Feathering Our Nests: June's Cancerian New Moon 2014

It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest. Romanian Proverb

Every bird likes his own nest best. Romanian Proverb

However well organized the foundations of life may be, life must always be full of risks. Havelock Ellis

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. Henry David Thoreau

Some people are making such thorough plans for rainy days that they aren’t enjoying today’s sunshine. William Feather

Conscience is the nest where all good is hatched. Welsh Proverb

Whether you wind up with a nest egg or a goose egg depends on the kind of chick you married. Wall Street Journal

Birds in their little nest agree; and ‘Tis a shameful sight, when children of one family fall out, and chide, and fight. Isaac Watts

June's Cancer new Moon occurs on June 27 and is a fairly stressful new Moon, but one that contains quite a lot of promise for the future. There are some pretty gnarly planetary aspects and the Sabian Symbols that go with them add up to some rather testing times, but once we are through the new Moon and a few days into this lunation, I feel that things will improve in wondrous ways 

The Sabian Symbol for this new Moon is Cancer 6: Game Birds Feather Their Nests. The following interpretations are from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

The ‘Game Birds’ in this Symbol can picture the desire for security in the midst of a rather unstable situation. ‘Birds Feather Their Nests’ in readiness for a new life and new beginnings. These are ‘Game Birds’, which can symbolize an unknown future, danger or threat in the environment. Even though there is an optimistic feeling about the future and the prospect of a new life beginning, there is the danger of being expendable, in some way.

In your situation, endeavor to make yourself feel comfortable and right at home, however remember that security may only be temporary. Be careful not to become too complacent, but ensure that you aren’t frightened at any sudden surprises or moves. You may have to relinquish what you’ve built up or worked for and have to move on at some stage. If you can ensure that you are entirely safe and stable in this situation, you will most probably be able to build a bigger and better ‘Nest’ as time goes by. From another perspective, this can symbolize situations where the “parents” aren’t there to nurture and protect the “kids”. This may be in personal relationships or even a business situation. Also be careful that someone is not trying to kick you, or somebody else, out of a space that should rightfully be yours. Invasions from other ‘Birds’ can lead to one’s home being endangered, if not completely taken over by strangers. As human beings we have distanced ourselves from the “eat or be-eaten” world of nature. However, we have created other dangers for ourselves and hence the need for different strategies and survival techniques. Where can you find a place of security? This Symbol can act to remind us that we may be able to do many things in comfort and apparent safety, however, if others are controlling our environment there is still a danger which may have to be dealt with.

Keywords: Instinctive dedication for laying the groundwork for those to come. Creating a base where one can feel safe. Nurturing. Endangered habitat. Raising money. Making yourself or someone else comfortable. Interior decoration. Preparation. Home building. Landlords and tenants. Noisy or nosy neighbors. Renting vs. owning. Watching for danger. The nesting instinct. Renovations. Babies rooms.

The Caution: Being unnecessarily afraid to venture out on “one’s own”. Taking over other people’s territory. Feeling unwanted. Danger. Fussing over small details. Over-preparation. Not knowing how long one can hold out in a situation. Being vulnerable to change. Being at the mercy of others.

The Karmic Condition (the previous degree) of this new Moon is Cancer 5: At A Railroad Crossing, An Automobile Is Wrecked By A Train.  Although this Symbol, like all Symbols, has it's redeeming qualities, this is not an easy degree. One has to be cautious about who or what one 'crosses'. One can feel 'wrecked' or that society is ploughing on, ploughing ahead, regardless of your individual needs. 

