Untethered, Unmoored Or Cast Adrift: February's Leo Full Moon

We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now. Martin Luther King, Jr

Are we having fun yet? Carol Burnett

Besides winning, the most fun thing is getting out there and mixing it up with friends; it’s the competition. Al Unser, Jr.

Being on a boat that's moving through the water, it's so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what's important and what's not. James Taylor

un·moor     (n-mr) v. un·mooredun·moor·ingun·moors v.tr. 1. To release from or as if from moorings. 2. Nautical To release (a ship) from all but one anchor. v.intr. To cast off moorings. 

I find it rather amusing that the last new Moon was Aquarius 3: The Deserter From The Navy and this full Moon is Leo 19: A Houseboat Party. February's full Moon occurs on the 7th in the US and the 8th in Australia and the Sabian Symbol is Leo 19: A Houseboat Party Crowded With Revelers; The Water Reflects Its Lights.

The following is an excerpt from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom:

This pictures a need for lightening up, relaxing and spending time with like-minded individuals. This ‘Party’ can represent a situation where people come together, eat, drink and share their thoughts and have a good time. The party goers, the ‘Revelers’, may all be enjoying themselves and having a great time, but it may seem rather short lived, unstable or unreal.

Although you are probably in a situation of definite structure and form, you may find that it needs to be changed from the normal routine and infused with unusual and unorthodox possibilities. Although they can be great fun, the problem with ‘Houseboat Parties’ is the inability to leave when you please. When you’re socializing, seeing a crowd of friendly faces is comforting when you have no choice but to stay. However, if you are not enjoying what’s going on, it may be that you’re stuck with people you’d really rather not associate with. Who’s steering or in charge of the ‘Boat’ you’re on? How long is this journey, and where will the ‘Houseboat Party’ end up? You may feel a long way from home, and that you want to get off. If you can relax about the situation you’re in, you may find yourself with new friends and in new surroundings. This is often easier said than done – some people are not able to mix with people they’re not familiar with, especially if they feel unsure about the circumstances they find themselves in. On a ‘Houseboat’, this can be especially true. This being said, one does have to take risks every now and then. Enjoy the situation to its fullest, but remember that sooner or later you may have to get back to a more everyday, anchored life.
Keywords: Emotive social pleasure. Joining with others in an adventurous spirit. Cleopatra-style parties. The issue of knowing where one’s going. Claustrophobia. Being cast adrift. Delicate social balances. Moored in the water or on the ground. Leisure times that are fun and free-floating.
The Caution: Trapping people into ideals of pleasure. Self indulgence.The need to know “where” the party is going to be or finish up. Not being anchored in reality. Feeling “unmoored” and unable to disembark. Nowhere to permanently land. Unknown destinations. Feeling trapped. Choppy seas. No one at the wheel. Springing a leak. Wanting to bail out. Tipping the boat.

The 'Karmic Condition' (the degree before) of this degree is Leo 18: A Chemist Conducts  An Experiment For His Students which brings the message that sometimes in life we need to try new things, take a few risks, step outside our normal boundaries. Going overseas, traveling around the country, going to university or college, moving to a new city to live, all these and many more things can represent the Houseboat Party. The Chemist with his 'experiment' is someone who needs to take a chance, to reach out for something new, to be willing to let go of the shore in order to find out what might happen. There could be a need to mix things up in ways that one hasn't before - new opportunities, new places, new people, a new vision of life as it could be. 

Keywords: Alchemy. Stepping out of the usual rules and taking a risk. Taking on new and untried procedures. Syllabus and education. Wisdom being passed on. Putting things “to the test”.Throwing out what doesn’t stand up. Ingredients. Bunsen burners.Test tubes. Microscopes. Seeking rational answers. Science and chemistry. Leading by example. The thrill of discovery.

The Caution: Always going “by the rules of the book” leading to inertia and suppression of creative ideas. Being afraid to take a chance because the situation may get out of control. Refusing to reveal one’s formula, lest it be copied. Narrow viewpoints. Skepticism. Being a stickler for conservative science. Not trusting other’s abilities.

The Sun is exactly conjunct (on the same degree) as Mercury on Aquarius 19: A Forest Fire Finally Quenched. This degree shows the relief that can be felt when things have been somewhat out of control and there's been a struggle to regain the upper hand or to get everything sorted. 

