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1 June, 2009You Would Have Missed The Dance2335

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

1 June, 2009The Secret of “The Secret”2863

Circle of Light

1 June, 2009Love755

Michelle Coutant

1 June, 2009Loving Energies for the Whales and Dolphins2694

Starchild Global

2 June, 2009Teetering on the Dimensional Divide3510

Lauren C. Gorgo

2 June, 2009The First Crop Circles from the UK...a Cosmic Jellyfish!4236

Starchild Global

3 June, 2009Coming Home...Re-Connecting to the Earth2749

Karen Bishop

3 June, 2009Living Your Personal Revealed Truths3453
4 June, 2009The Energies for June 20095228

Starchild Global

4 June, 2009Thank You Thursday: Alter Ego 604

Hillis Pugh

4 June, 2009Thank You Thursday: Boundaries656

Hillis Pugh

6 June, 2009Relax And Enjoy Life Now 303

Ann Albers

6 June, 2009Soul Transitions Vibe Report June 20092760

Nancy Leilah Ward

7 June, 2009Moving Towards What You Seek to Create2736

Goddess Light

7 June, 2009To Handle the Winds of Change 2069


7 June, 2009You Have Arrived3381

Cathy Olsen

8 June, 2009You Are Re-Incarnational Aspects of the Original You2550

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

8 June, 2009Hope: Out of dire straits, good can come549

Cheryl Richardson

9 June, 2009Living Through Your Higher Self 3216


10 June, 2009Heaven #2969 A Secret to Letting Go of the Past2442


11 June, 2009Thank You Thursday: Strength522

Hillis Pugh

11 June, 2009Thank You Thursday: Blessings 838

Hillis Pugh

11 June, 2009 Awakening2384

Stefanie Miller - A Magical World

11 June, 2009Thank You Thursday: Help & Guidance598

Hillis Pugh

11 June, 2009Being a teacher in the new era5110

Jeshua Channelings

12 June, 2009Choices - Without The Ego447

Karen Downing

13 June, 2009Heaven #3123 Celebrate Your Days2107


13 June, 2009Becoming Quantum6768


13 June, 2009Challenges Are Occasions To Grow295

Ann Albers

14 June, 2009Put Your Seat Belts On!3294

Karen Bishop

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