Admitting Defeat Or Claiming One's Recognition: July's Capricorn Full Moon

Try to get all of your posthumous medals in advance. Anon

When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing. Rabindranath Tagore

When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy. Samuel Goldwyn

To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal. Peter Ustinov

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear. Mark Twain

One should use praise to recognize what one is not. Elias Canetti

Courage—a perfect sensibility of the measure of danger, and a mental willingness to endure it. William T. Sherman

Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer. Ronald Reagan

I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either. Jack Benny

July's full Moon falls on July 15 and it contains some very powerful messages. The Sabian Symbol of the Moon is Capricorn 23: A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat. This Symbol speaks of awards, rewards, recognition and respect. 

The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:

Capricorn 23: A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat. We often need to be acknowledged for the issues or causes we’ve fought for and the battles we’ve endured, whether we come out on top, or not. In your situation, your efforts may be recognized with some show of appreciation or compensation. It may be that you need to recognize another’s achievement, behavior, or ‘Bravery’. Perhaps someone actually made it through by admitting defeat and pulling out when the time was right. If we’ve been wronged by society in some way, and shown ourselves to be strong and able to stand up to difficult or threatening situations, there may need to be reparations paid, money or rewards of some kind to make up for any trauma, lost opportunities or loss of family or social life. There’s a warning though, of the feeling of being desperate to win, regardless of the cost.

Sometimes people will fight over who is the most deserving for being battle-scarred and who’s the braver or the stronger or there’s a struggle over who deserves the ‘Award’, who put in the most effort, and who has come out the victor in a situation. It can be discouraging and disappointing if we feel we have to go into ‘Combat’ to prove the merit of our deeds, our life or our beliefs. Sometimes we have to cut our losses before we end up plunging into ‘Combat’ once again. Was the outcome worth what went into it? If you can see the ‘Awards’ in a rewarding light, however they manifest, you can turn your life into a victory showing your power, strength and bravery.

Keywords: Desperate striving for recognition. Rewards for involvement in tough situations. Medals and trophies. Tributes, acknowledgments and benefits given or showered. Award ceremonies. Posthumous awards.. Giving thanks. Compensation. Insurance and legal claims. Recompense for taking action.

The Caution: ‘Awards’ as Band-Aids to assuage guilt produced in war. Expecting money or other rewards for doing anything that one doesn’t want to. The ills, social and otherwise, of combat fighting. Neurotic seeking of praise or acknowledgment. Rejection lines. Bribery.

So, how are those rewards going? Have you found lately that things are falling more into place? That things are coming together? Perhaps there's a situation that you have to put an end to in order to move towards more success, happiness and peace of mind. Combat can be very draining of resources on every level and one's opponent (whether it's an emotion, a thought, person, event, circumstance) can be an interesting mirror into what's going on your life. Are you acknowledging others and appreciating their contribution? Do you find yourself in a one-way situation with you doing all the appreciation and not getting much back? The 'Two Awards' can speak of both sides 'winning' No winners = no losers.

Sometimes, though, it's hard to back down, or walk away, and the 'Karmic Condition' (the degree before) of the full Moon brings an interesting message. The Sabian Symbol is Capricorn 22: A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully. 

Winning or losing doesn’t matter as much as how you play the game.

Through the acceptance of ‘Defeat’, one can often discover important and valuable life lessons. Merely making excuses can lead to the same mistakes being made again and again, when there is no longer any point in pushing matters. At a time of “surrender”, it is the way the situation is handled that will be remembered the most. It is how ‘Gracefully’ you handle ‘Defeat’ that will be the measure of your inner worth both to yourself and others. Sometimes it is wise to concede when the “victory” or the “prize” is more valuable for your opponent than yourself. Admitting that one has lost or is prepared to give up can free you up to get on with your life and more rewarding adventures. Learning from ‘Defeat’ can bring strength of character. On a deeper level, ‘Defeat’ shows us that we are neither perfect, nor indestructible. Is the objective, battle or conflict really worth winning or pursuing? Going for revenge, greed or glory can often prove to end up badly as things can turn sour. Sometimes pushing your agenda can hurt your cause and it’s better to back off and hold your tongue. Struggling to have your point made or accepted may be self-defeating. This can happen in simple everyday situations such as conversation with others not understanding what you’re saying or doing. Realizing that you’re not going to change others can lead to being able to ‘Accept’ things in a better light.

The Quest Degree (the degree after) the full Moon is Capricorn 24: A Woman Entering A  Convent. 

Keywords: Spiritual retreat. Sexual retreat. Losing the libido or intense, spiritual sexual urges.
Withdrawing without thought of the future. Vows. Renouncing things. Going within to find answers. Contact with higher sources. Faith renewed. Giving up things for a greater cause. Losing identity. Taking on new identities. Sacrifice. Opting out. The rejection of marriage. Marriage with God. Longing for love of a higher kind. Maintaining faith. Intense sexual experiences.

The Caution: Self-sacrifice to win sympathy. Neglect of self and hiding away. Nosedives into obscurity. Crisis of faith. Feeling let down by the world. Bad episodes again and again. Feeling devoid of emotion. Escaping war. Losing all and seeking sanctuary. Self denial. Forgetting how to enjoy life.

The degree of the Sun at the full Moon is Cancer 23: The Meeting Of A Study Group Or Literary Society. This Symbol speaks of the ability, the desire or the need, to be with people who share the same language, interests, viewpoints and visions. On a political note, this Symbol is fascinating in the light of Rupert Murdoch's travails (some would call it karma). 

