September - December 2020 Quantum Energy Focus

Releasing the Old Earth Gridding Systems from Our Body Templates and Fields
  • Physical Body Purification Processes, Clearings and Upgrades
  • Whole Body Gridding Systems and Templates
  • Embodying NEW Earth Consciousness
  • Linking up to Gaia's, Crystalline, Plasma, Universal, Cosmic and Galactic Energetic Gridding Systems and Templates
  • Everything must clear the body first (and completely)
  • September will have a focus, then October will progress to the next stage, November will progress the next phase and December will be a massive completion month.... (4 month template restructuring process in vibrational alignment with all things NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS)
  • Increasing Photonics, Cosmic Rays, Gamma Frequencies and Solar Flare/CME Activity intentionally "target" (accelerate) DNA re-writes as a part of each's Galactic-Soul Agreement for Service Role Fulfillment as PURE DIVINE LOVE here
  • Free-Falling (this correlates differently based upon dimension)

*** For those working through their own Expanded Consciousness/Deep Soul Connection, this will make sense. For those "new to these parts", be patient, open up to listen/trust/honor/respect/allow your own Energy/LightBody/Higher Self/Source Consciousness from deep within you and "get out of your head" about everything. Tune INTO your own Body's Consciousness to FEEL and Shift to a much more expanded space from within you too. 

These next several months are beyond important and relative to all of the next phases that come after this. Since everything is progressional, certain phases must be completed with our whole Body and Fields Templates and Systems, before moving onto the next phase and the next and the next....

To fully comprehend that all is HELD/HOUSED within the physical body and maintained by what each ENERGETICALLY hold, allow and transmit out through each's own energetic reality and field, brings all new awareness for each, as to how all works on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level, as all is ENERGETIC, which is how physical realities/experiences take on all new meaning too. Virtual Realities are included in this, as they play a part of each's holographic reality and what affects each's Morphogenic reality/experience/field).

NEW EARTH IS A LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS that we all LIVE from THROUGH our own inner-connected CONSCIOUSNESS from deep deep deep within. As we live/experience from this sacred place/space inside, our entire REALITY/EXPERIENCE links up via an immense intricate energetic gridding system so that all within our own Expanded EXPERIENCE BECOMES NEW EARTH TOO.

This INTRICATE ENERGETIC GRIDDING SYSTEM is often referred to as a matrix, lattice or grid. This immense lattice/grid/matrix is a part of deeply intricate systems that all inner-link together, via an energetic webbing system, creating an entire MASSIVE TEMPLATE SYSTEM that operates/works/functions in conjunction with whatever dimension/version of Earth that each's WHOLE BODY CONSCIOUSNESS LINKS UP TO. This is Multi-Dimensional, completely NON-LINEAR in any way, therefore Multi-Dimensional Vision/awareness/expansion/perspectives are necessary to understand from a more expansive, heart-soul connected space that we occupy as we continually disconnect from the old and reconnect up to the gridding system of NEW EARTH, which is HOUSED WITHIN OUR OWN WHOLE BODY TEMPLATES AND SYSTEMS and activated by Light Frequencies that "speak" to Quantum Encodements in our 12-Strand DNA.

  • Old Earth was built upon, and held together by, a 3D Matrix Program and Systems that supported all realities "ego separation".
  • NEW Earth is built upon a whole new foundation, the building blocks of a whole new reality and core value system that looks nothing like Old Earth realities did. This is an intricate living breathing Template System that's created/built/held together byway of each LIVING THEIR HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS FULLY AND ALIGNING EVERY REALITY TO THIS...

The human ego aspect will judge all of this. WE all have to go/move beyond all of that. This takes deepening our inner connection to FEEL what's highest aligned, energetically appropriate and to honor a process that goes beyond the linear mindsets of 3D/4D. There is a whole body/being surrendering process that allows our bodies grids and neural networking systems to relax so completely that our body can "do this" without the disruptions and resistance that creates each's own inner struggle and eventually immense physical/emotional "pain". These even have very important purposes in releasing the deepest programming and distortions from the physical body so that Lightbody Tuning and re-calibration can occur. This is not a process to fear, resist or try to control ... as those energies are the ones the body is working hard to release so that it can raise it's vibrational frequency (atomic spin rate cycle) to one for the body to literally vibrate out of that dimension/timeline/frequency bandwidth and into one of pure peace, ease and love.

