Energy Update: Spaciousness and a Loss of Identity

A lot of us, it seems are feeling quite different.  I have received notes from people telling me things seem brighter.  A good friend of mine on Facebook shared that when she was meditating (coincidentally, on July 7…more on that later) that she tuned in and everything was empty.  Now lots of us are feeling a huge passage taking place, and the intensity of things is seemingly much greater than before. 

I was talking with Shanta Gabriel today and we realized both of us are receiving emails from people expressing how “lost” they feel.  The emails I receive about this are from people who are typically quite grounded and definitely conscious about what is happening. 

So what IS happening?

We entered June expecting a powerhouse of energies, and the progression of the Eclipses and the Solstice, definitely delivered. 

What we had not bargained for is what that was paving the way for and what happened next…

As some of you know, I was guided to move to an area north of downtown Los Angeles in late May.  I was told this was to stabilize the San Andreas fault.  Of course I wasn’t told this before hand…I just thought this was my new home!  After I got there, and things got increasingly difficult energetically there—my cat howling, my dog unable to sleep at night, my neighbors yelling and my seemingly schizophrenic neighbor going off at all hours of the day and night, then I was informed.  !!  That I was here to stabilize the fault line, that I had brought in a Michael grid and that I was protected, but that it would be intense.  That once it was over I would know to leave and where to go…and so there I was in mid-June, not sleeping, feeling incredibly intense physical sensations of this discordant, disturbing energy in the fault line and not sure how long it would last. 

Welcome to a life of faith, Meredith. (!!)

Ending of the 4th World Hologram

With the last eclipse on July 1, Archangel Michael shared with us that it would be 5 days integrating this eclipse.  Without realizing the day/date, on midnight literally, July 5, I showed up at a friend’s house with my dog asking to leave him there that night—that I could no longer put him through the energy in this new house.  Two days later, in the wee dawn hours of July 7th, I myself got up and thought, “That’s it.  I’m outta here.”  I packed up my cats, the litter box and their food and my pillow and went to my friend’s house.  I woke him up, announced I was here to stay and went to sleep.

Later that day I woke up and still that day didn’t feel too much better.  It felt like an extremely intense day.  The next morning I read a transmission from Judith Moore (, a treasured member of my soul family, which spoke to the Mother Gaia now placing all her energy in the New Earth hologram.  Judith shared that she had tuned into the old Earth hologram on July 7 and it was empty. (Remember my friend's Facebook post the same day?) The energy had been withdrawn from the hologram.  In my experience this is the ending of the 4th World hologram.  The dissolution of this will continue, but the energetics of Mother Gaia are now entirely placed within the 5th World hologram and we have crossed over into this new world, almost without noticing.

Kind of a big deal.

I shared this with the Legion of Michael during our monthly call and we had a powerful and amazing experience.  The more we allowed ourselves to perceive and REAL-ize this, the more we amplified the harmonics of the New Hologram and moved into alignment with this.  So a lot of acceleration began to happen and many people--knowing or not knowing began to talk about this, and the word acceleration kept popping up.

The following week I was in Mt. Shasta, feeling inexplicably drawn back.  I thought I was there to find a house, but instead all kinds of energetic things took place.  I had a etheric visit within the City of Light in Mt. Shasta.  Archangel Michael and Saint Germain guided me and I received great infusions of light, love and clarity guiding me and my life as well as the bliss of this communion.

Shambhala Portal and Grid Established; Birth of Mother Shambhala

Then I participated in a powerful gathering, hosted by Judith, filled with amazing and experienced light amazing group of people who all carry ascension DNA and felt we had to be at this gathering:

"Individuals were called to share this common vision. Each person was a mature light worker, healer and visionary. They all felt called and were highly supported by the guides and masters. The vision was to co-create through the space of harmonious community the shared energy that when focused with the portal keepers in Telos,and the Light Ships of the Star Family would open a multidimensional Shambala Portal to release Manna into the world grid. This portal was opened with the use of Light and Sound Harmonics." - Judith Moore

We experienced an opening and the flow and presence of the Sophia energies, and after the portal opening, those who could stay participated in grounding a New Earth Grid/Portal system in the Shasta valley, supported by our families of Light. 

