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Ailia Mira > Navigating Your Embodiment

The real you is always pleased with you, and you can feel that way about you, too.

Ailia Mira > Getting Started: The Energy of the New Earth

In order for you to reside more fully in the New Earth you need only to continue the self-care, the allowing of older energies to release through your physical form and nourish and rest your body and your mind as this takes place. All that is needed to transpire as you ascend will and is happening as you allow it. Meaning, your allowing, makes this effortless. You receive the energy which elevates your vibration naturally now.

Ailia Mira > You Have a Compass Within You

As you encounter and open to the stream of your inner being, you start to feel more at peace. Life opens. Life begins to speak to you, reminding you of who you are because you've started to pay attention to that kind of awareness. 

Bless the mystery of each journey, all choices are to be honored. Return to your heart over and over, allowing yourself to feel your own way, your own experiences. Trust yourself as much as you know how. Right here, right now, just as you are--YOU are love and you are LOVED! The love you are provides everything. Let yourself go at your pace--no pushing, no need to be different, just being YOU. Perfect. Beautiful.

Ailia Mira > The Quiet Restructuring of Life

It's been a very quiet time. Many of us are experiencing openings to our Infinite, Universal Heritage. A shift into an expanded sense of who we are. To live this takes strength. Courage. A willingness to listen to your heart. An openness to the fluidity of your being.

Ailia Mira > The Divine Dialogue

Ideally, as you revise your lifestyle to liberate greater well-being and also open to your inner guidance, you spend more time in stillness, discovering the way in which this creates coherence and synchronicity to your path and activity..  The ease you experience as a result of this time spent in stillness is significant.  It is as if you do less and more happens.

Ailia Mira > Are You Discouraged by Conflicting Guidance About Ascension?

Well, if you're feeling this, congratuations.  Your feedback system, your amazingly perfect inner compass is attuned and working well.  This kind of feeling is the emotional equivalent of a siren, or a flashing red light: it's a alert!  It's USEFUL.  It's telling you something like: you're disoriented.  You're out of sync with you.  Like maybe you've let THE authority on all this slip into the background and are listening to other people's guidance and advice?

Ailia Mira > The Future Speaks

Recognizing what is to come, the New Human looks forward with delight and awe at both what has been accomplished and what is emerging, and in being thus focused, creates.

Ailia Mira > Reinstating Wholeness in Hard Times

Life seems hard.  You wake up even at the dawn of the new day with a sense of unhappiness, dissatisfaction, frustration, even anger.  This is part of life in our evolution--that these feelings come to the surface.  Are triggered by our relationships.  Are fed by what we think about.  Are deepened by our memories.

Ailia Mira > I Pledge Allegiance To Me

I took to heart the energy update for August and have been really deeply listening to my body, and my paying attention to my energy field.  I am much quieter and more withdrawn than usual and this has been the result of listening--a cumulative creation reflecting choices moment to moment.

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