"New" Access to Our "NEW" COSMIC Sun

First let me say, that it took me awhile to "see" what all was. Around the 10/10 (Divine Alignment date, as well as many other things, setting off a "chain" of Cosmic Gateways through the rest of our 2018 linear year....), we got "whammied" with frequencies and tones that I'd not heard in a really long time, yet to a magnitude that exceeded the depth of what we'd activated to/through before... my words to a new assistant.. "These are going to "hurt"... these go deeeeeeeeep, unaware that that mean "me too", to the degree that it did. Normally, I am just aware... not this time though.... 

First a barrage of 2222 Codes, a massive blast of every crystalline, every cosmic ray, every nervous system, every neural network, our immune system... everything got whammied with these. These are "veil removals" beyond veil removals... as well as everything else.... The loudest, clearest frequencies... overtook my whole body/head... and continued and continued and continued blaring the clearest signals ever.... I knew this was a biggie... and remembered writing a few weeks back of what was coming.... 

First my voice went, then straight into my breathing and head (2222 does this). I had to teach/hold a 12 hour event the next day... and I was getting knocked on my butt.... so off to bed I went, "hoping" and speaking to my Universal/Cosmic Light Body to get me through, please... and I went to sleep, the furthest traveling I've ever done/gone... so far beyond galaxies... it's like I was outside all galaxies.... and "coming back" was just as heavy... it took me forever to come back into my body fully... and gain my bearings for where I was... when this was... who I was... no semblance of any comprehension of "this reality".... then back out I went.... 

Now, all through the years, will all of the activation on a SOULar level, the activation of my/the Great Central Sun, through the Galactic Core many linear years ago... this time, was through both of these.... SOULaris, the Great Central Sun, the Galactic Core and to the Cosmic Sun... the POWER OF THIS IS IMMENSE... and words can't touch/express... 

My early years, when my body became the Sun, hearing/experiencing Solar Activity in "real time" as it occurs... this puts that to shame. And that dominated my reality... this... well, I'm still figuring out how to function and experience these Cosmic SUN Codes that are activating off the charts in my brain 24/7 non-stop and barely letting up. It's about acclimating so I can function again, in all new ways... 

I held my event and the last few hours were intense. I'd drained my physical LightBody of my own Life Force/Chi and depleted every ounce of me, to pass out and honor my body's need to rebuilt, replenish and do what it needed to do. My head exploding (I went through this early years with my Universal Mind coming online. At that time, that was intense, cranial expansion, mouth/teeth/brain expansion, like my head was in a vice grip and nothing brought relief... so I learned to adapt and handle it until it passed.... then when my neural pathways/Universal Corridors of my brain started to open up (2010-2013), my brain exploding, literally, with plasma bursts.... was a whole new experience.... which eventually concluded after my "Eye of Horus" opened, all ancient centers opened, with the words "You are about to become the Sun, you'll be fine" and one final explosion went off, taking everything I had to get through it in a surrendered state, not bringing fear in to inner-fear with the process that needed to complete. Since then, it's been all kinds of other things.... where neural plasma bursts have become the daily norm and "no biggie", as they represent/assist with multi-dimensional existence, fulfilling our highest purposes, as a part of our DNA Evolving ...  until this last week.... 

My brain firing off massive plasma bursts and frequencies that just can't be described... around the clock, 24/7.... with such POWER.... day after day.... two days ago, I couldn't do anything, so I got back in the bed and I slept and I slept and I slept... and when I awoke, my whole body had completed the tuning process.... and I felt better.... while the plasma energy continues.... still not aware of "what this was", yet I've learned to "wait" until I do... sometimes it takes a week or two... and that's okay... I share it as I know... and I'm sure more info is coming and I'll share it as is appropriate too.

So, here's a little... THIS IS THE/OUR COSMIC SUN (a "new" Sun, if you will) .... which is "way beyond" the Great Central Sun and Galactic Core and is "reached" through both of those/comes through both of those... from within each one of us, through our own multi-dimensional cosmic portals that we hold inside... and open/activate as/when it's our vibrational time. 

These release COSMIC SUN CODES for the/our Cosmic SOULAR LightBody, which is a far advancement from our other LightBodies (for me, after Avatar and Photonic LightBody/Embodiment). There is a progression that occurs with our Higher Consciousness DNA through various LightBody Levels:

  • Universal LightBody/Rainbow DNA
  • Crystalline LightBody DNA
  • Great Central Sun DNA
  • Galactic Core DNA
  • Original Template Restoration DNA Distortions Cleared/Earth 3 Opens up
  • Purity Consciousness Template 
  • Cosmic Diamond Rainbow LightBody DNA/Template
  • Cosmic Kundalini July 2017
  • Cosmic Heart 1/1/2018
  • Cosmic Womb 3/31/18
  • Cosmic Mind/Brain 10/10/18 - now... (we are still undergoing these immense upgrades/codes).... 

