Multi-Dimensionality Will Not Make Linear Sense

Multi-Dimensionality Will Not Make Linear Sense, Yet You Do KNOW All Inside

This is about an EXPERIENCE that must FULLY Open Your Heart & Mind 

Multi-Dimensionality encompasses every aspect of your life, every aspect of your BEing, of your Realities. Every breath, every experience, everything that you think and do, everything that you feel is a part of your multi-dimensional experience. Understanding all means that your mentalities and beliefs must shift, your energy and vibration must shift, your mindsets, your practices, your focus, your words, your everything. You are not on a single dimension earth anymore. In order to actually understand, you must open up completely, in absolutely every way. Your entire life and everything in it, your physical body, your relationships, your work, your family, your physical things will be "affected" by your own multi-dimensional EXPERIENCE that you are in RIGHT NOW.

As the VIBRATION of our Multi-Dimensional Earth continues to rise substantially and consistently (off the charts), as our atmosphere continues to merge with "outer" space, as our Galactic Regions merge with this one here, as our Earth continues to evolve its consciousness, awakening and clearing/cleansing all that is/was unconscious too, your physical bodies are being activated in the most immense and "silent" (or not so silent for "intense" "It's Time To Wake up NOW" awakenings). Your Kundalini has been activated (your entire life), yet for some, there is a "point" where "bigger" (and even spontaneous) awakenings occur to "catapult" many into a whole new reality that appears both foreign and is known, all at the same time. There is a familiarity, a knowing and a connection and trust that can't logically be explained, triggering an obsession to know more, to gather information/intel(ligence) in a multitude of ways. This "gathering" is an activation that continues for weeks/months (and for some even years). This is an activation and opening of your own Higher Consciousness. It takes you into the "perceived" bizarre and what's humanly considered weird. Many often try to "hide" this side for awhile, because of the judgement they hold. Yet there comes a point that BEING true to you, being more of WHO YOU REALLY ARE outweighs caring what others think of you. Your happiness, your freedom, your joy and your CONNECTION become most important because you've awakened your Spirit/Soul inside and you are changing inside.

This "newness" is both scary (ego) and exciting (awakening Higher Self/Soul). You are driven to know and connect more. You are not quite sure how this fits into your reality/world, yet your old world doesn't "fit" like it once did anymore. You start to desire more, yet your old is what you perceive as "safe". Your ego keeps wanting to hold on and play in the "I'm not enough, I'm not sure, I don't have enough, I can't, I need to know first" games. Yet there is a part of you that is ready, a part of you that just wants to break free and jump, to explore this silent connection that brings forth the feeling of HOME. 

In order to be happy, you have to open up to express you, to break away from the old and seek more that activates/awakens/speaks to you. You might try to discuss with others, yet they don't quite understand. Part of the reason is because you don't have the words to explain what you don't quite understand fully yet. You might scurry to the internet to research and even find others who might "get" what you are experiencing inside, in your dream state and other aspects of your life. You are excited once you see so many others "get this too"! It's exciting, inspiring and triggers the "need" to connect with others who "speak weird" too. 

You start exploring different ideas, options, possibilities, yet your human aspect doesn't quite trust or believe fully yet. Your human aspect will always talk you out of things, try to convince you or bring your doubts in, because let's face it, at first "stepping/jumping" into the "unknown" appears scary, because there are no "sure things", no "safety mechanisms", there's no "proof" that is tangible. All you have are these feelings and thoughts, these desires to EXPERIENCE your NEW Realities that you didn't even know existed before.

This is the journey of the newly awakened. Some "new something" all along the way, others had no clue at all. It technically does not matter, because human knowledge is not what matters here. It's all about how open your heart is, how open your mind is, how much light you hold/embody and your abilities to incorporate multi-dimensionality into your "now world". It's about your own inner-connection, your listening, your seeing, your returning and remembering what you forgot/lost as you entered the Realms of Unconsciousness/Amnesia and lived a life in a forgotten state and your new found excitement at a World that you didn't consciously know existed before. 

The journey/path is "getting" there/here. It's a constant transition out of old realities into new. It's mind-blowing realizations, epiphanies, synchronicities and awarenesses that you didn't have before your Consciousness awakened inside of you. It's something your human can't quite explain yet, while inside needs no words to explain at all. Inside everything is understood, so you start to pull away more from "that outside world" to connect with an "inside world" that has access to other dimensions that are not always visible to others, which is how multi-dimensionality works. 

