Manifesting And Embodying Our True Selves: June's Capricorn Full Moon

We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is something valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.
e. e. cummings

I count life just as stuff to try the soul’s strength on. Robert Browning

God does not ask about our ability, but our availability. Anon

The act of writing is the act of making soul, alchemy. Gloria Evangelina Anzaldua

The greatest human quest is to know what one must do in order to become a human being. Immanuel Kant

To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer is to keep your soul alive. Robert Louis Stevenson

June's full Moon in Capricorn is a supermoon, meaning it is making it's closest approach to the earth - to quote from Wikipedia: "The next occurrence [of a supermoon] will be on 23 June 2013. This full moon will not be only the closest and largest full moon of the year. It also presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2013. The moon will not be so close again until August, 2014."

Many are saying that this will contribute to an enormous release of power at the time of this full Moon. I agree to a point, but I'm finding that every new and full Moon that we're experiencing is powerful, enormously meaningful and full on energy wise. I hope that the sky is clear in your part of the world so you can witness it as it should put on a beautiful show.

The Sabian Symbol for the full Moon is one of my favourites. Curiously, the Sun is most often on this degree on December 25 each year (with leaps years, it can be before or after Christmas Day). It is so descriptive of the story of Jesus.

Capricorn 3: The Human Soul, In Its Eagerness For New Experiences, Seeks Embodiment.

The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom (I currently have a special offer on my book and cards set, click here for details)

This Symbol shows that a new level of consciousness is about to reveal and express itself. Many parts of yourself are seeking expression and ‘Embodiment’ and there may be a sense of ‘Eagerness’ or urgency in the process. Something ‘New’ is being born, particularly something that’s coming from deep inside of you, and it can feel like nothing is going to stop it from achieving this ‘Embodiment’. You may feel very open to the messages of the world around you, as clues come through to show you how to go about ‘Embodying’ these ‘New Experiences’. There can be unbounded enthusiasm, but it may take some time before what you want can be brought into reality. At first, this is likely to be a quiet time of inner contemplation and outer observance. Regardless of your more immediate physical circumstances, there is an evolution of understanding going on. This Symbol can point to children wanting to come through into this life along with an unfurling of one’s creativity and projects into physical form. Whatever it represents, a new beginning of life or hope is wanting to come into conscious manifestation now. This Symbol often brings up issues to do with writing and self-expression. It may be a good idea to keep a diary or to write things down as ideas will often just pour out. This situation may haave a fated quality, with some extraordinary outcome just waiting to happen.

Keywords: Inner motivation leading to expansion. Jesus and his disciples. Being “born” quickly. Manifesting one’s desires without concern for consequences. Being “born again”. Feeling like a changed person. The need to drop into the body. Religious and spiritual rebirth. Reincarnation. The urge to create. Writers and writing.

The Caution: Denying the growth that’s beckoning in favor of social responsibility. Not leaving when perhaps one should. Having to seek permission to come through any “new gateway”. A loss of faith. Being obsessed about an ideal or idea. Feeling cast adrift from one's reality.

This Symbol shows the desire to express one's self, to bring out one's creative spirit, to write, create, be, enjoy, manifest. It is a very strong Symbol of creative manifestation.

Many are reporting the difficult times they are going through, and it is interesting to note the Karmic Condition of the Moon at this full Moon. It is also about the Jesus story; a reflection of the pain and suffering that many go through in their quest to be themselves, to stay true to their convictions, to reject those things that don't sing with their heart's desires.

The Karmic Condition of the Moon is Capricorn 2: Three Stained-Glass Windows In A Gothic Church, One Is Damaged By Bombardment.

It seems that we have to work at repairing our 'stained-glass windows', to bring hope and a sense of a positive future into our lives. Whether it's the difficulties we are experiencing on a financial level, in our love lives, through our family and friends and their travails, or the sense that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, we can work on restoring hope and faith. It could be that you feel that you've got to put together parts of your life that have been ripped asunder. Picturing that window being repaired can work wonders.

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Keywords: Seeking sanctuary. Careless aggression where love should be. Religious or philosophical differences that spark off problems. Fears of being “under attack” whilst in the spotlight. Sorrow and despair over losses. Loss of faith. ‘Windows’ that are cracked, broken or smashed. Cracks and shattering. Rescue of endangered holy places. Loss of love through harsh circumstance. The need for repair.