Every dimension has completely different TEMPLATES AND GRIDDING SYSTEMS that work/function very differently than the previous ones, with each even more intricate than the previous ones were. With the integration of Diamond Light Code Consciousness, Cosmic Rays/Rainbow Frequencies, Plasma Energies and more, the physical body goes through rigorous changes to bring it online with NEW EARTH FREQUENCY BANDWIDTHS via a linkage system that can only be viewed through each's own Lightbody Consciousness.

NEW EARTH Crystalline/Plasma Templates/Grids/Systems all function, co-exist and work cohesively together in Unison and Divine Harmony AS ONE. Because these are non-linear, they build upon a whole new ENERGETIC Foundation with all new structures and ENTIRELY NEW SYSTEMS aligned with NEW EARTH SYSTEMS AND CODES which are APPLIED/INCORPORATED by each and how each lives their own whole entire everyday life.

NEW EARTH "ENERGETIC BUILDING BLOCKS" create a WHOLE NEW FOUNDATION that becomes SOLID through Living Divine Energetics, Divine Harmonics and Divine Alignment throughout each's every NOW MOMENT day. Every moment presents infinite opportunities for each to choose to live/exist/function from a much higher (Pure) place and implement all new ways that create, support, assist and transition all over to ways that support humanity as a greater whole and through a PURE LOVE that can't be explained, only felt and experienced from deep within.

At first/for awhile, each gains access by way of what "appears" to be a "puzzle piece" (aspect of a multi-dimensional code), yet the "whole thing" is not visible/viable or available yet. This is because that's just ONE CODE of an immense LIVING TEMPLATE SYSTEM, where only one piece/code/fractal is activated vibrationally "at a time" until the new awareness/realization has been fully incorporated/applied,  which is what then activates the "next new code" to become available/visible for each to decipher/decode and apply to their own whole/entire life. This then activates the next and the next and the next, which can equate to several years for the WHOLE TEMPLATE/REALITY to come into fruition (solidify in the physical), as templates often take years to complete, as these are done through LIVING QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS. 

How "fast" all occurs is relative to QUANTUM (Energetic) "time-frames"/timelines if you will, which is an energetic response to "how many pieces and parts" have been united/merged (brought into ONENESS) and held together in place for the holographic photo/visual/picture to become ALCHEMIZED and ACTUALIZED into "reality" (each's experience). This "holding in place" as LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is a part of the Embodiment process. It's when each will no longer accept "the old ways" as reality in their own individual reality/experience anymore and "goes on" to create/build/accomplish NEW EARTH REALITIES IN ACCORDANCE WITH A WHOLE NEW GRIDDING SYSTEM... forgo the importance of these next few months for each/all.

When every "piece" has been delicately, kindly and lovingly put into play/place (and held/EMBODIED FULLY), the whole photo/picture/hologram/reality can be seen and become VIABLE as each's own NEW EARTH Life/Experience. This is just a part of HOW we CREATE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL/QUANTUM REALITIES/EXPERIENCES by utilizing our CONSCIOUSNESS (expanded inner-vision, love, expanded awareness and intentional conscious creation/acts) to AFFECT REALITY on an Energetic Level instead of "pushing against/fighting/struggling and applying resistance to that which can be as SIMPLE AS WE EACH ORGANICALLY and CONSCIOUSLY ALLOW. 

LIVING Holographic/Quantum/Morphogenic NEW EARTH Realities are Vibrational/Geometric/Energetic various "pieces and parts" that fit together when the vibrations/energetics finally "match up" to create a whole new vibrational/energetic/Quantum Experience/Whole.

NEW Earth is OUR EXPERIENCE through our own full and deeply connected SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, where expansion is always present, as is ONENESS WITH ALL FROM DEEP WITHIN and where OBSERVING THE ENERGY OF ALL (just SEEING and FEELing through the Purity of our own Heart-Light-Souls) gives us the capability to see pure beauty, create from this pure beauty and live from this pure beauty too.

The rest is programming, which means that each is RESPONSIBLE for their own Conscious Behavior/reality/experience and DOES HAVE THE CAPABILITY to go deeper inside to expand, shift, tune and live this fully too. These natural and organic abilities come forth as each's Universal Heart (in the center of their chest) opens fully to allow for a new reality and stops fighting to hold onto the old ways held in place by each's own separation, fear and obliviousness. Vision is restored via each's pineal gland as their Universal and Crystalline hearts start to come online with NEW Earth. This is an immense progressional process as well, as each's body Template, Grids, Systems and DNA go through an immense repair process through continual detoxing and decalicification of deep emotional and trauma program toxicity necessary for physical body ascension to occur.

