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Ann Albers > Simple Kindness Leads to Big Change

Today the angels talk about the significance of a simple kind act, and how it can create massive changes in the world. I'll share a story of your kindness, and how it touched my life, as well as some ways we can add a little more kindness to our world.

Ann Albers > Dreaming of a Better Future

Today the angels talk about the gift we can give the world by dreaming a better future into being. Nothing like creating a beautiful future while living in the present of the Presence!

Ann Albers > You Are Light In the Darkness

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Light in the Darkness, and Light rising up within your beautiful, brave, and bountiful hearts.

Ann Albers > Happy Holidays - Just Add Love!

Upon your earth, something magical transpires over the holidays. A vast majority of you take time, no matter what is going on upon your planet to love. You take time to love your homes. You take time to share love with those dear to you. 

Ann Albers > Love it till it comes!

Have you asked your angels for help today? If not, take a moment. Think of something you want help with – the first thing that arises within you. It can be something big like a relationship. It can be something small like just having someone be kind to you today.

How can you think of the past or future in the now and use it to your advantage? The angels talk about tuning yourself in the here and now no matter where, when, or what you're thinking about.

Ann Albers > God Loves You More

There are times in your life when God and the angels are trying to love you more than you are trying to love yourselves. These times usually look frustrating to you as human beings, and yet we have the bigger picture.

Ann Albers > Embrace It All

Rejoice when you find things within yourself that you think are less than perfect, less than loving, less than beautiful! Rejoice because now you have found areas in your spirit that are in need of love!

Ann Albers > Get your Gratitude Game On!

Today the angels talk about the powerful beauty of giving thanks and I'll share some fun ways to amp up your gratitude game! Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Giving Thanks!

Ann Albers > Are You in a Balanced Flow?

In all things within the vast and magnificent Presence of the Divine, there must be circulation. Energy must flow to you, through you, and from you in order for you – and the universe – to be healthy.

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