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Jamye Price

Jamye Price > October 2023 Ascension Energies – Sacred Sound

These times feel like a turning point; poignant and poised to bloom through Time. Gabriel’s Horn is back, first returning in 2020. Cycles end, begin and renew. Time is moving through you.

Neale Donald Walsch

The brain is a mechanism and must not be confused with the Mind. The Mind is where Consciousness resides. It is one-third of the Three-Part Being that we are.

Kari Samuels

Tomorrow brings a bold, bright Full Moon in Aries. Aries is a trailblazer. With our Moon shining brightly in this fire sign, you are emboldened with the courage to believe in yourself to chart a new course.

Shanta Gabriel

Strengthen your conscious awareness of other states beyond the physical, communicate deeply within yourself and learn to trust in your own answers.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > Vortex of Timelessness

We come to a point of no return within a vortex of timelessness. We listen with every particle to what speaks in all the languages of earth. We see with the summit of our being as we look into the heart...

David R. Hamilton PhD

David R. Hamilton PhD > The Little Things

You know, when you zoom out and look at life, it’s easy to get caught up in the big stuff. Major milestones, huge decisions, the big “aha!” moments. 

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Expecting Better Instead of Please

Maybe you fear your life is not changing for the better. That what was continues to be. Or that this transition is a cartoon image of what should be but never is.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Integrating Expanded DNA

This is not a simple transformation. This is not something that was just thought about and then accomplished. You are in a cycle that has been coming on for several thousand years and you are here at the completion...

Owen Waters

Owen Waters > The Three Dimensions of Time

“If I only had Time.” That’s what the Creator thought while mulling over the design stage of the Creation. Time is necessary so that experience can be gained from choices taken and changes made at an appropriate pace for learning.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Tune Yourself

You never need to give up on yourself, your hopes, or your dreams. You don't need to earn your manifestations or prove your worth to the heavens. There's no need to convince us, persuade us, or insist on having what you want.


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