Each's heart/mind/body/energy ALL have to be "on-board" (Unified = Operating at the same vibrational frequency bandwidth) for this. This is a complete, and fully Conscious, ego-surrender process (ego death is another term). Ego surrender creates a soft experience. Ego death creates harsh/rough ones. These are an organic part of the death cycles creating a portal opening for re-birth cycles to occur. Each dimension experiences these differently, which is relative to how "physical" or energetic all is. The denser the density, the rougher/harsher/more emotional/physical all is. The Lighter the density/dimension, the more all is "just energy" and not as "big of a deal".

Every new dimension/template rewrite process will "trigger" the next ego death/surrender/dissolution process INSIDE to occur. 3D/4D this is harsh/rough/tough, because of how all's identities are tied to this/all. 5D-9D has more awareness and does this willingly, while also re-aligning the external AT WILL to align all with this. 10D-12D it's barely a blip on the radar, as all is simultaneous, just energetic, and a space to honor until each integration and body template building process is complete. As each Consciously Chooses to always maintain energetic/vibrational alignment with Pure Source Consciousness, this means that realities are "not allowed" to get out of alignment and if they "try", they are aligned by each with ease and grace, because this is how each lives their whole life. 12D is where Divine Alignment GOVERNS all.

FOR NEW EARTH TO BE each's ACTual reality/experience, then each must be open, ready, embracing, honoring and choosing to LIVE THIS FULLY from deep within.  Otherwise, an old earth experience is the alternative.

Our reality is the opposite of all old earth ones. The Purity, Beauty and Infinite Abundance of NEW Earth is all that we know and old earth is blatantly and loudly distorted, resistant and completely out of alignment with this. Photonic Light amplifies all, so when we LIVE FROM OUR PHOTONIC LIGHTBODY FULLY, all is visible through the electromagnetic fields and everything is JUST ENERGY, where all are capable of shifting, tuning and realigning all as Pure LOVE Consciousness from deep within.

Everyone does have to "do this" themselves. Everyone does have to truly care and show up in a way that matters... which is AS THEIR OWN LIGHT, so that Unification is easy and creating/living all new realities ALIGNED WITH EACH'S HIGHEST STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS is as well.


It's from this SPACE OF DEEP SACRED RESPECT AND HONOR that we all HOLD OUR NEW IN PLACE and allow all to flow in whatever direction, be in whatever vibration/energy each chooses to experience, while honoring ours fully and equally as well. This beautiful realization alone brings freedom and simplicity, as we understand how VIBRATIONAL SPACE WORKS, how ENERGETIC SPACE WORKS and how different vibrations within the same space do and don't work as well. WE GAIN THE CAPACITY to shift the vibration, shift the energy, shift all to a much higher vibrational place/space/timeline, which means we are able to EXPERIENCE A MUCH HIGHER VIBRATIONAL/ENERGETIC TIMELINE the moment we DO this ourselves..... as our MORPHOGENIC FIELD will INSTANTLY shift to RESPOND to this as well, which is HOW QUANTUM CONSCIOUSNESS IS LIVED to directly affect THE FIELD that creates a vibrational response/return to what EACH HOLD/BREATHE/EMBODY/LIVE, as a part of MORPHOGENIC REALITIES... which are NEW EARTH REALITIES AS WELL.

WE EACH gain the capacity/capability to transition, transform and morph every reality into NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS which changes the entire DYNAMIC of the reality from linear to Quantum, where softness replaces harsh/fixed, where simplicity replaces complicated, where kindness replaces selfishness/greed, where deep sacred respect is in everything and no one is incapable, because everyone has the ability to STOP and open their hearts fully and CHOOSE TO LET THE OLD FALL AWAY/DISSOLVE and ALLOW all new to come forth from deep within their own hearts (Souls) too. THE RECOGNITION of this alone, lends to how easy all CAN BE or how "hard" each continues to try to make it by holding onto the old with all their might and still living from their head and what surrender to the perceived unknown represents to them. This alone creating a whole-body struggle, resistance and a polarizing energy that only serves to keep one bound to the old loop cycle mentalities ensuring inner combustion/implosion/collapsing "at some point", which is just another "Zero Point" that occurs within a different vibrational NOW. 