The Caution: Feeling disconnected from the reality of what’s going on. Fearfulness OR fearlessness, when one should be careful. Signs of rubble all around. Aggression between people. Burning down churches. A lack of safe places. Being shell-shocked and ravaged. Cold breezes entering sacred spaces. Psychological and emotional scars. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

The Quest degree of the full Moon (the degree following) is Capricorn 4: A Group Of People Entering A Canoe For A Journey By Water. This symbolises the possibility, the desire or the need, of gathering with others who share the same ideals, the same destinations, the same possibilities in life and journeying together towards a common goal. Even if the goals are differing, though, we can find our way through being with those who share at least part of our journey.

Keywords: Cohesive effort, cooperation and coordination. People coming together with a shared goal in sight. Being continually on the move. Feeling like one’s on a ‘Journey’ of destiny. People all pulling together. Canoes. Boats. Vehicles of discovery. Setting off on an adventure. Entering the unknown. Workshops. Unknown destinations. Setting sail. Observing the weather. Yacht races.

The Caution: Uncoordinated energies. Not going along with anybody. Rocking the boat. The urge to get off midstream. Being bored with close company. A lack of privacy or quiet time. Back seat drivers. No one navigating. Lack of a realistic itinerary.

The Sun is on Cancer 3: An Arctic Explorer Leads A Reindeer Through Icy Canyons.

This is a rather difficult degree to negotiate. As I've been saying lately, I'm putting one foot in front of the other. I guess that that is what a lot of us have to do; one foot in front of the other. It helps, if it is possible, to take things slowly, to not push when situations or people are cold and difficult. This was the degree of Mars in the launch chart of the Titanic. I hope we're not going to be throwing our deckchairs overboard!

If you’re going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill

Keywords: Using animal instincts to get through tough times. Facing bad weather and hardship. Following the leader without knowing where one’s going. Unfamiliar surroundings. The point of no return. Being in a cul-de-sac. Being led around by the hand (or the nose). Treading carefully. Icebergs. Glaciers. Snow and ice. Risky ventures. The Titanic story.

The Caution: Taking those unfamiliar to the situation and unwittingly heading towards danger. Putting one’s self through hard times when it’s avoidable. Restrictive outlooks on life. Frozen responses. Frigidity. Feeling lost, alone, frozen with fear or forsaken. Willingly going the hard way. Lack of provisions.

Saturn is on Scorpio 5: A Massive Rocky Shore Resists The Pounding Of The Sea. Saturn is the ruler of this Capricorn full Moon, so it has an added energy. It is also in a developing sextile aspect with the Sun and a trine with the Moon, so there is some good energy around getting one's act together. However, this is another rather difficult degree. I have always seen it as having to resist onslaughts, difficulties, things that might wear us down, perhaps make us feel older, less able to cope or having to find deep wells of strength that are sometimes difficult to find. There is something about mourning with this degree, it feels like loss and difficulty, especially with Saturn stationary here. Saturn goes direct on July 8, after which we may start to feel an easing up of the difficult energy. For many, the energy of Saturn lately has felt like swimming in glue.

Constant dripping wears away a stone. Proverb

Keywords: Relentless, unchanging reality. The establishment. Feeling battered and bruised. The need to hold onto reality in difficult situations. Sticking with something no matter what the cost or how long it takes. Chinese water torture. Evolution. Endurance. Pounding waves, rocks and sand.

The Caution: Stubborn acts leading to inertia, not growth. Tedious negotiations. Shooting yourself in the foot. Teenage rebellion. Fighting the elements.

The two days following the full Moon could feel like a real challenge as the Symbols can speak of arguments, deadlocks and people getting in the way of each other. The Sun is on Cancer 4 the day after the full Moon. Cancer 4: is A Cat Arguing With A Mouse and the day following that, the Sun is on Cancer 5: A Car Wrecked At A Railroad Crossing. Hence, equilibrium and staying in the flow can be difficult, however, with some good management this can be a fabulous time of getting your dreams, visions, plans and realities in alignment as the Sun will be in a grand trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces - a very nice line up. So, the energies are good for this grand trine, it's just that the Symbols can be rather challenging.