As your body and realities start to do things that your human (wants to but cant') doesn't get to control, strange and bizarre become your norm for awhile as you acclimate and adjust to a new reality that eventually and non-linearly "materializes" in your physical in what human aspects call magical and miracles, yet your higher dimensional aspect of you already knew existed, because "that reality" already existed. Your human aspect didn't have access vibrationally or physically before. Now you have a human aspect (ego) and a higher self and the journey of opening up to ask/listen/honor becomes a full-time experience as well. There's a new obsession with being alone, with "meditating" (connecting) and the euphoria and physical sensations of expanding your consciousness can be off the charts. "That" is more exciting and "real" than the old outside world once was. What the hell is happening? OMG... 

What used to be, is no longer interesting, and the "void" spaces in between dimensional shifts are not comfortable for awhile. You are clearing eons of distortions, discordant frequencies and programs that were housed in your cells. These "memories" are of your human experience as well as "other realities" not of this physical one too. Now, you've got one foot in an old world (Old Earth) and one foot in an intriguing one that "appears" to be unknown (NEW Earth). For awhile you straddle a fence, just trying to hold on to some semblance of what you perceived as reality because your sanity is all over the place at times. You start to feel all kinds of things, your thoughts are all over the place too. Your body needs quiet, alone and more sleep, while your human is having a fit, that space inside of you is growing bigger and bigger...

These changes, you didn't figure all of these into "reality" when your human was planning your "life". Your body needs to be a certain way, your reality does too and there are all of these human-created expectations and "rules" of what is appropriate, that no longer apply to your NEW Earth world. 

You are challenged with making decisions, with "choosing" between the physical and what you hold in your heart/Soul. There is often inner conflict (the battle between your ego/head and your higher-self-heart-Soul. This is your duality, your transition and it's beyond challenging when your new reality doesn't align with your old. This is the path of the awakening Soul, re-aligning your realities with what's not visible or even often acceptable to others because the "test" is to see which aspect you will allow to rule/run your Reality/Universe/World. The test is a constant initiation process for your human aspect, to see which DIMENSION/EARTH you will choose to live on/in, as your choice activates a vibrational transmission to materialize the reality that MATCHES your transmission/choice/decision/belief.

You didn't realize that multi-dimensionality meant that your body, physical reality and entire perception of what is REAL would have to go through so much. Your physical reality on Old Earth might have seemed perfect at some point, yet that was an illusion too. "That" was a reality aligned on a human-level and that's not the reality that is able to sustain. Every reality must be fully RE-ALIGNED with highest consciousness Unity-Love to align with your SOUL so that you can ANCHOR Heaven on Earth/NEW Earth in your physical too.

You didn't realize how much of your energy and work it would take on your (human) part to EXPERIENCE the magic, abundance and amazingness that's available through Physical Body Ascension and on NEW Earth. You didn't fully realize how much of your old was not aligned on a Soul level, because you "thought" and believed other things you "thought" were true.... yet all of that "changes" as multi-dimensionality becomes a REAL PART OF YOUR NEW REALITIES/WORLD.

Full consciousness ENDS SUFFERING, it ends duality and lack. Old Earth programs dissolve as your ego does and UNITY-LOVE-CONSCIOUSNESS "takes its place". As you RETURN and REMEMBER through your heart, your DNA accelerates re-programming of your every cell inside of your body, which in-turn re-programs your physical reality too. 

How the/our human aspect perceives REALity is through a "limited" (fractaled) lens that doesn't have access to the full picture of how all truly is. The entire human experience/experiment serves many purposes that have nothing to do with what the human aspect "thinks". The entire awakening process is a "proving" process where each works through all SEPARATION held within. It's each awakening to their own SOUL and the infinite aspects/realities available to each as their own ego is dissolved fully from within. This dissolution process can be "painstaking" because it challenges everything we sought to become/achieve on a human level that technically does not matter on a Soul level at all. Everything must fully be re-aligned on a much higher dimensional plane of consciousness for the physical to materialize/respond with a vibrational match. We must "prove" that we can be "trusted" not to separate off into human-ego anymore, that we will always come from Unity-Love and our highest state of consciousness, no matter what occurs in our physical reality or no matter what our "little human ego" wants. 

As we "prove" and re-connect within, as we HOLD LIGHT, we begin to EMBODY that which used to float around in our own FIELD. As we reclaim our Divine Essence, our Purity, our Infinite Everything, as we stand as the EXAMPLE of what Highest Consciousness Multi-Dimensionality IS, our entire physical reality RESPONDS to support/match our "new" vibration, once we ARE it, once this is HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES in every moment/every way. 