To understand that until each fully HOLDS NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS FULLY, then 3D Old Earth is still present within the body template, binding the physical body form to those "realities" (experiences) still. Because the programming (codes) exist within the body's cellular structure, organs, flesh, bones, teeth, glands, blood and skin then it will (still) exist "out there" somewhere as a vibrational/experiential response until the entire HOLOGRAPHIC BODY-FIELD TEMPLATE is REWORKED.

THE CONSCIOUSNESS THAT EACH'S WHOLE BODY HOLDS is the one experienced and presenting for each...

Forgo, the next few months and the super-importance for CONSCIOUSLY SUPPORTING Y/OUR PHYSICAL LIGHTBODIES in an immense recoding process "needing" to complete this linear year, for all truly embracing NEW EARTH AS REALITY and desiring all new to replace the old ways ... from this current vibrational/energetic NOW.

January - August was "just prep" for what comes next for each. August was pivotal in unlocking the codes for the next phases. By the end of August a new template system was activated, with the entire old grid "falling away", completely dissolving and shifting all to a whole new vibrational place/space. 



Observing Gaia's Template Progression and each's body linking up to this, repeated observation shows that due to density levels and how the carbon-based body works, that it will take intentional, repeated and proactive focus daily over these next 3 months of continual honoring this immense clearing/upgrade/reconfiguration process prior to the December Gateways (starts in November) kicking off new templates/codes coming through for integrating fully and in alignment with the next phase of NEW EARTH TEMPLATES LOCKING IN BY THEN END OF DECEMBER and prior to January 1 of 2021... and yes, I'm using linear here, which is on purpose. ♥

The last week of August... all of the GRIDS OF GAIA/UNIVERSALLY underwent a massive reconfiguration process to unlock and anchor the codes for these next phases.... THE TRANSITION OF ENTIRE COLLECTIVES entering the next phase of their own ASCENSION PROCESSES as a part of UN-tethering from OLD EARTH and fully re-connecting their CONSCIOUSNESS to the TEMPLATE and GRIDDING SYSTEMS of OUR NEW EARTH.

There is a period of expansion processes that occur with this. Suspended Animation, floating and being completely disconnected from all things vibrating at the frequencies of Old Earth are aslo a part of different TEMPLATE REWRITES that will increasingly accelerate each individual Ascension Processes as well.

At the end of this article, I will link two of my own Physical Body Ascension and personal Light-Merkaba Experiences from 2013 for those that might benefit/utilize/feel resonance with this. We are in various catapulting cycles that accelerate Humanity these next few months even more. For many collectives, this September - December passageway is their individual 2012 completion cycle and because there are so many experiencing this, it becomes a massive collective shift/experience as well. For some, this is also a 7 year completion cycle, as well as this entire linear year of 2020 beginning a whole new 10 year Wave-Cycle, and other linear cycles that correlate vibrationally/differently on a Quantum Level to various Ascension, Multi-Dimensional, Evolutionary and NEW EARTH realities as well. There are also 30 year, 40 year, 50 year and 60 year cycle completions and THOUSANDS OF YEARS cycles completing as well. Because "time" is only linear in 3D/4D, then when it's "time" for cycles to complete, all of those "times" collapse/converge into ONE and in a way, cease to exist anymore. It's only each's holding on, that creates a disruption/distortion/distraction that "attempts" to interrupt this CONVERGENCE CYCLE, forgo the intensity of inner-fearing with the natural flow and order of all.

September 1 kicked off a massive PHYSICAL BODY/REALITY CLEARING PROCESS that will take the next few months (progressionally) to complete, where each is fully focused, honoring and assisting their body with this immense process. It's not always comfortable for the human ego aspect, yet it's beyond important, so listen to your body, ENERGETIC and PHYSICAL, as it will "tell you" what it needs and it's up to you to listen, honor, support and surrender your old mindsets of what everything is.... or "how" all of this occurs, as it won't fit into the linear perceptions, which creates resistance and works "against" the organic, natural upgrade processes that require rest, sleep, love, nature, care, compassion, kindness and zero resistance to a process that's DNA reconfiguration related, instead of "what someone did or a memory of something that the human aspect loves to try to "find" as a "cause".

