You are a messenger for the Angels

Angels sometimes ask us to deliver messages for them. Suddenly you feel you should ring someone or walking through the park you suddenly feel you should smile at a stranger, or engage them in conversation. It may seem a small or a rather silly thing to us but it may be that for this person it is a sign of hope, a message from their Angel and trivial as it seems to you, it may be very important to them. 

Children, of course, are naturals at this. Angels can communicate much more easily with children and a child will have no hesitation in going up to a complete stranger and saying something, or picking a flower and giving it to them.

As adults, we have to be aware that when a thought comes into our head to do something for someone, even a stranger, we need to just go and do it. We are the Angels' messengers and at times it can be hard for the Angels to deliver messages or give signs as so often we are reluctant to pass them on. Sometimes the sign you are asked to give could save someone’s life. They may be very down and desperate, and you are asked to do a little thing - but what may seem a little thing to you could mean so much to someone else.

Remember strangers give you messages from your Angels too. Sometimes someone - it could be a shop assistant, a bus driver, a neighbour’s child - says something to you, and you react deeply. It might feel like a sign of encouragement or hope, or like something that someone you love, who is not around, would have said. Listen. Don’t doubt your feelings. Don’t dismiss these precious moments and fail to acknowledge them.

My experience of this wisdom in action:

I was in the cinema one afternoon a few years ago. Due to various unexpected events I found myself with two extra tickets for the big film that had just opened. I could have rung others in the family to come and join us, but the Angels said “No”, and made me stand holding my daughter’s hand in the busy shopping centre outside the cinema complex.

I stood there patiently with my daughter; the Angels told me that they would show me the people to whom I was to give the tickets

I was shown a worried looking woman laden down with shopping, accompanied by two young boys.

I walked straight over to her and offered her the two tickets. Her eyes lit up, she was thrilled and reached out with shaking hands to take them. I could see in her eyes that she couldn’t really believe this was happening.  I know she had told the boys that they could go to the pictures, but she couldn’t afford it, and was worried that buying the tickets would leave the family short of other necessities.

I know that she had asked her Angels for help, and they had used me to deliver this help, together with a message of hope.



K.K. 30th January 2010 3:47 pm

Thank you Lorna - this was lovely!

Lorna - after I read your message and the excerpt from your book, I had the most lovely feeling from you and your angels and it stuck with me for a few hours. So soothing and gentle and a beautiful caress. Thank you! 3rd June 2010 6:39 am

I love that Lorna is here at Spiritlibrary. I would love to meet her sometime to say thank you face to face. I just finished her book. Spread the word!

Carol McVey 7th March 2011 4:15 am

I have read both your books Lorna and they have helped me through some really bad times. I am coming to Belfast on 8th March to hear your seminar. I hope to get the chance to speak to you. God Bless and I am spreading the word :) x


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