yet not by suppression, instead by conscious expression and learning to focus through creativity, beauty and purity.... working through sexual distortions, mothering/caretaking/saving distortions and lack/over-powering distortions like before...

Are You Ready For Mars Energy To Ignite Even More?

Root/Sacral clearings increase as we go. Death and Re-Birth Cycles increase too.... first very physical experiences, which is how the 3rd/4th Dimensions/Densities worked.... eventually just ENERGY UTILIZED TO INTENTIONALLY CREATE.... through full consciousness... AS EVERY MOMENT IS BIRTHING ANEW.


Floods Gates of everything OPEN UP to EXPERIENCE... you'll be SURPRISED at what you feel, see and becomes visible that was not visible before.

Yesterday was strong occipital lobe "work", where "how each sees" reality is "affected" as various parts of the brain, cerebral front cortex, pineal and other glands and pathways re-wire, open up, re-calibrate.... yes, your vision will go as your HIGHER MIND ACCESS changes..... as the Universal Corridors open up, as your neural pathways blast or poof open/remap as photonic light moves through your brain.... as heartbeats can be felt as Universal/Gaia synchronization occurs within your body...... Your heart will explode and about beat out of your chest at times, as your LightBody awakens further and bio-electrical stimulation moves through your physical body to open up those "pain centers" to tingle/go numb and start to FEEL and release where all of that programming was held.... for eons of existences were "housed" in your every cell.

How Do We Know These Things? We Just Do...

It's a part of our own Remembering, our own Experiences, our own Pure Source Knowledge/Intel/Wisdom/Knowing/Understandings/Visions/Seeing (whatever words you want to use), where we gain access AGAIN to, from within, as OUR OWN VEILS DISSOLVE and we all open up to the vastness of infinite everything available as we "complete" various purification processes... meaning our bodies, our lives, our relationships, our jobs, everything that we have, do... OUR ENERGY and what we hold/transmit out.... our Light Quotient and how much we BECOME our highest aspects/Pure SOURCE LIGHT here.... and how fast our bodies can integrate these mega-wattage, off-the-charts, ultra-high-cosmic-ray-frequencies that activate 24/7 now each day.

Increasing Akashic Wipes Of Our Templates Will Increase

Which means many things.... MEMORY DATABANKS being completely wiped in large chunks, more than ever before. This will challenge each's ego aspect, as there is still this "trying to hold on" or "recall" that which "needs to go". This unhinges all of those emotions, it also clears the hold that had on you and the hold you had on all.... it means that ENTIRE REALITIES will go in one fell swoop.... let it go... you don't need that anymore. You will have to LEARN ALL NEW WAYS of how to function, how you process thought energy, emotional energy and function through your every day, which requires more down-time, sleep/rest for your body to break down linear constructs and re-construct differently, repairing/rebooting and regenerating, for your body to hold MORE LIGHT. The crystals in your body (Crystalline Structure) is "built" over "time". Patience and accepting that things are going to be very different than they were are KEY here.... otherwise your ego resistance will initiate suffering through a process that can be Simple and Easy, if you allow it to be and SURRENDER the resistance and allow your own higher states of consciousness to "take over" for you.... You will know when this happens and what to do. Trust and honoring is KEY.... ♥

The Perception And Illusion Of "Time"

"time will appear to speed up" for those who still exist in time, or slow down for all to "hit home" and a black hole/void to open up.... until each transcends "time" as a "thing" a construct of limits to race against and realizes that "time" is an illusion that we CONTROL, when we slow down/stop/pull away and go deeeeeeeep inside to re-connect, where time ceases to exist.... and from here, this space, this place... ZERO POINT FIELD... THIS is where we function from, from WITHIN THIS SPACE and how fast we move, how slow we move, how fast our brain goes or how slow, to SYNCHRONIZE our whole body and move all together, in UNISON...then "time" no longer applies... and we become the Quantum Field of Consciousness. Functioning from within and beyond "time" means that you FLOW THROUGH ALL as ONE.