The EVOLUTION OF OUR PLANETS INHABITANTS means that each awakens in all of the ways necessary to achieve an immense DNA REWRITE/RECONFIGURATION PROCESS that moves through infinite phases and experiences that take years to complete, because of how cellular reconfiguration and linearity/density occur/exist.

Since nothing is linear and all is vibrational/energetic, then this will be available and important for anyone at any "time" that this speaks on a Soul Level to each's own heart. Everything we do/share is to support and assist humanity with anchoring much higher dimensional frequency photonic light within our physical body forms for Living NEW Earth fully and uniting to create, build, and accomplish all new through Unity Consciousness Love and Oneness too.

I've written a powerful Quantum Crystalline Plasma LightBody DNA Consciousness Activation to support and assist with Consciously Releasing Old Earth Gridding Systems from our Physical Body and Fields. Once I have it recorded, I'll make that available to all too.

This specific activation is important to do as often as you feel called. What I see is that the next 3 months are about intentionally doing this/allowing this, in conjunction with Gaia, so that that ease can replace struggle and strife. Cosmic Upgrades and rewrites are ALL FOCUSED on bringing everyone and everything into absolute highest vibrational alignment so that we all can live and fulfill our highest service roles as Pure Love by being Pure Light and Living the magnificence of NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS REALITIES fully too.

p.s. Because of how deeply embedded and strong the ego separation programming is (at first and for years), the dismantling of body templates and grids is just as immense. Every time we consciously and intentionally "do" that which is highest aligns, this assists with a re-writing process, as well as transitioning out of one "reality" into all whole new ones. In order to break down/break through all that deep programming, we can continually "do" whatever "gets in there" for us and assist us with opening our hearts easier, shifting easier, expanding easier and letting go/moving on easier too. WE are the ones that get to decide what this is (or works for us). Remember, it's not linear, so your head won't understand what works and what does not. Only your pure heart can feel this and know. It's up to each one of us to FEEL, listen and move beyond any judgments, limited perceptions and stories we are hanging onto that bind us to fixed mentalities of before...

I'm seeing many that do not yet comprehend that NEW EARTH is not a specific place/location, yet everywhere/every reality experienced through our Highest States of Consciousness. This is our Original Consciousness, Source Consciousness and an Organic Consciousness that's always natural and aligned with Sacred Divine Creation and Flow. NEW Earth is a Living Consciousness. NEW Earth is our experience when we live as fully Expanded Consciousness and ultra-high-frequency Light from deep deep deep inside. NEW Earth is where WE are, as WE are NEW Earth, as well as the Portals and Gateways for NEW Earth too.

August's regridding processes created a "deletion point" and wiped immense akashes that were still housed within various locations of the planet and each's physical body too, previously held within an old earth gridding system, now obsolete and for lack of better wording "switches over" to a crystalline grid and plasma networking system that replaces old earth. This prepared and made way for all to shift to a place of INTENTIONALLY CONSCIOUSLY RELEASING OLD EARTH AS A WHOLE, while supporting and assisting THE PHYSICAL BODY WHILE it goes through this unwrangling, untangling, unraveling, untethering, unattaching, unlearning and releasing where all was mangled, twisted, inner-woven and entangled within the physical body and field before.


This is a biggy when it comes to physical body ascension and feeling gravity go while experiencing expansion to such a degree that every ounce of you lets completely go. This takes IMMENSE AND TOTAL TRUST, total surrender to allow all to naturally and organically align geometrically and create a new vibrational rotational spin rate that leaves your mind blown.

For the human aspect, their inner "reality" goes into a free-fall when their perception of reality starts to collapse. This creates an Energetic Tailspin. The ego's fear-based reaction is to try to buckle down and hang on tighter, stronger, which creates an "opposing energy" of suffering and "being drug through it" (hell). This FREE-FALL THOUGH is an important part of each's own individual Ascension Process, where when we completely let go... we "appear to fall", surrender and then we "float".... as our Merkaba kicks in and takes over, creating a feeling and experience of Suspended Animation for awhile. This is also ZERO POINT, where nothing and everything exist within the same space. This also where many will SPONTANEOUSLY EXPAND AS PURE CONSCIOUSNESS to RETURN to original zero point, go back before the creation of all, re-experience the "original falls", as well REMEMBER EVERYTHING from beyond the human reality and all of existence as it came to be. This is not only pivotal, it's profound and it rocks our entire reality/world inside.... and also brings us into the 5th Dimension where NEW EARTH not only becomes a possibility, it already exists and then our every NOW MOMENT is spent accomplishing living this.


