When Things Are Tough

Life can be very tough at times for all of us. But don’t ever think that God or the Angels have deserted you. They are beside you all the time. When a child falls and cuts its knee, an Angel will break its fall. The Angel can’t interfere to prevent the child falling because God has given us freewill and Angels won’t overstep that, but an Angel can and does break its fall. Without an Angel there the fall would be much more serious.

Sometimes after something terrible has happened to someone - a car crash, a boating accident, getting lost in the mountains - they will say that it was a miracle that they survived. In reality they will have survived because the Angels gave them that extra bit of strength to run faster, to lift something heavy, the extra body heat they needed, that person who came by at just the right time, or whatever was needed at the time.

Ask God and the Angels to help you, but remember that sometimes they won’t grant your request in the way you expect it; perhaps it’s not the right thing. So yes, people do die in accidents, but the Angels are there for them also, helping them to be peaceful and calm as they take them on their journey to the other world.

Sometimes a child is intended to live only a short time and the purpose of that child’s life may be that everyone who comes into contact with them grows more spiritual, becomes more aware of God and the Angels. This is a miracle in itself.

Frequently things we consider disasters – losing a job, a marriage break-up, failing an exam - are in fact miracles in disguise and years later when people look back at them, they can identify that this was a major turning point in their lives.

This is your life and it’s very precious – your job is to live life to the full, no matter how desperate you think things are. Have faith that things will work out and remember you are never alone.

My experience of this wisdom in action:

One day recently, while I was working on my book, I was walking along a winding path with beautiful big trees in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle. A father and son were walking with their dogs in front of me. The father was very elderly and leaning on his son’s arm. I was shown the father’s Guardian Angel and he turned and smiled at me. The Guardian Angel was actually helping the old man to walk, the Angel was taking the old man's weight, keeping him upright, helping to keep him mobile in those last years of his life. The Angel was signalling to me, showing me how bent the old man's legs were, and I’d say that old man was in quite a lot of pain at times. It was wonderful to see that Angel there – if he wasn’t the man would have had to use much more effort to walk along, and would have become tired very quickly. He might have fallen over and broken something.

The Angel was helping to carry him, to give him more out of life in his later years.

I’m sure the old man had no idea of how much his Angel was helping him. If I’d asked him, he might have said he didn’t believe in Angels, but I know that at some stage in his life, he did ask God to help him. Maybe he thinks that God hasn’t, that God ignored his plea, but that day I saw just how much God and the Angels were doing to make his life easier.



Gwen in New Mexico 26th July 2010 8:59 am

Lorna, thank you.
This a.m., I feel so old and pained and the thought of my angels carrying me, helping me is must needed. Thank you for sharing and being a caring person.
Blessings and hugs. Gwen


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