Your Higher-Self Will-Power Must BE Stronger Than Your Human's

Many of you will find that until you get angry enough at the stories you told yourself that you are not willing to move your energy enough to break the old lack filled realities. 

You have to counter the lack with enough force that YOU BREAK the energy that you held inside that created that reality to start with.

Realities don't change for you. They change in response to you. 

As long as you continue the old programs... things can't/won't change. 

Determination. Root Chakra through the heart. 

Humans slack when it's easy. This is called unconsciousness. This creates lack to occur.

The more you wait. The more of this you create. Energy moves from within you. What do you do with your energy that creates abundance to come to you?

Lack energy goes one direction. Abundance energy flows the other. If you stop or reverse the flow, abundance stops in response.

Observe your flow.... all of the time. This is consciousness.

Your higher self will-power must be stronger than your human's.


Liza Elliott 26th January 2017 5:09 pm

Thank you.
This is meaningful to me.



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