The Special Relationship between YOU and YOUR Guardian Angel

God has chosen your guardian angel especially for YOU.

Your guardian angel has never been to earth with anybody else, and will never come back to earth with another soul. This is YOUR guardian angels one and only time on earth with YOU.

Your Guardian Angel has been specially chosen by God and appointed with the task of guiding you through your life and bringing you safely home to heaven. This is your guardian angels only job; you are its number one priority.

All guardian angels were created by God as guardian angels they have never been any other type of angel and never will be. Sometimes you might hear someone say that her granny who has died is her guardian angel. This is an expression of affection and love and the angels tell me they are very happy when they hear it said but its not actually true. Her granny is not an angel. No person who has lived on this earth becomes an angel.

Angel Michael also told me that guardian angels have been created with all the skills and knowledge they need and don't get any special training, even if they are going to mind someone through a very challenging life, or someone who is physically or emotionally disabled in some way.

I asked Michael how God decides which guardian angel to give to each individual person, but have not been given any answer so I have no idea how and why they are chosen.

I don't believe that any guardian angel is better or superior than another. When someone has what seems to others to be a happy and successful life, its not because they have a better guardian angel!  If someone feels their life is a disaster its not because they have an incompetent guardian angel! Our guardian angels are always there, whispering in our ears, trying to get us to listen. Your guardian angel does its best to prompt you to make the right choice, even if it may not seem like the easy one at the time. In my experience life is much easier and happier when we listen to our guardian angel but we have free choice and neither your guardian angel nor any other angel is allowed to interfere with this. The truth is none of us can blame our guardian angel when things don't turn out as we wanted them.

I have never seen a guardian angel get angry or annoyed or frustrated. I feel that at times they should be frustrated with us but they seem to have endless patience and they never ever give up on us. They never, ever, stop communicating with us and trying to help us.

I saw this yesterday in the shopping centre near my home. There was a girl of 12 or 13 in a school uniform sitting on a bench on her own.  She looked worried, very worried. As I glanced at her, concerned about how sad she looked, the light of her guardian angel opened up behind her. The thing I noticed about her guardian angel was its massive arms that were wrapped around the girl embracing her with such love.  The guardian angel was dressed in a beautiful, heavy gown of gold with red interwoven into it. It didn't give me a male or female appearance, and I didn't see any wings. The guardian angel had fine golden blond hair that touched the girl as it leaned over her with an expression of such love and tenderness.

Her guardian angel turned and communicated to me without words that her mom was sick and the girl was very worried. It told me that the mom would get well but asked me to give the girl a smile and help to kindle the light of hope in her. As I smiled at her, the guardian angel embraced the young girl even more, pouring hope and joy into her and comforting her at this difficult time.

If only we realised just how much our guardian angel loves us and how much they do to help us we would never feel hopeless.

If you don't feel you are hearing your guardian angel clearly enough, or if you sometimes doubt its existence ask it for help.  Ask your guardian angel to help you to strengthen your belief that it is really there and that it can really help you.

God has given us an incredible gift in our guardian angel. He has given it to us to help mind us because we are so precious to Him. We have a soul – a speck of Gods light. This soul is very precious to God and that's why he has given each of us a guardian angel to help bring us safely back to Him in Heaven.

What a shame to have a gift like this and not use it fully. Decide here and now that you will ask your guardian angel to help you and you will try and be aware more of its promptings. It will make your life more fulfilling, happier and easier if you do so.

Blessings to you, your family and loved ones.



Neil 26th March 2014 11:23 am

Hi Lorna.

I love what you write about Guardian Angels. Everything you say makes so much sense to me.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you


spiritdiver 26th March 2014 9:38 pm

Lorna: What a beautiful image and blessing to experience and see. Thank you for sharing the Gardian Angel covering the little girl in such comforting love. I will keep this with me.

I have thanked my Gardian Angel and asked help in being more aware of him/her and that of other's angels as well. I believe there is so much love around us all, we need to stay aware, open to receive.

In appreciation,

Castley 30th March 2014 5:12 pm

What beautiful images you gave me! I have a question though, was not Enoch changed into Archangel Metatron?


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