Breaks, Breakdowns and Breaking Through The Barriers: October's Aries Full Moon

I’ll need a magic carpet to get out of this one. Donald Davis

If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it. Toni Morrison

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it goes on flying anyway. Mary Kay Ash

If the winds of fortune are temporarily blowing against you, remember that you can harness them and make them carry you, through the use of your imagination. Napolean Hill

Man’s desires are limited by his perceptions; none can desire what he has not perceived. William Blake

A field cannot well be seen from within the field. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Imagination is a good horse to carry you over the ground — not a flying carpet to set you free from probability. Robertson Davies

The power of thought—the magic of the mind! Lord Byron

Occurring on October 11 in the United States and October 12 in Australia, the Aries full Moon is set to be another doozy in a long line of doozies. It's been an interesting year with extraordinary events and upheavals and many are bound to be feeling a little baffled, battered or bruised. This full Moon has Saturn closely conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon. This is quite the combo, especially with the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra. It's a tug of war on many levels. 

The Symbol for the full Moon is Aries 19: A Magic Carpet Hovers Over The Depressing Reality Of Everyday Life In An Industrial Area. From my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

‘A Magic Carpet’ may be what’s needed now. By lifting ourselves above the more ‘Depressing Realities’ that are around us, we can get a better perspective or outcome about difficult issues. The ‘Magic Carpet’ is actually a vehicle for the imagination; it can elevate your understanding, awareness and existence into the mystic, sometimes fantastic, realms. There is a clear message that you have the ability to get above, or even transcend, worry and strife. Things will be revealed if you allow creative and spiritual truths into your conscious awareness. Be wary not to underestimate the potential power in the most ordinary and mundane things; there can be signs of ‘Magic’ in them. Perhaps you are being an “escapist” or dreaming of the impossible. Are you trying to use the ‘Magic Carpet’ to see a greater truth? What new ideas can you materialize in order to lift you out of where you are now? 

Keywords: Practicing meditation. Finding a vehicle for transcendence. Elevated views and perspectives. Rising above problems. Astral travel. Meditation or levitation. Lateral thinking - ‘Magic Carpets’ travel sideways. Rugs, carpets, the Middle East. Fantasy and fiction. Transcending worries. Escaping the depressing realities of the everyday world.

The Caution: Self defeating detachment. Not being able to cope with the real world. Losing one’s self completely in flights of fancy. The longing for escape. The lure of the exotic. Using drugs or alcohol in order to escape drudgery or difficulties. Smog. Filthy air. Feeling stuck. Pollution and muck. Industrial landscapes. Losing touch with the body and physical realities

The degree of the Sun is a rather difficult one, but it can be rewarding in many ways. It's a rather evocative one as it can arouse fear and anxiety, but it does have it's redeeming factors as one can bring the 'robbers' (whether a situation, mental or emotional state, or people) to light and cleanse the mind of problems that have been lurking. The Symbol is Libra 19: A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding.  Along with more personal concerns we may have to face, the Keywords and the Cautions show what's happening with the people's revolution that's happening in the streets and on the keyboards, if not in the mainstream media. 

Keywords: Gaining unfair advantage. Robbers and thieves. Spying. The cold war. Big business ripping off the “little guy”. People appearing to be something that they are not. Con-men mentality. Holding up proceedings. Mental attitudes that sabotage, restrict or control. The need for light. Voyeurism. Gangs. Private detectives. Ambushes.

The Caution: Gaining unfair advantage at someone else’s expense. Finding it hard to trust anything. Difficult hidden energy that may erupt into consciousness. Feeling that someone is going to “get” you. Hiding in the shadows. Locks and shutters that prevent true relationship. Unbalanced mental states. Paranoia. Distrusting life.

  The Karmic Condition of the Sun (the degree before) is Libra 18: Two Men Placed Under Arrest Give An Accounting For Their Acts Before The Tribunal Of Society. This says many things, way more than I can go into here, but it can obviously show people being 'arrested' - either literally or figuratively - people staying in relationships they should perhaps leave, people not able to have the relationship they want for whatever reason (people being held separately, not able to get together), people being charged with misdemeanors, all the way up to major criminal charges, etc. On the last one, as usual in this world where equality depends on your bank balance, there will be many liars, crooks, thieves, people who work actively to hurt, use or belittle others, who get off without any charges being laid against them while others get the book thrown at them for the smallest infringement.

Keywords: Having to plead one’s case. The need for “legal help”. Unacceptable principles. Blowing the whistle. Pointing at others to get off charges. People unable to relate. The “Romeo and Juliet” story. Feeling caught out. Restrictions. Karma to be worked out. Being framed. Circumstances out of control. People in handcuffs. Identification parades. Police. The law. Lawyers. Judges. Juries. Tribunals. Police states. Breaking laws.

The Caution: Refusing to conform. Sabotage of relationship values. Feeling stuck, unable to move. Staying in relationships when one should go. Deadening emotions. Shutting off to cope. Not having one’s point of view heard. Losing one’s authority. Being bound karmically. Being tied up and limited.