During the Saturday of that event, we experienced HUGE powerful birthing energies.  I personally, along with 4 other people had highly visible energetic responses to this experience.  It was the most profound energy experience I have ever had and yet I was not afraid.  Just consumed by it.  My first thought once I grounded a bit—full grounding only happened yesterday—was that, “I don’t know who I am anymore.”  I was re-born—and not in the fundamentalist Christian way…but in a way I am still understanding.

I feel now that what was happening was the Mother Shambhala energies moved through me since I was willing.   I know I have been altered; I will never be the same.  I have lived many lives within this one life, but nothing on the scale of total transformation as this. It was a hugely powerful and mystical experience that continued in the days following. 

Prophecy Fulfilled

Then on the 24th of July, I transmitted the message, the 5th World Prophecy is Fulfilled, which spoke further to all of this.  I was honored and awed to receive and transmit this message/energetic, as well as open a conduit for this energy to enter our planet...and I began to understand further what was taking place.

I received within a few hours, more emails than I ever get x10, from people sharing, “I know this,” “I sensed this and love hearing it,” “I totally resonate with this…”  It is so beautiful and heart-warming that many ARE sensing and perceiving the newness. 

But not everyone. 

Like most births, this one was quiet and beautiful and those present and aware are in AWE of it.  Those unaware are going on with life as usual, yet without knowing why, many are experiencing the changes in varying ways.  Those energetically tuned in but unaware were feeling it or aspects of it, perhaps without knowing why.

Ready for a laugh?

The hoot of all this is many of us thought we had to be perfect to ascend.  Despite all the messages telling us that we're entirely lovable now, how many of us REALLY thought that?  Guess what?  We are.  and now?  HERE we are.  We are on/in/experiencing the New Earth right now.  It happened.  Our ability to participate fully will unfold as we resolve the remaining duality within ourselves.  No wonder we feel a sense of spaciousness and a loss of identity. 

And what a huge cosmic love-hug, to see our benevolent Universe affirm our infinite new beginnings.  Meaning: we never get it done, this evolution and expression, this movement toward wholeness and light.  It’s eternal.  We’re eternal.  And even if we don’t know how to love ourselves fully yet—here we are, on the beautiful new earth—all of us together (the families of light and those physically present in all kingdoms) have supported Mother Gaia in birthing the New Earth and the New Earth Consciousness of Mother Shambhala. 

1,000 Years of Peace

And so we begin, what in prophecy has been called, the “1,000 Years of Peace.”  Is it 1,000 years?  I don't know.  I don't know if this is a metaphor or literal...but it's where we are: at the beginning, the dawn of this new amazing phase.

So the parts of us connected to the Old Earth hologram are experiencing enormously difficult dissolving energies.  Some are feeling physical pain even that is quite intense.  The duality in us, is now out of sync with our Earth.  In the past the Light Bearers were in a dense world and feeling how out of sync we were with things.  Now it's the light in us that is AT HOME, and all that remains of the old is what’s out of place.  So a huge quantum leap has occurred and your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body—all of your energies—are feeling this even if you don’t know why/what it is.

Even understanding what took place it took a long time for me to get grounded and for clarity to emerge...and it's STILL emerging. 

In addition, the WAY we are going to live now is also different so even though I feel more grounded, I’m awkward!  There is a quickening to manifestation that is actually confusing.  I ask to know things and then everything changes and then I feel a bit shaky as I try to keep up with my own leading edge and the HUGE amount of change I’m invited to allow as I come into alignment with and catch up with ME.