Cover me, I’m changing lanes. Bumper Sticker

Although this Symbol often sounds worse that it often really is, there is a need for caution. The individual’s ideas or actions will not easily survive in a collision with the more powerful collective, especially if they are reckless or not carefully thought through. Even with the best of intentions, this may not be a good time to be insisting bravely that you or your needs be considered. The collective has so much momentum; it will not stop its course to think about what’s happening to a single individual. If someone pits themselves and their energies against a group or society, there is a good chance that they will lose, at least in some way. Be careful how much you take on in this situation. This Symbol was prevalent in the life and death of Princess Diana. She was endeavoring to “outrun” the media on the night of her tragic accident. It seems sure that she was fed-up with compromising herself with the needs of the media, her driver speeding in an attempt to outrun them. One can only speed for so long in life before one becomes an accident victim or some other kind of statistic. If you examine what risks are being taken in your situation you may realize the need to slow down or not feel the need to “win” or “outrun”. Done carefully however, you can indeed challenge the “big guys”, winning and coming out on top.

Keywords: Not looking to the consequences of actions. Recklessly going for an objective. Not considering the ramifications. Lots of people causing problems with scheduling. Having the guts to go against society or “the big guys”. Cars, trains. Individual rights. Rebelling. Crossroads. The need for good timing.

I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder. Bumper Sticker

The Caution: Recklessness. Sacrificing individuals for larger gains. Working until one drops. Not looking left or right for possible trouble. Going in the wrong direction. Working at cross-purposes. Not nourishing one’s self. Putting the desire for gain before one’s more basic personal needs. Valuing possessions before people. Talking so no one gets a word in. Going off the rails. Upsetting or obstructing others. Wreckage. Emotional panic. Spinning out of control.

The Quest Symbol (the degree following) this new Moon is Cancer 7: Two Fairies (Nature Spirits) Dancing On A Moonlit Night. 

The moon develops the imagination, as chemicals develop photographic images. Sheila Ballantyne 

Keywords: Usually invisible astral realms. Reconnecting with the feminine. Dancing. Avoiding harsh reality. Slipping away somewhere unnoticed. Seeing what’s usually hidden. Romances that have difficulty in the real world. Dreams and fantasies. Sharing common ground. Full moon celebrations. Moonlight. Sunlight. Couples inspirited. Women celebrating. Other realms. Invoking fantasies.

The Caution: Losing one’s self in emotional dreaming. Not seeing the reality of the other you’re “dancing” with. Lacking responsibility. Escapist attitudes when serious decisions need to be made. Relationships with no earthly reality or substance. Something too good to be true. Finding it hard to connect with others.

Mercury is retrograde on Gemini 26: Winter Frost In The Woods. This unfeeling, rather cold Symbol may not have us wanting to dance on that moonlit night. We may be suffering from the cold in many various ways and wanting to see some light relief coming our way. On July 1st, Mercury goes direct, signaling a relief of some of the stuck energy we've been experiencing. 

Keywords: The calm before the dawn. The silence inherent when making a connection with nature in cold, barren times. Barren and cold feelings. Refrigeration and freezing. Serenity. Surviving cold conditions. Feeling like one’s on the outside, freezing. Being lost in the wilderness. Beautiful surrounds. Lack of fertility. Things freezing up. The need to rug up.

The Caution: Denying the natural flow of the season by trying to rush things. Feeling “frozen out”, lost and neglected. Feeling dead lost and buried. Chills in the air. Keeping one’s feelings on ice. Immobility.

Mercury goes direct on Gemini 25: A Gardener Trimming Large Palm Trees. This Symbol speaks of getting rid of things from the past that no longer serve you. Cleaning up and clearing out. Are your cupboards, garage or storage units brimming with possessions that no longer serve you? Just how many tennis rackets and vases do we really need? 

Choosing goals that are important to you is one of the most essential things you can do in order to live your dreams. Les Brown

Keywords: Trimming off nonessentials to get to the bare reality. Caring for one’s possessions. Doing the work simply because it needs to be done. Getting rid of rubbish. Gardening and landscaping. Editing words, thoughts, emotions – superfluous things. Weeding out the unnecessary. Looking after cosmetic appearances.

The Caution: Doing the work because of routine, rather than need. Spending time doing things because of appearances. Neglecting the actual real issues at hand, which may include good nourishment, watering, and caring for physical realities. Doing menial jobs when one could be doing much bigger better ones.

