How Excited Are YOU For This Huge Eclipse Gateway Season?

This is an exciting "time" for all of HumaNIty... Eclipses that open more Portals and Gateways for us all! What a beautiful OPPORTUNITY for each, as the old Matrix programs become visible for Transcendence, all new emerges from within!

I've been observing the common "response" to planetary alignments, eclipses, solar activity and realized that "all of the warnings" of what is to come... it's all an Ego Matrix Program too.  The "warnings" by some of what to look out for, all creating hesitation and fear, when in essence, all is the OPPOSITE, as every Eclipse, every Planetary alignment, every Solar blast.... these are what EVOLVES EACH from an unconscious human (3D/4D) to a fully conscious one. Another Matrix game...

In observing these Eclipses, the ENERGY IS AMAZING, there is such EXCITEMENT and FREEDOM with each gateway/passageway that presents. Portals and portals and portals opening (heart/mind/whole body), releasing old conditioning, trapped/suppressed emotions and limiting mind constructs/belief systems..... all that each "waits for", to awaken through... to HAVE A MUCH HIGHER DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE here. 

Human ego matrix programs.... exacerbated by increased photonic light.

Conscious Cosmic Soul Star Being Connections here.... increasing every day, as each realizes and starts to LIVE their new truths....

What could be more beautiful? Each sharing, supporting and uniting through love, kindness and consideration, truly ready to BE NEW EARTHERS... in every way, no more hiding, holding back or succumbing to old programming, in any way?

DEEPER SOUL WORK... this is what the human ego fears. The "work" to resolve, dissolve, let go and fulfill highest Soul/Galactic/Avatar Purposes here. Really? Seriously? Look at the distortions that each is projecting out/living, every time they "fear" a planetary alignment occurring. 

What does COSMIC ALIGNMENTS and PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS mean? Truly, really? YOU are the entire Universe/Galaxies and the planets, SOLaris, Space... all inside, Gaia too. This means more of who you truly are is going to activate inside of you, and more of who you "are not" (ego matrix constructs) is going to become visible for you to transcend fully from within.

More connections on a Soul Level, where the DEPTHS OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE are visible, because you are wide-open and embracing the magnificence of NEW EARTH to fully EXPERIENCE in EVERY MOMENT here. 

More LIGHT, more BEAUTY, more magnificence, as you SEE what you could not see before and realize the amount of POWER you hold, just through PURE PRESENCE and never going small/unconscious ever again.

More LOVE, more kindness, more magical and amazing experiences, as you LIVE THE PURITY OF LOVE in your every exchange. 

More abundance, because lack was an old ego matrix construct program that each BELIEVED, SUPPORTED and PARTICIPATED in.... before... in 3D/4D.... which was just a level of (un)consciousness.....

More appreciation, more sharing, more prosperity through OPENNESS and each no longer hiding and UNIFYING/UNITING in all new ways. Inside first, then "out there", sometimes "out there" for a bit, to show each what's possible and available as each is truly READY for LIVING more of our highest vibrational realities now..... 

The HUMAN EGO MATRIX PROGRAM is to promote fear, warn, create stories of hesitation and "watch out".... when in essence, this whole EXPERIENCE is each's SOUL EMERGING from within, each CHOOSING to align their entire life on a Soul Level and EXPERIENCE THE PURE BRILLIANCE that's available now to each.....

This ECLIPSE PASSAGEWAY, as well as all, is an initiatory gateway.... DEEPER INTO EACH'S SOUL..... deeper into the OCEANS of VASTNESS and Cosmic Infinity, which is the most beautiful LIFE EACH CAN DREAM.... the "fear" is of each's ego realities, how backwards is that? 

"Don't trust, don't do this, be careful, urgent/hurry up".... all Ego Matrix's..... created and re-enforced by ego aspects unaware there are OPPOSITE REALITIES that are true, ALTERNATE REALITIES and TIMELINES available as each is truly ready to let completely go and surrender/dissolve/understand their own ego programs held deep within.

FREEDOM is from your own programming..... your old beliefs, your old limits, your old need to conform to whatever you convinced yourself of and used to believe, because of living in a 3D/4D frequency bandwidth that is gone.

EMOTIONS: The human aspect fears these, not realizing they are the GATEWAY to purity and only represent matrix programs held on a cellular level. Eventually these become "just ENERGY" that represented old stories of lack and need in some way.... and as they are allowed to clear the body, NEW IS BIRTHED through a profound LOVE that is sooooooooooooooooooo pure, human realities can't compare.

PHYSICAL PAIN is the body releasing matrix constructs/programs on a cellular level and where "unconscious" programming was held (from all existences), so it can raise it's vibration.... which the human ego aspect "fears" and tries to fix/control/fit into linear boxes, as well. Cellular/molecular re-configurations, which are a necessary and continual part of our multi-dimensional bodies. The pain will eventually go, as the ego emotions clear/cleanse fully and each is restored their own "original template", which continually upgrades/re-configures as we go.

CHANGES TO OUR LIVES are FOR us all. These are not a punishment or something to "dread". These are aligning all with your own SOUL. You did/are doing this, on a SOUL Level, Universal/Cosmic Level. As each UNIFIES on an OverSoul Level, all becomes visible here. When you don't trust, that's your EGO, you've gone unconscious/separated off inside again. It's your own Higher Self/Universe/Universal Self/Cosmic Self/God Self that your ego fears/doesn't want to listen to..... 

DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS: The human ego aspect seeks these, yet the moment a REAL one presents, all ego programming is "triggered" (activated), bringing up each's deepest "fears" (illusions of separation) and where the ego is strong, the human aspect will try to shut down/use protection mechanisms/pretend/avoid/not be SEEN..... all the JUDGMENT surfaces, for what? Why? Let that stuff go.... it's what binds each to old timelines and unconscious dimensional realities still..... 

DEEP INNER CONNECTIONS: Ours are PURE and there's no game playing (ego), the total opposite of the human ego matrix system realities.... this is a part of the Cosmic Akash Clearing that clears through INCREASED PHOTONIC ACTIVITY... which heightens emotions and exacerbates distortions.... ON PURPOSE... because NEW EARTH is PURE.... so to LIVE here permanently, PURITY is in everything we create, are and do.... every inner-action, every exchange.... 

The ego plays games, gets caught up in the ego matrix. It takes each observing their own ego to understand this, observing "human exchanges" to really truly see, what is fully conscious and what is not and then determine HOW TO BRING ALL into a higher state of Consciousness, which is how each as an Ascended BEing/Light BEing/Master BEing "does" realities here/now. This is YOUR REALity that you created and hold the entire programming to and the KEY (your Soul) unlocks (keycodes) where your own higher consciousness is "held" inside.... when your heart is TRULY FULLY OPEN, your mind will be too. 

Get excited. These Cosmic Rays/Frequencies and Photonic Light Activations are activating your highest dimensional aspects of YOU.... your soul, your galactic, your LeMUrian, your Atlantean, Egyptian, Angelic, Celestial for a whole new existence here. ♥

Remember, the human ego aspect fears what it can't control.... you don't need to control this, Organic Natural Evolution/Awakening of our Souls. You just have to be fully on-board (this ship!). Let's do this loves! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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