Saturn, the somewhat old fogey that restricts, limits, constrains and can slap on those handcuffs, is right on this full Moon (conjuncting the Sun and opposing the Moon). The Symbol is Libra 20: A Jewish Rabbi In A Tiny Room Full Of Manuscripts And Books, Performing His Duty. This degree asks that we connect in with people and their social rituals and find a sense of joy, peace and fulfillment in our religious or spiritual lives. Having Saturn here can mean many things, what's happening in Israel springs to mind - but of course, it's about more than that. 

Keywords: Connection with ancient sources of truth and understanding. Faith in abiding laws. Inherited wisdom. Ancient books. Fundamentalism. Rituals, social and otherwise. Initiation ceremonies. Book work. Studying and worshipping. Doing deeds on behalf of the community. Religious services. Writings that reveal rules for living. Lawyers. Advocates. Hidden knowledge.

The Caution: Religious dogmatism. Following the rules of “the book”. Sticking to what convention says. Losing one’s sense of individuality. Over-inflated sense of self. Distrust or hate of different religions, backgrounds or ethnic origins. Restrictive rules.

With Saturn on the 'Jewish rabbi' degree and the Sun going over the Two Men Placed Under Arrest and The Gang Of Robbers In Hiding, there is a sense that the Wall Street protest movement is going to continue to expand, but also, it's very likely that they will come up against that 'wall' of 'the establishment'. There is talk about how the hacking group Anonymous is going to attack the New York Stock Exchange, virtually wiping it. Word has it that this is an FBI sting and not initiated by Anonymous themselves. The FBI want to 'discredit' Anonymous - which one exactly is "A Gang of Robbers In Hiding"? 

 The ruler of this full Moon is Mars, which is on Leo 14: Cherub-Like, A Human Soul Whispers Into Every Receptive Ear, Seeking To Manifest. What is it that you're listening to? Paying attention to? Giving your time to? What is it that you want to say? What messages are you picking up/giving out? Are the voices of the people being heard? (Not if the mainstream media has any say in it...) The 'people' aren't being listened to. The media is not truly reporting what's going on with the protests across the United States and the world. With Mars on this degree, perhaps it's time for people's messages to go from a 'Whisper' to a roar.

Keywords: New realizations and impulses. Seeking to have one’s voice heard. Messages from the other side. Reincarnation. Channeling information. Spirit descending, wishing to make itself known. Whispering. Passing on news and messages. Seeking embodiment. Transpersonal urges. Cherubs and spirits. Ears and hearing. The urge to accomplish something. Compassion. Manifesting intention.

The Caution: Confusing voices. Signs of instability or madness. Feeling that if one isn’t heard, they will miss out. A need to be noticed and acknowledged. Not feeling like one can speak up. Shouting and making a spectacle. Trying to convince others of something. Misleading statements.

 It's interesting to note that smack after the full Moon, Mars (which rules, amongst other things, anger, ambition, assertion, etc) is on Leo 15: A Street Pageant Moving Along A Street Packed With People. 

Keywords: Demonstrations of joy. Spectacular shows of solidarity. Ticker-tape parades. Community celebrations of victory or faith. Food and drink stalls. Mardi gras and gay pride parades. Being a participant or an observer. Having a following. Gaiety and spectacle. Performers, musicians, magicians. Street stalls. Traffic management. The mob. Lots of people. Cul-de-sacs. Carnivals.

The Caution: Egocentric displays. Blowing one’s trumpet. Closing off some areas of life, overplaying others. Problems with neighbors or people. Displays with little warmth or genuine communal feelings. Feeling like sardines in a can. Noisy neighborhoods. Loud music that annoys. Disruptive behavior. Hooligans and louts. Looting. Lack of privacy and quiet. Garbage on the street. Barriers between people.

It's interesting to note that it's youtube and other social media where the voices of the people are being broadcast. The 'powers that be' must be wanting to find a way to shut it down. 

The protesters are portrayed as "vagrants; the unwashed, the homeless, the lazy, the uninformed, the misled, the immature...". This is shown by the karmic Moon's north node on Sagittarius 16: Sea Gulls Around A Ship Looking For Food. Bill O'Reilly on his FOX Network show described the protesters as 'a few hundred'. With a wave of his hand, he discounted them as hovering around looking for food and bathrooms to defile. Of course, there are two sides to the idea of the 'Sea Gulls Looking For Food'. I would suggest that the 'easy "feed"' is the system's grip on our lives and the parasitic behaviours we see in much of the establishment. 

  Keywords: Losing sight of alternative possibilities and going for the easy “feed”. Issues of dependence. Diminishing one’s essential worth while trying to please a specific need. Being opportunistic. Settling for the small things in life. Scalpers. Jettisoning scraps. Leftovers. The rewards and pitfalls of “meal tickets”. Issues of social security. The homeless.