The Cohesion Field

This is beautiful to experience in our daily lives.... the more in-tune you are, the more in-tune everyone and everything is, the more aligned, the more cohesively all flows.... the more UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS PRESENT... the less DUALITY is allowed to present.... It's important for each to be fully conscious of their own energy, their thoughts, their e-motions and bring their whole BEing into full alignment and keep it there for this to be a collective experience.

Death And Re-Birth Cycles Increase (Same As Resurrection And Being Reborn)

The words don't matter... the understanding and experience does, as this dictates "how" we go through these processes ourselves.

As we each recognize these as "cycles" of continual "death of old ego constructs and programming" for re-birth of our new to occur, then we actually EMBRACE and GET EXCITED and PARTICIPATE AS LOVE.

After Re-Birth, There Is A Maturation Process For Each/All

Our playful Star-Being doesn't want to "leave" this phase, yet at some point, all will. It's a part of becoming the NEW EARTH INFRASTRUCTURES and NETWORKING SYSTEMS, with each stepping further into their highest purposes/roles here. This will occur for each in their own reality. It's up to each one of us to learn how to play, create and accomplish all simultaneously, while honoring ourselves and each fully, where support is not what we seek, it's the foundation that we create from, where everyone is supported by the "fruits of our labors" if you will. (Notice labor/birthing references)... and abundance "fruits"... gotta love metaphor realities!

A Carbon-Based Cellular Body/Reality Will Experience "Harsher" Than A Quantum Crystalline Plasma Lightbody/Reality Will

This is REALITY.... and how all works on a multi-dimensional level now. Intentionally stop, open your heart, relax your mind/body and expand your consciousness yourself, in order to SEE and shift your own Experience. This is how all works. The harder you "work" the denser the dimension. Yes we work here, yet it's from a different place/space. It's on a Quantum Level, non-linear, flowing energetically, vibrationally and in every dimension simultaneously, accomplishing "at the speed of Light", because we don't hold the programming of excuses, wanting it done for us or waiting for anything to push us, because we challenge ourselves... it's a much easier experience, because it's all ENERGETIC.

Ours is to RECOGNIZE THIS "Growing Up as Universal/Cosmic BEings" as an important part of the process as well.

These phases/dimensional timelines bring infinite REWARDS/RETURNS (Vibrational Responses) and our highest vibrational Soul Aligned Dreams and Desires, through Purity... to live out in our every day reality/worlds. We will each do this part ourselves, until we are completely ready to unite and share on a whole new level, where separation/ego does not come into play anymore, because we are uniting to constantly anchor much higher consciousness realities here together. This is where all are full partners, fully invested, fully responsible and pulling their own "weight", contributing in every way that matters.... it's beyond BEAUTIFUL to experience. We still play, in every moment, inside and as we flow. WE just do it differently.... much differently than before. ♥

These Frequencies Make All Felt More

.. so that you can SEE what's heavy, what aligned, what's not. So that you can CHOOSE and RELEASE "faster".... for your body and reality to "Lighten Up"/Shift..... ..

Increasing Gravitational Fields Shifting Stronger And Recalibrating Constantly Too

The GRAVITY of everything can be felt... literally... you will float, fly and feel freeeeeeeeeeeeeee as a bird, yet when contraction occurs, the heaviness of whatever energy is emerging for a physical release can be FELT.....

Photonic Realities

are completely different than 3D/4D realities were. Being in the UPPER LEVELS (5D and way beyond) now, means that anything of a 3D/4D Consciousness SCREAMS EGO and Unconscious Programming, where distortions in every way are VISIBLE (and mind-blowing too). The POLARITY TO THIS, is the amazingness of how fast all materializes now. We've been in "instant vibrations" for years, yet this makes that look like "child's play".... The Electromagnetic Fields transmitting all so strongly, powerfully and easily now.... as each is truly ready and holding their NEW REALITIES IN PLACE... they/we "pull them to us", by way of UTILIZING THE GRAVITATIONAL FIELD ON A QUANTUM LEVEL... recognizing everything that's distorted to quickly dissolve/resolve/obliterate, depending on the ENERGETIC FORCE APPROPRIATE and NECESSARY, to collapse entire ego-matrix programs the moment they present. We do not have a problem "dealing", as it's not our Ego, it's us as SOURCE, where all emanates from, was created from and where all shifts, when we are ready to shift all ourselves. As love...always... for us all. ♥

