Keeping One's Counsel Versus Letting It all Out: May's Partial Lunar Eclipse

A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird? Edward Hersey Richards

Think first and speak afterwards. Proverb

The barn owl’s left ear is higher than the right and points down to catch sounds from below. His right points up to hear above. 365 Amazing Trivia Facts

Alone and warming his five wits, The white owl in the belfry sits. Lord Alfred Tennyson

Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue—to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak. Socrates

The world is governed more by appearances than by realities, so that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it. Daniel Webster

The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim. Sun Tzu

May's Sagittarius full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse. It is not a strong eclipse, but the energies that are experiencing at the moment are incredibly intense, so it feels like it is a total eclipse and there's a lot of high energy around. Further, this full Moon is one day away from lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth for this month. By a newly coined popular definition, that makes this May full moon a supermoon.

Due to personal circumstances, this is not going to be my usual very long screed, but rather I'm just going to outline to Moon and Sun Sabian Symbols. It is curious to me that I've been writing these newsletters for many years and have only missed one - and that was on an eclipse some years ago. So, this eclipse newsletter has, in a sense, been eclipsed. 

The Symbol for this full Moon is Sagittarius 5: An Old Owl Perched High Up In A Tree

The following is my interpretation of this degree from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom: 

This Symbol can indicate a degree of insomnia caused by an active mind and thinking too much  at bedtime. What are the hidden elements of the situation facing you? If you sit quietly apart from things for a while and really endeavor to see “in the dark”, you’ll reveal things that previously only lurked in the shadows. You may need to consult with aged wisdom, either from within yourself or from the outside world. Knowledge of any type, but particularly knowledge garnered from books, can lead you to seeing farther into very difficult situations where everything seemed dark, and sometimes forbidding. The ‘Owl’ may look sleepy and sedate but it can move very fast the minute is sees what it wants – it can move with surprising swiftness to catch its objective. Emulating this behavior can bring a certain solitude, but this may be just what is needed. However, a feeling of being separate, high and remote can cause alienation, so be watchful for when its time to start actively participating in life again.

Keywords: Wisdom and strength. Evening contemplation. Keeping thoughts to oneself. A wise “sage” type of person. Nocturnal vision. Exalted wisdom. “Night owls”. Heightened sight and seeing. Being silent and alert for the slightest movement. The ability to see all around. The spirit of birds. Silent flight. Having acute hearing. Lofty ideals.

The Caution: Smug denial of available wisdom. Someone thinking they know it all. Not wanting to join in with others in fun activities. Acting old before their time. Excluding others as being frivolous and unknowing. Waiting for one’s prey. Black magic. Being old before one's time. Always being alone. Remote and cut off. Sitting isolated. Saying nothing when one should be saying something. Inability to sleep soundly.

So, the message of the Moon is to keep one's counsel and be observant, aware and knowing. However, the Sun is saying something quite different and finding the balance between waiting for the right moment to communicate and the pull to blurt out can be quite intense.  

My sources are unreliable, but their information is fascinating. Ashleigh Brilliant

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Gemini 5: A Radical Magazine Or Publication, Asking For Action Displays A Sensational Front Page

You may be motivated for change, and getting the attention of those around you may require radical and even abrasive action. This Symbol can equally be seen from the opposite view; perhaps you are having difficulty with someone who is being noisy, disruptive, demanding or looking to cause change. Whichever, the issue is most likely overblown and exaggerated in some way. There may be a lot of dramatic ‘Action’ and overreaction to what is said or done. Things may currently seem threatening, but are probably just reflections of moments in time and likely to pass before long. Someone may meet his or her match vocally. Attention seeking devices, such as the ‘Sensational Front Page’ should be used very carefully and never against anyone. Once everyone is paying attention there may need to be an effort to publicize a more reasonable perspective. Sometimes we overuse terms like “you never” and “that’s the last time I ever…” It is important to get past the exaggerated ‘Sensational’ words and look at why such large statements are thought necessary in the first place.

Keywords: Speaking one’s mind. Messages and news that awakes or shocks. The need for reform. Challenging outlooks. Breaking out of constraints. The media. Issues of propaganda. Headlines that promise more than they deliver. Revolutions. Social or emotional causes. Conspiracy theories. Printing presses. Publishing. Publicity. Gaining attention. Speaking one’s truth without fear of consequences.