Venus is on Gemini 5: A Radical Magazine Or Publication, Displaying A Sensational Front Page. There are always big, sensational front pages - we see them every day. But, do you have some announcement or decision that you would like to (or need to) make? Or, perhaps one is coming your way. Either way, messages need to be integrated in order to figure out whether they are true or worth paying attention to. 

Keywords: Speaking one’s mind. Messages and news that awakes and shocks. The need for reform. Challenging outlooks. Breaking out of constraints. The media. Issues of propaganda. Headlines that promise more than they deliver. Revolutions. Social or emotional causes. Conspiracy theories. Printing presses. Publishing. Publicity. Gaining attention. Speaking one’s truth without fear of consequences.

The Caution: Being argumentative. Arousing others for selfish reasons. Distortions of the truth. Misinformation and disinformation. Getting the whole picture wrong. Exploitation of situations. Overstating messages. Biased information. Old and outworn news.

Mars is on Libra 17: A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering And Leaving The Harbor

Keywords: Memories and peaceful contemplation. Disconnection from the past and concentrati ng on more immediate circumstances. Fatigue and the need for rest. Being a spectator rather than a participant. Being part of an audience. Voyeurism. Turning to more domestic pursuits. Writing one’s memoirs. Nostalgia. Safe ports or harbors.

The Caution: A cop-out, escaping from reality. Relying on past experiences. A need to defend one’s shoreline. Losing faith in life. Staring at lost opportunities and times gone by. Not wanting to participate in life. Losing interest in the struggle. Disillusionment.

A few days previous to this new Moon, Mars was on Libra 16: After The Storms of Winter, A Boat Landing Stands In Need Of Reconstruction. This degree would have had many people wondering how they need to 'reconstruct' some part of their lives, rebuild, reorganise, recover some usually stable and reliable part of their lives. Certainly where I am here in Sydney, we had unseasonably warm and lovely days - one after the other - record producing warm days and then suddenly the weather was freezing and we have just had - these last few days - enormous winds and substantial storm damage. This degree was writ large for many of us here in Eastern Australia. 

Keywords: Temporary loss. Emotional repair. Tools to repair damage and build a new life. Having faith that the worst is over and recovery can begin. Calling in the experts. Taking time to put the pieces back together. Working to ensure the safety of the community. Insurance claims. The fragility of man’s world in the face of nature.

The Caution: Making excuses instead of fixing things. Feeling emotionally swamped and powerless. Being torn apart. Leaving things a mess. Not seeing the real reason for fixing things up. Feeling shot to pieces. Letting things wear down to the point of collapse. Having nowhere to dock. Continual arguments and violence.

Immediately after the new Moon, Mars is traversing some of the more difficult Libran Sabian Symbols. Libra 18 is Two Men Placed Under Arrest Give Accounting Of Their Acts Before The Tribunal Of Society.  

Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape. Proverb 

No! No! Sentence first-verdict afterwards. Lewis Carroll

Keywords: Having to plead one’s case. The need for “legal help”. Unacceptable principles. Blowing the whistle. Pointing at others to get off charges. People unable to relate. The “Romeo and Juliet” story. Feeling caught out. Restrictions. Saturn. Karma to be worked out. Being framed. Circumstances out of control. People in handcuffs. Identification parades. Police. The law. Lawyers. Judges. Juries. Tribunals.

The Caution: Refusing to conform to society’s mores. The sabotage of relationship values. Feeling stuck, unable to move. Staying in relationships when one should move on. Deadening emotions. Shutting off to cope with others. Not having one’s point of view heard. Losing one’s authority. Being bound karmically. Being tied up and limited.

Then, on June 30, Mars moves onto another rather difficult Libran degree - Libra 19: A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding. Mars on this degree in many cases can show how we need to shine light on situations, relationships, memories, etc, that aren't working for us. A bit of 'light' can illuminate situations so they no longer have the same hold over us. 

Keywords: Gaining unfair advantage. Robbers and thieves. Spying. The cold war. Big business ripping off the “little guy”. People appearing to be something that they are not. Con-men mentality. Holding up proceedings. Mental attitudes that sabotage, restrict or control. The need for light. Voyeurism. Gangs.

