Reaching Out And Starting A New Experiment: August's Leo New Moon

Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active science. Claude Bernard 

Everybody's a mad scientist, and life is their lab. We're all trying to experiment to find a way to live, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos. David Cronenberg

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. Thomas Alva Edison

The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything. Edward J. Phelps

The true scientist never loses the faculty of amusement. It is the essence of his being. J. Robert Oppenheimer

If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it's okay. But you've got to shoot for something. A lot of people don't even shoot. Robert Townsend

August's new Moon, falling on August 9 in the United States and August 10 in Australia, is one that is asking us to take a look at where we can create some miracles, changes, experiments or take some chances. The Sabian Symbol is Leo 18: A Chemist Conducts An Experiment For His Students. This is a wonderful degree of discovery, trial and error perhaps, but being prepared to take on the new in some way to see where it might lead you. The following is from my book 360 Degrees of Wisdom: Charting Your Destiny With The Sabian Oracle:

The 'Chemist' can be someone who is interested in trying something new. Even with all the appropriate credentials and experience, there may be a feeling of being unsure of the actual outcome. However, 'The Chemist' may be someone who is not prepared to take any risks and is performing the exact same mix of ingredients, again and again. The creative 'Chemist' knows that a mix of new ingredients can lead to new creations, solutions, observations and discoveries. You may find yourself discovering new things in an authoritative or observant position. The message for you in either situation, whether you are the 'Chemist' or a 'Student', is to pay attention to the small as well as the large details. Be prepared to take a few calculated risks with this situation, it may lead to new and satisfying solutions. Something unexpected and exciting may happen!

Keywords: Alchemy. Stepping out of the usual rules and taking a risk. New and untried procedures. Syllabus and education. Wisdom being passed on. Putting things "to the test". Throwing out what doesn't stand up. Ingredients. Bunsen burners. Test tubes. Microscopes. Seeking rational answers. Science and chemistry. Leading by example. The thrill of discovery.

The Caution: Always going "by the rules of the book" leading to inertia and suppression of creative ideas. Being afraid to take a chance because the situation may get out of control. Refusing to reveal one’s formula, lest it be copied. Narrow viewpoints. Skepticism. Being a stickler for conservative science. Not trusting other's abilities. Chemicals that pollute and distort.

So, whether you're a "mad scientist" or a more cautious experimenter, this is a time to put things to the test. How and where can you change your life so it's more fun, creative, rewarding and enjoyable? 

Certainly, it seems, some things probably need attention, especially as Venus is exactly squaring Pluto on this new Moon. This can bring up all kinds of intense energies and emotions, power plays, strong attractions or repulsions, the desire to rewrite the rules or the outline of the future. There can also be jealousy or a drive to throw out relationships or situations that have outlived their welcome. Being with others that support your goals, stimulate your life, provide fun and social and intellectual stimulation, and, perhaps, bring more passion your way is the way forward. 

The Sabian Symbol for Venus is Libra 4: A Group Of Young People Sit In Spiritual Communion Around A Campfire. This speaks of joining with others, taking care of communal matters, kindred spirits, soul mates, unity, fellowship. The 'Fire' can be anything that 'in-spirits' you; it can be a common cause or desire, the Internet, something you're studying, beliefs that inspire and generally being with friends and companions. 

Pluto, exactly squaring Venus, backs up this message. The Sabian Symbol is Capricorn 4: A Group Of Young People Entering A Canoe For A Journey By Water. This shows the need, or desire, for cohesive effort, cooperation and coordination. This, too, shows people with a common goal or destination in mind. After all, if people are rowing in different directions, the 'Canoe' could end up getting nowhere or just going around in circles. 

The square of Pluto to Venus is very likely to bring some dramatic changes to some relationships and friendships. Something may need to change and the changes may have been coming for some time. They may have been obvious, but some may be taken by surprise by the energies that are being stirred up by this configuration. Who are you rowing your canoe with? Who, or what, needs to be jettisoned in order for life to flow more smoothly. Rapids may be ahead, but whatever is happening is bringing a transformation on some level.