Mercury is slowing right down and turning retrograde on June 26. The Symbol for Mercury at the full Moon is Cancer 23: The Meeting Of A Study Group Or Literary Society. This Symbol speaks of the need to be with others that share your ideas, to listen and learn from others, as well as teaching others.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

Keywords: Shared higher knowledge. Print media, libraries. The written word. Committees. The movie Dead Poet’s Society. Work shopping and brainstorming. Critics and criticism. Diaries, records and minutes of meetings. Newspapers and news media. Consulting with learned people. Talkback radio. Sharing beliefs and ideas. The mirrors of society. Discussions. Letters to the editor. The meeting of the minds. Reviews.

The Caution: Falsifying of ideas. Propaganda spread by the media. Intellectual smugness. Excluding anything non-establishment. Chatting instead of doing. Intellectual bickering. Analyzing every piece of information until it loses its inherent message. Being told only what’s safe to reveal. Disinformation.

This degree also talks about such things as Facebook and other social media.

Mercury goes retrograde on June 26 on Cancer 24: A Woman And Two Men, Or A Man And Two Women, Cast Away On A Small Island. This can show too many people in a situation, relationship triangles, people trying to get along in difficult circumstances, etc.

Don’t look now, but there’s one too many in this room and I think it’s you. Groucho Marx

Keywords: Feelings of being fenced in. Too little room to move. Lack of privacy. Relationship triangles. Claustrophobia. Isolation. Love affairs. Too many people or having no one. Having to schedule people’s needs. Competition and rivalry. Polygamy.

The Caution: Not seeing the whole picture. Fighting over one’s “territory”. The specter of “someone else”. Jealousy. Sexual infidelity. Misleading relationships. Being shut out of relationship. Fickleness. Not being able to choose. Having too many people to consider.

Venus is on a powerful degree - Cancer 25: A Leader Of Men Wearing An Invisible Mantle Of Power. This speaks of recognising the power within yourself or others. The trick with this degree can be in observing if 'power' is being used wisely, or whether it is really being mis-used or weilded in a way that controls others.

Venus is conjunct (together with) Mercury, so words can have the power to love, soothe and heal all the way to making situations worse, inflamming them with things like I said, he said, she said. It can be a trick to keep one's thoughts together, especially if someone is abusing their power.

Keywords: Leadership and its honors and responsibilities. Powerful descent of energies taking over one’s being. Feeling invincible—one can do nothing wrong. Hugging and being hugged. Sore shoulders. Shawls and cloaks that empower or cover-up. Gurus. Quiet, unassuming strength. Charisma, strength and presence. Beautiful coats. Furs. Huge personalities.

The Caution: Shows of superiority. Presuming oneself to be more than one is. Megalomania. Abuse of power. Not owning one’s magnificence. Having the weight of the world on your shoulders. People on power trips. Lording it over others. Being pushy.

Mars is on Gemini 17: The Head Of A Youth Changes Into That Of A Mature Thinker. This can show the need to take on a more mature way of thinking, to grow up, to take situations or life more seriously. With Mars here, it can, but doesn't have to be, a trick to get it right, and, with some, there may be a resistance to the whole idea of having to grow up and take responsibility for their lives and the results of their actions.

To live lightheartedly but not recklessly; to be gay without being boisterous; to be courageous without being bold; to show trust and cheerful resignation without fatalism—this is the art of living. Jean de La Fontaine

But I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now. Bob Dylan

Keywords: Thinking with the higher mind. Gaining maturity. Making wise decisions. Using the system to get what one wants. Growing up “overnight”. Having to change whether one likes it or not. Learning the lessons that come with age. Initiations into adulthood. Life changing events. Thinking, pondering. Finding a state of calm. Refined thinking. Facing reality.

The Caution: Suddenly becoming old. Losing innocence and energy. Clinging to the illusions of childhood. Peter-Pan attitudes. “Never growing up”. Feeling old when one could, or should, be feeling young. Hormones taking over and dictating behavior. Reacting with the lower emotional nature. Forever adolescent.

Jupiter is on Gemini 30: A Parade Of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds. This degree can speak of putting your best face forward, or the need for it, to keep up appearances, so that people, perhaps, don't see those chinks in one's armour. It can also show the distaste we can feel for superficiality around how one looks, appears or behaves. Of course, it can mean getting down to the beach, stripping off, enjoying the natural surroundings and not being bothered by the strains of life.

