You really ARE loved.

I’m sitting here chatting with Angel Hosus about what I should write about for the newsletter and he told me to write about the things that are on my mind. I was thinking about people feeling lonely, but not just lonely, feeling like nobody loves them at all. I put a couple of sentences up on Facebook a little while ago about feeling like no one loves you. It has been on my mind a lot.

Last week I went out for a walk on the castle grounds. It was a lovely warm day, there were lots of people of all ages and the sun was shining brightly. I had walked up and down the path enjoying nature and listening to the laughter of children when my guardian angel said “Lorna go down that other path”. I turned automatically and headed down the hill. When I reached the bottom of the hill I saw a young man walking towards me. His guardian angel had his arms wrapped around him. He stopped and said hello and told me that he knew who I was. He said that he reads my Facebook posts every day and they keep him going, knowing that he has a guardian angel that loves him. He thanked me for the Facebook post I had put up about feeling like nobody loves you and said that it had saved his life. It meant so much to him knowing that I love him, as does his guardian angel, giving him the courage to talk to his family about feeling like no one loved him and to make a better effort to make friends. His family told him that they love him and are proud of him. He had thought that he was invisible to everyone but now knows that he is not and he had made a new friend who he was on his way to meet. As he walked away the young man stopped, turned and asked “Does my guardian angel have their arms tightly around me, loving me?”. I gave him a big smile and said yes. “Good” he said and continued on up the hill.

I stood there for a moment so happy that he knew he was loved, that he was not invisible and that his family loved him. I said a little prayer thanking God that he had made a new friend and I asked for more friends to come into his life and, when he was ready, if rosemantic love could too. Maybe I will see him again, maybe I won’t or it might be in the distance, just once he is happy and knows he is loved.
Sometimes we feel that no one loves us, but please remember your guardian angel loves you unconditionally and never leaves you for one second. You are unique and beautiful in every way to your guardian angel and they only have eyes for you. Your guardian angel is right there loving you every day. And of course I love you too even though I don’t know you.

When I was finished writing I told Angel Hosus that I hoped the next day would be a sunny day and maybe by the weekend the blackberries would be ripe enough to pick and I would be able make some home-made jam. Angel Hosus said he couldn’t guarantee anything about the weather and that he had to go and then he disappeared.

Blessings to you, your family and loved ones,


P.S If you are feeling like no one loves you, I want to remind you all that I love you, even though I don't know you. Your Guardian Angel loves you too and is always with you and holding onto you tightly.



Lemarchiddler 15th September 2017 2:41 pm

Many thanks to you, Lorna, for posting here as well as sending out such inspiring messages with your books, radio interviews, and FB posts. I had read your first book years ago, and just this week heard several of your interviews on YouTube. Your messages about angels are a balm in these troubled times, and yes, feeling alone is so pervasive right now. Thank you for the reminder we have our Guardian angel and other helpers around us, and thank you for making the world a better place.


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