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23 October, 2009You Are The Expansiveness Of The All That Is1999

Michelle Coutant

12 October, 2009Where is Your Silver Bullet to Eradicate Fear From Your Life?291

Brenda Hoffman

9 October, 2009Where Do You Want to Be?12425

Abraham Hicks

3 October, 2009What's with this full moon?4585

Sarah Biermann

3 October, 2009We Prophesize The Future By The Words We Speak In The Now10860

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

9 October, 2009Vibrational Upgrades & New Beginnings: 10:10, 11:11, 12:1210668

Lauren C. Gorgo

4 October, 2009Unconditional Love & Working With Your Frequency3425

Goddess Light

15 October, 2009Trust in yourself, and trust in the Angelic Energy working though you1457

Shanta Gabriel

24 October, 2009This is a Strange Day Indeed!273

Brenda Hoffman

13 October, 2009There is No Longer a Boogeyman in Your Closet275

Brenda Hoffman

19 October, 2009The Wisdom of You: Health bits & pieces2988

Cheryl Richardson

16 October, 2009The Sacred Chamber of Love2679


18 October, 2009The Quantum Shift and the New Reality...Now4241

Starchild Global

31 October, 2009The Pleiadians Speak9310

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 October, 2009The Masculine Energies4319

Kryon (South Africa)

30 October, 2009The Lines of Communication are open to the Higher Realms6076

Ronna Herman Vezane

18 October, 2009The Lightbody Energies Re-Wire Your Circuits3705

Goddess Light

30 October, 2009The Incredible Question awaits your answer now2892
9 October, 2009The Great Recruitment Call3087


5 October, 2009The Energies for October 20095435

Starchild Global

23 October, 2009The Energies for November 20099746

Starchild Global

22 October, 2009The End of Separation... Connecting to the New Energies3781

Karen Bishop

1 October, 2009Thank You Thursday: Secrets643

Hillis Pugh

29 October, 2009Thank You Thursday: Life by Design498

Hillis Pugh

8 October, 2009Thank You Thursday: Change772

Hillis Pugh

15 October, 2009Thank You Thursday: Challenges574

Hillis Pugh

22 October, 2009Stress & Your Spiritual Thermometer3392

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

3 October, 2009Stepping Into Your True Power3395

Michelle Coutant

29 October, 2009Splash-Out and the Spiritually Incorrect Room4565

Sarah Biermann

13 October, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report October 20093146

Nancy Leilah Ward

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