Our HUmanity must return, as we "lost" this when we "fell from Consciousness", incarnated/walked in to "lower dimensional Unconscious Earth", as we lived human lives in frequency bandwidths where our bodies held density/separation and stopped our access to highest consciousness existence. "Finding" (Remembering) our HUmanity means that deeply buried/suppressed cellular re-connections must occur, which cannot as long as we are holding on to the lower vibrational beliefs/feelings/thoughts which "block" our access to REMEMBERING fully again. The vibration of Earth has raised high enough that the physical body now must RELEASE everything of a LOWER VIBRATION (Separation/programs/unconsciousness) that represents every existence, not just the human one visible here.

There is deep hurt, deep pain, deep guilt, deep shame, deep betrayal, deep judgment, deep blame, deep greed/self-preservation, deep everything suppressed in the carbon-based human body that must purity/cleanse/clear. Our human aspect avoids feeling this discomfort at all costs and going "against" the perceived "norm". Our ego (human aspect) "loves" to be the victim in every story, love to battle, prove and hold on. Our higher selves will step up and take responsibility and choose to move through these in order to transcend the separation they represent. Unification only occurs once the ENERGY has been fully released. This unification "Lightens" the density within the physical body vessel, allowing the cells to vibrate (Quantum Photonic Cells) in order to zoom-zoom/move freely, in order to vibrate the physical body into a higher (alternate) dimension than before. 

None of this is a process that our linear human-ego minds can consciously create or control. Every bit of multi-dimensionality is a Heart-Higher-Mind-Soul Experience that is achieved through a deep sacred inner connection of BEing that emerges/comes forth from within us as we ALLOW our LIGHTBODY/CONSCIOUSNESS/ENERGY BODY to "take over" and we live as PURE ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS again.  

At first, when ITS TIME to step up and "come out of the "Spirit(ual) closet" to embrace these new realities,  this can challenge everything that we judge. Yet as all do, this entire new world of awesomeness, magic, amazingness, freedom (and other multi-dimensionals) appear for us to experience as much as we are "ready" to. The more we "choose" our multi-dimensional Earth existence, the more awesome all becomes. This doesn't mean that every moment is magical along the way, because it is not. It will be the most challenging experience FOR YOUR HUMAN ASPECT (EGO) that you've ever done. Your highest aspect of you though, as you allow it, will know everything that you need to know. Your purest aspect of you won't betray you or keep re-creating those unconscious karmic loop cycles for you to keep experiencing anymore. Beauty, bliss, happiness, kindness, compassion, harmony, abundance and a whole reality of "others" emerge too.

Then you begin the journey of re-connecting with others who are honoring their Soul's chosen experience here too. You will "go through many" as your human dissolves karmic/unconscious programming to return to/anchor your highest dimensional timeline realities in the physical here. In and out of each other's lives for awhile, because you are TUNING your realities to a higher one and each exchange shows you what you HOLD and are transmitting out to RETURN AN EXPERIENCE for you. Your purest aspects call forth your highest vibrational timelines to experience here. Your every act of kindness, generosity, caring, respect and love from that deeply-Soul-connected place within you will "call forth" (materialize a physical reality to match what you are already BEing and DOing as your highest consciousness aspects of your SELF. 

Your Quantum Body, your Quantum Existence, your Quantum Light has access to ALL. The veils dissolved, you breathe CONSCIOUSNESS and affect all as LOVE. You are open to sharing, to supporting, to contributing, to getting your hands dirty to "do the work", you are dedicated to an EXISTENCE of NEW EARTH for all of HUmanity and you REALize that YOU are the gift, you are the ONE, you are the difference through your pure divine Essence and your own Actions that transmit across every dimension-timeline-reality simultaneously to activate all to "arrive" as you vibrate into that "dimension" (timeline/reality, whatever word you like to use). You finally got it, because you stepped through and beyond the illusory programs that used to play and tried to "stop you" from the amazingness of NEW EARTH. You finally CHOSE in EVERY MOMENT --- NEW EARTH Realities over Old. You finally were ready, open and committing you and all that you are/have to what we all came here to experience as our highest states of full Consciousness Existence. You finally were ready to let go of your fears, beliefs, mentalities, attachments to the old illusion called Old Earth. ♥

Let go of your "fears" (and doubts) of what is to "come". Do everything you can to open your heart fully, open your mind fully and ALLOW the higher realms to emerge from within you, so that NEW Earth can become VISIBLE to you, so that you can EXPERIENCE the subtle, profound, magical'ness, amazingness that your ego mind can not see/experience. Embrace the NEW with all that you've got/are and constantly CHOOSE your Earth through your own dedicated and focused ENERGY and actions to fully anchor this in your own Physical Reality too! ♥

I love you. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼



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