Keywords: Exuberant feelings that come after struggles. Calming down. Coming out of an experience with a new sense of commitment or a new understanding of consequences. Getting a bee in your bonnet. Spot fires. Jubilation and release after hard labor. Fighting for control. Sparks getting out of control. Events taking off in all directions. Sexual energy and the containment of it. Ideas that get whipped up and take off at high speed. The ferocity of nature. The calm after the storm.

The Caution: Giving up too soon and losing it all. Self-defeating delight in drama. Looking back on a situation that got out of control and produced a lot of rubble. Destructive passions. Losing one’s spark. Running out of fuel.

The Karmic Condition of the Sun and Mercury is Aquarius 18: A Man Being Unmasked At A Masquerade. This is bound to bring some big insights into one's self, others or life itself. Whatever is being 'unmasked' can be quite revealing and decisions could be made around what's being laid out for you, and probably others, to see. 

Keywords: Secret motives exposed. Having to face one’s self. Facing the truth about  another. Coming to terms with judgments about one’s true worth. Owning up to who one truly is. Being able to see through characters and trickery. Wearing a ‘Mask’ that suits the situation. Insights into people. Dropping pretense. Stripping away cover-ups. Aliases.

The Caution: Detrimentally revealing yourself too quickly or too early. Being found out to be a fraud. Finding answers that aren’twelcome. Layers of deception discovered. Charades, pretense and ploys to manipulate. Lies. Assumed identities.

It seems that it is through the 'unmasking' of yourself, other people or situations, that we can get a handle on what is working for us at this time and what is not. How can you feel more moored without feeling tied down or anchored to the wrong spot? Perhaps it's the opposite; perhaps you've been on the go, moving around and not having a place to settle and feel comfortable or that you can put down your roots. Obviously, the Houseboat Party can be great fun, enjoyable in every sense of the word, and for some a lifestyle choice that serves them well. For others, though, finding that place to be could feel very important and necessary in order to concentrate on the more concrete things in life.

Uranus, the ruler of the Sun and Mercury, is on Aries 3: A Cameo Shows The Profile Of A Man That Suggests The Outline Of His Country, bringing up the issue of how one pictures ones self - what is your 'profile' how would you write up your CV? What would you say about yourself or how would you describe yourself? How do you see yourself and your position in the world? What do you align with? Where is your allegiance? How is your sense of self stacking up?

Keywords: Observing one’s limitations. Living a life that is large. Atlases and maps. Standing by one’s self. Allegiances with creed, religion, race or country. Nationhood. Brotherhood. The land. People in uniforms of any kind. The face of fighters who fought ‘the good fight’. Borders and limitations to activity. Identification.

The Caution: Stereotyping one’s self or others. Blindly following the dogma of parents, government or officials. Not seeing the true essence of one’s self (or others). Expecting to fit into some “shape” or model. Becoming identified with externals. Seeking recognition from others.

Venus is in the fray around how one sees themselves and their place in the scheme of things. It's on Pisces 30: A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, As He Grows Up, He Begins To Look Like It. This Symbol asks the question "who do you want to be?" - what role do you see yourself taking, what are you doing with your life, what are your aspirations for the future? Venus will soon slip into Aries and will pass by Uranus on The Cameo Profile Of A Man, making this a very powerful time to be considering what and how you want to be growing into, promoting or spending your time doing. 

Straight after the full Moon, Venus will enter Aries - Aries 1: A Woman Emerging From The Ocean, A Seal Is Embracing Her. This first degree of Aries is such a symbolic representation of Venus arising and it shows Venus starting on her new round of the zodiac. Venus and Uranus together show a brilliant opportunity for purging things from the past (old outworn feelings, relationships that no longer work, things from the past that hold us back from entering the future with a fresh and vibrant slate). 

Mars is retrograde, and will be until April 14 when it slows down and starts to turn direct again. Mars is on Virgo 22: A Royal Coat Of Arms Enriched With Precious Stones, which speaks of the need to remember ones sense of nobility and royalty. 

Keywords: A long lineage standing behind. Social stratas. Royalty. Issues of one’s social standing and identity. Having a regal bearing. Aristocratic status. Nobility. Coats of Arms. Strength of association. Pure blood. Ancestors of worth or note. Hereditary lines. Having rights and prestige. Pageantry. Knights jousting. Inheritances. Wealthy lineage. Displays of grace and honor. Beauty and wealth no matter what ones status.