Now, obviously, there is SOOOOOOO much more, yet for now... I'm keeping it simple. The immensity of this.... and yet we are still DEEPLY integrating... 

I "knew" something was up when my calendar shifted and "cleared" for the whole week of the previous commitments I would have had... they got "moved"... this always happens when we are going to be "down for the count". A couple of weeks ago, my schedule cleared for 4 days. Every "time" I "think" I'm going to get tons of service work done, I'm flat out... and Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper duties always come first.... 

We've reached COSMIC SOULAR EARTH... this is a part of our 12D template progression that continues to accelerate through the December Gateways, where a completion cycle occurs. This whole October has been a transition phase as well. We are re-experiencing a 3D/4D Drop-off, just as we did individually many linear years ago, with the 2012 Gateway. Yet, this cycle is entire frequency bandwidths and everything in it... on a collective level this time.... 

I will share more as we go as to how this affects all on a cosmic/multi-dimensional/physical level as well. Anytime we go through this huge of an upgrade/up-Leveling, it takes us awhile to re-acclimate and get to where we can function at our mega-quantum rate.... 

The depth, power and clarity of these cosmic tones and frequencies, the "punch" that they pack is immeasurable.... I can see "new clarity" coming "fast and furious" in all new ways, I can see old lower frequency bandwidths just being obliterated/falling away.... all that "held" the old together... going.... for Higher Consciousness to step in and "take it's place". 

We are in the vibrations of RE-FORM and bringing forth "the new" ... more than ever. We are in vibrational frequency bandwidths where each's HUmaNITY emerges, and caring about each other and our Earth Gaia takes precedence over the "rules" and "systems" of the decrepit old.... 

The "days" of trying to adhere to ways that don't support the uplifting and support of each other... just because "someone" said... won't be okay anymore... You won't be able to idly sit on the sidelines and pretend anymore.... and you won't want to.... You won't be able to ignore injustice and that which destroys the LIGHT that is the SOUL of ALL.... you will actually CARE from a whole new place... because if you don't, you'll be the one affected... it won't be "someone else" anymore....

In place of the old, is our NEW... our NEW Earth... our NEW World... birthed, nurtured, grown and released into the world to touch the lives of all as LOVE... the innovations, ideas and knowledge that can FREE all... supported and shared.... as more start to truly REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND.... and become an important part of our NEW EARTH NETWORKING SYSTEMS.... The Star BEings, the Crystal Children/Crystalline/Christed Lights, the Rainbow Love Warriors, the Ambassadors, Emissaries, the PURE ONES holding the CODES for HUmanity with every breath...  Do not fool yourself into "thinking" you are the only one or just a few.... WE are EVERYWHERE... and as more step up/step forth to UNITE... we form the NEW TOGETHER... as the Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers.... the Bridgers... the Stabilizers.... the Embodiers... the Councils... incarnate/in physical form here... on this multi-dimensional ever-evolving Earth... from all other places/spaces/existences/galaxies/planets/solar systems... here. ♥

What's next? Stay Tuned... as it's ALWAYS MORE AWESOME than it was "before".... ☼ Keep looking UP.... keep stepping up... keep leveling up.... shifting up.... it's important for us all. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Toni 20th October 2018 6:33 pm

Cool, a 3 sun level up... Hot stuff. First wave in the 90's it was a 2 sun thing.

1 x sun = planetary, physical, body, Ra
2 x sun = galactic, thought, mind, Alcyone
3 x sun = universal, feeling, heart, Soularis

1 x 2 x 3 = Soul...from this human perspective of integration.

It started raining here the night of the 10:10 & since we have only had 2 days of sun. The lineup up is creating the new level of polarity integration.

Your connections are interesting for me as I've had Soularis centred within my solar plexus chakra for quite a while now...its my only chakra that's not a faceted crystal.

I have a big 6 digit clock and 22:22:22 has been connecting lately...I like 2 get seconds synchronized also. 2 synchronize with people on a physical level. I love going out & running into friends... unless it's synchronized 2 the second though I would miss them. A mere minute can put me in a totally different location.

:smitten: Cheers from Oz.

Toni 22nd October 2018 12:22 am

What does the soul have to do with light? To me light fits into the 2 sun, mind, thought level of the equation. Thoughts or data from a Galactic perspective travel in light packets. From a Physical perspective I can't see a dang thing without light. Light is also akin to truth because when there is light nothing can be hidden.

I don't understand the next statement...the light destroying the soul?


DNA cannot level up 3 suns to a state of bliss if it contains anger or grief. The grief & anger will only keep amplifying.



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