I received a second message, "Orienting to the 5th World of Peace" which begins to give us a sense of relating our sparkling newness which is burning off the old...!  And we will discover and create what is here and available and delightful and joyful and fun and perfect...together!

I offer some of my story of this time, as a way of sharing how I am seeing things, feeling things and being.  May it be of some benefit in giving you heart, joy, a sense of accomplishment, comfort, courage, delight, and most of all a profoundly awed sense of your own amazing participation in this INCREDIBLE THING WE’RE DOING/BEING!!

May it also encourage you to realize: our capacity to embrace all that has occured and to understand it has changed! And is growing.  This enlarged capacity supports and sustains the New World!

I came here, as we many many many have, to participate in the birth and creation of the New Paradigm.  And at last my purpose and life, have met.  Perhaps you too feel this way?  And with this I have to smile at my challenging moments: did I really think this would happen without HUGE parts of me feeling entirely different and as different, unfamiliar?  And thus this sense of disorientation so many so many times in this unfolding!


The Wholeness that became available on 10:10:10--the infinite eternal creation, is now fulfilled. 

As your read this you are affecting the nature of reality and the nature of what may be perceived in reality!  You are creating new possibilities for collective understanding and awareness.  In doing this you are living in the harmonics, the time frequency the vibration of the New Paradigm, the New Reality, the 5th World of Peace.

This experience is awesome.  Pure and awesome.

So I encourage you to feel okay about a sense of disorientation and allow you own newness to be what it is--which might feel startling and at times even scary, or overwhelming. 

In these moments I encourage you, I remind you my friend, to simply call forth the wisdom within you, to soothe yourself and to connect with other members of your Family of Light. 

Then wait...for what I notice emerges, as clarity returns and the experiences integrate and ground, is ENORMOUS excitement, strength and an incredible force of energy aligned with purpose.

Human consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness are in harmony in this vibration and the capacity for Oneness available now is exponentially expanded, intensified and accelerated.

I LOVE being here, now. 

Never have those words carried more meaning.

As Archangel Michael reminds me, Party-Time!  Woo-hoo.

NEW game on.


bbat 1st August 2011 7:20 am

Thank you Meredith!!!

Tzaddi 1st August 2011 9:11 am

Thank you Meredith, especially for sharing some of yourself in this post. I'm not certain of my role in anything anymore, but am definitely having fun learning to switch my attention when it lands on something that doesn't feel good.

kay 1st August 2011 10:11 am

"Thank you" may be about all I can get out. Thank you for the confirmation and validation although, honestly, I'm finding that I need less of that than I did a few days ago. Much less. Maybe none! The last 4 or 5 days have brought enormous change for me, and it's felt like finding myself again. I'm experiencing a loving neutrality, a natural flow, a non-attachment. That notwithstanding, I so appreciate you sharing your experience in the beautiful and supportive way that you do.

Jo M 1st August 2011 11:05 am

Yes, Meredith.

There is so much peace, now. And lightness, and light.

It's been a long journey, and I am unpacking my suitcase, so to speak, and venturing out into the new surroundings...

(BTW, you have always been an invaluable travel guide, Meredith. Thank you for that.) 2nd August 2011 12:16 am

2 or 3 weeks ago my husband woke up saying shambala, it became a playful thing where we were saying shambala back and forth. Not knowing what it meant after a few days it became our code for I Love You. :coolsmiley

ExpectWonderful 2nd August 2011 3:40 pm

Dearest Jo,

I love your enthusiasm! :) Yes, this is a big and very beautiful MILESTONE on our journey, but there is much work ahead and our goal of collective planetary ascension is still being created!

I too am orienting to the new landscape, and also resting. And getting a 2nd wind, to continue the journey (new August Energy update speaks to this:

Love to us all,

kay 7th August 2011 10:44 am

Rereading this just brings it all back to me in a conscious way, what I've been experiencing the past days, what I've been feeling and knowing. This article is a wonderful gift of love, our foundation.


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