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We are here, now, to comment on the current Eclipse Cycle and your experience of it. We see so much inner elevation occurring in our human friends. We are very encouraged by the willingness and openness...

Ailia Mira > Ascension Update: the Eclipse Cycle Begins

Eclipses can force us to look at things we've long known need to shift, but which we've avoided, or felt we didn't know how to deal with. They usher in changes that need to come, even when we may believe we're not ready.

Ailia Mira > Experiencing the Emergence of Refuge

Each time, you meditate, your expand your flow. Each time, you ask your Divine Self, All That You Are, your Higher Self, to come more fully into your embodiment, it does so. Everything you ask for from within, from your heart...

Life on Earth is accelerating and there are many timelines in play now. It can be very beneficial to you, to ground and connect each day, to your Divine Self; your own greater wholeness.

Ailia Mira > Stillness Is the Way Home.

Today we wish to speak of stillness and the value of it in your daily lives. It’s such a simple thing — to be still, with your body, and to let yourself settle into stillness, on the inside.

Ailia Mira > Be as you truly are... Infinite! Eternal Light!

Feel LOVE Itself as a vast radiant field of light. One in which you feel infused with love and love is everywhere. All around you. Within you. Comprising everything you are...

Ailia Mira > Using Your Intuition to Make the Most of this Portal of Change

Our experience of Life is constantly changing. The recent full moon in Taurus (and Eclipse) is bringing up lots of things for us to consider. Taurus themes might be about self worth, security...

Just a reminder — we’re in the middle of a hugely transformative eclipse cycle. There is so much high-frequency light pouring into our world right now. Clarifying our energy.

Ailia Mira > Ascension Update: Eclipse Season

Are you feeling the Eclipses? I woke up right before the peak of the first one early Tuesday morning. I was awake for about two hours, and was really enjoying how much clarity came through.

Ailia Mira > Accessing the New Expansion

Earth's ascension is encoded within each of you and within the planet itself. From a non physical perspective, it's done. It exists and it can be accessed within you. When you go inward and invite a conscious connection with your Divine Self...

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