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18 June, 2009Ascension: It's Not What You Believe3904

Sarah Biermann

20 June, 2009An Atom Bomb of Light4106

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

2 June, 2009The First Crop Circles from the UK...a Cosmic Jellyfish!4236

Starchild Global

23 June, 2009Sore Feet and Instant Manifestations4334

Karen Bishop

16 June, 2009Quantum Awareness4640

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

21 June, 2009The Waves of Change4641

Jim Self

26 June, 2009We Have/Have We...Arrived?4683

Lauren C. Gorgo

11 June, 2009Being a teacher in the new era5110

Jeshua Channelings

4 June, 2009The Energies for June 20095228

Starchild Global

17 June, 2009Rite of Passage - The Solstice of June 20096252

Spirit Pathways

13 June, 2009Becoming Quantum6765


28 June, 2009Opening The Seven Seals of God-Consciousness10355
20 June, 2009Confidence, Courage, and Security with the Angels11072

Doreen Virtue

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