The Caution: Superficial judgment on one’s ancestry. Believing in privileges for the select few. Leaving others out as not being worthy. Class-consciousness. Snobbery. Having “slaves” to do everything. Being “in the club, or outside of it”. Contemptuous attitudes. Elite school snobbery. Bastardizing others.

For many people on the planet there's a feeling of the 'ruling elite' (the rich and powerful masters of the universe types) being greedy, pushing others around and acting like they own the planet. It is obvious that the anger around these issues is going to escalate.  

Neptune has just now gone into Pisces and is on Pisces 1: A Crowded Public Market Place. Neptune was on this degree for a while last year and it then retrograded back into Aquarius. It will stay in Pisces, the sign that it rules, until April 2025, so this is a big moment of change. Neptune on the Market Place degree shows the problems with the market place, money, the Euro, the US dollar and the market in general all over the world.

Questions for the individual may include how one is playing out there part in the Market Place. What do you contribute? Do you make your 'fair share' out of the profits? Have you found your market? How are things going for you financially in general?

The Moon's north node seems to be suggesting that we run our ideas, products, services  and ideals up the flagpole to see how they can be acknowledged or saluted. The Symbol is Sagittarius 12: A Flag Turns Into An Eagle; The Eagle Into A Chanticleer Saluting The Dawn. 

Keywords: Declared idealism. Trumpeting ideals. National pride. Peak experiences. Flags. Symbols of strength, unity and power. Truths. The pomp and ceremony of big political displays. Issues of nationhood. Issues of world domination. Elevated views and elevated perspectives. Forceful voices. Reaching for the highest plane. Nobility and pride. Successful outcomes. National anthems. New empires. Messages from the president.

The Caution: Assuming one is right only because of might or power or because one can say it the loudest. Propaganda. Lording it over others. Seeing other “nations” as being lesser. Loud voices. Bullying.

That last caution could have many protesting about their rights. The Moon's south node is on Gemini 12: A Slave-Girl Demands Her Rights Of Her Mistress. This degree contains a warning not to let yourself be used, to stand up for yourself and to claim your sense of personal power. 

Keywords: Rising above conditioning and limitations. Standing up for one’s self. Feeling able to demand better treatment. Seeking recognition and self-respect. The ability to be in charge of one’s life. Breaking away from oppression. Wanting a raise in pay or conditions. The need for freedom on many levels. Desiring property and rewards. Rising up from an “underdog” position or situation.

The Caution: Feeling hard done by. Being demanding. Blaming others. Bucking authority. Demanding to be recognized or noticed. Feeling used and abused. Oppression and slavery. Jealousy and envy.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer and The Stories We Tell Ourselves, is on Pisces 5: A Church Bazaar, which can have many feeling like they put in a lot of effort and don't get much return or reward. Of course many help others out and do great and charitable works without the thought of personal gain, but perhaps there's too much of it going on? 

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, seems to have a good message. It's on Taurus 4: The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow. This is a lovely degree of talent, rewards, beauty, spirituality and hopefullness - particularly with Jupiter enhancing it.

Keywords: The promise of riches, in whatever forms these may take. Creative imagination. Goals and ambitions. Alchemy.Splashes of color. Rewards contained. The search for the treasure.Seeking communion with nature and life’s bounty. Wealth derived from changing perspective. Talent and beauty.

The Caution: Seeking easy, tempting solutions. Thinking that rewards are always just “over the horizon”. Thinking that one is never going to get near “it”. Elusive success. Forgetting the more immediate things in life. Seeking perfection.

Pluto's Sabian Symbol is Capricorn 9: An Angel Comes Carrying A Harp and it seems to me that, in order to find our own sense of personal power, the message is to spread love and harmony all around us. 

These are interesting and challenging times, as always. 

For those interested, my daughter has written an amazing piece on the situation in Egypt. She is living in Cairo and is the middle east correspondent for The Global Mail: http://www.theglobalmail.org/feature/the-battle-for-egyptian-islam/34/


Berniesongspirit 7th February 2012 5:20 am

Wow! Spot on as usual! Many blessings & thanks, & especially for posting your daughter's wonderful article too.

I've been living in Egypt since Sept last year, in the Sinai region & continue to be touched deeply by the events here.

I've also been able to catch a glimpse & gain some insight into the plights of Bedhuin society - not least of them having been "cast adrift" in their own land (particularly since the 70's) & their responses to what's unfolding in the present climate....

It would be wonderful if your daughter could write a similar article about these largely peaceful souls, the Bedhuin.....?


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