It's "Time" to DREAM Those Highest Vibrational Realities

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing!

As we move further through the illusions, dissolving the old dis-illusions and these powerful phases of multi-dimensional experiences, the beauty of what's available to all who are truly ready to step-up/forth and transcend the "conditioning" (limits) and dis-empowering old, becomes more visible as the Veils of Amnesia (fog) clears...

UNITING AS THE LIGHT KEEPERS means that each has REMEMBERED the infinite POWER that they HOLD, as each transcends their own Matrix Realities once held in place by each's "Level of Consciousness" (mentalities/emotions/beliefs), as the physical body is allowed to ascend, by way of natural support (sleep/rest/nature/alive food/fun/inner-connected states), all new "alternate" dimensions not visible before, actually physically appear.... peaceful energies, vibrant soft new colors/hues and beauty that inspires the heart/soul... and we realize how deeply asleep we all were before, which moves us into fulfilling our highest purposes and roles in assisting hUmaNITY with awakening through as much grace and ease as each will allow, because we understand what it takes to fully anchor Heaven on Earth into our physical here. 


A HUGE part of multi-dimensionality is "learning" to allow yourself to DRIFT & DREAM, listening to what you perceive as "imagination", to REALize that these are access to alternate/higher dimensional dimensions that are already real. Already real means that on a different, vibrational timeline, those realities have already occurred. Your human will discount or not-believe, because it seems "too far out there", which is called "the separation of time".  In order to anchor those REALities into your own physical experience, your every "moment" will be to achieve the overall physical vibration, with your body, with your life, which means that WITHIN YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE, you are DOing something to make it happen (activate it to occur), while sleeping enough to integrate your higher light consciousness fully, so that your body can start to reach the vibration where that reality already exists, and waits for you to truly and fully be ready for it! At first it's baby steps, then it's bigger ones, then it's Quantum Leaps, so get ready JUMP into your new realities, without the safety nets/mechanisms of your own ego-lack-mentalities, as you can over-ride those, if you go deep inside and expand to connect to your own higher states of consciousness instead.  

YOUR State of Consciousness Dictates Your Physical REALity

When you go small (contract), you re-enter an unconscious dimension/timeline/reality within you, therefore your "outside" will reflect this back. When you purposefully, consciously, intentionally STOP, SHIFT, EXPAND, no matter what is going on inside/outside, choose to bring peace and love through you, choose to let go of your own judgement, need to prove, worrying about what others say or do, trying to fit you/your realities into "those" boxes and CHOOSE LOVE, kindness, inner-power/respect as your own REALity/Experience.... your outside will continually shift to MATCH this vibrationally... it's all up to you and the dimensional frequency YOU TRANSMIT OUT....  as where you focus your attention/energy, this is what you create/allow for your own experience here.

FULL Surrender of Your Ego ~ Let Completely GOOOOO

... is necessary for your heart to open wide and for you to "learn" to trust, to be able to stay connected all of the time and not "fear" or resist these evolutionary processes that are important for all now. Identify your resistance (e-go), your fears, your hesitation, your own judgments, your excuses, your lack of trust, lack of listening, lack of openness & caring, consideration, respect for yourself and realize that the MOMENT YOU SHIFT and allow yourself to fully connect from deep within (BE), the moment all can start to re-align for you, to experience all through ease and flow again. Once/as you Master the ABILITY TO JUST BE (stay connected from inside), you will learn to be able to function from this place/space within you, so that you can "take your new multi-dimensional access" everywhere you go, which dictates your actual dimensional experiences & exchanges here. 

What are you actually DOing?

Full integration of immense photonic light is a huge part of our process here, yet we still have to learn to function in the physical, while anchoring all of that light within us, which can make it challenging for our human aspect for awhile. A huge part of Multi-Dimensional Quantum Existence, is learning how/when to pull away, sleep/rest/honor our bodies & fields, then getting up to focus our energy, accomplish and "do" that which is vibrationally aligned on a SOUL Level each day. Because of the heaviness of photonic light when it's activating within our bodies, our bodies need more down time than "before". This does mean adjusting our schedules and learning to adapt to all new lifestyles to maneuver the huge transition phases that are always occurring, while our physical is realigning to match our new vibrational frequency that we've achieved through full integration daily too. Our human aspect WASTED energy, which equates to "time" (and physical world abundance too), got caught up in the E-MOTIONS OF drama, stories, blame and ego-victim/survival games, as well as all the other Matrix Programs too. We didn't understand that our ENERGY was our PURE SOURCE LIGHT and that if we waste this, what we invest it in, spend it on (notice all the words used?), then this would determine our actual physical abundance AND abilities to support/be supported, other than just "getting by", because we were not conscious, we did not get it, we did not love and respect ourselves/our energy and/or the Energy of others, their investments/contributions, as on a human (ego) level, we took all for-granted, had "expectations", were not willing to put forth the effort it takes to anchor our highest dimensional realities here. Our human "waits" for things to change, waits for portals to open, waits for things to happen "for them", while our highest aspects can see/understand what it takes for us to "make things happen" and is not sitting around waiting for anything to happen anymore. p.s. With your LightBody, you will always be able to "DO" more, accomplish more, share more, awaken more, affect more... as love.  Honor your integration process, as it's for us all! ♥

You are the WayShower, the Game Changer, the ONE you've been waiting for... 

You are also the one that chooses to let the old realities go, otherwise they will continually be knocking at your door to see if you keep opening that door (portal) to bring them through to your current reality again and again and again..... until you reconnect with your own self-love/self-respect and decide that you DESERVE MORE than the unconscious realities you were playing in and kept allowing before.  Shine shine shine your Light like never before! Blind them ALL as LOVE! (and keep saying no to that which is unable to easily and fully align with your Soul). ♥

Every One of Us Had/Have to Transition our Lives

I remember having to choose my Soul's Purposes, and how challenging it was to relinquish my human-ego realities, in order to fully embrace my NEW Earth ones. It wasn't easy at the time, because it meant letting go of every safety mechanism I had in place to trust in the "Invisible Realms". There comes a moment (sometimes many of them), where we have to become fully conscious and accept that all is going to change (without our control) and determine that we are truly ready for ALL  NEW to be our new way.... so that we can transition over, to cross that Rainbow Bridge into magical and amazing realities, that our 3D/4D (Consciousness) Realities were not capable of. Many of us convinced ourselves that we were happy, without realizing we were not. Be okay with change, as it means that your entire reality is ready to be transformed through the POWER and PURITY of LOVE!  When I truly opened up to that magical place inside of me, then magic became my "new" reality! It was a huge struggle for so long, because my ego was so deep/strong. All of those e-motions held the stories in place, yet as I was truly ready to let go and fully feel, then the hold all had on me dissipated and PURE PEACE came through instead. ♥



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