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them. David Hume

Keywords: Being on show. Sheer attraction of beauty. Seeking praise. Displaying in order to get people to observe and/or evaluate. Beauty pageants. Bathing costumes and skimpy clothing. Beaches. Lifeguards. Beauty judges. Nudist beaches. Breast sizes. The mysteries of the feminine. Playing dressups. Gatherings of goddesses. Mermaids converging. The water element. Recognizing superficiality and shallow behavior. Water nymphs.

The Caution: Using superficialities to win support. Giving importance to the issues of appearance. Neglecting the “beauty within”. Too much makeup. Flaunting one’s body. Not employing intellect. Leering, jeering. Lusting after the unattainable. Feeling like merchandise. Making superficial judgments.

On June 26, it goes into Cancer, where it stays until mid 2014. We will feel a shift in gears, especially with Mercury also going retrograde on the same day.

Jupiter's entry into Cancer marks a major turning point. The Symbol is Cancer 1: Sailors On A Ship Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New One. This shows that many will be dropping something from their lives and taking up something new. Whether it is moving on from relationships that are no longer serving you, moving home, changing jobs, changing your mind about how you interact with the world or figuring how how you fit in, it signifies a shift in gears.

Times change and we change with them. Anon

Keywords: Changing loyalties. Turning points in one’s obligations or duties. Announcing new standards. Turning a corner. Getting rid of the old guard. Letting go of old allegiances and taking up new ones. Giving up old ways. Changing bad habits. Taking the helm. Switching sexual preferences. Sailors. Ships. Flags. Divorces. Marriages.

The Caution: Rejecting the old just for the sake of change. Fickleness. Not sticking with one thing for long enough to realize the rewards of loyalty. Being a traitor. Religious quarreling. Going only where the “good action” is. Piracy. Mutiny. Treason.

What is your flag? How high is it flying? Did you design it, or did someone foist it on you?

Uranus is on Aries 13: A Bomb Which Failed To Explode Is Now Safely Hidden From Discovery. This is a rather 'explosive' combination - Uranus and this degree in Aries. For some, there will be quiet and careful tip toeing around situations that could get out of hand, for others, there can be relief that a situation has been handled so it hasn't gotten out of control. For others, though, the bomb could have gone off and now there's the need for cleaning up the debris or plucking the schrapnel out. Ouch. It can also be a case of managing one's anger, to come to terms with whether to let something blow, smother it or deal with things in a way that leads to less damage. A tricky situation, this one.

Keywords: Pressure valves. Getting away with something. Tantrums and frustration. Tempers that simmer. Explosive behavior. Bombs, explosions. Sudden and forceful events. Intelligence organizations, CIA, FBI, ASIO, etc. Valuable lessons of self-restraint. Relief from problems. Discharging nervous energy. Security checks. Last minute escapes.

The Caution: Suppressing stress or illness. Doing inappropriate things and thinking the secret safe. Repressing emotions. Undefined anger. Pressure cooker energy that needs to be released slowly. Explosions damaging more than expected. Activists. Deception behind one’s back. Clash of ideals. Terrorism.

I do not like this word “bomb.” It is not a bomb. It is a device that is exploding. Jacques le Blanc—French ambassador to New Zealand on Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior bombing.

Neptune is on Pisces 5: A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress. This can have people feeling that they have to be of service, to put on their 'uniforms' and head out to do the right thing or what needs to be done. This is a wonderful degree, but with Neptune here it can lead to an imbalance of power or responsibility. It can also show the feeling that one has to be perfectly 'kitted out' (dressed up) in order for others to take them seriously. Conversely, it can sometimes show the feeling of not bothering with one's appearance, or the need to drop the 'uniform' - the outfit that tells us that we have to conform to the dictates of others. It can show issues to do with control and being under other's orders.

Pressed into service means pressed out of shape. Robert Frost

Keywords: National pride on display. Reminders of those putting life and limb on the line for kin and country. Uniforms, hats. People seeking recognition from the community, regardless of what they’ve personally achieved. Patriotism. Memories of war. Being committed to service. Medals. Stripes. Uniformity. Grinning and bearing it. Projecting the “right image”. Drills and routines. Displays of courage. Assembling together. Braiding and piping. Spit and polish. Parades and marching. Police and law enforcement. Guns and bayonets. The importance of looking good.

