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1 July, 2010Thank You Thursday: Soul581

Hillis Pugh

1 July, 2010Eclipse Pattern, Ascension Gateways & Symptoms774

Kara Schallock

1 July, 2010July 2010 Monthly Visions: Eclipses, Openings and Letting Go of your “I’m not Ready”800

Dana Mrkich

1 July, 2010Heaven #3506 Be a Delightful Surprise2572


1 July, 2010It's July! Here are the Keys to Your New Porsche5539
4 July, 2010Tales from the Darkside (of New Age spirituality!) - part 1316

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

4 July, 2010Open to Freedom within You3379

Goddess Light

4 July, 2010Becoming a World Server and a Keeper Of The Violet Flame 5301

Ronna Herman Vezane

5 July, 2010Escape Your Prison Cell of Values303

Brenda Hoffman

5 July, 2010The Graduate: Lessons to live by2377

Cheryl Richardson

5 July, 2010Energy Forecast - A Divine Turning Point3895

Emmanuel Dagher

6 July, 2010Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 2010 5286

Nancy Leilah Ward

6 July, 2010Energy Report for July 20105317

Spirit Pathways

7 July, 2010The Crystal Rose3421

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

7 July, 2010Heaven #3512 God Created a Wonderful World2552


8 July, 2010Participate in the Light Coming: the time is NOW4468
8 July, 2010Healing Away Negative Patterns with the Angels37689

Doreen Virtue

8 July, 2010The Temple of the Sun4028

Oakbridge University

8 July, 2010Thank You Thursday: Self628

Hillis Pugh

10 July, 2010The New Earth Energies for July 20106979

Starchild Global

10 July, 2010Pray Instead of Worry344

Ann Albers

11 July, 2010Fear as doorway to the unknown8750

Jeshua Channelings

11 July, 2010Solution-Focused: Put your energy to good use2371

Cheryl Richardson

11 July, 2010The Womb of Creation is at Hand: Unity Emerges5186
11 July, 2010Ascension Seats, A Gift To Raise Your Consciousness57286

Michelle Coutant

12 July, 2010More Tales From the Darkside (of New Age Spirituality!) - part 2414

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

13 July, 2010Let the Sunshine In!244

Brenda Hoffman

13 July, 2010Eclipses: Rhythm, Patterns & Cycles ~ Oh My!6531

Karmic Tools

13 July, 2010The Dolphins’ Messages about the Law of Attraction36214

Doreen Virtue

14 July, 2010Your Powers Are Returning...Exponentially! 10209

Lauren C. Gorgo

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