Uniting As Cosmic Family

...occurs as each is truly ready to emerge as LIGHT and drop the BS of the old and REMEMBER who they are. Challenging is an understatement when it comes to each one of us SEEING OURSELVES FULLY.... no sugar coating, no fake pretense, no hiding or making excuses and not dumping our stuff or projecting our stuff out on others anymore.... It's full accountability and responsibility for our energy and how we show up each day. To BE PURE LIGHT, understanding that we are always going to be clearing our old programming, yet HOW WE DO THIS changes....

AS COSMIC BEINGS, we are connected through our LIGHT... yet as long as each keeping hiding their LIGHT.... well, you do the math/figure it out.

REMEMBERING occurs in many ways, every time our heart/mind/whole body is completely open and fully tuned in from within, fully connected on a much DEEPER LEVEL.... from the DEPTHS of our SOUL and CORE of our BEing.... where we are Genuine and Pure in every moment, every exchange....

What Realities Do You Keep "Trying" To Hold Together Out Of Fear

These frequencies move deep through each's body to cleanse fears, anger, hurt, hate, repressed/suppressed and everything representing lack in every way. When these programs present to you, you have the power to recognize that it's just the ENERGY OF OLD PROGRAMMING surfacing for release. Breathe through it, don't belief, observe the stories you are telling yourself. It might take all day or a few days to break that heavy duty programming, so honor this and go focus your energy on something happy, productive, that contributes, while understanding that you can resolve/dissolve by holding a much higher state of consciousness while all clears. If it needs your full attention, then pull away and honor this. You do not have to be miserable anymore though.... you can do more than one thing at a time.... which is how multi-dimensionality works. Go clean, get out in nature, feet on the ground, go to sleep, go write, go volunteer.... do whatever helps you shift.

Lack Comes From Our Own Dis-Connected State... And Is Perpetuated By Our Own Beliefs

... to go deep inside and "make that connection" and hold it... in every moment and become PURE SOURCE LIGHT... with a physical body... and function in an actual physical reality that radiates back the infinite beauty, magnificence and abundance that we become....

Universal Vibrational Ripples And Waves Are Felt And Transmitted Out

As VIBRATIONAL REALITIES increase, your body will FEEL more. Everything will become POWERFUL ENERGY, as your body's consciousness awakens to reconnect with Gaia's Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness, Christed/God Consciousness. LeMUrian/Atlantean, Planetary/Cosmic Consciousness and more. ♥

There will be times when you cannot feel at all, feel "different", not "your" self (old you, as new you "moves in" more as Light), or when you feel "too much".

These powerful re-calibrations of magnetics work through everything and re-writing your entire make-up with all new everything, so be okay with each moment you experience, let go of the judgement and weather it with grace, love and kindness for yourself, while you transition out of Old Earth Realities to NEW Earth ones more.

These are processes, where every moment is different... no longer fixed or controlled. Emotions don't make you "weak", they are important, THEY OPEN YOUR HEART and release the old stuff for more LOVE TO FLOW OUT FROM WITHIN YOU.

It's important to embrace, honor and understand this, so that your head does not get all caught up in resistance energy that causes the energy to build until it blows or all breaks, which is just the mental/linear constructs and where all was held within...

Move through each experience with love.... stop making excuses, judging and getting defensive about something that is not personal. That's your ego. Your higher self/soul couldn't care less about all that stuff. What it cares about is UNITY ♦ CONSCIOUSNESS ♦ LOVE.

Keep embracing and making Magic! Abundant blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥



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