The Caution: “Stiff” and unfeeling displays. Having special privileges that others don’t. Doing what one must do. Hiding behind a façade. Not being prepared, or able, to show one’s true self. “Drill sergeants” who scream and shout. People parading their importance. False courage. Taking the glory away from the little people. Wearing anything.

Pluto is on Capricorn 11: Pheasants Display Their Brilliant Colours On A Private Estate. This, especially with Pluto on this Capricorn degree, show elitism, snobbery and the rich having it all while others may not. It doesn't have to mean that, of course, it can also mean that no matter where or who you are, you can display your own 'brilliant colours' on your own 'private estate'. This is a powerful placement, especially as Pluto is squaring Uranus. This square represents a social movement of the individual (Uranus in Aries) rising up against the establishment - the Plutocracy (Pluto in Capricorn). There is a lot of unrest and unhappiness about the lack of equality and fairness in the world.

Keywords: Glorious houses and estates. Lawns and gardens. Statues and birdbaths. Peacocks, pheasants, swans, etc. Enjoying the riches the environment offers. Large plots of land. Nature reserves. Game birds. Aristocracy and the ruling elite. Beauty, elegance and grace. Fabulous displays of color. Parks.

The Caution: Foolish disregard of pending danger. Feeling that one has to be “on parade” or else they will be overlooked. Issues of standing out from the crowd. Jealousy and envy through things on display. Luxury and beauty or snobbery that excludes. Showing off. “Do not enter” and "Keep Off The Grass" signs.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer and The Stories We Tell Ourselves, is on Pisces 14: A Lady Wrapped In Fox Fur. This speaks of using our wits, intelligence and 'foxy' common sense.

Keywords: Outer expressions of real inner worth. Animal magnetism and attraction. Intelligence and its display. Cloaks of feminine wit and sexuality. Beguiling minds. Animal totems and furs. Perceived beauty. The sense of having class and money. Beauty, fashion and talent. Being forward and upfront. Sense of personal style. Grace and composure. Elegance. Knowing what to say and when. Dressing up. Money spent on beauty. Tempting others with sexual signals. Perfumes. Pheromones. Taxidermy.

The Caution: False fronts and expressions of wealth. Selling out for momentary, or monetary, gain. Wrapped in intellectual superficiality. The fatal allure of beauty. Scoring points solely through charisma. Being so caught up in fashion and glamor that one loses a true sense of self. Being overdressed.

And last but not least, the Moon's North Node is on Scorpio 16: A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile. I feel that this is a very important message; to keep smiling, to radiate joy and happiness and to be approachable and welcoming to others.

Keywords: Breaking the ice. Drawing others. Radiating happiness. Facial expressions. Changing one’s expression or demeanor. Facial feedback. Making positive eye contact. Transferring feelings that lift others. Releasing stress, worry and anger. Distances bridged between people. Being face-to-face. Teeth, lips, gums, dimples, eyes. Facial lines. Dental work. Beauty that radiates.

The Caution: False happiness to satisfy others’ needs. Covering up how one’s really feeling through putting on a show of happiness. Lack of sincerity. Rigidity of responses. Sour faces. Feeling sad and lonely. Keeping people on the sidelines and the periphery of one’s life. Grumpy attitudes. Refusal to communicate.

The Moon's north node is on my Mercury at the moment - so, I'm sending you a smile and a word of encouragement for those that are having a difficult time. These are interesting and meaningful times and I wish everyone the best and happy Winter Solstice to those in the southern hemisphere and happy Summer Solstice for those who are closer to Sol ! :)


LauriLumby 25th June 2013 7:22 am

I can attest to the power of this full moon. As a Capricorn, myself, I am amazed at the powerful messages, images, insights and awarenesses that have come through. Part of the message is about the "baby" which for me is not a physical birth, but the birth of my truest self. In meditation I saw the outcome and wanted to "work" toward making it happen. I was immediately instructed to WAIT and let the baby grow in readiness and when it is will come on its own. The other messages were about manifesting - specifically that everything I need is in the darkness of the void, simply waiting to be called forth. This is an important consciousness shift for me....there is nothing I need to "do" to make things happen, I just need to call forth what is already there waiting for me in the void. It has also been revealed that I have specific "helpers" to assist in this is an animal helper another is myself and my own personal power. This is indeed a powerful full moon!

Lauri Lumby
"Midwife to your Soul"


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