The Caution: Gaining unfair advantage at someone else’s expense. Finding it hard to trust anything. Difficult hidden energy that may erupt into consciousness. Feeling that someone is going to “get” you. Hiding in the shadows. Locks and shutters that prevent true relationship.

As we go into July, my feeling is that things will begin to feel way better. :)

Jupiter is on Cancer 26: Guests Are Reading In The Library Of A Luxurious Home. This is a lovely degree of quiet space, privilege and learning. Being able to share with others, or, spend time with yourself, in an atmosphere that supports your needs is a beautiful thing. 

Keywords: Sharing of thoughts and ideas in an environment of social privilege. Social protocol that says what one should be digesting, emotionally, intellectually or physically. Libraries. Hotel reading rooms. Chatting quietly. Books, magazines. Quiet, knowing atmosphere.

The Caution: Relating on a superficial level or not being able to relate at all because of social expectations. Being told to “keep quiet”. Not saying what one really feels. Focusing on the mind, not the heart. Not being invited to the inner circle. 

A day after the new Moon, on June 28, Jupiter moves onto a degree that can be rather difficult to negotiate, although, as always, there are good sides to this Symbol. It may imply being able to blow the wind out of a situation, thereby bringing peace and calm after there was problems. 

Jupiter will be on Cancer 27: A Furious Storm In A Canyon Filled With Valuable Homes. 

A man is sometimes lost in the dust of his own raising. David Ruggles

Keywords: Arguments and emotional confrontations. The “pressure cooker” environments of modern- day living. Psychic energy unleashed. Furious emotions. Changing the status quo. Bad weather and its consequences. Rebuilding from the foundations. Living in canyons. Being surrounded by mountainous peaks. The awesome power of nature.

The Caution: Wrongly believing that you are in control of the uncontrollable. Enjoyment of emotional storms and turmoil. Lots of noise that erupts out of nowhere. Whipping things up. Lifethreatening behavior. Confrontations. Storm fronts. Social upheavals. Disturbing or violent reactions.

As always, these Symbols don't have to impact on you personally - although they can - they can show up in the world around you - in the media, in events. A storm can be good anyway, and we have a few storms in this new Moon's story, as storms can come along and clear out stuck or stagnant energy, freeing up people, situations, or whatever, and allowing things to land in a different place. 

Saturn is retrograde on Scorpio 18: A Quiet Path Through Woods Brilliant With Autumn

Saturn here can have us wanting to slow down, smell the roses, pay attention to things we might not normally pay attention (or give our time) to. It can also have some people thinking about retirement and old age - even people who are quite young can feel this way with Saturn on this degree. 

Keywords: Rewards of plenty. Transformations through the different seasons of one’s life. Overcoming battles and disappointments, and finding peace. Layers of personality issues flaking off with maturity. Gardens, sometimes off the beaten track. Taking time out to reflect on nature. Walks. The feeling of change in the air. Mature and elegant responses. Warm. Rich colors. Memories and memoirs. Taking life one day at a time. Overcoming loss through positive attitudes.

The Caution: Being too late for the harvest. Concentrating on the past. Being oblivious to nature’s beauty. Resisting the flow of the seasons.

Saturn goes direct on July 20, and we will no doubt begin to feel an easing up of the energy of somehow being on hold in some areas of our lives. 

Saturn goes direct on Scorpio 16: A Woman The Father Of Her Own Child. Issues to do with being able to look after yourself, sustain yourself, be a parent to others, be in relationship or be alone, being lonely versus being self sufficient, are likely to come up. In Australia, and elsewhere in the world, issues to do with pensioners, youngsters, single-parents, etc, having their 'entitlements' reduced is a major news item and one which has a lot of people rather fearful about how they are going to manage in the future on less. 

