The Living Cosmic Rays of Light

BEing a RAY of Hope, RAY of LOVE, Ray of Sunshine and Guiding Ray of Light for all

We have a profound increase in Cosmic RAYs permeating from within our Physical LightBodies daily to accelerate each's own Light Embodiment processes even more. These immense upgrades and DNA re-writes "work" to restore perfect harmony and organic health, deep inner-peace and open up more access to NEW EARTH Consciousness/Realities with every "new" expanded inner-realization and release of the mis-aligned/no longer highest aligned beliefs/mentalities/ways of the "old".

These Cosmic Rays/Frequencies re-work everything for all. These support/assist each with consciously re-working their own reality through infinite energetic/vibrational alignment processes for BEcoming a Living-Breathing "Pure Consciousness".

Yes we have a form, yet this gets re-worked constantly too, so that this beautiful body/vessel can hold more PURE LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS and we can RAYdiate, emanate and Illuminate this out to the entire world, other BEings, our communities and all we are connected with too.

Being the Living Cosmic Rays of Pure Light Consciousness:

Cosmic Rays and Gamma Rays are a beyond important part of this trans-configuration process of exponentially Expanding our Heart-Consciousness and our bodies literally vibrating at different rates to achieve Lighter Densities relative to occupying new dimensional frequency bandwidths.

Massive expansion, massive blasts of Light, massive releases and ultra-high integration times/processes require more from us for our bodies to accomplish the immensity of continual recoding, anchoring and integration processes fully.... and then there are full body-field reconfiguration, realignment, re-calibration process that also must occur...

Holding Light is not an egoic process. It's the opposite of this. It's a humbling purification process that continually takes us deeper into who/what we truly are. Holding Light is a bio-chemical, bio-electrical, bio-genetic, bio-physical, bio-energetic and geo-magnetic process that takes our whole body/being to constantly accomplish and complete.

Holding Light is an ACT of Pure LOVE for us all. Holding Light is an immense process where the "rewards" are non-linear.... They are vibrational, energetic and a Quantum response according to Soul-Light and Source-Code Alignment which correlates to Multi-Dimensionality and merging all into ONE.BEcoming Pure Light and Living AS Pure Light means that you/we are the Living Rays of Hope, the Living Rays of Love, the Living Rays of Light and the Living Examples of what PURE CONSCIOUSNESS is with everyone and everything in y/our own Lives.

NOVEMBER has been all about COSMIC RAYS OF LIGHT, the powerful increase of these and what's available to all embracing and integrating these beautiful and exquisite frequencies/energies/Rays of Light .... ☼

Part of our NEW Earth Existence and Living is BEING these Rays of Light, these Rays of Love, Rays of Hope, Rays of Pure Peace, Rays of Inspiration and Upliftment and bringing y/our most Expanded Aspect of our selves to the table and every exchange....

There are often situations where we can unite or bring unity through softness, kindness, generosity and love. The beauty is when we are deeply connected inside and actually truly care with every fiber of our BEing, we find ways to make a difference and bring JOY to others hearts too. It's PURE JOY to experience this...

Living from a deep sense of appreciation and Sacred Remembrance is a huge part of this process as well.

There are always opportunities to further support, uplift and provide more. There are always immense opportunities to UNITE, come together and fulfill immense higher service roles for humanity, yet all of this.... starts at "home" (within). As each comes to this place/space inside, then the outside can finally start to re/align. ♥

Continue to bring your Light forth and Shine it OUT for all, Sharing your Beautiful Light Energy and Invite all to join you in this Living this soft, kind, supportive ENERGY too.

Bring your softness, your kindness, your generosity and supportive energy/aspects forth. Treat all AS the LOVE that they are, even/especially when they are unaware of this ....

Create a SAFE SPACE by BEing Pure LOVE and holding that space for all to FEEL the beauty, feel pure presence, feel the kindness and deep sacred care ENOUGH to let the inner fight and inner struggle go, allowing their own body's vibration to relax, rise and return to pure peace too.

CREATE a Sacred Space and hold this fully.... allowing the soft, beautiful energy to emanate out....

Invite all to surrender their own ego harshness, ego fears, ego separation and illusions of the old ways in order to open up to all beautiful new....

YOU/WE ALL can be BEAUTIFUL RAYS of Light... with our every Conscious Breath, words and ACTS... when we LIVE from this place/space/energy inside and bring this forth to touch the hearts-Souls of all others truly ready for something different/new that also supports them, us, all and humanity as a greater whole.

The KEY is not to function/live from our heads and separation programming anymore.

BE THAT LIGHT... It's why we are all here. To anchor, hold and RAYdiate PURE LOVE OUT... regardless of "that out there".

p.s. REMEMBER, take care of YOU, honoring YOUR Lightbody and Field - FULLY and respecting all other's needs to do these important processes too. Continue to embrace and build your Light from the inside out, learning how to hold this fully, while pulling away and taking plenty of me/we/be time to connect/charge/build and complete the immense integration processes so that you have more to offer/contribute and/share that's Pure. ♥

With continued appreciation and recognition for your own kindness, caring, love, maintaining your own deep sacred connection, respect and BEing a Living Contribution by Living your own Unified Higher Heart-Higher Mind Presence fully too!  ♥



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Lisa Transcendence Brown is a globally recognized Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher, Coach assisting others in Awakening To Remembering fully and Living Mastery from within.


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