A Bucket of Love

Hello and welcome to everyone and I hope you enjoy this newsletter today as I write the sun is shining. As many of you know I'm recovering from recent surgery, it's a slow and sometimes frustrating process but I have to listen to my human body.

I want to tell you a little story about this morning. Just before I made my cup of tea an angel came into the kitchen and said don't forget to feed the baby lambs this morning and their moms, I looked at the angel who was standing there so bright giving a female appearance. I did have to smile because she had this big bucket in her hand, and I asked her what's in it and the angel said it's full of love. So I washed my hands at the kitchen sink and looked around the kitchen for anything I could give to the sheep and in no time I had the bowl full. There was even some fruit, an apple that I cut up into slices and a potato and a few bits of carrot and some grapes and of course I know that the sheep and the little lambs love bread, so I got the heel of loaf and I cut it up too. I put them in the bowl and headed out the back door across the yard and down to the fence. As soon as the sheep and the lambs saw me they came running but I had to smile because angels came running as well. One particular angel was helping one of the little lambs, guiding it ever so gently down towards me. When the mummy sheep reached the fence, I started throwing away what was in the bowl. It was lovely to watch the little lambs and every now and then a mother sheep would look up at me asking is there anymore, I'd always say all this is empty now and I walked back into the house.

The angels are always helping nature and helping us to be kind and loving to nature as well, so maybe do anything you can today to help nature. Perhaps when you're out walking you will see sheep and lambs in the field or even calves or rabbits and all the birds, stop and look at them and just be in that moment. Allow yourself to connect to nature, allow that love to come forth from you and feel how wonderful it is to be alive and to have all the blessings you have. I send you all my love, my prayers and I want you all to keep well and safe and I want many wonderful things to happen for you as you go through your life.

Love and blessings,



Bonnie Waters 14th June 2022 3:57 pm

This is lovely, Lorna! I had a moment of deep connection with a bird today. I got out of my car and it was in a nearby tree, singing its heart out. Such a beautiful song, I had to stop and try to see what it looked like. I think it may have been some kind of thrush. I stood for a few moments, with gratitude in my heart, before going in. Thank you for this reminder to connect, and to love and appreciate. :smitten: Much love, B


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