Keywords: Single parenthood. Being proud of one’s individuality. Feeling capable of anything. Spiritual experiences that fill one with one’s own spirit. Self-reliance. The lack of a father figure. Invitro fertilization. The complications of adoption. Selfsufficiency. Facing the world feeling whole. Having the right to determine one’s future. The story of the conception of Jesus.

The Caution: Uncompromising feminism or chauvinism. Feeling like one has to be responsible for everything. Unrealistic independence. Being left alone and abandoned. Having no one to turn to for support. Being an adult before one’s time.

Uranus is on Aries 17: Two Prim Spinsters Sitting Together In Silence. This can be about the need to loosen up with each other, to open up and talk, to share your experiences, to realise where you might be blocking relationships, or, it can also show having friends (perhaps one special friend in particular) that you can open up with and trust. One of the ways this Uranus is manifesting is that the old fudd-duddies in the world (most of them with suits and ties on) are calling the shots in economic and political spheres and not listen to those who are younger, more vital, or perhaps have a greater stake in the future than they have. 

Keywords: The need to loosen up emotional blockages. The struggle to hold onto one’s original identity. Compromise because of social expectations. Meditations that communicate. Exclusive relationships. Relationships that have a quiet “knowing”. Dignified silence. Inner withdrawal. Communicating through body language.

The Caution: Emotional isolation. Refusing to accept relationship. Pretending to be someone that one is not. Disapproval of younger, more vital energies. Being fussy and judgmental. Chattering that is not conducive to growth or true relating. Gossip. Difficulty in communicating. Being shutoff, or shutdown.

Neptune is on Pisces 8: A Girl Blowing A Bugle. This, especially as it's in square aspect to Venus on the 'radical newspaper's front page' Symbol, calls for us to speak up.... echoing the need that Uranus feels as well (to give voice that what's happening). 

Keywords: Sounding the call. Awakening all to action. Going on and on about something. Loudspeakers, telephones, announcements. Being prepared to state one’s case. Calling attention to one’s self. Blowing your own trumpet. Whistleblowers. Heralding and proclaiming the dawn. Rise and shine! Girls in a man’s world. Leading the charge. Resurrection. Mass announcements. Advertising campaigns. Alarm clocks. Ear plugs. Blind folds. Break the fast.

The Caution: Making unwarranted and disturbing noise. Showing off. Unbalanced messages. Evangelists and politicians. Sounding the call but not making the grade. Being annoying. Trumpeting about one’s achievements. Not listening to people.

Pluto is on Capricorn 13: A Fireworshipper Meditates On The Ultimate Realities Of Existence. In this very interesting time that feels so entirely trying and testing, we might ask the question of why we are here - what is life about? - why the suffering? - why do we have to continue to prevail? These, and others, are immense questions when it comes to the dimension that Pluto explores - what is the meaning of life?

Keywords: Self-conquest. Kundalini energy. Playing with dangerous elements to reach a higher state of being. Philosophy. The stories of our lives. Examining life and its meaning. The buzz of being alive. Questions of our very existence. Finding the reasons behind everything. Contemplation and meditation. Incense. The hypnotic spell that fire can cast. Staring into the flames. Throwing oneself into the deep end. The search for core truths.

The Caution: Overestimation of personal power and abilities. Obsession to the point of self-obliteration. One-pointedness. Being intense. Going too deeply. Exhausting oneself trying to discover the meaning of life. Excluding family and friends because of philosophical or spiritual convictions. Not seeing the woods for the trees.

Chiron - The Wounded Healer and The Stories We Tell Ourselves - is on Pisces 18: In A Huge Tent, A Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting With A Spectacular Performance

Keywords: Energy and inspiration. Evangelism. Whipped up emotions. Having a lot to say. Being instructional and dogmatic about how things should be. Being in charge. Ecstasy. Loud voices. Conversations that are said out loud. Acoustics affecting sounds. Evangelism. Preaching. Mind control. Performing. Political, religious and spiritual activism. Showmanship. Transformative experiences. Captivated audiences. The media circus.