The Caution: Being argumentative. Arousing others for selfish reasons. Distortions of the truth. Misinformation and disinformation. Getting the whole picture wrong of situations. Overstating messages. Biased information. Old and outworn news.

Neptune is squaring this full Moon - bringing a sense of dreaminess, the longing for escape perhaps, possible confusion and the desire to pursue our dreams. The Neptune square can bring up issues to do with sensitivity and being impressionable. Finding a middle ground on this full Moon can be tricky, but also rewarding as much creativity and spiritual awareness can emerge as a result. 

The Symbol for Neptune is Pisces 6: A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress 

There is a need to be aware of duty, honor and the protection of higher ideals. You may be a part of something big and worthwhile. Wearing some kind of “uniform” may be required to show allegiance to a particular cause, country, relationship or other area of life. Wearing the “right clothes” and presenting the “right image” can lead to feelings of acceptance, respect and belonging. Dedication, discipline and duty bring their own kinds of rewards. However, sometimes people would rather not have to put in all the effort for little apparent return. Whatever, showing pride and solidarity will help this situation move forward. There are issues of having to show one’s “authority” in public. One may have to learn to withstand criticism or feelings of just being “one of the crowd”. Maybe there’s a desire for, or a fear of, typecasting: being cast in a stereotypical mold. Do you really belong in this situation, or would you really rather go AWOL? Are you being bullied and told what to do and how to live your life? Perhaps you feel like you’ve signed up for a commitment and, at times, you do not want to put in the work. What procedures must be followed here? This ‘Parade’ is something that will eventually pass by. Putting on your best face and joining with others will ensure success.

Keywords: National pride on display. Reminders of those putting life and limb on the line for kin and country. Uniforms, hats. People seeking recognition from the community, regardless of what they’ve personally achieved. Patriotism. Memories of war. Being committed to service. Medals. Stripes. Uniformity. Grinning and bearing it. Projecting the “right image”. Drills and routines. Displays of courage. Assembling together. Braiding and piping. Spit and polish. Parades and marching. Police and law enforcement. Guns and bayonets. The importance of looking good.

The Caution: “Stiff” and unfeeling displays. Having special privileges that others don’t. Doing what one must do. Hiding behind a façade. Not being prepared, or able, to show one’s true self. “Drill sergeants” who scream and shout. People parading their importance. False courage. Taking the glory away from the little people. Wearing anything.

Interestingly, Jupiter, the ruler of this full Moon, is on another 'bird high up in a tree' degree. It's on Gemini 23: Three Fledglings In A Nest High Up In A Tree. 

God stirs up our comfortable nests and pushes us over the edge of them, and we are forced to use our wings to save ourselves from fatal falling. Read your trials in this light, and see if your wings are being developed. Hannah Whitall Smith

Adding to an impulse to push forward with this full Moon is Venus and Mercury conjunct Jupiter. This triple conjunction can bring new insights around love, relating to others, finding one's place and feeling a part of humanity in a larger sense. Plans can be big, and the energy can unleash a desire for comfort, communication and expansion. Think big is the message of this conjunction. 

The Symbol for Mercury and Venus is Gemini 20: A Cafeteria With An Abundance Of Choices. There are a lot of things that nourish and support us and we have our choices before us, sometimes too many. This speaks of choosing the things that provide us with sustenance and joy, 

Keywords: Overwhelming alternatives in modern society. Satiation. Everything provided for. Self-service. Issues of indulgence and one’s needs satisfied. Salivating over what’s on display. The incredible number of “choices” in a technological society. Too many choices (food, lovers, jobs, opportunities) – so little time. Instant gratification. Takeaway food. Buffet-style meals. Obesity. Chef’s surprises. The need to be discerning. Mechanized systems that don’t require much thought.

The Caution: Taking everything you can simply because it is available, regardless of needs. The inability to make life’s decisions. Things so near, yet so far. The inability to satisfy no matter how much one has. Feeling that one has to eat because it’s there. Indulgence beyond reason. Indigestion. Waste. Obsession with food. Using up people one by one.

This full Moon is presenting us with the many choices we have before us. On the world scale, it is interesting to see how the world is rallying against Monsanto. Right on this full Moon, with Mercury and Venus on this degree Symbol, people are protesting this assault and abomination that genetically modified foods present. 

The major message of this full Moon is to find a sense of balance, purpose and meaning. It indicates a need to sit with impressions and not to rush. Look deeply into situations to see what is real and what is mere illusion. Process, align and digest.



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