Keywords: Shared higher knowledge. Print media, libraries. The written word. Committees. The movie Dead Poet’s Society. Work shopping and brainstorming. Critics and criticism. Diaries, records and minutes of meetings. Newspapers and news media. Consulting with learned people. Talk back radio. Sharing beliefs and ideas. The mirrors of society. Discussions. Letters to the editor. The meeting of the minds. Reviews.

The Caution: Falsifying of ideas. Propaganda spread by the media. Intellectual smugness. Excluding anything non-establishment. Chatting instead of doing. Intellectual bickering. Analyzing every piece of information until it loses its inherent message. Being told only what’s safe to reveal. Disinformation.

Saturn, the ruler of the full Moon, is on Libra 12 (where it has been for a considerable time over the last few months). The Sabian Symbol is Miners Are Emerging From A Deep Coal Mine, which brings up issues to do with 'emergence', coming into the light, letting go of operating in the dark.

Keywords: Release from arduous labor. Stopping work. Coming into the light. Deep subconscious healing. Hypnotherapy. Going into dark places. Claustrophobia. Memories from the past or out of nowhere. Things dark and “gothic”. Lung and breathing problems. Persephone emerging. The labyrinth of the mind. The mind flooding. Tunnel vision. Caves. Mines. Digging for answers. Relief and time off. Ghost stories. Being the "canary" in the mine. Work.

The Caution: Gloomy outlooks. Not seeing potentials. Emerging with a “blackened face”. Difficulty breathing. Earning a living being a life and death situation. Working hard for small rewards. Emotional loops. Things hard to escape. Fear of confinement or capture.

This emergence can bring a considerable lightening up, however this is Saturn we're speaking about here, so rewards come from hard work, applying oneself to what needs to be done, the drive to delve deeply in order to find solutions or answers. It can strongly signal the shadow coming up for observation. 

Venus is square Saturn, which can bring endings or beginnings in relationships, major decisions made, making commitments, pacts made, getting the work done, financial considerations, etc. Venus is on Cancer 14: A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast

Keywords: American Indians and other native peoples that have been left in the dark. Losing faith in the future. The dying out of cultures or languages. Washington DC. Staring into a void. Blindness. Searching for answers. Sirius – the Dog Star. Magnetic shifts. Compass directions. Stargazing. Navigation. Faith. The earth’s poles. Astronomy. Vast dark arenas. Wisdom that comes with age. Feeling old before one's time. Seeking purpose and direction.

The Caution: Seeing nothing. A lack of purpose. Abandonment, rejection, loss and darkness. The exploitation and abandonment of native people. Myopia. Voids. Emptiness.

Mercury is on Leo 19: A Houseboat Party Crowded With Revelers; The Water Reflects Its Lights. This speaks of emotive social pleasure, parties, the issue of knowing where one's going, claustrophobia, being cast adrift, leisure times that are fun and free floating, people getting "out of it". It can also be trapping people, self indulgence, not knowing "where" the party is going to be or finish up, not being anchored in reality, feeling "un moored" and unable to disembark, choppy seas, no one at the wheel, springing a leak, wanting to bail out, tipping the boat.

Mars is on the last minute of Gemini 17: The Head Of A Robust Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature Thinker. This shows issues of acting like a child vs. being an adult, gaining maturity, making wise decisions, having to change whether one likes it or not, life changing events, thinking, pondering, finding a state of calm, facing reality. 

Mars very quickly moves onto Gemini 18: Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese In A Western Crowd. This is about finding those of like mind, sharing a common language, interpreting and misinterpreting tones of voice, people being drawn to each other, a deep sense of understanding each other, "Chinese whispers".

Shortages could show themselves with Jupiter on Taurus 8: A Sleigh Without Snow. This speaks of independence from outer circumstances, using the creative mind to work through momentary shortages or problems, anticipating future conditions, having the "vehicle" but not the time, the energy or the "fuel", improvising things so they work better. Gas, oil, fuel, snow, the value of timing, lack of resources, being ahead of one's time.

Thankfully, Jupiter is trine Pluto, which can bring all kinds of breakthroughs, good luck and a sense of taking one's position, power and recognition. Pluto is on Capricorn 6: Ten Logs Lie Under An Archway Leading To Darker Woods. This is about journeys into the unknown, getting past the past, tenacity, stamina and energy preservation, things to consider before moving deeper, thresholds, "archways", entrances, dark forests, the unknown and the unknowable, delving into the subconscious, memories that lead into deep or strange places, gateways.

Uranus is squaring Pluto, which can deliver a big push in the back towards one's objectives. Uranus is on Aries 5: A White Triangle Is Seen; It Has Golden Wings. This shows inspiration and zeal, feeling elevated and inspired through spiritual or creative agencies, flying up to a higher perspective, taking off, purity of thought and expression, angelic forms, creative imagination, self-transcendence, finding new dimensions of experience, illusions of sight, visions, untethered imaginations, ascension, ascended beings, flying machines.

Meanwhile, the Moon's north node is still on Sagittarius 24: A Bluebird, A Sign Of Good Luck And Happiness, Is Standing At The Door Of The House - it's been on this degree for two and a half months. The north node on this Symbol is bringing us the opportunity to see the "Good Luck And Happiness" that's "Standing At The Door Of The House".


laughlight 14th July 2011 7:12 pm

Fascinating! I'm about to step off into a potential abyss
or sublime your interpretation strengthens
my comfort in not attaching to outcome. I can only walk
into Answers now. Loved this reading! You reinforce me.
Thank you.
I proceed & fear nothing.


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