The Caution: Using spiritualism for greedy financial gain. Overblown feelings of one’s abilities. Big egos. Hysteria. People whipped-up and manipulated by those in charge. Having the agenda of controlling others. Feeling that one has all the answers. Getting het-up about ideals and beliefs. Manipulation and exploitation. Bigotry.

The Moon's north node is on Libra 26: An Eagle And A Large White Dove Turning Constantly Into Each Other. This Symbol shows the difficulty in knowing whether to use force or love (or both) in situations - to be soft and kind or powerful and domineering? To be judgemental or accepting - integrating those parts into ourselves that may seem contradictory can lead to some amazing insights into the 'right use of energy'. 

Keywords: Tempering one’s will with love and bolstering up one’s emotional responses with strength. Cooperation of mind, will, spirit and heart. Schizophrenia. Eagles and doves. Being strong and soft at the same time. Adopting the attitudes of spirit, power and love.

The Caution: Being “all over the place” with reactions. Being changeable. Not acting for the purpose of a definite outcome. Confusing others with conflicting behavior. Not knowing what to expect next.

So, there are definitely some difficult degree Symbols and aspects in this new Moon - but it is a meaningful time and many changes are set to take place.


spiritdiver 27th June 2014 1:06 am

Ok, I have to speak up and out to your interpretations of these Sabian Degrees. With all due respect, I would also like to offer my intuitive message and read. As I feel you may be putting a bit of a negative spin on what are to me very optimistic symbol degrees, of this moment in time, and most importantly the potential this incredible New Moon-Sun conjunction brings and holds for all of us indeed!

New Moon-Sun Conjunction: Cancer 6°
We all know what birds are doing when feathering their nests? They are instinctively preparation for the "mature and full expression of the self'. (Dane Ryder Interpretation comment of Sabian Degree) they are intuitively planning for the co-creation of bringing to life, true creativity to earth.

And, what is just beyond this New Moon? The potential for conscious (Sun) recognition of the supporting protective forces in na­ture that are there lovingly, calling, leading us forward to creatively-play. Cooperation with the invisible. Good Luck!

spiritdiver 27th June 2014 1:09 am


Jupiter (Expansion) conjunct Varana (sings and dances to life):
Cancer 26°
The Emergence of consciousness upon our higher selves. Conscious fruition.

Cancer 27°
Intensification of elements necessary(!) to arouse latent possibilities. Rising (home) to the occasion brings a descent of cosmic power.

Mars: Libra 17°
To me this speaks of the power of letting go. Offering atonement for another. At it's highest potential a reconciliation, as in God to humankind through the Holy Spirit -this day in 'our body' of Christ.

spiritdiver 27th June 2014 1:16 am

Continued (last entry..sorry to be hoging so much comment space (girl blowing Bugel here : ).

This Degree in particular, Mars: Libra 17°, yet is so relative to all the degrees of our Cancer New Moon and this time, brings to mind (which coincidentally came to me earlier today) the Tarot card, III of Wands.

In the III of Wands he stands on the mountain in trust, overlooking as his ships set sail. Holding on in strength to the one wand, the excitement of the creative supporting Ace. He and the sailers know not where they go, or what they will meet along the way, but intuitively in strength with heart vision are assured the cooperation and partnership is an optimistic self expression of the journey that brings a successful enterprise.

The larger picture will become their awareness of the potential in the new discovery. It is now the letting go of this period of preparation, yet it is also a celebration of a new beginning. An adventure in the new power, and our course in life.

Hope this offers and is received as encouragement and love to all!

In appreciation,


Spirit Library 27th June 2014 4:45 am

Thank you Leanne, your comments are an incredible addition to the article. Your interpretations are indeed encouraging and well received!

Mariù :)

cyndy 27th June 2014 11:31 am

Leanne, I appreciated your intuitive interpretation of the cosmic. Positive and powerful. Thanks for speaking up.^

zorro 27th June 2014 8:54 pm

I am the Key-Word. And I encompass the "caution". I am the unification of consciousness. All things are made new in me. My time is now. Behold, Wholeness... The true intent of Sabian interpretation.


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