The importance of an ACTIVATION is that you mean it, open your heart/whole body/BEing completely UP to allow it to work for/with, feel it and speak it with every ounce of you and FEEL it fully from deep within and throughout all of you. You/WE can SPEAK, THINK OR FEEL - ANY WORDS (ENERGY) with our whole being, which then "cycles" through our cells, body, template and creates a "restructuring process" to start to occur. EVERY TIME WE DO THIS, we SPEAK directly to the program/cells/cellular memory and CONSCIOUSNESS where "that"/all is held. WE can REPROGRAM OUR BODIES (in every way), starting with our cells and when that LIGHT activates, it then catalyzes/activates/alchemizes our cellular imprints to start to re-work, re-lease, re-configure and re-create/re-do/re-align all. When we SPEAK, THINK, FEEL PURE LOVE, we activate our Crystals in our Bodies, which begin a cleansing/purification process and link our bodies up to the CRYSTALLINE GRIDS OF NEW EARTH. WE have a Crystalline Gridding System within our bodies, yet this DEVELOPS OVER MUCH LINEAR "TIME". These crystals are re-programmable and they increase our PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a frequency/energy for living NEW EARTH. Crystalline Consciousness and Christed Consciousness are the same, just different words to describe in different ways. This is a SACRED ENERGY, yet also a part of our LeMUrian and Atlantean Aspects that we bring forth (as well as all of the capabilities/gifts/knowledge) to affect, support and assist with transitions from Old Earth Consciousness to NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS/LIFE. The more we TUNE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS TO that which speaks to, supports and is an EXPRESSION OF OUR PURE LIGHT SOUL, the more we activate this Consciousness within our physical body form and RAYdiate this out to CREATE our entire new reality as Love. Below I offer a small ACTIVATION PHRASE that you can utilize to support and assist, yet you CREATE YOUR OWN and FEEL IT EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK IT.... to facilitate an energetic/vibrational/dimensional/Consciousness SHIFT within you, SO THAT OUT THERE can re-align according to this. ♥


Speak to your body/energy/consciousness and say:


(The more you do any activation, the more it "works" on a cellular/Quantum Level for you). You decide what this is. This is the beauty of how SIMPLE ALL IS). Just really mean it with all of you. This matters, as if you don't FEEL THE WORDS they won't "work", as you don't actually care or believe).

In the meantime, I'll work to finish up and record the activation that I wrote and share this with everyone to support/assist when it's available for all to choose to utilize and further accelerate your own DNA re-writes and activate more NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS CODES ready to be activated from deep within. ♥

From my Heart and Soul to yours and with the deepest respect, reverence and love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Note: There will be MANY MANY MANY more Light Codes increasingly constantly flooding through, to further support, assist, recode and reconfigure and realign realities through all new awarenesses, information and new ways to apply to all of our lives... so be completely open and embrace all that SUPPORTS YOU HOLDING AND ACCOMPLISHING THIS FULLY from within you. Don't get "fixed" on anything. Open up more for flow, ease, simplicity and for shifting without resistance from deep deep deep within. I will share as appropriate, as so many others do as well. Yet you hold everything inside of you. We can activate/assist, yet you are the ONE that does all of this yourself, through your own deepening Sacred Connection, listening and trusting/honoring what you hear/see/feel as HIGHEST from within you too. Mega love! ♥

Comments 9th September 2020 4:04 pm

Thank you Lisa for incorporating so much - especially with time lines merging and Atlantis and Lemuria. We know that so much will be on-going during the next few months and that these activations are a choice for all. Our role is to step into our light and move/speak/think as a reflection of purity for humanity. Our role is important as our Gaia grids will be emanating so much ethereal light energy and many will be experiencing "symptoms" that will necessitate support from all of us. And with the political/immune system ideology, we need to be steadfast in our sovereignty/acceptance and validation - as the human energies are quite judgmental - as we all are experiencing (LOL). Hoping that my remarks came across as 100% beyond 3D...
Two nights ago, I released "everything" - almost like a reboot (visions of multiple universes). Through that, have been receiving various forms of downloads that have enabled my Being to see clearer and remain in calmness/purity. Our Gaia in supporting 1-12D is what will make this whole journey worthwhile.


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