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24 April, 2011Weekly Forecast: April 24 - 30, 20114319

Karmic Tools

27 April, 2011Transcending Judgment: The Story of Adam and Eve4419

Leonard Jacobson

4 April, 2011Energy Report for April 20114423

Spirit Pathways

15 April, 2011Terra Nova - Fulfilling Your Mission on Earth4478

Shanta Gabriel

5 April, 2011Levels of Realization 4481

Leonard Jacobson

3 April, 2011Soul Mates 4540

Owen Waters

16 April, 2011Stuck Again?4609

Jim Self

6 April, 2011The Release of Fear4630

Shanta Gabriel

7 April, 2011Message from a Mayan Elder4827

Dana Mrkich

29 April, 2011You Hold The Key To Your Own Magnificence4863

Ronna Herman Vezane

23 April, 2011Time of Enlightenment - Now is The Time: A Wesak Season Message5094


15 April, 2011Initiate Yourself5161
15 April, 2011Gaia's Message April 20115178

The Peaceful Planet

20 April, 2011The Stone: Embracing The Dance Between Spirit and Body5180

Pamela Kribbe

16 April, 2011The Holograms of Creation 5636

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

6 April, 2011April 2011 Monthly Visions: Connect to your Inner Zero Point5880

Dana Mrkich

24 April, 2011Easter 2011 - The Old and The New and his Time of Transition5889

Starchild Global

14 April, 2011NOW Is The Time!5916

Era of Peace

15 April, 2011Earth Wobble - Earths New Vibrational Signature5949


20 April, 2011The Transition Zone: Crossing Over6295

Lauren C. Gorgo

18 April, 2011The New Creation is at Hand6992
8 April, 2011The New Earth Energies April 20117082

Starchild Global

16 April, 2011The Greatest Tool Ever Known7333

Neale Donald Walsch

7 April, 2011Reassessing, Redirecting & Resetting7400

Lauren C. Gorgo

7 April, 2011Access Your Spiritual Gifts And Talents, Bring Forth Your Divine Mission7406

Michelle Coutant

13 April, 2011The Power of Creation is always ‘On’ 7969

Neale Donald Walsch

2 April, 2011Love is a Natural Emotion8511

Neale Donald Walsch

10 April, 2011The Quantum Factor - Physics with an attitude!9008


25 April, 2011Become A Bearer Of The Sacred Cosmic Flames9515

Michelle Coutant

21 April, 2011When Life Seems Contrary 9808

Neale Donald Walsch

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