The Caution: Waiting for scraps that may not even be worth it or may never come. Losing the opportunity to care for one’s self in an independent manner. Giving away one’s power. Being opportunistic at the expense of others. Being ripped off. People “kissing and running”. Users and abusers. Having satellites. Hovering for scraps.

The full Moon is trine the north node, which lends energy to one's desires being fulfilled, and, also, to the power of the people. Perhaps we need a 'Magic Carpet' to rise above the ugly mess of the 'Everyday Life In An Industrial Area' of the full Moon. 

Jupiter, which is retrograde, speaks about the need for right timing, issues of impetus and fuel. It reflects a lot of what's happening in the financial matters right around the globe. It speaks of many things from financial shortages, not having the resources one needs all the way up to climate change. It's Taurus 8: A Sleigh Without Snow. 

A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don’t have any solution but I certainly admire the problem. Ashleigh Brilliant

Not only is there no God, but try finding a plumber on Sunday. Woody Allen

Keywords: Independence from outer circumstances. Using the creative mind to work through momentary shortages or problems. Anticipating future conditions. Having the “vehicle”, but not the time, energy or the “fuel”. Improvising things so that they work better or ahead of their time. Gas, oil, fuel. Snow. The value of timing. Lack of resources. "Tyres" that are missing or don't work. Being ahead or behind of one's time.

The Caution: Forcing your ideas or feelings even though the time is not right. Lack of support from the environment. Missing connections. Running out of energy. Having the right thing in the wrong place. Ideas without the capital to make them reality. A lack of impetus or propulsion. Feeling stuck, unmoving. Traffic jams. Empty tanks.

Venus and Mercury are bringing a message of staying with spiritual values, compassion, love, listening to our intuition and our hearts. Venus is on Scorpio 4: A Youth Holding A Lighted Candle Gains A Sense Of The Great 'Other World'. This speaks of a belief in one's self and others, simple ideals, ceremonies that are pure and uncomplicated, affirming intention to the path. It can also be naive reliance on insincere promises, feeling like someone is too young to be of any worth (or, indeed, too old) and seeing things in too dim a light. Lighting a fire, whether it's a bonfire or a candle, and doing things with reverence can have Venus bringing love and light.

Mercury is on a very evocative image of faith, hope and redemption. It's Libra 28: A Man Alone In Deep Gloom, Unnoticed, Angels Are Coming To His Aid. This speaks of awareness of help in times of need, salvation versus depression, feeling like one's luck is about to change, improvements in the pipeline, changes in the 'weather', brightening influences, angels arriving just in the nick of time, spiritual forces for good... This degree dovetails beautifully with the 'Magic Carpet' of the full Moon. 

Jupiter is trining Pluto, bringing power issues and more power to those who seek freedom. Pluto is on Capricorn 6: Ten Logs Lie Under An Archway Leading To Darker Woods. This degree shows a journey into the unknown, getting past the past, gateways, thresholds, archways, entrances, delving into the subconscious, the unknown and the 'unknowable'. It can show the need to throw out things from the past that clog up your life and no longer contribute to your future. 

Chiron, which I see as the stories that we tell ourselves, is on Pisces 2: A Squirrel Hiding From The Hunters. One has to be somewhat brave to come outside, to bask in the sun, to be able to nourish and nurture without feeling compromised in some way. Many are coming out into the open while others may be holding back, wanting to hibernate in some way. 

Chiron moves back onto Pisces 1 again... the passage of which brings up the major issues facing the world today. The Symbol is Pisces 1: A Crowded Public Market Place. The 'Market Place' is going through volcanic changes and is throwing up all kinds of issues. This has been amplified by Neptune being on this degree for some months recently. 

Neptune is on Aquarius 29: A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis which speaks of emergence, a fuller participation in the world, growing into a beautiful sense of self. It shows the need to shred off the cocoon. 

Uranus asks us to employ humor in amongst it all. It's on Aries 2: A Comedian Entertaining A Group Of Friends. In honor of Uranus, I've just bought the entire DVD collection of the Larry Sander's Show. Laughter has got to be the best medicine. 

In the end, everything is a gag. Charlie Chaplin


laughlight 14th October 2011 11:03 am

love this love this love this
& every one of your brilliantly creative analyses!
thank you for insights & humor, cleverly delivered truths

jeniclark 16th October 2011 7:14 am

I am floored. TOTALLY floored by this post. I dont know you, but I do :)
My husband and I decided to take on the Big Banks. We have been in and out of court for a year and a half. The corruption, greed and fraud we have discovered over the course of this time is MIND BLOWING! It "should" end on Oct 27th IF the court rules on LAW and IF the judge is not corrupt himself. Regardless, we will be moving forward and setting precident for THOUSANDS of people, STOPPING the insanity that is going on with banks!The other "party" SHOULD be taken out on the 27th in handcuffs. That was my vision a year ago, not understanding WHY I had that vision, until now :)
Your words, ours. So incredibly neat to see in writing :) SO in line.
Greed, corruption and fraud does not exist on the new earth.
Peace... harmony... love... etc...
With much love my friend...


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