This square is backed up by Mars also being in the picture. It's conjunct (together with) and squaring Pluto, so the energies could get pretty fired-up and intense. Mars is on Libra 7: A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks. This degree brings the need for nurturing, protection and guardianship, being on the lookout for changes in the atmosphere, spotting problems (often those that others might not be noticing), shielding the innocents from the "bad guys", being firm with outsiders, asylum, protecting places of residence. 

Saturn is in this mix as well. It's on Libra 2: The Light Of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh. This speaks of ascension and evolution, finding kindred spirits, sharing visions, growing older and wiser, moving into a new state of being, waking up to a new life, etc. With Saturn on this degree, there could be a feeling of being stuck, not wanting to rock the boat, not wanting to take a risk to move into a new sense of being, a new sense of operating in the world. This is essentially a dynamic degree and Saturn may be challenging many to let go of the past, to evolve and move past issues that confine or stop growth. Growing in so many ways is the message from Saturn, if you can let go of the strictures that could be restraining you. Confidence is needed here, along with a plan that allows for us to step up to who and what we're meant to be. 

Venus and Mars and Saturn and Pluto all in aspect to each other is an intense configuration for sure, and the energies are ramped up with Jupiter being smack opposite that Saturn, Venus and Mars conjunction and squaring Pluto. Jupiter brings the desire for expansion, freedom and authenticity and this is made even stronger by its placement on Aries 3: A Cameo Profile Shows The Profile Of A Man That Suggests The Outline Of His Country. This speaks of being true to your 'Profile' - how do you see yourself? how do you fit in? how are you going in terms of being the person you're truly meant to be? how are you fulfilling your destiny?

What a doozy this new Moon is with all that going on. We haven't even thrown in Uranus yet and it's definitely in the mix. It's conjunct Jupiter and opposite Saturn, Venus and Mars and squaring Pluto. The degree of Uranus is Aries 1: A Mermaid Emerging From The Ocean, A Seal Embraces Her. This, as I've mentioned in previous writings, shows the necessity of emerging, finding the place where one is meant to be, and, as with 'The Mermaid' finding your feet and your voice and shedding old skins, somewhat like the Selkie myth (Google it and read up about it, it's very interesting).

Concerns with material or financial survival could be foremost in our minds as Neptune is on Aquarius 28: A Tree Felled And Sawed To Ensure A Supply Of Wood For The Winter. This shows the need for resources, being prepared for harder times, stocking up and stock piling, renewable resources, axes and tools, stores and provisions, money, oil, petrol, fuel of all kinds. Concerns about security could stop some from making the changes that are needed, or constrict from taking a chance on breaking free. Wood is used to make money and paper and this degree can show issues to do with publishing.

Last, but certainly not least, is Mercury on Virgo 15: A Fine Lace Ornamental Handkerchief. This can show a need to be mindful of your own and other's sensibilities and emotions. Treading carefully is the need here as trampling over emotions can lead to upset or disappointment or emotional reactions. Of course, none of this is necessary, but this degree does tend to show emotions rising up (or the need for it). It's how they're handled that shows whether that 'Handkerchief' is merely for show or if it's needed to soak up those emotional reactions. It can also show a case of "crocodile tears" (insincere emotions - it's an 'Ornamental Handkerchief'. 

It's interesting to note that Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde. For some, this will mean that the forward impulse is strong but there may need to be some time taken to honestly evaluation where the 'Experiment' is taking you. This is a very dynamic new Moon, an exciting, challenging and promising one. Perhaps it's time for your magician's hat! - particularly as the Karmic Condition (the degree before) Mars is Libra 6: A Man Watches His Ideals Taking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision. What are you manifesting? Venus passes over this degree a few days after this new Moon.



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