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5 May, 2010Heaen #3449 Know There Is a Way, and You Can Find It2136


4 May, 2010Grounding Yourself Through Joy and Creativity5998

Jeshua Channelings

29 May, 2010Gemini 2010: Change Is Good ~ Assimilating Radical Shifts Within & Without4464

Karmic Tools

31 May, 2010Gemini 2010: Cultivating Your Authentic Voice3171

Karmic Tools

18 May, 2010Free Falling Into Any and All Possibilities3300

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

28 May, 2010Fake it 'til you make it3310

Center of the Sun

19 May, 2010Experience Travel is a More Sophisticated Form of Time Travel221

Brenda Hoffman

6 May, 2010Energy Report for May 20103649

Spirit Pathways

3 May, 2010Energy Forecast - Surrender Mode4461

Emmanuel Dagher

31 May, 2010Energy Forecast - Here we go go go!4710

Emmanuel Dagher

8 May, 2010Energies of May 2010: Becoming the Three Keys to Ascension6883
17 May, 2010Eckhart Talks About Ego vs. "I am" 25043

Eckhart Tolle

31 May, 2010Doors Opening: Self-Love strategies that work5869

Cheryl Richardson

29 May, 2010Don't Give In To Fear 349

Ann Albers

14 May, 2010DNA's Healing Layer Nine10040


8 May, 2010Crop Circle and Vision Confirms that the Dimensions are Merging5868

Center of the Sun

26 May, 2010Consciously Expressing Repressed Emotions6254

Leonard Jacobson

8 May, 2010Communicate With Love325

Ann Albers

19 May, 2010Breaking Free or Cutting Loose?6789

Lauren C. Gorgo

15 May, 2010Big Energy, Merkabah and Commitment437

Kara Schallock

22 May, 2010Being your own best friend3566

Neale Donald Walsch

31 May, 2010Becoming a Translator of Light3682

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

23 May, 2010Beacon of Light3191

Shanta Gabriel

31 May, 2010Balance Your Subconscious, Conscious, And Superconscious Minds9379

Michelle Coutant

28 May, 2010Awakening to Our Own Multidimensionality3804
11 May, 2010Awake and arise3406

Cathy Olsen

15 May, 2010Ascension: The role of Costa Rica5395

Kryon (South Africa)

5 May, 2010Allow the love to flow4489

Kryon (South Africa)

24 May, 2010Affirm Your Life: Get into the driver's seat3554

Cheryl Richardson

11 May, 2010A “How To” Experience Travel Lesson248

Brenda Hoffman

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