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Ann Albers > Your Expansion into Love

Today the angels talk about our eternal expansion into love and how that can affect our daily joy. I'll share my latest passion, as well as tips to allow ourselves the joyful expansion our soul truly desires.

Today the angels talk about how to flow gracefully around the boulders (unwanted obstacles) in our lives. I'll share another story of handling a few boulders in my own life last weekend and how you can get back into a desired flow...

Ann Albers > I Prefer to Feel Good

Today the angels talk about the unceasing flow of love and goodness coming from the Source and we'll both share thoughts and tips about how to stay in this flow instead of letting the world, or others, suck you out of it :)

Ann Albers > Who Can You Trust...

Today the angels talk about how to feel safe in a crazy world and what you can trust. I'll share some stories of how the universe has our back and how you can learn to receive guidance you can truly trust.

Ann Albers > So Many Loving Souls!

Today the angels remind us not to lose sight of the countless good souls, good acts, kind words, and loving deeds. While there are certainly a lot of painful situations going on, there is also so much good.

Ann Albers > Facts, truths, & Truth

Today the angels talk about facts, truths, and the one Truth worth embracing. I'll talk about my first and last lie at the age of five and how that has shaped my view of "Truth" even when the facts in this world are hard to embrace.

Ann Albers > When Life Offers Hate - Turn to Love

Today the angels suggest we learn to avoid disconnecting ourselves from love when we witness the hateful and hurtful behaviors of those who are already disconnected. They give us tools to help us find a more loving vibe, even when we slip into a very human reaction.

Today the angels talk about the importance of feeling good to feel and flow God. I'll share some ways I constantly use to recalibrate to love and some thoughts to help you give yourself permission to do so.

Ann Albers > Flow, Frogs, and the Healing Stream

Today the angels remind us to get ourselves in a stream of love so we can become conduits for this healing energy on earth. I'll share a funny story of nature, flow, frogs, and some tips on how you can tap into the healing stream...

Ann Albers > Keepers of the Peace

Today the angels talk about the easiest way to elevate your vibe, and why it is so important now. I'll share a sweet story of how our good thoughts ripple and how I maintain my vibe.

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